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外文标题:Japan, South Korean military planes defy China's new defence zone

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TOKYO/SEOUL: Japanese and South Korean military aircraft flew through disputed air space over the East China Sea without informing China, officials said on Thursday, challenging a new Chinese air defence zone that has increased regional tensions and sparked concerns of an unintended clash.

The move came after Tokyo's close ally Washington defied China's demand that airplanes flying through its unilaterally announced zone identify themselves to Chinese authorities, flying two unarmed B-52 bombers over the islands on Tuesday without informing Beijing.



Tensions have ratcheted up since Beijing's weekend announcement of the zone that includes the skies over islands at the heart of a feud between Japan and China, and its demand that planes flying in the area first notify Chinese authorities.

Japan and the United States have sharply criticized the move, which some experts said was aimed not only at chipping away at Tokyo's control of the islands, known as the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China, but also at challenging US dominance in the region.

The United States does not take a position on the sovereignty of the islands but recognizes Tokyo's administrative control and has assured Japan that the US-Japan security pact covers them.





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varinders singh (noida)
good shows whole world should unite against china for his this act


babuanils ()
China's hegemony must be challenged. It is worth while for India to copy the same and be under US umbrella since India is 50 years behind China in Military and economy.


Movie Buff (Pune)
At least other countries in the world don't take meekly to Chinese aggression and territorial violations.. some lessons here for our impotent politicians..


LD Bhatia (Unknown)
Japan and Korea had had their animosities in history but geopolitics has brought them together to face the challenge of the mighty China who wants to annex what it calls the disputed land(s) by force. China may or may not learn a lesson from this and may even be ready for hostilities but time has come when its neighboring countries should be united to give a message to the great power that they would not put up with its hegemonic designs under any circumstances.


Karna (Mumbai)
Round of applause to Japan and S Korea. What a show of courage! These small countries such as Japan, S Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines have guts to challenge China. These countries have spit on the face of China. These countries have put China in its place. Whereas we Indians, despite being the nation of 1.25 Billion, are just watching and getting bullied by China. Now even Pakistan, Iran and Sri Lanka have started intimidating us. Heights of impotency. We have literally become a laughing stock for the entire world.


kalyan gupta (Hyderabad)
Will this lead to a war?


Harry Ind (Unknown)
either one should not react now.....wait calm down...then respond deiplomaticaaly....fighting is not solution


Sameer Nad (Bangalore)
This good time to make friendship with S.Korea because chaina constructed big air base in Sri Lanka to attack India and other side Chaina is also supplying weapons to Pakistan to disturb Indian economy so this is good opportunity to India to make friendship with S.Korea. India should use the strategy to attack our enemy and build good relationship with S.Korea, Malaysia, Japan etc to attack Chaina, Pakistan.


jaguar.2009 (india)
If India's anti poverty program has to succeed , Khangress Govt must start to collect Tax from China on their global exports...and from Pakis on their head count..


Anoop (Loc)
Disturbing developments, this is going to escalate the tension between China and Japan, US and Korea. China cannot unilaterly claim the ownership of a disputed airzone.


aman Raj (Unknown)
China looks like a country searching for an adversary to go to war with.


rjkmail2004 Khurana (India)
I am sure China will sue for peace.


Good job; well done!


vinod (thailand)
good to show the chinese that not everybody is a Tibetan Monk.


kanduri.acharyulu1955 ACHARYULU ()
China should restrict them selves to start peaceful talks.


jdpcooldude (pune)
bullying has its own limitations and boundaries....china is crossing that.....
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Nilesh M Shinai (Unknown)
Hats off to japan................
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mlumatt (Location)
First US bombers and now Japan and Korea have made mockery of unilateral announcement of defence zone.China is sure to lose face on this issue.
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Arvind (Location)
"unreasonable expansionism" was the main reason during 1st and 2nd world war, is history is repeating again .Is 3rd world war is happening .
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amei_sam ()
Under the shadow of US these two country are acting over smart if Chines respond the consequences may not good for entire ASIA region. Better to avoid direct confrontation.
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pcs18 (India)
is this different from gun-boat diplomacy ......???
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S Dubes (Blore)
Appreciate the Japanese & S Korean move by flying military planes over the disputed zone. China has been trying to capture some common zones as well. It would be a good reply to Chinese policy.
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kanduri.acharyulu1955 ACHARYULU ()
China has started this game and continued by Japan and Korea further.What would be the next step is a question before world.


vkbishnoi (Location)
When you do not know the strength of the opposition party then this kind of tactics comes handy. Now china knows that USA, Japan and Korea all will oppose to it's move so they will take some other actions like putting economical pressure on Japan. For Korea they have North Korea to engage.
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TheKike (India)
Now the Chinese have LOST FACE
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George Chungath Cheru (I N D I A)
Is this the cold war again starting up ?


Shyam (res)
Look at the courage and resolve of Japanese and Koreans to defend their rights ! And then look at the shameless, hopeless leadership that we have from Congress ! Come Modi, come ! nation can't wait any more.
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Radhakrishnan Menon (India)
China is becoming as arrogant as USA. They must be taught a lesson
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bkvjetty JETTY ()
Enemys enemy is our friend. Hello Japan, Hello South Korea... Happy flying...
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