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外文标题:IAF aircraft C-130J Super Hercules crashes near Gwalior, 5 killed


NEW DELHI: A recently acquired C-130J transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force crashed 72 miles west of Gwalior airbase on Friday morning, killing at least five personnel on board.

The IAF has no official word yet on how many personnel were aboard the aircraft.

The crash of the four-engine US made aircraft has baffled experienced pilots, given its safety records and extreme agility. One senior air force pilot said the accident was "bizarre", and speculated that either the crew was incapacitated or a fire broke out aboard the plane.




Rescue operations are underway at the crash site, air force sources said. "The aircraft was airborne from Agra at 10am for a routine flying training mission. A court of inquiry has been ordered to investigate into the cause of the accident," the IAF said in a statement.

The crash took place in Karauli district in Rajasthan, some 72 miles from Gwalior, where it was due to land.

The IAF started inducting C-130J in February 2011 and has half a dozen of them in service. It is also set to induct another six of them.




The C-130J is among the most agile aircraft in service today, and has an impressive safety record. The transport aircraft is meant for an array of operations including movement of Special Forces, and difficult landings. It was highly effective in rescue operations in Uttarakhand after the flash floods, and has proven its capability to carry out landings on remote airstrips close to China border. Both these have exhibited the flexibility and capability of the American aircraft, manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

Starting its history sometime in the 1950s with the US military, C-130 is among the world's most recognizable military aircraft that has participated in numerous military campaigns and in service with several militaries.

Though several C-130s have crashed during Vietnam war, the aircraft is reputed for its reliability. Last time South Asia saw a C-130 crash was when a C-130 aircraft of the Pakistan air force carrying Pakistani dictator General Zia-ul-Haq and the US ambassador Arnold Lewis Raphel were killed when it crashed on August 17, 1988.





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Shailendra (Navi Mumbai)
Several thousand crores vanished in 1 min.................


God Is One (Kolkata)
UPA aims for Air Force without planes, Nave without ships, Army without ammunition and Indians without food. Need for CHANGE. Need for a Modified India...


God Is One (Kolkata)
This one is very expensive aircraft, may be badly maintained, no wonder these mallus as defence ministers have spoiled india, one during nehru era (against china war) and now AK antony....


PatrioticIndian (India)
This C-130J has been Acquired by India ONLY COUPLE OF MONTHS BACK..! ALREADY CRASHED..! Are they NEW PLANES OR REFURBISHED OLD PLANES..?... Is there one more SCAM coming out of this like the the Italian Choppers..!!?


mvillavan (chennai)
Very sad news; is more training is needed to our staff? or did they fail to follow safety rules?


Sachin Singh ()
the pakis must be very happy...they managed to down such an important indian plane without firing a single shot...


Faheem Uddin (Karachi, Pakistan)
As responsible neighbors, we offer our deepest condolences to the victims, their families and all Indians…


Anoop Nair (Kochi)
Surprised how we can fight without enemies with these air crafts , as every three - six months we are hearing similar incidents.......


Arpit (Lucknow)

God save indian naval and air forces...


Rohit (India)
Noticing that the submarins and planes of defence are crashing or blasting on daily basis.. It can be a national security threat..


Raju Narasimha (Unknown)
such a sophisticated aircraft, how can it crash, looks like it crashed with pilot error.
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Sunil (Location) replies to Raju Narasimha
Second hand plance bought by india in govt to govt deal.


himanshunandan (Location)
Too bad man..This is totally unnecesarry loss of life ..RIP


recon (Bombay)
first navy and now the airforce , only god can help our armed forces now
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Shekhar C (India)
Now AK 47 will ask for resignation of IAF chief
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anonymous (India)
Ships and Aircrafts going down even without a war!! Public money down the drain.
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Solopower ()
time we make our own stuff and stop depending on any foreign really!!!
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Austin ((Australia))
India should doubt these useless and uunreliable c-130s and c-17s .rather they should have brought il-125 which has more space for loading tanks,ifvs,troops and so on
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NVIYA (India)
There goes $0.2 bn......... This would be an herculean lose to India. Hope the crew inside are safe and ejected well in time.
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Manvendra Singh (New Delhi) replies to NVIYA
5 dead.


Krshna ELURU (Hyderabad)
Expensive Aircraft!! should have been handled carefully!! RIP!!
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Ajit Nair (Ahmedabad)
Big setback.


jaisimha (Bangalore)

1000 crores down the drain !!


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