Dear Sir Navneetkumarbakshi,
My English is not very good, so if I offended you or India, I apologize for that.

If you know Chinese, you will know how many people criticize Chinese government. Some people claim "loving country is not equal to loving the government". I also criticize Chinese government five years ago. But now I am a advocator although some of my classmates are still criticizing Chinese government. My father is happen to be an officer in Chinese government, so I know how hard they work. He seldom has supper with me because he has to eat outside with others. He works in procuratorate, his job is to arrest the corruption, but he also need to work to attract investment to our city. But many Chinese don't know, they still think working in government is a comfortable job with high salary and need to do nothing.

But most Chinese have a bad habbit: that is they don't want to criticize their country before foreigners, so I guess you seldom heard criticism from Chinese. My mum just said government is not fair to me when we had supper. haha

Many Chinese also have another bad habbit: they like to hear praise. That is why many Chinese rich people buy luxuries all around the world.

I wrote those comment not because you bestow praise to China, but to thank you for providing a new way to see China. If you want to know other bad or good sides of China, I can tell you.

I see a Chinese ask you why Indian are unclean. I apologize for you. He doesn't know how to respect others. There will always be some impolite people in every country, right? Ingore him.

Your best friend,









Dear Shi,

I am sorry for not replying to your previous comment but as you have learnt that I have included your comment in this blog there is no need of replying to it. First of all let me tell you that your English is quite good. Even if I say that it is possibly better than that of 80% of the Indians, it won't be an exaggeration. Although the Indians think themselves to be the masters of English most of them can't converse on it. There is no shame in that because it's not our mother tongue. There is a great shame in accepting that even after sixty years of independence from the British we could not have our own language of communication to replace the British legacy. In contrast even if one is conversant with English he/she would prefer to speak Chinese. Chinese need English for communicating with the world and they don't take any pride in knowing it while an Indian will use it to impress others and grab the first opportunity to show his knowledge of it. Our leaders will baulk at the idea of speaking the national language at a foreign meet and let the interpreter translate it for the audience while the Chinese leaders will speak in Chinese even if they can fluently speak English. Shi- the basic difference is that while most of the Chinese are proud of their origin, their culture, their ethnicity, most of the Indians aren't comfortable with it.

There are good and bad points of every form of government. Socialism, Democary, Communism or whatever. All have their plus and minus points. What matters is the governance. If the governance is clean and transparent, if the people feel safe and have the right environment to work and prosper they will be happy, but if they have to pay bribes, they have to face, delays, corruptions, if there is lawlessness, fear then naturally the government is a failure no matter what ideology does it follow.

It's not that all Indian bureaucrats are corrupt but what is bad is that in a democratic system, people misuse their rights. You have rightly said that people can't know whom to choose and because of voting, the undeserving people, the moneyed people get power and then they misuse it for self gains.

There is no harm in writing freely about how one feels about a nation. If someone has seen or finds that a country or it's people are unclean than he can say it. Most of our cities have piles and piles of garbage. It will be wrong to blame it all on the civic authorities. Building of a nation or society needs contribution from every individual. I have written a long reply to your comment Shi. Will write more some other time :)






自由说出对一个国家的看法本身并没有错。如果有人看到或者发现一个国家或者其人民不干净,那么他当然可以说出来。我们的大多数城市堆着成堆的垃圾,将其全部怪罪于民政当局是不对的。一个国家或者社会的建设需要每一个人的贡献。Shi,我已经长篇回复了你的留言,改天再多写一些 :)

原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Soumya Srinivasan

Congratulations Navneet. Glad to know that you now have Chinese too commenting on your posts.
It is interesting to read their comments. They sound very polite.




Thanks Soumya- Though the Chinese are reading my blogs and praising those but that's not what I put them here. I write these blogs for my Indian friends to know, how we are being fooled by our corrupt and self serving leaders.


Suresh Rao

Coming to your blog; that was a great feedback from Shi, a Chinese person, on your wonderful pics praising the Chinese government for keeping their cities spic and span with modern city comforts.

In India even if one shouts through a megaphone standing on a house top all about abysmal rank and file corruption, inefficiency, maladministration etc., etc., all one gets is a deaf ear or two depending on whether the President is listening or not.

If one did not even do that, we the Indian expats would become dumb ass like Bertie Wooster's Baalam's Ass growing long years (ears?) to one's life.

