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外文标题:India can't afford to emulate China: Anand Mahindra


NEW DELHI: India can't afford to "emulate" China and the country has to develop a sustainable economic prosperity with different states evolving their own growth path, according to Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra.

"India's states must compete, not march in lockstep, if India is to develop its own path to sustainable prosperity," Mahindra wrote in the book 'Reimagining India: Unlocking The Potential of Asia's Next Superpower', edited by global consulting firm McKinsey.



India's 28 states and seven union territories are as different from one another — as varied in language, food, culture, and level of development — as the nations of Europe and "there is no sense in pretending that 'India' is a single investment destination or even a coherent, unified economic entity", he has said.

"For India's economy to expand as rapidly and yet more sustainably than China's, we need to make our differences into virtues rather than vulnerabilities," Mahindra said, adding that "the best way to propel the economy may be to encourage different parts of the country to go their own way."



He noted: "India's sprawling subcontinent can never become a plus-size Singapore. But perhaps we can weave together an urban web that is the equivalent of a thousand Singapores."

When companies make decisions about where to locate their factories or R&D hubs, they look at the tax policies, physical and legal infrastructure, or labour costs in the particular state they're considering and not at some mythical India.

"We should be celebrating and encouraging these differences," he said.




According to Mahindra, Indian states would have to improve their infrastructure and climate for doing business if they want to contend for major projects.

In this way, investment will drive innovation and changes to the system much more efficiently than any edict from Delhi could. "Tata Motors' decision to shift its Nano project from West Bengal to Gujarat illustrates the point," he noted.

"Rather than directing where capital should go, or funding white-elephant infrastructure projects, the central government should set the rules of the game and then step back," Mahindra said and noted that "India is where the future will be made. Let's get it right."

The book has several prominent contributors from India and abroad, McKinsey said.






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Dinesh Patel (Unknown)
the idea is good and it will mean end of dynastic congress


Karthigesu Arinesali (London)
But India must try to emulate China


Alwyn (Unknown)
good one, but all state must think we are indian.


indra ()
the proposal sounds good, can afford thousands of singapore in india but IT IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH THE ALREADY BED RIDEN CONGRESS. MODI HAS THE GUT AND CAPABILITY TO DO THAT
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vswami11 (Hyderabad)
interesting...but easier said than done


Dr Hitesh Kothari (Unknown)
This is just what Narendra Modi is stating all along. Give the States a greater say in their development. Make some ground rules and let the states develop. do not micro manage each and every state. It is impossible in a country as diverse as India. That is why the time has come to give a person other than the UPA with it's old Soviet State like ideology a chance to develop India. This is just what India needs- less interference from the Centre and more independence to develop for the States.


Vijay (Delhi)
He is right. One example is Haryana where Hooda is competing with other states in increasing minimum wages drastically, with sole aim to win elections, and elaborately advertising it as achievement. But he is making Haryana less competitive and unattractive for small business community.


Pradip Chowdhury (The reality)
India is where the future will be made. One can recall the era of Vikramaditya or Gandhijis Ram Rajya.


pawan22778 ()


varinders singh (Location)
he is right, he is speaking about the basic structure of the Indian culture, Heritage and its power. which China don't had


Mukesh Kumar (Unknown)
Well said Mr. Mahindra! It is very right and pragmatic to say this all. He has rightly pointed out that the role of the centre in all these affairs is of a facilitator and thereafter the states and the entrepreneurs need to take their decisions. A happy India is possible by focusing on large scale manufacturing sector and making India a hub of such activities and in the process making it the land of exporters instead of importers. The nation is still waiting for such a visionary leader to take the centre stage and guide the country to prosperity.
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babu truelover (Location)
When we have such hi corrupt industrialists like Ambani and ppl who will sell the nation like CONGress... We cant do anything. Now that we had talks of Birla in Coal Scams, industrialists like Mahindra come out in full support of the fellow corporates.. And tell some sh!t like this...
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coolamsguy (Location) replies to babu truelover
and you forgot the coalgate and 2g scam tainted Tata's!!
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babu truelover replies to coolamsguy
U name it... We have it... Ambani, Jindal, Tata and all other corporates are thugs...


Sadananda Halageri (Haveri)
He couldn't be more right about the nature of India, as a market, as an economy. We have so many diversities, which at times hold us back at the national level policy formulation and implementation. India can be logically divided into at least a dozen different markets, based on language, culture, geographies, income etc. Yes, even politically, we are different from each other. The policy framework has been taking these things into account; probably it should be more so.
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hardhitter (Planet Earth)
Congress cannot deliver this growth, competition and economic opportunity. History is evidence and iQ of Pappu is a benchmark to go by.
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Major Samra ()
I agree with him, our diversity is some way our strength, each region has its own positive points and ambitions. There is need to curb this tendency to give things free and make people useless. Our political parties are corrupting the minds of masses by offering even laptops.Laptop is a business tool for the needy else people will just play games on it. Government taxes should not be squandered away like this.
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hemkant beedkar (Ahmadnagar)
"Rather than directing where capital should go, or funding white-elephant infrastructure projects, the central government should set the rules of the game and then step back," This will be a very good policy and the states as per their requirements and resources should form developmental policies.This will benefit the whole country. If the indian business fraternity looks very close to the global developments, there are many chances of new businesses, besides the current one. India is different from china and different from western countries. It has a unique character and needs a unique policy of development.



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