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原文标题:Chinese company to check spy software for India!



Amid security concerns, India has decided to conduct testing and certification of software and hardware of all foreign telecom companies and has initiated the process with Huawei of China.

Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said the decision had been taken in view of the fact that 70-80 per cent of telecom equipment are imported and have been deployed largely by the private service providers.



In order to perform ‘testing’ on recent generation of telecom hardware being manufactured world over, the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore was entrusted with the job to set up a lab at an estimated cost of Rs 60 crore (Rs 600 million) of which Rs 50 crore (Rs 500 million) would be funded by the government.

Earlier, the Indian government had banned telecom equipment from Chinese manufacturers like Huawei suspecting spy software embedded in the gadgets.



“It is shocking that the Indian government has chosen a Chinese company with a suspicious past to help India ferret out spy software hidden in imported telecom gear, which virtually means becoming a clearing house for all imported telecom gear,” Tarun Vijay, MP and national spokesperson, Bharatiya Janata Party said.

The IISc had simultaneously approached several vendors including Cisco, Juniper, Huawei from the US, Europe and Asia to share internal details of their telecom equipment like detailed design document and internal architecture which are vital for detailed testing.

印度人民党议员和国家发言人Tarun Vijay称:“印度政府选择有可疑历史的中国公司来帮助印度检查嵌入在电信设备里的间谍软件,这是令人震惊的。华为实际上成为了所有进口电信设备的检查机构。”


“Huawei responded proactively before other vendors and hence requisite MoU got signed on June 15 between the IISC and Huawei,” Sibal said while rejecting the apprehensions that the government has collaborated with Huawei to provide documentation, expertise, methods and standards for studying telecom equipment.

In 2005, India had blocked Huawei from supplying equipment to India’s national network, BSNL.



“We are not collaborating with any company to set up our testing laboratory,” he said while making it clear that all the foreign vendors will have to share their architecture for India to develop its own security protocol.

In case of any breach of security, the service providers and vendors would be held responsible and it may lead to cancellation of their licences and imposition of hefty penalties.

He also clarified that the Department of Telecom (DoT) has full support from the Ministry of Home Affairs over this project.

In order to set up domestic testing facility, the IISc had run a pilot project for Center for Telecom testing and Security Certification.





“It may be understood that Huawei is not helping IISc Bangalore to set up any lab as the institution set up the same as part of the pilot project, where in all equipment and software are theirs,” Sibal added.

Meanwhile, in 2010 the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had insisted on canceling the rest of the Huawei contract with BSNL and questioned the dubious links of several top BSNL officers with Chinese firms.

Huawei is the largest networking and telecommunications equipment supplier in China and the second-largest supplier of mobile telecommunications infrastructure equipment in the world after Ericsson.




“Right now, we can conduct A level tests. The second and third level tests would be possible in next two or three years. But there are seven stage tests that we need to conduct under the government’s observation to provide testing and security certification. We are patriots and are not endangering the security of the country as is being spread by a news channel,” Kapil Sibal said.

It is feared that Huawei may have links with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China as its founder was a former PLA officer.

“A Chinese firm being allowed to tie up with the Bangalore-based Indian Institute of Science (IISc) for testing imported telecom gear shows that the UPA government is not serious about security issues and is unashamed in helping a company of the country that continues to help militarily Pakistan despite our strong objections,” Tarun Vijay said.



Tarun Vijay说:“联合政府允许中国公司和班加罗尔的印度科学院联合测试进口电信设备,显示联合政府并不严肃对待安全问题。尽管我们强烈反对,中国一直在军事上帮助巴基斯坦。而政府对帮助中国公司并不感到羞耻。”

In May 2010, security agencies in India became suspicious of Huawei’s activities, after learning that part of Huawei’s Bangalore R&D office building was off limits to Indians.

Soon after, Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei said it was willing to cooperate with the government to have its facility inspected.

The company clarified that Indian employees are allowed to enter any part of the centre.




Telecom equipment from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE were banned till the companies agreed to provide the embedded source code if necessary.

Alarmed by security concerns on malware being passed with telecommunications equipment, the Department of Telecommunications has decided to develop a safety certification regime for all imported equipment.

The Chinese company will offer expertise methods and standards for studying and filtering imported telecom equipment as none of the Indian companies manufacture the entire range telecom equipment or are willing to partake in this security exercise. Huawei says it is willing to work with all governments, customers and partners to jointly cope with security threats and challenges from cyber security.




“Huawei will set up regional security certification centers if necessary. These certification centers will be made highly transparent to local governments and customers, and Huawei will allow its products to be inspected by people authorized by local governments to ensure the security of Huawei’s products and delivery service, says the Huawei cyber security statement. China’s Huawei Technologies will work with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to test all imported mobile handsets and equipment for built-in malicious software.

