Navneet:2013年1月25日我就没去船厂了,要不然船厂的日常事务会让我从早上7点30分忙到晚上六七点。我突然有了许多空余时间。外出观光是不可能的,因为正 值中国春节期间,你不可能买到去其他地方的票。北京弥漫着可怕的烟雾,而且非常寒冷。Smart Sulekhika容易胸闷以及患由此引起的并发病,所以我们不敢冒险去其他地方,只是在高港和泰州闲逛,看看以前不曾看过的地方。

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I stopped going to the Shipyard on 25th January 2013. The yard routine would keep me very busy as I would go at 0730 Hrs. in the morning and come back at 6 or 7 O’clock at night. Suddenly I had started having a lot of free time. Going anywhere for sightseeing was impossible because it’s impossible to get tickets for anywhere in China around spring festival. Beijing was blanketed with alarmingly high levels of smog and it was extremely cold. Smart Sulekhika is very vulnerable to chest congestions and the complications arising due to it, so we didn’t dare to venture anywhere. We would go around Gaogang and Taizhou, seeing places we hadn’t have the time to see before.

2013年1月25日我就没去船厂了,要不然船厂的日常事务会让我从早上7点30分忙到晚上六七点。我突然有了许多空余时间。外出观光是不可能的,因为正 值中国春节期间,你不可能买到去其他地方的票。北京弥漫着可怕的烟雾,而且非常寒冷。Smart Sulekhika容易胸闷以及患由此引起的并发病,所以我们不敢冒险去其他地方,只是在高港和泰州闲逛,看看以前不曾看过的地方。

We left Gaogang on 6th February. Linda, the intermediary through whom I had got the apartment had come on 3rd February to settle all dues. She was leaving for Germany the next day and so she brought along an old man to whom she told me to hand over the key after vacating the apartment on 6th February . She’s married to a German and was going to Germany to visit her husband’s family during the Chinese New Year. New year is the only time when the Chinese take a vacation. In old times the people who came away from home for work would go back to be with their families and their employers would give them lump sum. The tradition is still there. All employers must give bonus to their employees on New Year. All the Chinese working for the project I was working for were worried and the owner of the Shipyard feared that the buyer (the owners I worked for) won’t take the delivery before the Chinese New Year and pay the last installment. His fear proved right. Our owner didn’t take the delivery. Anyway, since my work was over and my visa was expiring on 12th February, I asked to be relieved.



Linda told me that the caretaker will return the remaining 1000/- Yuan out of security deposit, check the apartment and take the keys. I didn’t know the name of the caretaker nor did I have his phone number. I had planned to hand over the keys at 1300 hrs. and had asked the shipyard to send the conveyance accordingly. It takes about three hours from Taizhou to Shanghai on a good day but during the Spring Festival there is a lot of rush on the roads. This year around 220 million Chinese were supposed to move during the festival season. Millions of Chinese from poor underdeveloped parts of China have come to richer provinces for work and all of them head home for being with their families during Chinese New Year. There are many beautiful songs conveying the longing and the sentiments of being with the family during the newyear. The TV would play soulful renditions of those meaningful songs of people remembering about the springs of their villages and their old parents. I have tried to search for some on YouTube but as yet haven’t found them.



To handle such a rush the whole transportation system has to be tuned to perfection and in China it is. In India come the tourist season, Air India pilots go on strike. The Gujjars go on rampage and sit on the railway tracks whenever they feel like and camp there for months. The government does nothing to stop the OBCs and those bidding to be included in the privileged categories for freebies and perks doled out to them for garnering votes. It sits backs and signs deals for buying super safe helicopters for the VVIPs, for the VVIPs must fly around. A ready fleet of Choppers capable of flying over high altitudes is necessary for them as they might have to be flown out of the country in emergency over the Himalayas to getaways tucked in the obscurities of the Alps. The defense deals must get inked for safeguarding India against invisible external enemies while the internal ones bleed her constantly, pocketing commissions in return for the favours of contracts worth millions of dollars.








Dr Arun Mehra / 4 weeks ago

Dear Navneet,
The infrastructure looks like among the best in the world. Is it true that rural areas still have vast swathes of poverty and backwardness?

Are you finally back home, then, after surrendering your keys and all? Or are you still in the process of getting home?




navneetkumarbakshi / 4 weeks ago

The progress there has to be seen to be believed but there are some people here, who can't get over their bias and appreciate others. It's quite typical of us to be envious of the achievements of others. It will be better if we take inspiration from others instead. Yes there's a lot of poverty and poor infrastructure but they are progressing at a great pace. I have come back Arun Ji. I will post more on this soon.


suchisree / 4 weeks ago

Dear Navneeth,
It looks beautiful and so well planned. Other than that regarding freedom is there tough laws where you are forced to toe the line? And has the English language cracked by them?


navneetkumarbakshi / 4 weeks ago

Yes Suchi- Very beautiful and very planned. There is no curb on freedom there, well if freedom means burning buses and damaging property, rioting, raping..then it's severely restricted. Some of them do learn English but China does not depend on English like we do.


