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原文标题:Nepal plane crash: 11 Indians among 15 dead


KATHMANDU: Eleven Indian pilgrims were among 15 people killed when a private plane crashed in Nepal today after hitting a hill top while trying to land at high-altitude Jomsom airport.

“Eleven Indian nationals, two Danish nationals and two Nepalese crew member were killed in the crash,” the official said, adding rescuers have so far recovered nine bodies from the wreckage. Six people on board, including a crew member and five Indians, have been rescued alive from the crash site, he said.



The Agni Air plane was about to land at Jomsom airport when it dropped from air. “The accident happened less than one mile from the airport,” Purusottam Shakya of the air traffic control said.

Jomsom is the gateway to Muktinath temple, a popular pilgrimage for Nepali and Indians. The temple is about six hours walk from Jomsom.

The high-altitude Jomsom airport, about 200 km northwest of the capital, is a gateway to a popular tourism and trekking destination situated more than 2,600 m above sea level.

阿格尼航空公司的飞机从空中坠落时计划降落乔姆松机场。负责空中管制的Purusottam Shakya称:“事故发生地离机场不到一英里。”




Shail Shah
This is sad. Rest in Peace and I hope the survivors recover very soon.


may the deceased rest in peace..


hmmm, What about the relatives of these unfortunate passengers? It is a trauma that only they can understand…..We, on our part, can express solidarity……Bless the souls.


Parmatma (Delhi)
6 hrs ago (11:28 AM)
I am sure that in next birth, these Tamil guys will be born as Nepalis….


nt (delhi) replies to Parmatma
3 hrs ago (02:20 PM)
You are a real moron and do not deserve being a human,are you spastic ,your mother should be ashamed as she gave birth to such a low life


Ajay (Bangalore) replies to Parmatma
4 hrs ago (01:03 PM)
not seen such a moron in recent years. Someone has died and this idiot is full of hatred against some other!


Sanjay (MUMBAI) replies to Parmatma
4 hrs ago (12:48 PM)
This is not a Joke, if you do not have the Humanity so you shouldn’t comment anything here.


why are you relating tamils here?????????????,is it mentioned anywhere in this report that tamils where on board????????


Tony (Australia) replies to public
4 hrs ago (12:43 PM)
To Parmatma & Public, Dear Friends, i am an Indian and residing in Australia for the past 8 years . When i was in India i never heard of such differences between people of any caste or religion from north, south, east or west.We are all indians so why has this hatred germinated between fellow indians – can anyone explain????


Ullhas (Pune)
5 hrs ago (11:50 AM)
Any Indian Politician in that….


Nived Kansal replies to Ullhas
I wish all were……. But alas! they were not……. May their souls rest in peace and God give their families the strength to bear this pain


Saikat Roy replies to Ullhas
I wd have been very happy if it ws so.


Arun (Chennai) replies to Ullhas
Our Luck is not good for such a thing to happen.

如果要让这样的事情发生, 我们需要很走运。

Manju (Bangalore)
5 hrs ago (12:02 PM)
Flying from Kathmandu to Pokhara is scary when your between the hills. A valley of danger. Accidents are very frequent on this sector. Its very sad for those who have lost their loved ones. RIP


owais (Mumbai)
4 hrs ago (12:49 PM)
Very sad news! but where are those hate comments?The same thing happend around two months back in another neighbour country and people started commenting “Good Some terrorist wiped out”, “Good it happend because all were muslims” etc etc etc. Have some sense my friends. Tragedy is a tragedy it can happen to anybody at any time. Please do not be happy if muslims are invlolved. I am a proud muslim of India but it hurts when my fellow indian points everything towards muslims. Blame Pakistan but do not blame muslims that is what i want to say. Once again it’s a very sad tragedy and loss of innocent human lives.


Ullhas (Pune) replies to owais
3 hrs ago (02:32 PM)
agreed… just give a thaught why this is happening to muslims only not only in India but all over the world… just think it sir…


Ali Ahmed (Ras Al Khaimah) replies to owais
4 hrs ago (01:01 PM)
Pakistani minorities (Hindus) is involved in this terrorist activity. Hope i have satisfied both your conditions 1) blame Pakistan 2) do not blame Muslim


rugram (Mumbai) replies to owais
4 hrs ago (01:00 PM)
I fully support what you say.


deepu (manali)
3 hrs ago (01:58 PM)
Nepal is becoming a dangerous country — soon chinese will be ruling it. Seroius


vas (jaigaon) replies to deepu
2 hrs ago (02:38 PM)
you are right about chinese coming to Nepal but missed one point that they are far-sighted and it’s midpoint of their final destination perhaps you got it right.


Rajwinder Osahan (Muscat, Oman)
The Exact cause of the crash shall be determined so that passengers in future can travel to these Picturesque locations safely in future.


Norbert DSouza (Goa)
These days, airplane crashes are as common as roadside accidents it appears. Either the planes used have been recycled from richer countries/airlines or the pilots and staff are really poorly trained. Either way, innocent lives are lost and this should be taken very seriously and stopped.


George (Dubai)
2 hrs ago (03:29 PM)
I recently came back from a vacation in Nepal. I have to say one thing- all domestic flights in Nepal are dilapidated and beyond repair. Being a mountainous country air flight is the only fast means of transport. For example pokhara to Katmandu is about 140km and by road it takes 6 hours with bumpy travel and by flight it takes just 25 mts. My question it to govt of india- Please open your eyes- every year Indians are dying in Nepal. Nepal govt may not be interested in flight safety because 99% of the domestic air passengers are foreign tourists and among them 95% are Indians. Govt of india have to declare it unsafe to travel in nepali airlines and then we can see them hurrying to replace the planes with better ones.


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