外文标题:Modi's Arunachal remark won't hurt ties, says Chinese daily


BEIJING: BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's remarks on Arunachal Pradesh would not impact India-China relations, Communist Party-backed daily Global Times has said.

"Future bilateral relations won't be affected a lot due to changes in leadership. There is no need to exaggerate the significance of Modi's remarks," staff writer Yu Jincui's article said.

Modi recently asked China to 'leave behind its mindset of expansion'. He said India would not concede one inch of land from Arunachal to China, which claims the state as its own. The remarks caused some surprises because Modi has often praised China's economic development.




Modi made the remarks in Arunachal two days before the sixth China-India annual defense dialogue, which agreed on Monday the two countries would maintain peace and tranquility on the borders.

The article described Arunachal 'the South Tibet region which is claimed by India as its territory' and said India's political parties will tend to show their muscle against China during the ongoing election campaign.



"The 2009 election also saw Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and finance minister P Chidambaram making China a political issue," it said. "With India's election campaign reaching its climax, it's no surprise candidates and their parties will try to win more attention by showing their brawn in dealing with China, especially over the border dispute."



译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/modis-remark-wont-hurt-ties.html

srichand (Canada)
India was being invaded by the Chinese army in 1962 ..... The Chinese leaders were shouting Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai and at that moment Indian soldiers were being killed by the Chinese army. Nehru was utterly disillusioned because, naively, he trusted the Chinese leaders.


Alfa Dog (SKYFALL)
Chinese are fully aware of Modiji's habit to goof up....


raghav (Lisbon)

Modi speaks right and does not sugar quotes things. Yes there are good things with China's economy which need praise, but aggression of China needs to be handled appropriately. Modi will take care of both.


anonymous (India)
Not much to read into Chinese daily's article. If and only when their incursions are reduced does it make sense to believe Chinese statements. These lip service statements are in line with the recent dialogue with nothing new to offer by Chinese


Robin (Location)
Namo's comment is just a political stunt.


sibipktu ()
Arunachal remark is only for getting vote.
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siva_82msc (Trichy) replies to sibipktu
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Maybe the plan? (The World)
Kissie kiss! China wants India in the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation for the invasion of Europe and the taking of the homes of the Anglos who done the opium wars. What you think? Is it a plan maybe so?
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Morgan (Australia) replies to Maybe the plan?
What? No mention of their secret bunkers in the Himalayans or 200 million man army?
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Sobering up replies to Morgan
A southern movement is expected to reach Australia sometime not too long after China begins her westwards movements. It is wise that Australia begin to get ready real soon. If she is sober?


s nair (Location)
Look even the Chinese are aware that our grt politicians only bark loud and are toothless.
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Name (Location) replies to s nair
This is what 60 years of Congress rule has given to World (false hope).


siva_82msc (Trichy) replies to s nair
you are MMS-2


gt12563 (Location) replies to s nair
Sir,Your comment shows that either you are coward or agent of china talking nonsense about our country.
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Robin (Location) replies to gt12563
He is telling the truth. Do not abuse him.


can414 (Toronto, Canada)
For the first time an Indian leader has taken an aggressive stance against China and China is on the backfoot. Wah NaMo. Way to go !
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ash (uk)
China knows who the next leader is going to be so they have to temper their language.
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The China Way (The World) replies to ash
China dreams of Europe invasions. She would like India to join her. If not she will eat India on the way through to UK. What you think? Is this the China Way?
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Jupitor (Location)
Giving too much focus on NaMo comment. China also may be thinking he is the next PM
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andy jorgensen (Unknown)
We need a strong leader like Modi to show some resolve against the Chinese. Under the present administration over the last two terms we have shown ourselves as a weak nation to China. With the result the Chinese made frequent incursions into our territory. At one point it became like a weekend picnic for those guys. Our foreign minister did not help matters when he made statements that he would like to live in Beijing! We are a new India, not the India of 1962. We are willing and able to defend every square inch of our territory. Our jawans have the strength and as long as the civilian government has the resolve, we would have a warm relationship with the Chinese. For partnership can exist only between two co-equals. Not when one perceives the other as being weak, and the other acts like the are indeed weak.
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Rare Rational Indian (Mumbai) replies to andy jorgensen
You think Modi is a strong leader!!!?? Live in your own fools paradise.
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Taurus (california) replies to andy jorgensen
The Chinese are well aware that " barking dogs seldom bite ! They also know that deep down, Modi is just another yellow bellied coward !
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