Sorry for this frustration I express; I was reading Shi's comment after reading news on the internet this morning about the stinking garbage pile up situation in Bengaluru, that is driving city residents to frequent bouts of dengue fever and malaria, before I read your blog! The Governor, The Chief Justice, the Chief Minister, and the ex-PM all of whom live in the same city, have not stepped out of their mansions for fear of getting sick from this unprecedented situation in Bengaluru, the Silicon Capital of India.

bye, now; S_R.




Prasad Ganti
Navneetji, you are truly global now ! This is a good cultural exchange !


Thanks Prasad Ji- In this exchange of views with the Chinese, your contributions are welcome.


Hillol Das
Navneetji, it is an opener blog from you. Congratulations for being noticed and getting responses from Chinese people. I fully agree that we do not really need leaders, who only talk and indulge in all kinds of wrong practices. We also do not need multi party democracy, it failed in the present socio economic situation. The ruling party hardly gets 30-35% of the total mandate.

That apart, do we really love our country. We erupt with joy and feel Indian only when national cricket team defeats Pak team in a match. Otherwise, there is abuse and abuse everywhere and always. We pee, defecate, spit, throw litters in the public; we love to give and take bribe; we talk loudly and love to flaunt that way of expression, we love to break all kinds of rules, we do not know what the discipline is; we love to do less work but want more money; at the drop of hat we protest and claim our right forgetting the responsibility. To me all these amount to disrespect to our country. I am sure Chinese do not do all that, and that why they are there today to be seen by the whole world. I have visited Shanghai once for few days and was amazed to get the glimpse of that great nation.




Thanks Hillol- I fully agree with you- We do not really love our country or else what is happening here won't be happening. "Shi" the Chinese reader whose views I have posted here for all to see is not more than twenty years old as I infer from his comments. But look at his maturity of thought. A nation doesn't become great by winning a cricket match, it is the love for the country, the pride, the contribution, the spirit that matters. Twenty years ago China was a poor nation embroiled in it's own problems.



Dear Navneetkumarbakshi
I am a little older than what you have infered. I am 23 years old and just graduated from university. I am now preparing for the postgraduate exam. Reading your blog and replying to you is helpful for my English exam, so I’ll say thanks to you.

It is a shame to heard Indian don’t mind foreigners criticize their country. As a result of the education of patriotism, most Chinese don’t like foreigners to criticize their country. That is what we need to improve.

Actually, in China, every project is full of bribes, but the point is to control the amount of bribes so that they can’t influence the quality of the project.

Chinese people also like to break the rules. On one hand, it helps to avoid the fusty rules and help government to know where they need to improve. On the other hand, it also leads to bad results, like unqualified products, unsafe food and cheatings.

If you see beggars in the street, most of them are not real beggars because government will give them 300-500 yuan every month if they are really poor and they can find a job for more money. Some beggars are even well organized by illegal organizations, so you don’t need to give them money if you see them.

I just finished a simulative English test paper. There is an article about education, written by an American author. I agree to its opinion. It says not education boosts the economy but the development of economy improves education and education then release the potential of people. Constraints on improving productivity explain why education isn’t developing more quickly there than it is. I think that can explain why China develops fast these years because everyone has a job, so he can improve his skills during the work. 20 years ago, it is really hard to find a undergraduate in China. India is developing very fast as China, if the government can create more jobs, I guess India can develop faster than ever before.

Your best friend,








Healthy criticism should be welcome Shi for it provokes you to think, introspect and try to improve. If we are complacent and contended then we don't have any motivation to improve. If the government does not allow criticism of it's policies then people in the government become too powerful and autocratic. Basic human traits in all of us are same. Everywhere in every country people break rules, lie, brag, bribe, take bribes or indulges in all sorts of vices and sins. One's upbringing has a lot to do with his values. Your conscience is all the time speaking to you about the virtues, the impropriety of every act of yours. However at times we stop listening to our inner voice and if your grooming is not right then your sense of differentiating between right and the wrong is not right. It's not possible to cleanse the whole system of bad elements for then the world will become heaven. However corruption is like a malaise. It spreads like a jungle fire.

If the law is slack, if people can get away with crime or they have their friends and relatives in positions to protect them then they become fearless and indulge in it with impunity but if the law is strict and it is enforced justly and if the justice is quick, if you know that the consequences will be serious and you know that if caught, no one will be able to save you, you will refrain from doing illegal things. This is the main difference between India and China. In China the laws are strict and the justice is prompt but in India even though the laws exist, the liberties of democratic system give the people escape routes.

