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外文标题:If Modi wins election, neighbours can expect a more muscular India


NEW DELHI: India will get tougher on territorial disputes with China and in its old rivalry with Pakistan if opposition leader Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister in May after a general election, two of his aides said.

Modi, a Hindu nationalist who is the front-runner to win the five-week election starting on April 7, has taken an aggressive tone against the two neighbouring nations. On the campaign trail, he has warned Beijing to shed its "mindset of expansionism" and in the past he has railed against Pakistan, an Islamic state, for attacks by Muslim militants in India.

"I swear in the name of the soil that I will protect this country," Modi said at a rally in Arunachal Pradesh last month, a region claimed by China.




India, China and Pakistan are all nuclear powers. They are also jockeying to take positions in Afghanistan as western troops start to withdraw from the war-torn nation after a 12-year insurgency.

India has fought three wars with Pakistan and had a 1962 border skirmish with China. It came close to a fourth war with Pakistan in 2001 but since then, its foreign policy has been mostly benign.

Modi has painted the Congress party, which has been in power for more than 50 of the 67 years since India became independent, as weak on national security. However, the country is one of the top buyers worldwide of military hardware, purchasing about $12.7 billion in arms during 2007-2011, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, everything from basic military goods to an aircraft carrier.




Modi's two advisers said that while his foreign policy would be muscular, it would also aim to keep a lid on regional tensions to allow a focus on reviving the economy.

"Ours will be an economy-driven foreign policy and the whole idea is to build India's economy so solidly that you can deal with other countries on our own terms," said a strategist involved in formulating the manifesto of Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

As leader of the economic-powerhouse state of Gujarat for more than a decade, Modi has courted investment from China. As prime minister, the advisers say, he would seek to steer a course between defending India's security interests and growing business links with the world's second-biggest economy.

Modi has never clearly spelled out his foreign policy vision, but he has praised former BJP prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee — who ordered a series of nuclear tests in 1998 — for adopting a strategy based on both 'Shakti' and 'Shanti', Sanskrit for power and peace.

"The Chinese will understand the new PM is not a wimp and they won't do anything adventurous," the BJP strategist said.







Aaam Aaadmi (India)
BJP is anti-USA, UK, China, Pakistan and Maoist & Congress! Great! This is how BJP is going to rule India with anti-USA, UK, China, Pakistan and Maoist & Congress policy. We want peace and not fight with Maoist, Congress, USA, UK, China & Pakistan. We want Aam Aadmi rule without any problems or fight with any country. Peace in the region. No War, please!


Rajeev S (Unknown) replies to Aaam Aaadmi
BJP is pro-business and that is what matters in the world.


Jayanarayana ()
This is what we expect from Modi's government. A strong resurgent India. militarily and economically ! Taking on Pakis, we expect Modi to completely wipe out terrorist attacks on our soil. Like he took care that there were no terror attacks in Gujarat after 2002. As for China and US , I hope they begin to respect our sentiments and treat us on equal terms rather than look at us in a condescending manner. Hail Modi. Good Luck Modi.


At Least Modi if comes in power shall not silent over issues like beheading of our soldiers, killing oF our soldiers at LOC , Harassment of Indian In Pakistan , Pakistan not taking any action of terrorists , even though enough , admissible evidence are submitted Congress party, UPA govt remained silent, it is insult to our army men who have lost their lives, insult to family members of victim army men


ISS (India)
He will sell the disputed lands to China and Pakistan , like he sold to corporates in Gujarat and the disputes are over...


Swarit Sohaard (Zirakpur)
I can't forgive Modi for the riots that took place under his reign as Gujrat CM but he look more powerful than RaGa to take India towards the right path .


Blue Raven (Planet Earth) replies to Swarit Sohaard
Have you forgiven all other politicians for thousands of riots which have taken shape since independance, but just not Modi. Any rational explanation for this?


Captian (bermuda triangle)
Modiji will regain India's lost respect and clout.


mohan (coimbatore)
If India is to hold its head high in the international arena , NaMo has to be PM. But if we want to be the international pariah , then bring in the UPA and AAP.


rakesh (Hyderabad)
GOOD GOING NAMO, if MODI becomes PM in 2014, I am sure he is not going to let INdia be humiliated again!!


sushil (India)
I have full faith in modi. My vote for BJP


sanjan007 (Location)
The dog which barks the most does not bite....its the same with Feku and his party cronies.......These are just war mongers...and they have no place in civil society..a real war is not like a game played by children....even the US thinks twice before going for a war..........these stupid guys are trying to fool the people..all disputes has to be tackled politically ..not by war mongering..which will be only for two days..then Feku and his team will stand like a dog with its tail inside ..............



Blue Raven (Planet Earth) replies to sanjan007
Give him an opportunity to see if this one bite or not...What do you say?


shahid (mumbai)
If you become tougher you also make other tougher and in end result will be catastrophe which many wars have shown and nation and human race have not learned a lesson of it, a healthy mutual respect and understanding of each other is best way to for everyone development as there is always space for everyone
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Sojourner Truth (India) replies to shahid
I don't agree. There is mutual respect and peace only when your strength, both physical and moral, is evident. If you are weak, others are tempted to trample you.
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prasad (Mangalore)
if this guy becomes PM god save india.
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Sojourner Truth (India) replies to prasad
He will be PM, and god will bless him and us.
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S.S.RANGANATHAN Seevaram (Chennai)
Foreign policy is not as simple as look like that But peace should not be at the cost of our nation's interest. Tough action to be taken against the neighbor to put them in right place.
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Indian (india)
Bravo Namo. Its time for India to fly high
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Ujwal (Pune)
Way to go Namo. That's exactly what we want. A strong and powerful India.
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make friends with China, China is good but don't spare that islamic rogue pakistan
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Bharatham Sri (India)
Jai BJP, Modi can only save india. Vote for Modi and vote for BJP, vote for NDA.
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