Founded in 1987, Huawei has grown from a $5,680 small company to a global company with a sales volume of over $20 billion with business presence in over 140 countries. Huawei set up its R&D operations in India in 1999 by establishing its centre in Bangalore. Globally, the company owns 17 R&D centres, with 40,000 engineers.




by jagannadh rao (View MyPage) on Jul 02, 2011 12:29 PM

The Congress Govt. is still living in a FOOLS PARADISE since 1962 when it comes to dealing with CHINA. CHINA is a grave danger to India as it is getting away with murder while our COINGRESS netas offer foolish statements to justify their cowardice in dealing with the CHINESE INSULTS AND ARROGANCE . I still believe that our Govt irrespective of which party is in power has strength only to crush domestic opponents of its domestic policies in this country only or play the fool with them.Outside our borders, our strengths outside our borders on the world stage are existing only as figments of our imagination or as lies told by our own GOVT.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com


kapil sibble is a fool
by Prashant (View MyPage) on Jul 01, 2011 08:50 AM

Kapil sibble does not know anything.I don’t know how he acquired the minister position.



by srinivasa rajagopal (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 07:47 PM | Hide replies

Nehru did a blunder calling Hindi-chini bhai bhai and they attacked us; now our intellectual govt. is giving our head into chinese hands; Does Indian govt, not know that our IT personnel r far superior to chinese with big share of our IT export to USA etc thro’ IT giants like infosys,tcs,wipro, cognizant etc.who can do this job. Already china is fortifying their basis intruding our borders and sharing with pakistan against India. Indian govt. is putting all its people at risk;

Supreme court etc. should take up this as suo moto case being detrimental to the interests of our Nation. When Huawei was once banned by our govt. for their spy software activity of china and its office at bangalore was itself doubted for its activities as also read in some of the Bangalore News papers, how is that our key is given to open our door and enter into our domain; It is detrimental to our Defence IT also. I think we r leading to peril. As it is we cannot fight against china even in defence, Govt. is further digging our burial with this blunder.

尼赫鲁犯了一个错误,他高呼“印中人民是兄弟”。而中国人攻击了我们。如今,我们的知识政府让我们挨中国人的拳头。印度政府不知道我们的IT从业人员比中国 人要优秀得多吗。我们的IT产品主要通过印度信息系统技术公司、塔塔咨询服务公司、威普罗、高知特等公司出口美国。中国已经在加强基地,侵犯我们的边界, 与巴基斯坦联合对抗印度。印度政府是让自己人民冒险。


by some one (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 08:30 PM

Govt. of democracy follows wish of the people. It is the Indian people who in effect care two h oots for India and its freedom, and this has been true thr oughout recorded history of Indians.



Chinese boftware checks
by ravinath vachali (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 07:16 PM | Hide replies

we will be in same fool’s paradise ! No one can assure all bugs are out ‘


Re: Chinese boftware checks
by some one (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 08:39 PM

The concept of independent India is harmful. Indians should try to please Chinese and obtain maximum favours, instead of a fool’s paradise of sovereign and independent people, that Indians can never become. Something (Chinese favours) is better than nothing (Indian).



Handing over keys to a thief
by siva theraviaraj (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 07:13 PM | Hide replies

When China is accused of making thousands of hacking attacks on US with which it doesn’t share a contentious border or has not waged a war with them how can they be trusted to secure our systems?

When the chinese have been arming Pakistan to the teeth, our government goes and hands over a contract to them!

Who are these people running our government? Chinese spies?




some one
Re: Handing over keys to a thief
by some one (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 08:45 PM

Once the Chinese are given access to the innermost secrets of India, their motivation to attack and destroy India might be lessened. They are smart enough to know that Indians are more useful alive than dead. So it is safer for India to let China have all details.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com


Its much cheaper
by vividha (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 07:10 PM | Hide replies

Chinese work force is half as costly as India. Indian IT rates are crazy. This all happened cos the cost of living in India has increased unnecessarily.

In order to pay for the costly real estate and rentals, employees are demanding more money. As a result, companies are charging the customers more and hence more and more companies are moving away from India.

There is a HUGE bubble which is on the verge of busting.




Re: Its much cheaper
by some one (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 08:51 PM

Indians are unable to avoid the Caste and Class system, which Chinese had got rid of within a few weeks of coming to power. The society totally freed from ancient forms of inequality is the cause of China’s strength, but the miserable Indians are doomed to live in a highly unfair inherited backward society for ever and forever.



This is Crazy
by harsimran singh (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 06:49 PM | Hide replies

How can you give this kind of work to a Chinese company, this is absurd.
I suspect there would have been kickbacks received by some congress minister again this time ..

What a stupid and insane decision to make, considering the chinese reputation

Next time these goons will give the next job to pakistanis …


Re: This is Crazy
by some one (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 09:04 PM

Such actions are correct under following assumptions:

(1) Lethal war between India and China will not happen soon.

(2) Keeping secrets is futile for India which has no reliable citizens.

(3) Absence of secrets and surprises discourages enemies from attacking soon.

Therefore it is in India’s strategic interests to keep no strategic secrets from China.






Re: This is Crazy
by some one (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 08:58 PM

Indian strategic Border Roads for carrying military to the India Tibet Border, are built by Chinese organizations working in India.



What a stupid publicity?
by NirbhayAkash (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 06:40 PM | Hide replies

It should be common procedure, India no need publicity in this issue.

Kabil Sibal is making more noise than doing work.


Re: What a stupid publicity?
by some one (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 09:09 PM

It is vitally important for peace that India accepts its obviously second rate status vis a vis the Chinese. Sibal’s action shows this peaceful acceptance.



Hirendra Chatterjee
I have a bright idea
by Hirendra Chatterjee (View MyPage) on Jun 30, 2011 06:35 PM | Hide replies

Why not recruit some of the more effective terrorist groups in Pakistan to provide anti-terrorist training in India


  1. 我从其他的印度网站,看到许多印度网民,特别是民族主义倾向的网民最喜欢说1962年印度在高喊中印是兄弟的时候,中国从背后捅了印度一刀。

  2. 这样的宣传就把道德责任转到中国头上来了,哪个印度人愿意接受是他们先挑衅然后被暴扁的尴尬事实呢。好歹这场仗让他们痛了半个世纪

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