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LONDON: The general view that obesity is a problem associated with relatively richer Western countries has been turned on its head by a new report which states that middle-income countries like India are now at the heart of a "fat explosion".

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI), a leading independent think tank, found that Indians form a massive chunk of the one in three adults now overweight or obese, adding up to 1.46 billion across the world.



For its report titled "Future Diets", London-based ODI selected five middle-income countries - India, China, Egypt, Peru and Thailand - as case studies to illustrate dietary trends in the developing world over the past 50 years.

The analysis revealed that between 1980 and 2008, those affected in the developing world by obesity had tripled, from 250 million to 904 million.

The percentage of obese and overweight in India rose from about 9 per cent of the population in 1980 to 11 per cent in 2008.




"India's consumption of animal products is approaching that of China's in terms of its contribution to the average plate, but here the increase is almost entirely in milk consumption, with only limited increases for meat," the report said.

"Many Indians are vegetarian, avoiding beef or pork for cultural and religious reasons. The consumption of pulses remains relatively high in India, although it has been on the decline."




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Sudheer B (Bangalore)
Blame Pizza, burgers and other fast foods.


Amit Thackeray (Bhayya Hunter)
The problem is indian wives. After marriage they become fat and make their husbands fat too by making food fatty with lot of ghee in food. Even after telling many times they still put ghee on parathas and sabjis. These fat women are often a problem on airports where you need to walk fast to catch the airplane. Often these women are lazy and refuse to work when in US or Europe and behave like pets, contributing to the the health and social system of the country they illegally infiltrate inside. Countries should take strict measures to fight obese people from India.


Arun G (Location)
I dont agree.. Have the compared Indian Kids with US kids?
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ekdesi (USA)
India is only adding. Every 5th person above 20 in US is obese. It is a problem in most industrialized countries. It comes with consumption of processed and genetically altered food.


marcopolo_65 (Delhi)
Western food has nothing to do, it is the bad eating habit that make people fat, and in that case we Indians have not much learn, our diet might be tasty but is absolutely horrible health wise...


GkQueen (Hyderabad)

because Indians are embracing the western food habits !!!
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Natasha (Saudi)
When one talks about Indians you have to specify which group you are talking about. Most People in India eat much more and better food than people in UK.
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DINATH (Hyderabad)
Modern life style changes, sedentary living , Fast food culture , absence of any physical activity are adding to obese !!
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serequel (bangalore)
Govt should ban on KFC and McDonald like food chain restaurants .. Then obese will decrease by 30%.
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Hemant Singh (Location)
Obesity is a critical problem for India most averages man


anil kumar (US)
We Indian need to make some changes to our eating patterns.. 1. Eat less rice and roti's. Specially South Indians, eat only 2cups of rice- max a day. 2. Eat small meals at regular intervals. 4 -5 times a day. 3. Don't eat carbs after 8pm. 4. Drink plenty of water. 5. Don't use bike when you can walk. 6. Don't over cook vegetables. 7. Please don't skep breakfast.
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Manas Tiwari ()
I guess it would be okay if the Khaaps blame this on chowmein :P

我觉得把印度人的肥胖问题归咎于炒面是可以的 :P

Sabyasachi ()
Obesity is a critical problem for India, we should do a lot more exercises so that we can have more fit and fine people. This will enable a less Diabetic and Cardiac patient in the country.


M A RUB (Unknown)
indian must control there dietary habits to overcome the obessity which is increasing on a alarming level


Neel Sundar (INDIA)
Which city can be awarded the title " OBESITY CITY "? Almost all the cities are equally eligible to get this honour.


Deepak Mittal (Mumbai)
Thanks to Junk food of Western countries that is emptying pockets and increasing belly sizes.


Arajulu ()
Not only India but also our competitor China is facing obesity problems. The Changing food habits (fast food) and improved economic status of individuals are prime causes.


Dinesh Singh ()
This article is written on incorrect facts because only a small fraction of our population is obese or overweight and this problem mainly playing havocs in European countries and China..


San (Florida)
Indians do not do any sport ever. Not even as teenagers. No wonder obesity becomes a problem.
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patriot (india)
love for pizza burgers fastfood and french fries were major cause of obesity


mvillavan (chennai)
India will become number one obesity in the world; or is at present.
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