据《印度时报》报道,在一次荒诞的暴力亊件中,一个32岁的男子,就因为老婆没给他的盘中添加蕃茄,就把她的头往墙上连续猛撞,直到活活撞死。据报道,该事件发生在瑞诗凯诗附近的Lakshman Jhula 地区。警察说,嫌犯费任德.辛格.马拉沙是 Bhootnath 寺庙的一名保安, 已经因杀人罪被捕。 调查发现,30岁的普拉巴.马拉沙毙命。

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Man kills wife for not adding tomatoes to his dish

印度男子暴怒杀妻 只因盘内没有蕃茄

DEHRADUN: In a bizarre incident, a 32-year- old man on Sunday killed his wife by repeatedly smashing her head against a wall for not adding tomatoes in his dish. The incident was reported from Lakshman Jhula area near Rishikesh. Police said the accused Virender Singh Maratha works as a security guard at Bhootnath Temple and has been arrested on charges of murder.

Investigation reveals Prabha Maratha, 30, died on the spot. Her autopsy report suggests severe head injuries led to her death.

According to Pauri SSP Ajay Joshi, Maratha was extremely angry when his wife served him a potato dish which did not have tomatoes in it. "Maratha grabbed Prabha's hair and started smashing her head against a wall," he said.

Maratha, however, fled from the house after killing his wife.The Rishikesh police found Prabha's body in a pool of blood in the sitting room of her residence. The couple was married for the past 11 years and has two sons, Subodh (10) and Shivam (8).

Based on the statements of the children, who witnessed the crime, police started looking out for Maratha. Police said the accused suffers from some mental disorder and has already confessed to having killed his wife in a fit of rage.


据报道,该事件发生在瑞诗凯诗附近的Lakshman Jhula 地区。警察说,嫌犯费任德.辛格.马拉沙是 Bhootnath 寺庙的一名保安, 已经因杀人罪被捕。 调查发现,30岁的普拉巴.马拉沙毙命。

尸体解剖报告认为,严重的脑损伤导致了她的死亡。据普里地方的 SSP 阿杰.乔西所说,当马拉沙的妻子端给他一盘土豆,里面没有西红柿,他气炸了。“马拉沙揪住她的头发就往墙上撞”他说。




The Follower (Unknown)


belinda paul (Unknown)

is jail meals made with tomato.


Tim Borty (Shillong, Meghalaya.)

I would love to use Virender Singh Maratha's meat in my Shish Kabab!


harishkumar ramchand (mumbai)

Those people who do not have spiritual knowledge and brought up in a rude and quarreling environment in childhood would act in a similar way .


pallavi (delhi)

Ravi kandara working for ITC kolkota is a rapist..now married to sonam chawla working at idea...he is a liar n taken advantage of many girls till now..


mera bharat haram US (los angeles) replies to pallavi

yes i know this ravi kandara and sonam chawla they raped their chicken every time they cooked them at home all.


max.duke (Location) replies to pallavi

if he raped u then why dont u lodge a complaint? what are u doing here/


Zaveri irfan (Mumbai)

why soo much anger against defenseless women in our India ??


Zaveri irfan (Mumbai)

i think our janta should do the same with our rulers/elected politicians for not giving things they promised before elections..


syed noor (canada)

this guy killed his wife because he could not control his anger=== any man who has fear of GOD will not do such acts that is why Islam tells you to think of Allah all the time and most of all to fear Allah and all humans are have to face Allah after death and is answerable for all his acts .

这家伙不能按捺怒火,杀了老婆===任何对上帝存有敬畏之心的男人都不会做出这种事来,这就是为什么isl 叫人们时时想着安拉…

sbarhq (Location)

99 Those poor little children, how awful. My first memory is of my mother on the floor in a pool of blood after being beaten by my father for serving incorrect breakfast.


ss (india)

Indian will be indian...they voted for kegriwal...i think indian brains r like vegatable may be tomato..indian tomatoes cant diff between right and wrong..since progress is a gradual process one day tomatoes will be pumkins.


ekdesi (USA)



sai (Delhi)

Sell the kids to Zambia..



Very sad to hear it. The worst affected will be the unfortunate kids.


Anhar Mojumdar (Murshidabad, WB)

Wife beating is very common amongst Indian men, he saw his mother got beating up for minor faults, or anything his father disapproved off, sisters getting battered by their husbands, scream coming from neighbours house of women screaming for help, nobody will intervene, because the husband has the right to hit his wife and it's nobody's business. This problem is worst amongst Dalit and shudras communities, because men are always drinking beer and smoking Ganja.. anyway R.I.P Prabha, Hope God almighty give you justice and your children will always remember you...


John Jacob (India)

a kid in an adult outfit


JDS Kandavar (Mangalore)

oops...Tomatos are more important than life!!!!


robustkumar Sharma (Delhi)

It is a believe it not story----tomato becomes the cause of murder.


Rohan (Location)

Marathas are known to fight the weak and the defenceless. No surprises here.


Ramzan E Hyder (Islamabad, Pakistan)

The two boys should have patience and wait till the youngest is 18. After that they should find their murderer dad, take him to a forest and tie him up and then burn him alive. Make sure his ashes are covered with dirt. Then pray to their mother's soul for peace.


AniKS (India) replies to Ramzan E Hyder

The boy's have shown some humanity and respect for the law. An animal reaction may behoove people from your parts, but don't advise such beastly actions. We are humans!


Ramesh (Paris)

He must be mentally sick


Kumar (Lagos)

Its important we learn to control our anger or such incidents will keep happening. Poor children to witness a beast in the shape of father.


Saurav Joshi (Faridabad)

Nowadays people are getting short tempered with enormous reasons and results in sad incident like this.


funlover21170 (Location)

As news channels and press in India try their fullest to sensationalize news by misreporting and having decietful headlines. It is not possible that the husband suddenly caught his wife by the back of the head and kept smashing her head onto the wall on seeing tomatoes missing from his lunch. The couple may be having maritial issues for a long time and there may be a argument between the husband and wife which started with the missing tomatoes culminating in this tragic incident.

许多新闻频导和报刊, 通过错误报导和骗人标题,竭尽全力制造轰动一时的新闻。这老公只因午饭不见蕃茄,就突然抓起老婆后脑不停地往墙上猛撞,这种事情是不可能的。这对夫妻或许婚姻矛盾由来已久、或许因无蕃茄而引起争执,最终导致这样悲剧。

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These days Man turning into a wild animal.


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