美国网友评论:联想CEO考虑收购黑莓。联想表露可能收购黑莓导致纽交所黑莓股价上升14%。联想CEO杨元庆告诉法国金融报刊“Les Echos",“联想可能最终收购黑莓,但是需要首先评估这个决定。 这个交易可能很有意义,不过我首先得分析市场以及具体了解黑莓公司的重要性。”杨元庆说。这个声明与联想CFO黄伟明在1月份的说法一致,即联想一直在寻找更多的收购机会---包括收购黑莓。然而,黑莓CEO 并未对此可能的收购发表评论。


BlackBerry isn't saying a word about it, but it's shares are rising

Lenovo's slip about possibly buying BlackBerry sent the BB10 maker's shares up 14 percent in New York.

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing told French financial newspaper "Les Echos" that it could eventually buy BlackBerry, but it needs to review such a decision first.

"[The deal] could possibly make sense, but first I need to analyze the market and understand what exactly the importance of this company is," said Yuanqing.

This statement falls in line with what Lenovo CFO Wong Wai Ming said in January, which was that the company was looking at many opportunities -- including BlackBerry.

However, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins hasn't addressed a possible takeover yet.

“As always with these topics, we will talk about things when they are ready to be talked about and ready to be announced,” Heins said in January. “There are other constituents in the process that need to be involved -- if there would be anything.”



联想CEO杨元庆告诉法国金融报刊“Les Echos",“联想可能最终收购黑莓,但是需要首先评估这个决定。 这个交易可能很有意义,不过我首先得分析市场以及具体了解黑莓公司的重要性。”杨元庆说。


然而,黑莓CEO Thorsten Heins 并未对此可能的收购发表评论。

“关于这些话题,当做好拿出来讨论和公布的准备时,我们会去讨论的,”Heins 在1月份时如是说。“这个过程中会有一些其他涉及的因素---要是真有的话。”

BlackBerry shares increased 14 percent to $14.90 at closing in New York after news of Lenovo's interest got out.

BlackBerry, formerly Research in Motion (RIM), has been trying to make a comeback after losing market share to the likes of Apple's iPhone and Android-powered mobile devices. Even government agencies, which traditionally used BlackBerry phones, have started using iOS and Android products.

BlackBerry introduced its latest line of software and devices -- BlackBerry 10 (or BB 10) -- in January of this year. At that time, it revealed the BlackBerry Z10 and the Q10 phones.

The Z10 finally came to the U.S. today as AT&T begins its presale for $199 (with a two-year contract). The phone actually ships March 22.

It remains to be seen whether BB10 will save BlackBerry, but Heins seems optimistic. He was recently quoted saying that Z10 sales in Europe were "encouraging."








It'll be the lamest acquisition in Lenovo's books. BBRY is a dead brand, and it'll

reflect in Lenovo's "goodwill" if Lenovo actually acquires BBRY.

Don't waste your money, Lenovo. Focus on PC hardware - don't make the same mistake

HPQ made with WebOS.



RE: Lame

BB still has a solid patent portfolio. While Lenovo's largely managed to avoid the current rounds of lawfare if they do decide to enter the phone business and expand their tablet presence having a portfolio of their own would be beneficial.



RE: Lame

I do agree with you to a certain extent, but stats speak for themselves. If you look at actual historical data from Bloomberg or FactSet, it's obvious that 70-80% of such patent-related acquisitions destroy value. I neither own Lenovo nor am short BBRY.

It's just another way for some clueless Silicon Valley investment banker to "close the deal" to earn some transaction fees.

某种程度上,我同意你的观点,但是数据说明一切。如果你看一下Bloomberg 或是 FactSet真实历史



@T2k - might come as a surprise, but I'm in the heart of Silicon Valley. Decent attempt at generalizing your views though. To paraphrase Warren Buffet, when it comes to investing, think with your brain, not your heart. Your love for BBRY is obvious... too bad they haven't executed squat. Lenovo would be much better off diversifying itself with a portfolio of handsets based on Android and WP rather than wasting money on an acquisition.

There's one scenario in which such an acquisition may make sense: if both MS and Google (via Motorola) start shipping their own phone hardware. However, as I referenced above, most such acquisitions fail... it could be lack of enthusiasm or resented workers, post-acquisition, but Lenovo may be better off synthesizing other strategies.



RE: Lame
Google doesn't ship their own hardware via Motorola? Am I missing something here or does Motorola making their own phones not count??

And anyone can "invest". What set the good/great ones apart from the also-rans is the amount of money they manage to make. Since you obviously have no need in proving how successful you are at doing the above, everything you said is about as valid as the next anonymous person posting here.



RE: Lame

Caveat Emptor -- every post on any forum is opinionated, regardless of the poster.

