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译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com
外文标题:Malaysia jet search: India declines China’s request to enter waters around Andaman and Nicobar Islands


NEW DELHI: India has declined China’s proposal to allow four of its warships to join the hunt for the MH370 jetliner near the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, even as it is now dispatching two aircraft to Malaysia to join the international search force that is now scanning southern Indian Ocean off Australia for the missing 777-200ER aircraft.

Officials on Thursday said China’s request to allow its four warships, including two frigates and a salvage vessel, to enter Indian territorial waters has been “politely turned down” since Indian warships and aircraft are already searching the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea around the 572-island cluster.

While the Chinese warships are free to sail in international waters, Indian forces will obviously be unhappy about their presence anywhere near the strategically-located Andaman and Nicobar Islands.




“The A&N command is our military outpost in the region, which overlooks the Malacca Strait and dominates the Six-Degree Channel. We don’t want Chinese warships sniffing around in the area on the pretext of hunting for the missing jetliner or anti-piracy patrols,” said an official.

An Indian P-8I long-range maritime reconnaissance plane and a C-130J special operations aircraft, with electro-optic and infra-red sensors, meanwhile will fly to Malaysia on Friday morning to join the international search force there.

The new region off Australia is now on everyone’s radar screens after two objects, which could be debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines 777-200ER aircraft, were spotted floating there by a satellite on Thursday.

官员指出,“安达曼和尼科巴群岛是我们在该地区的军事哨所,它远眺马六甲海峡,扼住6度水道(Six-Degree Channel)。我们不要让中国军舰以搜寻失踪航班或反海盗巡逻作为借口,在周边打探。”



“Indian Navy already has four warships (INS Satpura, Sahyadari, Saryu and Batti Malv) deployed in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea in continuation of the search for the jetliner. Extensive air searches are also being conducted with three aircraft (P-8I, C-130J and Dornier-228) in the area,” said an officer.

“In addition to all this, the P-8I and C-130J will be joining the international force in Malaysia by Friday afternoon. We are in continuous touch with the Royal Malaysian Navy and Air Force from our maritime operations centre at New Delhi to render all possible help,” he added.




译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/india-declines-chinas-request-to-enter.html

subramanian ()
No excuse to enter Andamans by China can be acceptable. Our forces are well sufficeient to search if needed.Thisconspiracy must be nipped in the bud with real firmness.


Good Decision by India.


The Dust Buster (Mars)
We doubt any moves by the chinese. They will come for searching the MH flight,then forget that they are in Indian waters, than later anchor and will make temporary and than…. Good just kick them off our waters and never ever allow them even on humanitarian grounds.
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vinayakapran ()
Chinese cannot be believed at all. Once they enter they might say it belongs to them same way they are claiming Arunachal Pradesh.


Deshpremi (USA)
Not expected, but very smart move by Indian Government.


nan ksn (Unknown)
Sensible decision and do not trust them..but who knows they might have taken satellite pictures already..!!


I wouldn’t trust the Chinese on the best of days and even when I am in the best of charitable and forgiving mood!!! Read their History esp “Mao”
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anonymous (India)

Good Job India. The right response. The chinese think they are smart.
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pankajduggal (World)
Diplomacy in the time of human frailty – deplorable!!!
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Taurus (california)
There is no question of any diplomacy in this case ! India has the capability of doing the necessary search within her own territory and beyond ! It is not that India lacks any sources or know how to conduct the necessary search. China should never be allowed to enter the Indian waters!
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X Men (Unknown)
Indian intelligence knows what they are doing and have rightly refused the Chinese ships in that area. Such decisions are taken with head and not heart….
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X Men (Unknown)
Nice to see India taking a strong stance for a change without the meek attitude. Search efforts will definitely go on and India is also helping, but the Chinese will cleverly use this situation to their advantage if allowed to. Already they put arunachal on their map in their textbooks, if this is allowed, they will have Andaman too on these maps…
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Kamov (Location)
China doesn’t want to lose an opportunity for using the pretext of search & rescue to spy…
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Bhartiya (LOC)
Why China wants permission, when there are Indian navy is already present. China should go to Australia as there is ongoing search happeing there. Btw, who da h3ll is this Amit Thackeray from pakistan?
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j.jyoti13 ()
china just need some reason to intrude inidan territory…
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ragu binding (mumbai)
india is not capable of searching and is not willing to let others who have the capability do it. it is typical of the country.
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Taurus (california) replies to ragu binding
India is well equipped with all the means and resources to conduct the necessary search! China can go in to the Australian waters and do the searching there .


Elle Killeen (Location)
I’m not from India, but have lived there and agree with the Indian government in this decision. India isn’t a tiny country or one that lacks a real navy. It has sufficient resources to perform the search of its sovereign territory in a timely manner. I wouldn’t trust the Chinese government to not use this tragedy as an opportunity for additional spying on its neighbor and rival.
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imhm2004 (Location)
Impressive, that they found the spine to say no and not go the Nehru route of hindi-chini bhai-bhai. India is perfectly capable of searching her waters, India does not need the Chinese Navy anywhere near our international waters, thank you!
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pinnasharma ()
Well done. What if tomorrow China refuses to leave? Moreover, will it allow Indian war ships to enter its territories in similar search? On top of it, we are capable enough to search for the missing plance on our own.
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That’s a bold n brave move. We don’t need Chinese to sniff around our waters as they don’t allow the same…..
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  1. 印度处于安全考虑,本可以理解,但印度应积极参与人道救援工作,如果阿三在国际救援努力中,既不帮搜寻也不允许它国前来搜救,那么这就是严重挑衅啦!对此,中国就不必客气啦。说句实在话,印度这个成事不足败事有余的民族,真的让人见识了什么是自不量力,一群可笑的族类。

  2. 太小家子气了,62战争都过去50年了,我们天朝不是退了你们的装备和被俘人员了嘛,太小家气了。阿三,你们有那能力么?

      • 这又是哪跟哪啊。如楼下一朋友所说,是英国主子留给它的,我就明白了。那个群岛离印度本土还真有点远,不是说印度不会欺负别人,是印度在哪个年代,怎么会“聪明”的发现这一群岛的主要性,特别是印度还无所谓“海军”的时候,又靠什么占领。明白?

    • 另外,群岛的北端有一部分岛屿是属于缅甸的,也是走了狗屎运,从阴蒂主子那继承下来。前阵子印度唯恐天下不乱的媒体还说我鳖借着给缅甸建天气预报站的名义在偷窥阿三来着。。。。。。

  3. 连这样一个充满了阴谋论思考的“婉拒”也能让印度人民高潮,真是可悲的国家,一直活在中国的阴影下

  4. 话说哪里是印度的领海么?领海之内咱们可以不去,但是非领海地方却无需印度同意吧?统治印度,无非也就是给个面子,既然他不要脸,就不必给他脸了。。。咱们直接开军舰去好了。。。

  5. 真可笑,本来就是印度的领海,好像要拒绝中国进入,还需要多大的勇气,就算是个非洲小国也有权拒绝别国进入领海吧,可见印度人的在中国面有多么不自信,甚至是自卑.

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  7. 缅甸也真够废物的,家门口居然让印度占着还能忍,假如那地方挨着中国或俄国……,呵呵,当然了假如永远只是假如,再一次证明了国家强大还是得靠自己。