We in India haven't been able to execute the lone terrorist " Ajmal Kasab" who was caught live during November 2008 attack on Mumbai. Such things are unimaginable in China. The perpetrators of Urumqi riots in 2009 were executed with in days and Yao JiaXin a university student who stabbed a woman after an argument over an accident was executed within a month. Recently the wife of a high level diplomat Bo XiLai being given a life sentence and the millionaire owner of Gotez serving twenty years of imprisonment for wrong business practices, it all goes to prove that the axiom 'no one is above the law' is true in China but in India it merely exists on paper.



印度甚至还没有处死2008年11月孟买恐怖袭击唯一被抓的恐怖分子“Ajaml Kasab”,这在中国是无法想象的。2009年乌鲁木齐暴乱的行凶者几天内就被处死,在事故中因争吵而捅死一名妇女的大学生药家鑫在一个月内就被处死。最近,某高官被判无期徒刑,Gotez老板因非法商业行为被判入狱二十年,这一切证明了一个公理,即中国“没有人可以凌驾于法律之上”,而印度的法律仅停留在纸上。

you are an indian ,don't you ,i am very interesting in indian culture ,nice to meet you


Yes Liang I am an Indian presently working in China. I am also happy to hear from you.


hello. i am from shijiazhuang????? ,i hope i can go to see the???, thank you



Where is Shijiazhuang Shi? These three question marks that have appeared in your text stand for Taj I presume. Yes, surely you can see Taj and many other monuments. India has rich history. It was ruled by the Mughal and the British and it was a very rich country. When you see the palaces of the Kings, you will be amazed. You can't imagine the wealth that this country had but most of it was looted by the British and taken away to England.



sorry ,this wibe not see chinese word. i hope i can see the Taj Mahal one day


Yes surely you can see Taj Mahal and any part of India. I will look forward to your visit. Maybe with your wife, you can come for a honeymoon to India- I will show you around. :). I don't know if you are referring to some Chinese characters not showing on Sulekha? They do, I have seen them in some comments. For me anything written in Chinese is all Greek Hahaha. Maybe one day I will learn Chinese. A lot of devotion, dedication and time is required to do that. Do I have that?

你肯定能看到泰姬陵的,印度的任何地方都能去。我期待你的到访,也许带上妻子,来印度度蜜月,我可以带你到处逛逛 :) 。不知你是否指本站显示不出汉字?可以的,我在一些留言中有看到汉字。对于我来说,中文是各种看不懂,哈哈哈。也许有一天我会学中文,这可需要很多精力和时间,你觉得我有吗?

oh .Shijiazhuang is a city in Hebei province and near beijing, and I were not married, tomorrow is my birthday, October 19, sorry,is chinese tradition date, not 12. 2,hehehehe.. i hope you can understand,,,, i will go to ur county one day, but i have not time now... so bad.. so bad..
i hope you work good and life good. sorry my english is not good,
my chinese name is 小施


Hahaha Shi- I didn't know that Chinese celebrate their birthdays as per the Chinese calendar. Happy Birthday. How many years old you will be tomorrow? You are like my son, only a little younger. :). I have two sons and no daughters . My elder son is in Australia. He is twenty eight years old and my younger son is in India, He is 24 years old. Both of them are not yet married. Since you are studying English, your ought to work on being good at it though unlike in India, in China it is not necessary for better prospects.

哈哈,Shi,才知道中国人是庆祝农历生日。祝你生日快乐。你明天多少岁拉?你跟我儿子差不多年纪,稍微小一点吧 :) 。我有两个儿子,没有女儿。我的大儿子在澳大利亚,28岁了;小儿子在印度,24岁。两人都未婚。你正在学英语,虽然和印度不一样,要有更好的前途,英语在中国不是必须的,但你还是应当尽量学好。

?????????????, ????????? ??????? ????????????,???, ???????? ?????,?????????,???????????????? sorry my englsh is poor. i am 24




Soory Shi- I think you have posted some text in Chinese and this blog page can't show that and thus it is appearing as some question marks on my page. I understand your feelings and would like to reply to your comment. Some people have sussessfully posted some Chinese text here, I don't know how do they do that. Even if you write in Chinese whatever you want to say, I will get it read by my colleagues and reply to your queries, At 24 you are of same age as my younger son..so you are like my son :))

