三泰虎博客10月2日译文,印度资深记者Ravi Shankar Narsimhan获得中国颁发的“友谊奖”,这是外国人能获得的最高殊荣。Narsimhan是总部位于北京的《中国日报》海外版的执行主编。在颁奖仪式上,中国副总理称,“外国专家是中国人民的亲密朋友,是中国开展国际交流的特使和推动中国发展的重要力量。中国人民将永远记住他们对中国发展的贡献。”

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外文标题:Indian journalist gets China's high honour

印度记者骑在灾民头上报道灾情被批(图片与本文无关) 印度记者骑在灾民头上报道灾情被批(图片与本文无关)

BEIJING: A senior Indian journalist, Ravi Shankar Narsimhan, has been presented with " Friendship award" by China which is the highest honor given to foreigners.

Narsimhan is the executive editor in the overseas edition of the Beijing based China Daily.

印度资深记者Ravi Shankar Narsimhan获得中国颁发的“友谊奖”,这是外国人能获得的最高殊荣。


At the awards ceremony, Chinese vice premier Ma Kai said, "The foreign experts are intimate friends of the Chinese people, envoys for China's international communication and important force for China's development. The Chinese people will remember their contribution to China's development forever."


Narsimhan has been with China Daily for 11 years. He has been rewarded for "helping China better tell its stories to the outside world", deputy director of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs Liu Yanguo said. He is one among the 50 foreign experts from 20 countries and diverse fields, who have been rewarded.


"Thirty years ago, most foreign experts came to help China solve technological problems but now China also enables foreign experts to realize their dream and boost their career development," Liu said. "Many foreigners after they came to China realized China was not a rising monster but a fascinating country," he said.



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Firoz Khan (Toronto, Ontario)
Congrats to Ravi Shankar for this award.
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祝贺Ravi Shankar获得这一殊荣。

Guy Pant ()
Why? Indians would never do such thing for Chinese. There are many other examples. China openly supported India's climate change proposal, but India never did that for China previously, Hollywood Indian director uses Indians for Chinese set movie but Hollywood Chinese director uses real Indians for an Indian set movie. Chinese are gullible.
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vnrao (Vizag)
Stories of People like Sri Ravi sankar Narasimhan are inspirational and happy news.
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rama Tyagi (ghaziabad)
After Dr Zhivago. good to hear China has honored an Indian.
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Morgan (Australia)
No sure if getting a honor from China on journalism is a good thing...
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Aryabhata (Location)
Getting an award in "Journalism" from China is like doing PhD in Propaganda.
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Hongyuan Huo (China and France)
sincerely hope indian and chinese people get together and make friends, as we are close neighbours.
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simbaprincessmuffy (Location) replies to Hongyuan Huo
Take a hike ChinkTroll!
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Morgan (Australia) replies to simbaprincessmuffy
You disagree? You would prefer hostility with your neighbors?
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Hongyuan Huo (China and France)
and we have many the same things to do, extinct the poverty, persue a better life, is our common target. both india and china are the ancientest countries in the world, having the longest history. both india and china should become the global great power to bring about a better life for asian and their people
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Aryabhata (Kusumapura) replies to Hongyuan Huo
Last time you said "arrogance is the only feature and virtue of you indians"WHY A SUDDEN CHANGE OF HEART???
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Proud Indian Women (Unknown)
Kudos mr narsimhan Indian and China media should seek more opportunities for mutual engagement, May be you can come up with some intiative in this regard.


Third Artillery (China)
Indians are narrow minded people, you treat them well, they suspect you have a bad intention. you treat them indifferently, they feel you are not showing enough respect.... Confucius ever said, only women and small minded men are hard to get alone with.... Indians are not women, but they are small minded.
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Morgan (Australia) replies to Third Artillery
Sexism and racism are both indicators of being "small minded:"


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