Google owns Motorola, so technically, it's already shipping its own hardware. What it doesn't do is ship Motorola-manufactured phones under the Nexus brand... but I won't be surprised if that changes within the next year or so.

My only point is that it's hard to justify such acquisitions when their failure rate is an astounding 70-80%. Ironically, Lenovo itself is an example -- just look at their Facebook pages for customer service issues on current hardware. Such things never used to happen under IBM :).

言者对自己的话负责-- 无论是谁,任何论坛的评论都是武断的。



"Lenovo itself is an example -- just look at their Facebook pages for customer service issues on current hardware. Such things never used to happen under IBM :)."

Like hell IBM didnt have customer service issues. They had it and plenty. Any and all PC makers have it because people are idiots. As far as quality, it actually got better under Lenovo than it was under IBM (Which was always good). I know, I spent a good part of my career repairing thinkpads for the largest laptop repair company in the world at the time. It was a small company later bought by Solectron, which was then bought by Flextronics. Lenovo shocked everyone when quality didn't go to hell like it was expected. It actually got better. To the best of my knowledge Lenovo is the only company to buy another top name line like that and actually make it better. Usually companies buy other well known brand names like that and cheapen the quality to make a quick buck from the brand name.


难道该死的IBM没有顾客服务问题吗? 他们多得不得了。任何个人计算机厂家都存在这些问题,因为消费者是白痴。就质量上来说,在联想的经营下,质量比IBM时期的好很多,当然IBM时期的产品也总是很好的。我知道这些,因为我花了我好大部分工作时间为这时期全球最大的笔记本修理厂修理thinkpads。这间小公司,之后被Solectron收购,而在之后又被Flextronics收购。当联想产品质量并没有想象中那么糟糕时,所有人都觉得不可思议。但是它确实变得更好了。据我所知,收购其他顶级品牌公司的生产线,并做得更好的公司,联想是唯一一家。通常那些企业收购其他知名牌子,会通过压缩成本质量,从品牌的好名声中赚取快钱。

RE: Lame
Lenovo made the laptops and PCs for IBM, if you remember the T60 line like I had had both the Lenovo and IBM name on them, once they came out with the T61 generation the IBM name was finally dropped. Lenovo basically just bought the Thinkpad and Thinkcentre names and the associated tech.


RE: Lame

Yes, and they made it better once they owned the name 100% from design to shipment. The T500 got better as did the T510.


RE: Lame
I don't know about that.

Right now I'm considering buying stock in White Star Lines. I hear their new ship, the Titanic, is unsinkable.

All jokes aside, I do think Blackberry has some good core tech, but they need to capitalize that rather than try to compete with Apple/Android/Windows now. Their new BB10 phones aren't going to save them.

As for HP and WebOS, that's more a tale of drastic mismanagement, lack of vision and complete misunderstanding of WebOS by HP management. They paid to get the keys to the crystal castle, kept it locked up, fired the staff and watched it crumble into ruin. I'm glad to see WebOS starting to have some life again, but it's over. Google hired many of the WebOS designers and you're seeing a lot of that integrated into Android now.





RE: Lame

Blackberry's core tech is useless. Anybody can put outlook compatible secured email on any smartphone nowadays. Why ever bother buying their server? There's no compelling business reason to do so. BB10 is their only hope now.


RE: Lame

Classic idiotic, clueless post, most likely from someone stuck out there in the sticks, somewhere in small town US, knowing nothing about the world...

...with BB actually *growing* in Asia they have a huge potential avoiding to be entirely dependent on the stupid, intransigent, anti-competitive, provider-dictated US telecom market and bringing in much needed revenues from other, growing ones - provided they can execute, of course.

Comparing Lenovo to HP is an even more idiotic idea, I must add - HP had several executive officers in 3 years, thanks to its utterly clueless, retarded board who was always only interested in pushing their own lapdog candidates, this is why they believed that complete BS Apotheker was selling them (he was a totally incompetent software sales guy, flat-out fired from his job at SAP after almost driving it into the ground)... rest is history, this clueless idiot took over HP, wrote down the entire Palm investment then managed to halve HP's value in days by opening his stupid mouth about future shutdown of the PC business... none of this has any similarity with a well-run Lenovo which is on its way to become the #1 computer vendor this year.



我必须要说,将联想与惠普进行比较更是一个愚蠢的想法---由于极其傻逼拖沓的惠普董事会总是只对选出听话的管理者感兴趣,惠普在3年内换了好几位运营高层。这就解释了为什么他们会相信BS  Apotheker在卖他们(他完全是个无能的软件销售员,再几乎经营失败之后,他被SAP公司直接炒掉了).....剩下的都成历史,这个傻逼掌管惠普,规划整个Palm投资计划,公开发表未来PC行业进入衰退的傻逼言论,来降低那些天惠普的价值。这与运营良好的联想没有任何相似性,联想预计今年将成为世界第一大电脑供应商。

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