抱歉,Shi,我想你发了一些中文,网页不支持,所以显示了一些问号。我理解你的感受,愿意回复你的留言。一些人成功地在这里发出了中文,不知道他们是怎么做到的。即使你写中文,不管你写什么内容,我会叫同事帮我解读,然后回复你的询问。你24了,和我小儿子同年,所以你就像我儿子一样 :))


嘻嘻 why not call u son go to china and get marry with chinese girl?
i found your pictuers is 10.25. girls 露大腿。 i think must be south china. in our shijiazhuang , Temperature is very low,Temperature is very low,and i have a cold.
so china is so big. but i never lift shijiazhuang.. so go to india is a dream for me...
and my mother 信佛, i want take her to india temple to see...thank you , i must go to bed now.. because the Drugs made ??me very sleepy。






Dear Shi,
So finally you could manage to post the Chinese text here :). My elder son is twenty eight years old and he doesn't want to marry an Indian girl but he won't mind marrying a Chinese girl. Do you have anyone to suggest? :) I could not understand the meaning of this line "i found your pictuers is 10.25. girls" Are there any south Indian girls in Shijiazhuang? What are they doing there? I know that some Indians are coming to China for higher studies. Maybe they have come here for higher studies. I would love to meet you and your mother and if ever you plan a visit to India for fulfilling your mother's desire, write to me, I will try to help. Yes you must rest if you have cold. Though 'drugs' is not a wrong word to use for the medicines that you are taking but since 'drugs' these days is used for 'addictive drugs' it is better to say I am taking medicine for cold. :)


你最终成功在这里发出了中文 :) 。我的大儿子28岁,他不想娶印度女孩,但不介意娶中国女孩,你要介绍下吗?:) 我看不懂这句话“i found your pictuers is 10.25. girls”。石家庄有印度南部的女孩?她们在那里做什么?我知道有一些印度人会来中国深造,也许她们就是。如果你计划携妈妈来印度以实现其愿望,我乐意与你和你妈妈碰面,给我写信,我会尽量帮助你的。你感冒了,休息是必须的。你吃的药用“drugs”来形容也不会错,但“drugs”这个词目前常被用于形容“成瘾性药物”,最好说是吃“medicine” :)

navneet very interesting

I found the comments on bribes very intersting . Most of us in India are coming to
the same conclusion. Bribe OK if you work OK ! thanks fopr nice pics too



Yes Palahali- It is a very frank submission and a realistic look at reality. It's impossible to think of a society where people work without succumbing to allurements but as long as the results are delivered,the people accept misdoings too.

是的,Palahali,那是一条非常直率的留言,也是非常现实的观察,人们在社会中不会屈服于诱惑,这样的社会是无法想象的,只要能达到目的,人们也会接受其错误行为。原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Mr. navneetkumarbakshi, ni hao in CHINESE. your are kind person, i think.
i always wonder that why indian people dislike china. I have been india, i like indian although india behind china, indian has great people and culture. I wish we can coorporate to each other. i confirm indian has a beatiful map in the future in some days. thank you, welcome you to china again!

navneet先生,用中文“ni hao”向你问候!我觉得你很友善。我一直纳闷为何印度人不喜欢中国。我去过印度,虽然印度落后中国,但我喜欢印度。印度人民很伟大,文化悠久。我希望我们可以彼此合作,我确信印度的未来很美好,谢谢,欢迎你再次来中国!

Thanks Zzy Nee hao. I am really kind at heart by nature. I don't think Indians hate the Chinese or may I say those who don't know the Chinese might be hating them because of some misconceptions. Many people yet do not know much about China because, until recently China wasn't open to the world. Even now you know very few Chinese communicate with the world outside China because they don't know any language other than Chinese, nor do they try to learn or think it necessary.

Like China, India too has a rich culture and history but there's a lot that India can learn from China.



Mr. Navneet , thanks your reply. i think taht we should have more open to each other, so as to understand both counteies. Indeed, i watched very little information about china in TV program when i traveled in india last year, and i want to watch or read more information about india in chinese medias. the better situation has appear in china that is we can get more information from different media.

I must say that you are good bridge between 2 countries. thank you.



hi i am a chinese 2,nice to meet you,can you speak chinese?bescides,i hate english because i poor in it.3 weeks later,there will be CET.i wish i could pass it.and how many mistakes can you find in the words above?


