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原文标题:Is Bihar’s claim of rice record fake


Recently Bihar claimed that its farmers at Nalanda was able to harvest a world record 22.4 tonnes of rice from one hectare of land without using herbicides or genetically modified (GM) seeds.


Now China is saying that Bihar's claim is fake. One of the China's scientist, Yuan Longping who is known as “the father of hybrid rice” for developing varieties in China is saying that high yields is not possible in fields of Bihar.


But the thing is that Mr Longping is Chinese and we cannot expect much from them. Do you think, China's claim is right. Did Bihar really lie about this rice claim?



Ragini Bhatiya

As far as I am aware this is not fake. There is no reason for Bihar to fake the news. Also it has been sanctioned by the govt of India who will also benefit from this discovery. Its a win for Indian farmers and not just Bihar. China has a political and an economic agenda to belittle India as its facing severe economic slowdown.


R Singh

This news is not a concoction as mentioned by the Chinese scientist who are hell bent on the destruction of India. The Chinese are always attacking Indian infrastructure, hacking security websites and all sort of nefarious activities against India. This claim by the Chinese is shameful. But then we cant expect much from them who kills its own citizens in cold blood with tanks.


Shalu Sharma

This is not the first time, Bihar has experimented with hybrid rice. China is getting nervous because India is making big progress in the field of rice production.


Ragini Bhatiya

India needs to hit back at China and support the Tibetan cause. China has no moral right to say what it says most of the time. Its the failures of our own government that has allowed to escalate the matter. We should hit China where it really hurts, its human rights record.



It can not be fake; I am 100% sure of that. Whenever Bihar achieves something, people conspire against Bihar and claim that it is fake! People are just jealous of Bihar and its achievements. Long live Bihar and Bihariyat.


译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Shalu Sharma

I agree with you. Biharis evoke hate and lot of jealousy not only in India but around the world. We Biharis need to be united and fight for our rights.



Proverb is ..... There is nothing straight about Chinese ,except their hair :) .Bihar Disregard..... and proceed !

有句俗话......除了头发之外,中国人没有什么东西是直的 :) 比哈尔邦该无视它.....继续前进!

Shalu Sharma

Exactly sir. Well said.



原文标题:Bihar’s claim of rice record ‘fake,’ says top China scientist

Ravindra Rao
Dr. Yuan has asked a very pertinent question: how could the numbers
be confirmed after the harvesting had been done? That is the correct
scientific approach. Any claim of this type should be able to
withstand scientific scrutiny; only then can we try and use these
methods extensively.

What do our own agricultural scientists have to say about such
fantastic yields?



You know Mr Longpin, i don't blame you for your disbelief in the
official certification- you are a Chinese after all. You are judging
India's claim because you know that half of the Chinese ones are
concocted lies. But here is a news for you. We are a
loud,argumentative democracy with little official capability to pull
such types of tricks. In here every claim by the government is met
with howling protests by the opposition. That's their first reaction.
And trust me Bihar has some of the most Machiavellian politicians who
have poked holes into a claim by the incumbent. It pains to have your
record broken, please accept my sympathies.


译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Yes. It is in our interest too to verify the veracity of this claim. If it's true, then we'd
have conclusively proved to the world our potential in agriculture. If it's false, then the
persons responsible for this falsification should be brought to the book. Science is
science, whether in India or in China.


The Chinese scientist needs to learn to observe. Just making blanket statements
without visiting the site, and verifying the facts is unscientific.

I have witnessed bumper crops of various kinds grown and harvested without
artificial fertilizers and pesticides, but with natural manure.





国际在线专稿:综合《印度时报》和《印度斯坦时报》2月22日消息,印度东北部比哈尔邦一位名叫苏曼特·库尔马(Sumant Kumar)的农民所种植的水稻产量达到每公顷22.4吨,约合每亩2986斤,打破了有中国“杂交水稻之父”之称的袁隆平的每公顷19.4吨的世界纪录。20日,袁隆平在接受采访时对此表示质疑,称那是“吹牛皮”。

袁隆平还表态:“明年收割前,我可以去实地验收。”对于袁隆平的评论,《印度时报》和《印度斯坦时报》分别以“中国科学家质疑印度水稻产量创世界纪录”(“Chinese scientist questions Indian's world record rice harvest”)和“中国科学家称印度水稻产量破纪录是‘120%吹牛皮’”(“Indian’s harvest claim ‘120% fake’, claims Chinese scientist”)为题发表文章。文章基本引用中国媒体刊出的袁隆平评论,没有媒体评判内容,而各国网友则反应不一。





另一位国籍不详的网友“khanji”留言说: “印度宝莱坞影片的高产量是假的,超级大国之说是假的,GDP产量数据是假的。印度的一切都是假的!”(苏子初)

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