三泰虎博客译文《Navneet:我的中国日记......(2)》。Navneet:对于遵纪守法的公民 来说,严格的法律是一项恩惠,因为这些人本身就遵守法律,且需要有一种安全感。你不需要右翼组织或湿婆神军党的暴徒来告诉你什么是对的和什么是错的。如果 你属于其他地区的人或者信仰的是不被他们认可的宗教,那么你就会被视为反国家的。为了获得注意力,他们会焚烧一些公共财产。

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For a law abiding citizen, the strictness of the law is a boon because as such he/she respects the law and wants to feel safe. You don't want MNS or Shiv Sena goons telling you about what is right and what is wrong and where should your priorities lie. That if you belong to some other part of the nation or believe in the religion other than the one they endorse, you become anti-national and to draw the attention of the nation they should burn some public property. Some months ago there was an eruption of some riots in Urumuqi here in China and some 150 people were killed. The authorities made an announcement that if the suspects came forward they will be dealt with leniently but they didn't and surely within a fortnight they were aprrehended and with in a month after a brief trial they were executed. Riots here mean a sedition against the nation and the penality is death. They were all teenagers. They were spared a life time of remorse and regret in prison. There were no proceedings like those for Ajmal Kasabs and Afzal Gurus with government going a great length to show that it cares for their human rights.


几个月前,乌鲁木齐爆发骚乱,大约150人被杀。当局宣布如果暴徒自首,那么可以宽大处理。那些暴徒没有站出来,结果两周内被逮捕,一个月内被判决并被处死。骚乱在中国被视为反国家的暴动,处罚是死刑。那些罪犯都是青少年,他们幸免了在监狱里度过懊悔的一生。没有漫长的诉讼,反观印度政服在处理Ajmal Kasabs 和 Afzal Gurus 案件时极力表现出其关心人全。

You don't want that Jawan's should die fighting against an illusive gang hiding deep in forsets posing to be fighting for the cause of the poor. You don't want corrupt politicians robbing the nation and stacking wealth in the foreign banks that in principle don't divulge the identities of the looters because they have been safe havens for depsoiting ill gotten wealth since ages and that's how they have prospered and have won the confident of the thieves.


You want a peaceful atmosphere, equality and justice for all citizens of the nation irrespective of the cast, religion or race. You want a peaceful atmosphere where you can co-exist, grow and prosper with the other fellow human beings. You want safety and security for yourself, your family and for all other fellow beings. It is the duty of the state to ensure that. If I have the freedom of speech, I can use it to speak good and spew venom too in a democratic set up but if such freedom is restricted to speaking only good should you say that your human rights are being scuttled? In China the court proceedings are brief and the justice quick. If the law says no to drunken driving then that's it. No one tries to challenge it or test it. The cases of poor victims crushed under BMWs or SUVs of the drunken influential people don't run for ages with witnesses turning hostile in the end. This is culpable homicide and the penality is death here and those handed down the death sentence don't wait for the execution all their life times. The verdict carries with it the period of reprieve which is all the time left with the culprit to sulk and feel sorry for his crime.



Execution is a reality and everyday there are some. Yesterday, one Japanese national was executed for the crime of trying to smuggle drugs out of China. There is no death penality in Japan agreed, but in China there is and the government won't change it's policy for a criminal and consider mercy. For the last one month Google was trying to make some noise about the reports of some human rights activists being filtered by the Govt. watch dogs. Google has made an exit last week as if in an attempt to show to the world how it cared for the freedom of expression or is it that the government has told them to just fuck off? Some months ago YouTube was asked to filter some data being posted on it's pages but YouTube didn't comply. So YouTube can't be accessed from China nor can FaceBook and many more sites I try to reach can be. But life goes on. It's very peaceful here. Not a car honks a horn. There are no policemen hiding behind the trees to challan you for traffic violations or to rob you off your pocket money. There are only Video cameras at the crossings and yes, the pedestrian has the first right and you better be aware of it.


I feel the text I am writing doesn't go with the mood of the pictures I am planning to post but it is informative. My idea is to put before you the picture of China through my eyes and now I see spring here all around, a lot of it... So here are some pictures celebrating the arrival of spring.





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In China 022

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In China 232



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译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/my-china-diary-part-2.html


Well manmade gardens and buildings no longer impress me because one gets used to it within days like i did in the most beautiful and high standard state of Colorado in US.. and the so called peacefulness begins to take the form of emptiness very soon. Of course I agree with the need for stringent laws etc., but are we ready for something that would apply to us like a one-child policy. I am a mother of single child so it doesn't make a diff for me but would the other sulekhites here with two more children agreed to it?

Actually cleaning up streets and cities is quite easy given that you are willing to jail or kill street children/slum dwellers as it happened discreetly in thailand and other closed countries. But what I am afraid of is the extinction of the kind of spritualism that I have felt alive only in India.

One US colleague pointed to a slum near my locality and asked, "don't police pick them up?" I felt like replying so should the poor only have jails as shelters?






Right to live does not mean you should let them live, grow and die on the roads, humans and animals alike. Chaos cannot be given the guise of freedom. Order does not mean deprivation of right to urinate in public. Discipline is very important and strict adherence to the laws is important. In the name of liberty you should not be allowed to create raucous and damage public property and get away with it. The kind of freedom we have in India is hard to find in any other country and see the price our country is paying for it. Me and you were never misusing it but those who do, get away with murder because of this very freedom.




its all good because they do it their country but its all bad when they do it in Tibet or neighbouring countries



Politics is a very complicated thing Ashu.

Ashu, 政治是非常复杂的东西。

Richard Lee

your wife is beautiful, man :-)

你老婆长得漂亮 :-)


Thanks Richard Lee- This blog is very old and so is this picture. This picture is of 1987. My son was three years old then :). She still looks good but the time has taken its toll.


谢谢。本篇博文是很早以前写的,那张照片是1987年拍的,我儿子当时3岁 :) 她当时还算好看,但岁月不饶人啊。

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