好莱坞华裔导演李安执导的《少年派的奇幻漂流》(Life Of Pi)在印度上映。影评家Rohit Khilnani认为电影的视觉效果很棒,但有点冗长。《少年派的奇幻漂流》改编自小说家扬·马特尔风靡全球的同名小说,影片讲述了少年派(young Pi)和一只名叫理查德·帕克的孟加拉虎在海上漂泊227天的历程。不少印度网友看后赞不绝口,称剧本很棒,视觉效果很震撼,应得奥斯卡大奖,苏拉·沙玛和伊尔凡·可汗演得好极了,电影展示了印度的活力、智慧和美丽。《少年派的奇幻漂流》于2012年11月22日在中国正式上映。

原文标题:Review: Life Of Pi is a visual treat

Rohit Khilnani feels Life of Pi works well visually but is a bit too long.

One of the best storytellers of his time, Ang Lee is back with another adventure -- screen adaptation of Yann Martel's novel Life Of Pi.

The story is told by a grown up Pi Patel (Irrfan Khan) in flashback to a writer (Rafe Spall).

The young Pi, son of an Indian zoo owner, is a confused kid. He is fascinated by different religions but doesn't quite know which one to follow.

He is moving to Canada with his father (Adil Hussain), mother (Tabu) and his brother (Ayan Khan) along with all the animals from their zoo when a terrible storm in the Pacific changes everything.

Rohit Khilnani认为《少年派的奇幻漂流》的视觉效果很棒,但有点冗长。


少年派(yourg Pi)是印度一家动物园园主的儿子,他很困惑,迷上了各种宗教,但不知道要信仰哪个宗教。

他随同父亲(阿迪尔·侯赛因)、母亲(塔布)、哥哥(Ayan Khan),连带动物园里的所有动物,一起去了加拿大,然而太平洋上的一场恐怖风暴改变了一切。

Pi survives the storm along with a few animals -- an orangutan, a hyena, a zebra and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

Eventually, only Pi and Richard are left on the small lifeboat. Pi has to survive by saving himself from the hostile tiger. The relationship between Pi and the Richard is complicated.

There is fear, love, compassion and tolerance. He has to keep feeding the tiger, be it fish or just clean water to avoid being eaten himself. This struggle for a peaceful co-existence makes up for the most of the film.

A lot of it is the work of animation and is done very well. Suraj Sharma in the role of young Pi delivers a fantastic performance, you feel for the boy stranded in the middle of the sea.

Tabu, who plays Pi's mother has a short role but she plays it very well. Irrfan, as always, is remarkable. His expressions make the narrative more believable but his accent is weird and confusing.






原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Everybody who's watched Brokeback Mountain (the 2007 Ang Lee film that earned the director an Oscar) knows just how good Ang Lee is with depicting intense emotions. In Life Of Pi, it's the relationship between a tiger and a boy and how they learn to get along that is heartwarming.

The different ways the stranded duo resort to to survive shows that Lee has an eye for detail.

Rest of the job has been ably handled by the digital effects department. The whale, the dolphins, the flying fish and the glowing jelly fish are magical and add to the experience.

However, at 128 minutes, the film is a tad lengthy. Tighter editing would have ensured that it doesn't drag in parts. The 3D doesn't work too well and is nothing but an unnecessary distraction.

In the end though, Life of Pi is a one of its kind visual experience.







Life of Pi deserve Oscar - Visual effects better than Avatar
by samit vats

Life of Pi deserve Oscar Award. Visual Effects are just breathtaking. I think Ang Lee has perform better than what James Cameron did in Avatar.


It is really Visual Treat
by imran mansuri

The screenplay was excellent......

Loved it.



Pi - Novel Vs Movie
by Unmai Vilambi

I saw the movie and I did not feel the same emotions I had while reading the book. Even for a movie adaptation, 128 minutes is not enough. I would have been happier with 4 hours (with intermission after 2 hours) if the director could capture all the emotions. But in the current version he left out even simple ones like Pi temporarily going blind in the ocean. But I should say it a good attempt. Most of the movie settings were exactly as I imagined while reading the novel. Enjoyed it.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Life of Pi is an excellent film.
by maram jyothi

Life of Pi is an excellent film. Suraj sharma and irfan khan are simply fantastic.