Hanif11 / 4 weeks ago

Navneet ji,
so you are back in china now.. last time when i was reading you , you were in india having good time ,reading you this time and you are having good time in china.. i must say some people are born lucky... hahahahahaha jyada mat ghumna nazar lag jayegi meri... because i am stuck in office.. and you are doing your best to make me jealous... hahahahah well lovely blog.. nice pictures.. and it seems like a very vast county... and nice to see you!



译文来源:三泰虎 http://bbs.santaihu.com/thread-4145-1-1.html

navneetkumarbakshi / 4 weeks ago

Hello Hanif- This article is about winding up for coming back to India. Though I won't mind having a home in China but this time by "Homeward Bound" I sincerely meant coming back to India and I have come back after seven months in China.



kaye Sharma / 4 weeks ago

Navneet your journey home , we are following so closely, is interesting reading for us. China is inscrurtable , we depend on friends to unravel the mysteries. And who can do better than you!

I always wonder why we compare ourselves with China, we are way behind, may be Indonesia has knocked us out of the Brick. I can see your apprehensions on what to expect on your return. More of the same and so on ! Welcome home---this is only Part 1--we await the next chapter.

The pictures are fabulous and you narration so absorbing--and where do you you intend settling home in India..
Bien Venue!!!!!!!!!





navneetkumarbakshi / 4 weeks ago

Thanks Sir, Sometimes I think, I should too stop comparing and write only about what I see there. I will post other parts of this blog soon.


swarajya / 4 weeks ago

Welcome back to your motherland.
She is awaiting to receive you , with lots of love.
Many more should come back to save the mother.
India is bound to be a heaven with all rich experience gained by you abroad





seva-lamberdar / 4 weeks ago

Very nicely written Blog along with beautiful photographs Navneet ji.

The Chinese work ethic is amazing. The way they have maintained the footpaths, sidewalks, streets and roads in cities and towns in a spic and span condition speaks volumes about their hard work, dedication to duty and civic responsibility. To that end, their Govt. has also proved to be a good, efficient and honest leader in guiding the people and the country in the right direction, while keeping the questionable religious, clannish and foreign influences in check.



seva-lamberdar / 4 weeks ago

'The culture of siphoning money off from development projects in doing well in China (like India). Google " BBC China's ghost towns and phantom malls"' Indus

>>> What does the BBC say about the Govt. in China not using clan / caste (during census and for quotas in education and jobs) and religion (through multiple religious laws for different communities) to divide people for the sake of votes?

贪污工程款的文化在中国也和印度一样流行,谷歌搜索“BBC 中国的鬼城和幽灵商场”。


Raghava Reddy / 3 weeks ago

My dear Navneetji
I have learnt a lot about China through your stupendous posts of pictures and various aspects of day to day life .

Very informative post of great importance to know about changing CHINA




ushasuryamani / 3 weeks ag

Have been reading all your blogs on China and have learnt a lot about China...wondered ; amazed ; wished ; ...well....I suppose every country has it plus points and minus points...i only wish our country as a cleaner place...


Hillol Das / 3 weeks ago

Navneetji, your each blog and photo on China is an eye-opener. As usually enjoyed this photo blog too. I was thinking our big cities are so dirty, small cities are way too behind them - we will remain the dirtiest country in the world. Hillol


vijays desk

That was fabulous and gave us an insight as to why China has progressed so much.. We have a long long way to go indeed
Great Pics too



译文来源:三泰虎 http://bbs.santaihu.com/thread-4145-1-1.html


Thanks Vijay- I sincerely report what I see and what I see is unbelievable. They are progressing at a tremendous pace.


Mrs Muffet

I bet, you're going to miss that country. Such neat surroundings, and tidy ambiance...!! Hope the settling down process in your country is smooth and easy! :)
Great shots. Thanks for sharing..



Raghava Reddy

My dear Navneet ji
A stupendous photo blog on China scenes and buildings.
I am sure you must be feeling very sad to leave such wonderful country, particularly Mrs Navneetji.

Any way you are coming back to motherland and we all welcome you
.ALL THE BEST. My regards to your wife.




shailaja s bhat

Welcome back Home. What is the best thing you and Meenakshji learnt from your China Experience ? I just wonder how they maintain their places clean and neat !



Hello Shailaja, Meenakshi learned to work without maids :)) People, possibly may be afraid of being caught on the camera and pulled up. There are video cameras everywhere around. They do litter where they can but the civic machinery is very efficient and there is a lot of accountability. What we have learnt is that good governance can bring about a sea change in the society

你好,Meenakshi已经学会了不用佣人就可以做事 :) 人们或许害怕被摄像头拍到,周围到处是摄像头。只要可能的话,他们确实会随处扔垃圾,但市政机构非常高效,担负很大的责任心。我们的收获是:善治可以给社会带来海量改变!


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