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三泰虎博客9月10日译文,据印媒报道,根据“火星一号”周一发布的最终数据,从全球来看,热衷于定居火星的印度人仅比美国人少。“火星一号”是荷兰的非盈利组织,旨在2023年在火星建立首个人类永久定居点。来自美国的申请人数高达47654人,占了24%;印度以20747的申请人数排在后面,占了10%,中国排第三,申请人数达13176。火星一号的发言人Aashima Dogra对《印度时报》说,在该历史5个月的申请定居火星的计划行将结束之前,印度申请人的数量出现直线上升。

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外文标题:Indians second only to Americans in Mars queue


UMBAI: India ranks number two globally after the US with regards to the number of people who have shown a keen interest in settling down in the red planet, according to final data released on Monday by Mars-One, a Netherlands-based not-for-profit organization which aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars in 2023.

The number of applicants from the US is 47,654, its share being 24%. India follows with 20,747, its share being 10%; and China is number three with 13,176 applicants.



Spokesperson of Mars-One, Aashima Dogra, told TOI that the number of Indian applicants shot up towards the end of the five-month application programme. “Hopefully, we will see an Indian in the final four flying to Mars in 2022,” she added. The first round of the selection program has now closed for applications.

火星一号的发言人Aashima Dogra对《印度时报》说,在该历史5个月的申请定居火星的计划行将结束之前,印度申请人的数量出现直线上升。“希望我们在2022年能看到一位印度人出现在飞往火星的四人组中。”她补充说道。第一轮挑选计划已经结束。

Mars-One saw interest from 202,586 people from over 140 countries. From this pool, the selection committee will select prospective Martian settlers in three additional rounds spread across two years. By 2015, six-ten teams of four individuals will be selected for seven years of full-time training. In 2023, one of these teams will become the first humans ever to land on Mars and live there for the rest of their lives.

Aspiring Martians who have missed round one or could not meet the age restriction can join subsequent selection programs.




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I am a registered applicant for MARS ONE. I am very excited to be a part of this mission.


aam aadmi (NEPAL)
all wanted criminals, rapists,, politecians, send them


Sushil Kumar (pune)
Because we have fed-up of existing happenings in India.


Sonu ()
After causing considerable damage to planet earth parasites also known as humans are all set to destroy mars.


Ivan Bigger ()
If the so called third front government comes to power in 2014, almost the entire nation will file an application for a one way ticket to mars…
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Rkothapa (Bangalore)
great achievement !!!! are they all tax payers who can afford costs of Mars journey ?


gladtide ()
Mars is better than corrupt India!!! if given a chance 1 billion application can be seen from India for Mars.


Upasana Rajput (Unknown)
America always try to be first in everything!!! But India is also not less!! 🙂 days are not away when there will be a daily flight to Mars!!!

美国总是在每件事上争第一!不过印度也不赖!:-) 一天就能飞到火星的那一天不会远了!

potterbond007 (United Kingdom)
Who wouldn’t want to escape… I tried applying myself, but there was a fee for the application and that deterred me..
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Madhavan (Pune)
I hope 50% of applicants from america might be NRI’S.
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Akshay Kumar (Mumbai)
This will help us in checking population explosion…… lol…….
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sknkumar9 (Oman)
Americans are going there for adventure. But,India has maximum no. of corrupts & black money hoardres in world. In that comparison only 20,000 person want ot hide thier faces at Mars, which is too small.
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sun2300 ()
Ha ha ha ha we Indians thinks USA will give American citizenship on Mars…


Ashwin Sopori (Mumbai)
Reports say that initially it will be a one way journey, Please send our politicians first 🙂
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报道说最初是单程旅行,那请把我们的政客先送上去吧 🙂

trololol (saigon)
I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


Srinivasan M S (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)
Those people who have applied for migration to mars are really very courageous. However, it remains to be seen if the journey is going to be reality.
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scorpio3012 (Bharathavarsha)
At least in some silly things we are second!!


venkat (Perth.)
If India is ruled by UPA for another 5 years, I am sure, India would surpass America by 100s of folds.
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Bharathi (Hyderabad)
If Desis want to go to Mars, one can understand, but why Americans are interested in this? a curiosity bug may be. And China of course, we all know why.
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samir.kanjilal ()
What a contrast ? 43% children is under weight and 20747 person are in queue for MARS trip.


Nairwita Dutta ()
great…. wish i knew about it earlier…


krishpar04 ()
This shows frustration of Indians about corruption in the country now they are trying to find better place than earth
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  1. 尼玛,这计划是骗局吧,该荷兰的公司办公地点在一个出租屋内,整个计划的60亿美金投资还在指望火星人捐款,整个项目组貌似现在都没超过10个工作人员,还送人上火星?送人去火葬场倒是够了,我觉得这就是一次诈骗+炒作

  2. 没办法,中国总体人口密度虽然比不上印度日本韩国,但是中原和江南也不算小了,移民是肯定要做的!

  3. 又是美国带头,我相信有很多国家的人会参与,不管参与或不参与美国又赢了,中国人还要埋头工作几十年吧

  4. 我搞个火星2-B计划如何?虽然本人对移民其他星球没兴趣,但我一直希望给家里那条老狗一个国王的封号,地球上已经没有足够的土地了,把它封到火星吧。封号我也已经想好了,就叫:全火星的统治者、温差160度最尊贵唯一的王、犬陛下思密达 😛

  5. 印度人想去火星,大家理解得来,但为什么美国人也感兴趣?也许是出于好奇。当然,中国人想去的原因是人人皆知的。

  6. 三哥打算为火星制造大气层是吧?出仓的时候不会感觉压力大吧,真伟大,火星上的第一句人类遗骸是印度的,另外印度细菌会占领整个火星,不可想象呢

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  8. 印度人是最适合移民火星的,他们练那个功,能以最小的消耗生存很久,上次看到某个瑜伽大师几天几夜都不呼吸,真是碉堡了。除了植物,还有谁敢跟三哥比生存能力?

  9. 荷兰这种卖花加卖B的国家还能上火星?
    这次的火星一号,证明了,地球上傻逼最多的国家就是美国,中国,印度 😆

  10. 可以想像去火星的飞船上有个喜欢强奸的阿三是件多么悲惨的事,还没到火星飞船上就满是孩子