Hahaha- Risk. Nice to hear from you. I too don't like English but it's become an international language of communication, so I think it's knowledge is useful especially if one aspires to do something that will involve travelling around the world and meeting people of other countries.

I too wish that you pass CET. Why are you taking CET? Are you planning to go abroad for studies? There are no spelling mistakes in your words above and except for one or two small grammatical mistakes the structure of the sentneces too is correct. I am not a teacher of English myself. I am sure your teacher can find many mistakes in my text. " I hate English because I (am) poor (at) it. I think even use of 'in' is alright here.


我也希望你能通过大学英语考试。为什么要参加大学英语考试?你打算出国留学吗?你的留言没有拼写错误,只有一两处语法错误,句子结构也是正确的。我不是英语老师,确信你的老师可以从我的文章中发现许多错误。“ I hate English because I (am) poor (at) it ”,我认为这里即使用“in”也是对的。

Dear Navneetkumarbakshi,
The man just replied you is not me. But we got the same family name, Shi. I guess the next time I should make my net name complex so that people can distinguish it...

My girl friend is doing international business and she just finished a trade with an Indian businessman. Hope we can visit India in the future.
Some Chinese celebrate their birthday according to Chinese calendar. But most people, including me, use the international calendar. So we can celebrate our birthday twice a year in theory...

I know you are an engineer. I recommend a short video to you, which I just knew it a week ago. Here is the website.http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzQwOTA3NTA4.html

I don't know whether it is really safe, but if it can be spread, I guess it will be helpful to Indian infrastructure construction.
Best Regards,






CET4 and CET6(College English Test) are English exams in China. Every student in universities and colleges can take it, which will be helpful when we try to find a job. The students in English major should take TEM4 and TEM8. TEM4 means test for English majors in the 4th semester.


Thanks for the information Shi. I thought CET stood for test of English for students who want to go abroad for studies.



Firstly , my english is so so
I think "Environment decides everything "
Learning Chinese in China is very different from learning Chinese in India BritishAmerica..
No matter how to say , I want you can speak Chinese smoothly..
I ’m looking forward to seeing you can do some video or blogs with Bilingual subtitles
Of course ,Beginning is very difficult ,But with your Chinese colleagues' help,you can do it.

It is very helpful for you to learn Chinese, English each other..










glad to see you post my message in your",Letters From My Chinese Reader"
though i only wrote a few words.thank you!

i read your blog by accident.it's wonderful.i am entirely attracted by your articles.i find that you have been to many places in china.Hope you continue to do something to promote the understanding between chinese and indians.

Both indians and chinese are great people.we should become friends ,never be enemy.

Both india and china are fast developing countries.someday ,we will be the stars on the stage of this globe.





Hello zhouzzz, Everyone desires that his work be appreciated. Appreciation from my readers inspires me to write better, I write about what I see. I haven't not seen many places in China yet but the more I see the more I am falling in love with your country. I hope this love affair continues. I am promoting through my blogs the understanding between two great cultures and I feel pleased to realize that my efforts are bringing good results as my articles are liked both by Indian and Chinese readers.

I personally feel that there no hatred between people but it is created by the politicians who play their games for popularity and in pursuance of . Now because of internet, the reach of the people to news is limitless otherwise for most of us the news would mean only what is beamed on the TV screen before us. It could be construed, distorted or false.



Your role as an Indian ambassador in China is bearing fruits.
We , in Sulekha ,are delighted to see your blogs being read by Chinese too.
Their comments speak volume about the warm hearted Chinese people.
We are to learn from Chinese the art of governance.
Being an Indian , I am proud of my country which has given us the freedom of speech- which of course we misuse.
Let us not forget that without the rule of Mughals and British for nearly 700 years we might have been even better than China.
Their rule has divided our society beyond repair due to their Divide and Rule policy.
Had the emergency of Indira Gandhi continued, we might have achieved better results.
India has got brilliant brains who can take care of its future .
India has great respect for our neighbor China and the day is not far when both the countries may help each other to emerge as mighty nations of Asia.
My love to all those Chinese who value India as a great friendly country.
I happened to meet an old Chinese gentleman in Atlanta who became my close friend.He was 74 years and I am 77 years. We could exchange views by code language and in broken English.Whenever we met , we embraced each other.
I am waiting for the day when India will have the same status as China .