Re: Life of Pi is an excellent film.
by Ledgea
He is a good actor. Same with Irfan Khan.
Ifran Khan is the only succesful indian in Hollywood.
Dev patel and the freida are both nobodies. Hollywood already tossed them out after their poo acting.



Dev patel 和 freida是无名小卒。演得那么差,好莱坞已经抛弃他们了。

128 minutes is lengthy for the critic

wow..what about those 3 hour hindi movies?



by Arun Premraj

suraj sharma has done a gr8 job.. given that he would have just had to imagine the tiger many times while doing his scenes


Re: fsdfsd
by kauthia
He is great! I hope he makes it big in Hollywood. He has takent unlike those Slumdog guy and girl.
Dev Patel went back to doing TV and his kaamwali Freida is doing 5 min roles where nobody notices her.

他很棒!希望他在好莱坞能飞黄腾达。演技很棒,比贫民窟出来的那对男女好多了(三泰虎注:指Dev patel 和 freida)。

Dev patel回去拍电视了,而Freida只出镜5分钟,没有人注意她。

by Varun

I could recall that awesome movie, but this Pi has more sensibility than that, I believe...

我还可以回忆起那部很棒的电影《 荒岛余生》(CAST AWAY),但我认为《少年派的奇幻漂流》更能触动人的情感........

Go watch it
by prasad shetty

I saw the movie last night and its awesome. Such captivating shots, exceptional direction, performances and lovely message. Do not miss this one. Its nice to note Hollywood movies showing the strengths, intelligence & beauty of India.....Ang Lee...take a bow


Beware it's unfilmable novel
by axxo

Beware it's unfilmable Novel. So don't expect much. Some people may not like movie at all.


I think a must watch
by rajender sharma

Saw the trailer and it shows some brilliant visuals, will so with my son to watch it. Looking forward for a good experience.


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cast away
by arjun raju

life of pi is no doubt a good script and narrated well, but if u have watched the Tom Hanks Cast Away movie, you will feel its a remake.


3D movies r just a headache
by Kalpak chandra

i saw few 3D films i did not find them so fascinating. But after watching those movies i had headache . Is there some thing related .



This movie got better reviews in america
by Swati

Almost all reviewers praised the movie and acting especially of Suraj Sharma (Although they can't pronounce the name). At least 4 stars. Plus you can pick the story you want to believe.



by Ledgea

A 19 year old boy has better acting skills then the likes of 39 year old Aish and that 28 year old gobaar wali slum girl Freida!



Great Movie!
by kauthia

Life of Pi is an amazing movie. It will definalty get into the Oscars.
Suraj Sharma is brilliant and a talented actor.
He will go far in Hollywood.
He is a much better atcor then the two Slumdog kids. They are losers in Hollywood, he will defnialty go far





Only 3D
by mukul bhatnagar

I ain't taking any message of faith or of hope from this coz this a fantasy 3D movie. It stops at being a great 3D movie. Nothing more than that.


by suppandi

Copy of tamil film acted by seevaji ganeshan

抄袭 seevaji ganeshan 主演的一部泰米尔语电影。

Re: t
by mehboob shaikh
Sick!!! Imagine Ang Lee copying a madrasi film. Joke of the century.


Re: t
by Arun
This guys is just stirring some arguements. This movie is from a novel with the same name that won a booker prize.

Tegulu and Kannada movies are not innovative. They are just another set of masala, flesh business.. along with majority of Mallu and Tamil movies.



Re: t
by Rekhi Salim
Suppandi is just a monkey who doesnt know that we need to think before we do anything.

We always wait for his comments because we need someone to laugh at. He is just a laughing stock.

So keep up your work suppandi. we are waiting for more comments from you




Re: t
by sanjeet vilas
stop trying to bring south indian films in every other film's discussion... every great creation on earth need not be tamil, or telugu or mallu or kannada..


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