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原文标题:Hu Jintao formally bids farewell to Chinese Communist Party

Commenter (India)
One must try not to make unpatriotic comments. Do you presume that if the older generation voluntarily vacate their seat, only then younger generation can replace them? If you presume so, it is an insult to younger generation too.


Nan Ksn (pune)
Very graceful exit unlike his predecessor.. China leapfrogged in performance during his time.. will be remembered for long, for taking China to Number Two position in GDP and also in sports.
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shivatronics (India)
Hopes new direction to global peace and prosperity under new chines leadership.
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Mahesh Ved (Mumbai)
The Leadership Changes,Policy and National Interest Remains Unchanged.
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Mahesh Ved (Mumbai)
Transition of Power in Most Orderly way.Congratulations to Mature Chinese Leadership.
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SCL Premi (India)
Let us hope for a positive change in Chinese stance on border problems with its neighbors!


g (a)
Do not dream! From ancient times, the Chinese give the full authority to its leaders/rulers to deliver toughest measures to those who are seeking separation, no matter whether they are Tibetans, Uigurs or Han Chinese.
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KK Singh (New Delhi)
China,though remains a totalatarian society, is moving away fast from its Communist’s principle. Market economy, friendly relation with USA, crushing minorities like Tibetans, and now change of leadership every 10 years are clear signs of it. Why USA makes hue and cry over China’s Human Rights’ record? It is not because China is a Communist country but it is an economical rival to it. A capitalist China, too , is a headache to USA and who will know about it better that USA itself?
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Derrick Dias (Goa)
In India our politicians wait to be kicked out they do not want to leave gracefully. More important they cannot do without the privileges we fools have allowed them to give themselves .
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scamnivas (Madras)
69 year old bidding farewell in China. Eighty plus sticking to their chairs in India!
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Lonesome Heart (usa)
fact no. 1, no one has ever complained against President Hu in any court of justice. fact no. 2, there are also tons of human rights violation in the US, none to say India. anyone responsible for that? fact no. 3, during President Hu’s tenure, China managed to increase her GDP by four times. if he is a huge loser, i don’t know what would you call India’s counter part. with these three piece of fact, your rant is just secured as garbage.
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原文标题:Power shift: Xi Jinping takes charge in China, ignores both Marx and Mao in his speech

BSMV (India)
China is on the way to becoming the another super power challenging US for hegemony in every field.
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Jack (Bangalore)
i AM SURPRISED that in China as well, favourites count for to be nominated for power.
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Suresh Swaminathan (IndianinSohar)
This was on expected line. But the decision was made much before. Any way their attitude towards India is not going to have any change.
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Yo Ming (india)
Old wine in old bottle…just new label
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patriot (earth)
I hope with new guy in charge we can settle our problems.After 1962 there has been 15 rounds of talks and nothing came out good because of rigid attitude by our eastern neighbour.Coming new year with new guys may be lucky this time afterall we both can not live in confrontation for all the time.
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Bharathi (Hyderabad)
I sometimes think like you that democracy has spoiled us. But any given day, democracy is the best. Our problem is firstly our law is age old and needs lot of revamp and secondly all our netas are corrupt and no law is able to check them, lastly our common man has the least civic sense, always expecting others to take the lead. Education has not evolved an Indian. I feel that even an uneducate labourer in other countries is better behaved than our highly educated Indian. And we are proud of our culture. Sad. I think the change in India has to come from grass roots and we need lot of ethical education.
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ravindrasharma0951 (patna)
congratulations to mr xi and always keep in mind that mr xi is the flag bearer of eastern civilization.
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prince (Gwalior)
Fact is, China believes in monopoly rather than chaotic democracy. China has been declared as most disciplined Nation compared to every day struggling Indian politics. Whether USA approves it or not, but average Chinese are fully satisfied with their Governance. They feel more secure than our people. Atleast Gas and power companies do not threaten them on daily basis.
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Nan Ksn (pune)
Our govt should watch him closely as we are not one of the 50 countries he had visited before taking over and that indicates his priority .. Also the earlier policies of ‘working together’ of Hu/Wen may be buried quickly..
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zeyaalam (Varanasi)
No major shift in policies are expected.