原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

We are to learn from Chinese the art of governance.
Being an Indian , I am proud of my country which has given us the freedom of speech- which of course we misuse...

Dear Swarajya Ji- I understand your love for India that I believe everyone of us should have if we have to match the progress of China. It will be wrong to say that every Chinese loves the government but every Chinese loves China so whether he is in the government or not his zeal for doing good for the nation is there, whereas we have that missing largely in the government and it is lacking to a great extent in the fellow citizens too. It's true that our great nations was plundered by the Mughals and the British but has been further ruined by self serving, nepotistic, incompetent, illiterate who win by fraud of majority vote time and again. China's progress that we speak of is of the last two decades and it's not that there is no corruption here, infact in the recent CPC meeting the government has pledged to focus on it but if the benefits of progress reach the masses the people so willingness to overlook the corruption of the men in power.





haha welcome more Indian come to China for travel , I do believe u will love this country


Yes you are right philluo, the more I am seeing this country, the more I am loving it.


wow,Navneet,you are so nice to pick the mistake in shi 's respond,would you mind help me checking my english writing of a scentific paper about life sciene?


Hello Wang,
I won't make any false claims of my ability because I haven't studied English as a subject. Teaching English isn't my vocation either.I have studied English only up to school level and I didn't have my schooling in the English medium schools but I can definitely help you pick some mistakes in your scientific paper.



sorry,I come again.I want to know if indian can speak or write engish as good as american and british? If every indian people can speak english? I know the native langue in india is not english,if indian children study english from kindgarten.I think indian can use this advantage to make money in china,namely,checking english writing for chinese researcher



Hello SmithWang- Any Indian who is in a profession that requires good knowledge of English can challenge his contemporary British or English person. He may not be fluent in speaking it or his accent may not be anglicized or American but he/she can be expected to have far better vocabulary and grammar.



Hallo,I`m Chinese,from FuJian Province.Welcome to XiaMeng,a very beautiful city.



Thanks Su,
I think I should take to full time exploring and writing about China. I would love to do that. Any of you if have a publisher friend please ask him to acknowledge the potential in my wiritings. Hahaha




I'm also living in XiaMeng and i have been paying close attention to this blog for a long time.



Adios Neo. Thanks for your visit. It appears that yo know some Spanish too.

Adios Neo,谢谢你访问本博,似乎你也懂得一些西班牙语。

Sudha H Sharma

Dear Navneet,
Congrats on the win and your travelogues on China are really eye openers. I'm glad you found yourself a lot of fans in your adopted homeland :)


祝贺你胜利,你有关中国的博客真是令人开眼界。高兴地看到你在第二故乡有许多粉丝 :)


Win? Did I? Surprised really Sudha. After learning from you I went back 15 pages of Rivr posts and haven't yet seen the results of the contests. The day it was posted, I tried to open TS blog but could not and then I forgot about it. China is not my adopted country atleast not yet :)). I would rather live my retired life in apna India...yes the fans list is increasing and I am happy about it :)

胜利?有吗?.........(三泰虎注:省略,可能在聊某个比赛,三泰虎无法全面了解).......至少现在,中国还不是我的第二故乡 :) 我宁愿在印度过退休生活......是的,我的粉丝在不断增加,对此我感到高兴 :)




印 度,墨西哥和巴西,因为传统的制造业在现阶段在我们还没有完成国内产业结构调整,还暂时不能完全抛弃的时候,我们还是竞争对手!现在很多人说我们是世界工 厂的时候,下一个十年,可能就是这些国家来接手了!之所以加上日本,是因为中日的历史原因,如果能不爆发战争,日本就不会排在这上面!




Dear World,
You are true to your ID name or Avtar “World” as you like to be known as because you think globally. I wouldn’t have ever bothered to see the progress as a race to superiority among the nations. If you think that there indeed is a race then China indeed is much ahead of the rest and India no way is threatening to overtake. We have too many problems of our own and bad governance is above all the most daunting of these. We also have the limitations of a democratic set up which doesn’t bother your government as they are not in peril of losing elections and nor they need to seek public opinion on any national or international issues. China indeed today is in an enviable position and the credit for this goes as much to the people as to it’s government.

I can't read Chinese so I took the help of Google translate to read and understand your comment :)


我看不懂中文,所以借助谷歌翻译来理解你的留言 :)

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