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外文标题:If we feel ignored, that's exactly what the Chinese want


Seeing a sinister design behind every Chinese utterance will only make it more difficult to negotiate a settlement

Listening to a retired major-general thunder at a seminar that China plans to dismember India reminded me of Manmohan Singh bemoaning in the early days of liberalisation that people were accusing him of selling out to foreign interests.

“Who would want to buy this country anyway,” P V Narasimha Rao retorted drily. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t surprise me if black flags and protest demos greet Li Keqiang on Sunday. The police won’t let it happen. But thanks to the revanchist sentiment the major-general fanned, the urge exists.



P V Narasimha Rao冷淡地反驳称,“谁会想要买这个国家。”然而,如果李克强周日来访时遇到黑旗和抗议游行,那么我不会意外。警察不会让这个发生,但是多亏了这位少将煽动的复仇主义情绪,这种冲动是存在的。

Of course, we must be cautious in dealing with China. The soothing assurances in the Blue Book the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released recently need not be accepted at face value. Li’s sentimental memories of touring India in 1986 will not change the Peoples Liberation Army’s objectives. But seeing a sinister design behind every Chinese utterance will only make it more difficult to negotiate a settlement.

If we lack a sense of history, the timeless Chinese merge past, present and future in a seamless continuum. Zhou Enlai famously replied, “It’s too soon to tell” when asked about the impact of the French Revolution. Mao Zedong told his commanders before the 1962 war that China had already fought “one and a half” wars in India. The first was in the seventh century when Tang dynasty troops helped to reinstate an Indian king whom a usurper had ousted. Mao regarded Tamerlane’s sack of Delhi in 1398 as the second. The Daulat Beg Oldi episode must be assessed in the context of such precedents.



A second point to remember is that despite all we read about Communism and the PLA’s iron grip, China is not culturally monolithic. A frivolous but not inaccurate interpretation of the Chinese saying “Shan gao, huang di yuan (the mountain is high and the emperor far away)” would be “when the cat’s away, the mice play!”

I heard it first in connection with what looked like a gigantic Chinese fraud over the $30-billion Suzhou Industrial Park that was Singapore’s prize project in China. Soon after it was launched in 1994 the Chinese took the Singaporeans for a ride by naming a nearby state-owned park Suzhou and encouraging investors to believe they were investing in the Singaporean project. Singapore lost about $90 million by the end of 2000 but Lee Kuan Yew didn’t blame the central government. He blamed internal competition and the autonomy Chinese states enjoy. They even enjoy some foreign policy powers, explaining the Yunnan governor’s visit to Kolkata to encourage trade and tourism.



Third, everything depends on perception. Even maps of Ladakh show a “Chinese Line of Perception” and an Indian “Line of Perception”. Of course, India’s perception is the truth. But it’s possible, as Lora Saalman, a Beijing-based sinologist who recently visited India, confirms, that Chinese perceptions mirror our concerns. They see India cozying up to their adversaries like Vietnam. They say India is trying to restrict Chinese initiatives in Bangladesh, and complain of Chinese nationals facing visa difficulties to work in (or even visit) India. Indian sponsorship of the Mekong-Ganga cooperation scheme eight years after the Asian Development Bank’s Greater Mekong Subregion scheme, in which China had a lead role, is mentioned.

第三,一切取决于认知。拉达克地图表现了中国人的“认知线”和印度人的“认知线”。当然,印度的认知是真理。正如最近访问印度的驻京中国通司乐如(Lora Saalman)所证实的,中国人的认知反映了我们的关注。他们目睹了印度取悦越南等他们的敌手。他们说印度试图限制中国在孟加拉国的行动,还抱怨中国公民在申请印度工作签证时面临困难。在亚洲开发银行倡议、中国主导的大湄公河次区域经济合作(GMS)机制推出8年后由印度发起的湄公河-恒河合作机制也被提及。

It’s said the Chinese despise India. If so, they devote a great deal of attention to a despised neighbour. Indians grumble that China’s press reports far less about India than Indian newspapers do about China. That doesn’t mean the Chinese know less about us. They just don’t broadcast what they know. There are only two or three Indian journalists in Beijing against a dozen Chinese in Delhi. “They’re spies!” says a Western diplomat. Spies collect and send back information. They aren’t sent to a country that is of no account. If we feel ignored, that’s exactly what the Chinese want.


Sun Tzu’s advice was to keep the adversary guessing. “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”

Finally, the fire-eating major-general should realise China can’t do without India’s market and raw materials. The $23-billion trade gap favours China. Shyam Saran acknowledges Chinese cooperation in climate change and trade negotiations, and says China respects India’s role in international forums.

So let’s welcome Li and try to patch up differences. But let us not be overwhelmed because he is coming to India first. He is doing so for the reasons explained above, not to oblige India.


最后,咄咄逼人的少将应该认识到中国离不开印度的市场和原材料。230亿美元的贸易逆差对中国有利。希亚姆·萨兰(Shyam Saran)认可中国在气候变化和贸易谈判中的合作,同时称中国尊重印度在国际论坛上的作用。【三泰虎注:希亚姆·萨兰是印度前外交秘书长】



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Wanted "Dragon Slayers"
by Doctor Snow

Once upon a time....
There lived a Dragon near a Village, that was killing People in that Village.

To avoid Destruction, the Village Leaders agreed with the Dragon to send one Villager to the Dragon Every Day....