    • 老兄,你老喜欢这样说话。你没必要和一小撮素质低下的印度网友比下限。民间交往还是应当以理性和友好交往为主的,也是必要的,这跟国家政策无关。


      • 老兄,你可以看看我以前的留言,我现在和一群印度黑鬼住一起呢,我说了表面上还是很和谐的,但是当我的国家和国民被黑鬼歧视,我实在没有肚量继续尊重他们,谢谢理解!你应该了解一下我为啥对印度黑鬼如此态度,以及态度的转变过程。可能我接触的黑鬼都是高种姓的,太傲慢了?

        • 估计你接触的印度鬼都是在国内混的还可以了,平常歧视自己的同胞习惯了


        • 以前就看过你留言,和印度人住一起。我真的很有兴趣知道和你一起住的印度人在中国是混得有多好?,,中文很溜?还是专业很强?还是因为你那里真的在中国也不算发达的地区(没别的意思。)而让印度人觉得中国就是这么烂?

          • 对从随地大小便满街骚味的国家的人来说,不谦虚但是实事求是地说,中国任何二线城市还有比他们烂的吗?

          • 其实阿三在没来中国前,也都很清楚中国比他们发展的更好,城市更安静卫生,有机会出国的基本都是第一第二种姓,受过高等教育,或者父母是做生意的,只是阿三比较爱面子,不愿意轻易承认别人的优点。他们的领袖都明白告诉UK不需要援助,说UK的援助和他们的年度预算比就是个小钱,由此可见阿三的民族性。

          • 阿三的消费水平并不高,有一半阿三甚至没有笔记本电脑,也不是买不起,而是他们很省钱。在国内照片给我看,他们甚至有的还在用CRT显示器。有个锡克族阿三跟我说打算赚够一百万卢比就回国,他们的工资很多都寄回家里,生活并不奢侈,和我们的打工族差不多。

      • 以德报怨何以报德?中国人要学会对外狠一点,对自己人宽容一些,否则还是被屠杀的绵羊。谢谢。

        • 要学会智慧,如果一味耍狠的话 咱们早就被肢解了,就算强极一时也要为后代考虑下,为什么这么多民族跟着咱们 而没人跟着蒙古?除了大难道没别的原因?


          • 我认同你的观点,所以我和他们表面还是很和谐的,所以我之前留言说我都懒得和他们辩了,因为说啥都没用,顽固自大的井底之蛙,对牛弹琴,我已经麻木了。但是,不得不承认,中国人还是很内敛忍耐的,一般都对阿三敬而远之。我没办法,天天接触他们,虽然心里很反感,但偶尔还恭维阿三几句,他们很喜欢听好话,赞美是最廉价的投资,简单且有效。阿三很好面子,其实他们心里啥都明白,死鸭子嘴硬罢了。我当面说过阿三很情绪化容易激动,他们也认同。幸运的是,中国人比较不太这样。最后,说句JAI HIND :mrgreen:

  1. Do not dream! From ancient times, the Chinese give the full authority to its leaders/rulers to deliver toughest measures to those who are seeking separation, no matter whether they are Tibetans, Uigurs or Han Chinese.
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  2. 习可据说是鹰派,如果是鸽派,军权这样交给他,不是太浪费了吗,期待下个10年中国可以不被限制在陆地上了。

  3. 习肯定是偏左,胡是邓安排的较折中,江不放心要曾上,全国的人都看得很清,遭反对后放弃,江本身上后就持左后邓猛批要其下后改大步开放。如果没有薄的事,习在政治上会更强硬些,现在可能会适度收紧,但经济上仍然会继续开放,重点还是要改善民众生活。这次换届右派是很失望的~~~ 😳

    • 屁的左右左,中国没左派,左派在文革中已经死绝了。右派更扯谈了,在中国根本没有生存土壤,89一场镇压就把右派完全埋葬了,哪个右派还敢公然跟共党叫板。网上的左右派不过是五毛和台农港灿美分党唱对台,吸引眼球,又叫眼球经济,目标都不是玩政治斗争,玩的是人民币。

  4. 印度不承认西藏是中国的,收容达赖喇嘛一帮,中国居然不怎么出声,非常奇怪。如果是其他国家这样做,早就抗议翻天了。看来 中国对印度是最宽容的了。

  5. 所谓的民主的解释,不就是让人们当家做主人,人人有言论自由,在不触犯国家法律的前提下的所有自由嘛,我们在这方面做得很好了!看到三哥的评论,感觉三哥很可怜,我真的不知道三哥的社会体制 能从哪些方面和我国比较。 但还是认为三哥是全世界最强大的国家,军事第一!经济第一! 三哥万岁!!!