原帖标题:If China attack India together.Who will support who ?


China silently occupied more than 32km area of Indian border. 13 Chinese satellites focus all activities of Indian Army. PAK increasing its Army in Indian border . SRI LANKA is giving its 2 Army Airports to CHINA . Naxals already a threat inside (funded by China).

Apparently relations are well with China but if that is the case why is China preparing as if they are about to go on war with India.And if it happens might Pakistan Join it too as Best opportunity for Pak to Grab Kashmir ? and for china a Revenge for TIBET/Arunachal issue?

In that Scenario who might take whos side/International Support ? and could it lead to Third world war too ?

Your views, thank you.






World war 3 ?? Nopes that wont happen.
India will be on its own, perhaps the NATO and US will help, but to a limited extent onlyThat being said, with over a annual trade of 68 Billion Dollars, which will be crossing 100 Billion by 2015 Dollars.China will no sacrifice one of it biggest trade partner India for a mere Revenge, Chinese dont think like that.Chine always think about Present Interests that Past revenge.
Thats how they really are.


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i don't think supporting would make a difference, china supported pakistan in 1971, but only diplomatically...the same will apply to any war situation in which big countries are involved, everyone will make noise, but no country will send its military to help anybody..


First of all there would be no war. Secondly Naxals are against system they are not traitors remember in Cargil war they start peace from there side and offered cader to fight against Pak so that front is also down .
On pak all know its financial condition in case of turmoil they start crying remember there president and PM asking world for Flod releif did any respected country did that asking help to other country for simple flood .
Just a piece of SH!T on these holy earth



In No case there would be a full fledged war between and country who have Nuke capability but donated Nuke are of no use like of pak as it cant make more


Presently Chinese arms and ammunition is much better the India and they have a 3 trillion $ reserve too but they can't go to war with India. The reasons are:-

1. PLA is in phase of transformation into a todays professional army and until this happen all china can do is Barking.

2. Their Navy and Air Force is not battle hardened or fought a major war in Past.

3. the Size of India is too big and a 1.3 million force with 9 lac reserve is pretty difficult to subdue as there should be 3 attacker for each defender and that means a army with 60 lac person. Now consider the logistic problem and cost to maintain such a army to fight a bloody war.

4. in the time of war the Indian Ocean Trade route and south china sea trade route will be under war and a lot of trade is going to suffer. China which is a export driven country can't take this risk.

5. there are Human right problems in china and Chinese people are against CCP. CCP can be in power till it is giving the growth and prosperity to china otherwise there will be revolt with war there will be no prosperity.

6. There is some issues between India and China but none of them is big enough to be a excuse for war. So it will be difficult for china to support its attack in UN and other forums.

7. No country will come to fight along with us in the case of war but due to the regional strategic locations a lot of countries will support India in UN and that means a resolution against China or worst scenario can be bans.

8. Both country have nuclear weapons and there was never a war between 2 nuclear powers because the collective damage will be so high that both will take decades if not centuries to become former self.

So these all china can attack India are good for discussion and this view will take our forces on alert to answer any small step taken by Chinese but it is nothing more then that.











As i thought majority of people seem to agree with me that war isn't very likely

Whats likely is Increase in Rivalry and Bilateral Trade.



In reality only time will tell. -nuff said


China can only build up at this point of time. The important thing to consider is to keep them reliant on us as much as possible. As long as that remains, nothing will happen.

It must be understood that both countries cannot afford long wars, quick operations will only be feasible



Quick Operations is something Both India and China are preparing for,
I am sure we have already prepared for it.


A war may happen or may not....but we should be prepared to face any possible threat .


In the time of war the Indian Ocean Trade route and south china sea trade route will be blocked,for this challenge china is expanding/modernizing their navy.


China does not have the air power to launch a war against India.


Nor does it have the naval power.....


China will not attack India at present but may do so in the future if there is political instability and unrest, which is very likely in the future.


Age of full scale wars are over,Thanks to Globalization and Nuclear weapons.In 21st century I don't see the scope for a full fledged India-China war,If that happens it will be nothing shorter than a 3rd world war.But it is possible to have small scale conflicts.


A part of me would like to embrace our Chinese neighbors as one would a very good friend. At the same time, another part reminds me that history has a tendency of repeating itself. After all who was France's biggest trading partner prior to invasion in 1940? Exactly. Anyjew I do hope we can get along the same way we get along here in the West.


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