Bodh Ramdeo
by Bodh Ramdeo

.."Shyam Saran acknowledges Chinese cooperation in climate change and trade negotiations, and says China respects India’s role in international forums"...
What drivel...the mandarins couldn't care less what Indians think...they're seeking thier own national interests only...to that end they have co-opted and been using the idyots from elephantland to do their bidding, only to make it look like "cooperation".
And who's this Datta-Ray person anyways?? Rediff conveniently omitted this information....sounds like one of Jyoti Basu's gang.


中国人对印度人的想法再漠视不过了.....他们只是在追求自己国家的利益....为此,他们指派和利用了来自象之国度的白痴来执行任务,唯一的目的是使其看起来像是“合作”。 Datta-Ray这个人究竟是谁?Rediff图方便忽略了这个信息.......听起来像是乔迪·巴苏团伙之一。

【三泰虎注: Datta-Ray是本文作者,乔迪·巴苏是印度资深共产主义领袖】

India needs a leadership of professionals
by Ramadas Kathiru

The problem with India is it has a leadership of partimers; most of the time they are busy making sure that they can hold onto their positions by hook or crook. When it comes to dealing with devious nations like China they pee in their pants.

In the case of China, it is run by professional crooks. They even maintain an army of cyberhackers and spies. The companies they have in India and other countries are actually their intelligence setups.



If we feel ignored, that's exactly what the Chinese want
by Hebbar R

What this Author says is true for any foreign country vis-a-vis India. But, the problem here is the total lack of diplomatic skills of the GOI. If India were to be diplomatically strong, there would not be any need to fear anyone. But, in the case of India, the sad situation is that India is not a favoured country even by its own neighbors. In such a situation, one cannot blame China if they want to take their own interests ahead.


India-China Border from 1947 to 2013
by Doctor Snow

Where was the Indo-China Actual Border in 1947, 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997, 2007

and would be in 2017?



India and China together
by Pankaj Rajput

"I hope the relation will improve between India and China because i have a lot of confidence on my congress government"


by Pankaj Rajput

"congress is better than BJP, I dont like bJP"


Re: PLS ban BJP
by Hebbar R
Was there BJP when India lost to China? Please like or dislike any party, but please be subjective in your expressions.


There was nothing
by Pankaj Rajput

"The china matter was nothing, BJP people has a habit dragging things and they just love to make issues"


Re: There was nothing
by Ranjan Thirumalai
Your blind hate of BJP is senseless.


want open border in himalya

don't kill Indian culture



Pakistani generals spend a good part of their
by piri

time creating and sustaining the hype about the "threat from India". This they do to continue appropriating a big chunk of the Pak national budgetary allocations for themselves in the name of defence.

Similarly, many in the Indian armed forces strain to create a hype about the "threat from China" in order to continue to steal big time from defence allocations! Higher the budgetary allocations, better the chances to steal more!



Re: Pakistani generals spend a good part of their
by Shaan Nair
that sounds like the thoughts of a frog in the well.
Do you think the chinese came in 19 KM inside the Indian territory to party ?

What do you mean by 'perceived' threat ? Any you have to be so dumb to term the Chinese designs in the region as Hype!!




Retd Army People
by deepak kotnis

These ppl shud be invited to seminars and all soughts of nice functions and given flowers and awards, but taking thier opinion on anything is a waste of time. These ppl spend thier entire life using the word enemy, how can u expect them to define friendship. At this moment where economy dictates superiority, army shud take a back step. Its a waste of tax payers money to buy weapons and feed personnell in defence.


Take issues (Border/War/Trade) into Chinese border
by chandu

Indeed Sugar coated words from chinese side won't change their objectives .The need of the hour is tactful and intelligent approach from Indian side.Chinese has won first round of conflict without firing a single bullet.That is making our foregine minister admit that we have border problems.Chinese take their border disputes inside neighbour's territories ,and they make that neighbours dont claim areas which is inside their borders.Inshort Chinese fight war inside neighbours land and make sure it dont get extended to their boundaries.So we need our political class to think out of the box and approach issue in a different angle.


Re: Take issues (Border/War/Trade) into Chinese border
by chandu
Cold war was fought in Europe .But it was definitely warms in other places like asia and other places like cuba,Pakistan,afghanistan.so think about this .Chinese are not so brillant.They just compy europeans and US.So FIGHTING wars in enemies border is cpied from west


Indo-China talks
by rajat lahiry

We should pass the message to Chinese that their friendship is limited to Pakistan, where as India can enter into useful ties with USA Japan & also with Phillipines, Vietnam etc. & hence they should not push India too much. We should also make them understand that our ties with Russia are also excellent.
? We should pass the message to Chinese that the bi lateral trade cannot be one sided. Either they have to accept more products from India or India will restrict no. of products from them.
? India should stop export of raw materials. We should also encourage our producers for reducing cost. With rising labor cost in China, there is no reason we cannot be competitive.
? China should also be given an overall message that India is no longer a pushover & if they create trouble for us then we also create trouble for them (in Tibet)
? We should also use the opportunity to control their collaboration with Pakistan.






Re: Indo-China talks
by Hebbar R
Sadly none of these will happen. Indians are not patriotic that they would stop procurement from China. The GOI is incapable of stopping such imports. There are many Indian companies that closed down unable to compete imports from China and this inability had nothing to do with the economics of manufacture. The GOI is incapable of getting China to buy more from India. The benefits one can get from countries like US, Russia, etc are not a counter balance to problems with China. The main problem is that China plans ahead and GOI plans for last year. Does the GOI have a plan of where it expects to take India in say 20 years from now?


Re: Re: Indo-China talks
by rajat lahiry
Ha-This GOI is not sure whether they will be in power next year & you are talking of 20 year plan.
If this GOI remains in power for next 20 years, there will be no India.



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