后续评论:惶恐不安的中国网民,维克兰特号下水。三泰虎8月19日译文,网友“沙”:“太可怕了。我感到非常恐惧。我们脆弱的祖国在世界上仅有的两个超级大国的夹缝之间苟延残喘。美国人从大洋彼岸跨过半个地球,用无数基地挡住 咱们的家门。而印度————一个更加强大的超级大国正与我们生活在同一片大陆上,他们的陆军、空军在3个小时之内就可以摧毁我们惊慌无措的首都;他们现在 甚至已经开始大量制造军舰和航母.....”

译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com




译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/ins-vikrant-ready-a-shocking-reaction-from-chinese-netizen-part-2.html

There is no doubt that China is concerned about India's growing military clout.

If they weren't, then none in China would have bothered to even acknowledge that India is building an aircraft carrier or a nuclear submarine!

That they speak, does indicate a niggling worry, if not fear, given that if the IN deploys along with the US, Japan, Australia and others, it would affect China seriously.

It must be realised that to enter the open Ocean, China has to move out of the narrow SCS or the narrow straits North of Japan!

If such a United flotilla awaits at the door, it blocks China's naval designs






Not to acknowledge the military buildup of India is a very difficult thing since India is mainly targetting China and India has a big mouth.

Everytime India made a new weapon, they would specifically designate China as the potential target of the weapon, and they broadcast that on every channel without hiding their desire of throwing that weapon at China.

last time when India tested a missile, every newspaper of India had to mention the most important feature of that missile - it's capable of reaching Beijing.

this time when India launched a new aircraft carrier, i cant help but notice that every Indian is talking about blocking Chinese sea line with that new ship.

How can you ignore such a noisy India?

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Indian constitution gives right to all Indians to talk and talk louder, you may call it noise...



what about Agni 1 missile and Prithvi series ?




The much noise is becuase by its launching it will make way for second one in line to be build...

From now onwards all weapons we build will write China's name on them...




Glad you are wetting yourself. I know its not easy for a CCP bot to acknowledge realities.



i am not wetting myself, i am just a little annoyed. why do Indians feel so important to get Chinese attention? as i see it, Indians are more like begging Chinese attentions, it's very bewildering!

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You and the rest of your country are wetting yourself as evidenced by your attempt to try and hide it. As evidenced by your presence on an Indian forum. We did not invite you, you came. And stayed. Cause you thought it wise to know more about the guys sending shivers down your spine. The other doofus who just signed up got a wakeup call and felt the necessity to do a 'barking dog never bites' episode and hence signed up.

To be honest, I dont see the Chinese wetting themselves as a major problem for them, what with them being the largest manufacturers of diapers (among other things)




12 American super ACs dont make us wet, let alone an Indian AC which is said to enter service in 2018 and we all know that is a deadline Indians can never meet. So what, are you gonna threaten China with that empty hull?

Your reputation as a big mouth precedes our staying at this Indian forum, in fact you have earned that reputation before Internet becomes popular. Your noise invited us, you want our attention, that is why Chinese topics have been hot untill Chinese members are giving you people hard time on every China-related thread.




That may be the reason why Chinese navy prefer to say at their ports... except to terrorize the fishing boats of neighboring smaller countries…

China can not face even a single USA AC leave alone 12, I saw Chinese jumping up & down with what you call DF XX or something that has been proved to be a lie and nothing else... do not claim what you are NOT… you make cheap third grade products that’s all…

If Indians are big mouth, what is your problem??? India does not need attention from a back stabber?? A cheats that make their living by illegal copies of products by stealing from others... A country hated by all its neighbors… A county who ride on the back of USA in war against Japan and always crying for an apology without a fight…





i really dont like tooting my own horn, but every single thread in which i`ve taken on our dear chinese comrades has ended up with them :
1. degenerating into hysterical, hyperbolical rants about how india is a colonial state and weaker than china forever etc etc
2. discontinuing their replies and stopped posting rational arguments and logical explanations for the topic in that thread





Chinese reaction to just mere lunching of a ship is something to be seen GOD knows what will happen to them when it gets fully operation… why is China so worried if it wants a peaceful rise?? Food for thought… World is not fool to trust a back stabber any longer… Who thought the Philippines will someday willing to host Japan in their shore ?? The same Philippines who wanted USA out of their land now wants USA to continue with their bases…




I feel funny when I read this. those word are not our styles

most are also like me.and no one would care about your things too much.

normally,we all think india is not powerful and rich but love to be self-satisfied and love to be followers of dangerous japan and america.

just remember,and they only want you to fight agaist china.

I dont wanna look down on you and cause a fight. do not cheat indians with so stupid words

dont be arrogant,indians. please.

good luck.








At least we are not disguising dogs to look like lions.

Not just Chinese netizens but also Chinese media is concerned:



when a man is sharping a knife and starts telling everyone he is gonna kill you, no matter how little that man is, you simply cant grudge the attention he deserves.



如果中国想要对付你们,1962年就解决了 ,不必等到现在(而且那时,也是美国和苏联同时支持你们).

我们有很长的陆地边界,所以我认为,我 们政服不会笨到劳师远征在海上跟你们打仗,陆地上就可解决问题.




Can anyone translate it...



Somebody thinks that PLA running far behind its own LOC in 1962 on the eastern front was all part of a grand plan rather than cowardice. Just proves it that you don't get anything good at 50 cents these days.



What is really funny/ironic is that a truckload of Chinis will register on an Indian Military Forum(this procedure takes time), subsequently log on-to the forum and then try very hard to tell us that they don't really care about India's attitude/ hostility towards them because they are soo powerful it makes no difference.

That, they are NOT bothered by an Indian missile that can strike Beijing, or an Indian Submarine that will put more nuclear missiles out of their reach, or an Aircraft carrier that will make it exceedingly diffcult of Chinese Warships to function West of the Malacca Strait.




Funny? Not at all if you realize that Chinese missiles could strike every corner of India since 1970s, that Chinese has more powerful nuckes, that Chinese aircraft carrier will be inducted sooner. It is not that China is so powerful, it is that India is so weak.



1. So if China had nukes that could strike "every corner of India".... since the 1970's, loss of that monopoly/balance recently is not a problem?? Wow China have fortitude like-a steel.

2. The "Chinese Aircraft carrier" is just like the "liquid fuelled Chinese DF-5 ICBM" and those sorry excuses that the PRC Navy passes off as SSBN's--a propaganda message, the actual value of these assets during wartime is minimal. The Chinese have almost no experience viza-viz Carrier operations, no Carrier task force, that token ICBM force during the late seventies took about 60hrs to fuel beacuse the fuel is highly corrosive and the SSBN never sailed outside of waters protected by PRC-Navy maritime aircraft.....

3. The real reason that the PRC invests heavily in these time-consuming and expensive gimmicks is so that nationalistic feelings of clueless Chinese people can me assuaged by their existence....as can be seen in your post "we had ICBM's that could target Yindoo in the 70-'s, wee have ssbn in 80 and ukranian carrier in service before you"

4. The J-20 is another example, if war breaks out with either India or the Nipponese the Chinese Sukhoi force will be put to combat not the J-10's or the FC'/J-8's....

If Indian soo weak China no give soo much time to Yindoo in Global Times and Xinhua eh?? Why China make article on Yindoo carrier and long range missile-- say it be 80's technology eh??






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