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印度Rediff网发表了T N Ninan撰写的一篇文章,称印度一小群人在讨论印度落后中国多少,得出来的结果是10年至25年以上。作者从GDP、识字率、预期寿命、出口、基础设施等方面,对中国和印度进行了比较。文章最后得出结论:停止将两国相提并论,抛弃“中印”说法。那么印度人如何看中印差距呢?让我们看看印度网民的评论。

原文标题:How far is India behind China?



The debate in a small group earlier this week was about how far India is behind China. The quick numbers tossed out varied all the way from 10 to 25 years and more.

Figuring out the gap between the two “rising giants of Asia” is in fact an instructive study.

For instance, China’s GDP in 2011 was $6.99 trillion, or nearly four times India’s $1.84 trillion.

If the Indian economy were to grow at an annual average of 7.8 per cent (the rate for the past decade), it would take 18 years to get to China’s current size. If growth were to accelerate to nine per cent, it would still take 15 years.

Could India have avoided falling so far behind China?

After all, when China began its Four Modernisations in 1978, the two economies were of roughly the same size ($145-148 billion).

Even in 1991, when India began its reforms, China’s economy was only 40 per cent bigger than India’s $268 billion.

The answer is that, in many ways, India in 1991 was already two decades and more behind China on key indicators, and it has not closed the gap.











For instance, China’s literacy rate in 1991 was 78 per cent, whereas India’s was just 52 per cent.

Even today, India’s literacy rate, at 74 per cent, is short of where China’s was in 1991; meanwhile, China has moved ahead to 94 per cent literacy.

Ditto with life expectancy; China’s in 1991 was 70 years.

Twenty years later, India had a tally of only 64 years. Of course, China’s life expectancy has improved slowly in the last two decades, and is at 73; still, it will take India two decades and more to get to that figure.

Some seemingly large gaps might be closed more quickly. Thus, China’s goods exports are about six times India’s.

However, India’s exports have multiplied nearly seven-fold in the last decade (from $43.8 billion to an expected $300 billion this year), so it could conceivably replicate China’s current export figure in less than 10 years.

No such hope can be applied to industry, where too China’s is more than six times India’s.










Move to research, and China has a citation index that is twice as good as India’s.

In the space programme, China sent its first man into space in 2003; India hopes to do it in 2015, but is likely to take longer.

As for infrastructure, China has more than 30,000 km of expressways on which traffic speeds go up to 120 kmph; India has a few hundred kilometres.

China has a whole inter-city network of high-speed trains, five times as many Internet users, and nearly a million MW of power generation capacity.

India has only fractionally increased its train speeds since the first Rajdhani Express of 1969, and even if the country doubles power generation capacity every decade, starting from 150,000 MW in 2010, it will take more than a quarter century to get to where China is today.








As for agriculture, China applies fully three times the fertiliser per arable hectare that India does.

The smallest gap is in the mobile phone population. And the largest gap perhaps in the quality of political leadership – China is able to produce a new crop of top-rung leaders every decade, in Beijing and in the provinces and large cities, whereas India’s political parties offer little beyond an upper crust.

China’s project execution is of course in a league of its own. As for sport, India got one gold medal in the last Olympics, China got 51.

The cold message to all Indians: stop talking of the two countries in the same breath, and dump the “Chindia” coinage.

For why does India not bracket itself with Iran, whose economic size in relation to India (1:4) is broadly the same as India’s to China?







Reality is
by Amit (View MyPage) on Jan 29, 2012 01:50 PM

I happened to visit china … and forget about being a decade or two behind china — we are atleast 200 years behind them … and by the time we reach their current level in next 200 years — china will be 500 years ahead of us … you just cant compare teh malls, infrasturcuture, roads, vehicles, tech savvy people.. though people have some issues ..


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com


China and India
by kuldeep jain (View MyPage) on Jan 29, 2012 11:24 AM

I was lucky enough to see China and whatever you say it will take lot of time to India to match its strength.
Frinds if a country is supplying goods to whole WORLD then admit that it will have some thing which we dont have.
we import telecom , milatry ships , space technology , aircraft from abroad but never try to make them our own but China has this vision. we as IT supoer power work in top most companies of world but did we made any google or microsoft? ( china has his own searh engine Baidu)
and recently they launched their own GPS. they made their own aircraft, bullet train.

we think that every one has go a mobile phone and that is progress but China is putting his name as top most telecom technoloy supplier..

we should learn from them this things..




This is another problem with we indians
by Sigma Refrigeration (View MyPage) on Jan 28, 2012 12:07 PM

We usually miscalculate many such things.

India can be grouped with Pak, Bangla, Nepal , Srilanks, and the likes

It does not make a group with China

Considering the pace of growth parameters in India we are around 100 yrs behind what China is today.



Crappy Report
by blogger (View MyPage) on Jan 27, 2012 02:50 PM | Hide replies

China had never sent anybody to the space on its own spacecraft. Shenzhou-V is a scam, and they taped it in underwater environment.



This is selective comparison between India & China!
by Ravi (View MyPage) on Jan 26, 2012 12:40 PM

Then why China talks about US in the same brackets. The authors message to India applies to China too. Point is taken that India has a lot more to do to reach where China is today.



by Amarnath Acharya (View MyPage) on Jan 25, 2012 07:04 PM | Hide replies

China May be big, powerful, more developed but it will require India’s support to be in that position as China markets its products here, They will progress so long as we buy their junk products, and we Indians buy their products from pencils to Refrigerators without thinking wnat will happen to Indian Products and Indian companies manufacturing them. We Indian finally blame Political system for evey thing and are not ready to take responsibility at individual capacity. Team team anna, Baba Ramdevs to preach people to stop buying cheap Chinese products



We should compare with Bangldesh & Pakistan
by reetam (View MyPage) on Jan 24, 2012 06:49 PM

India is far behind china atleas by 2o years or more. We can only comapre with Pakistan & Bangldesh.



how far really lag?
by big Joke (View MyPage) on Jan 24, 2012 05:54 PM

In terms of development infrust….and human index, I would say at least 50 years. In other words, if pause china now, it may take 50 years for India to catch. Say we just look at a China inner city (not coast cities), like:Chongging, do you really think India will/can build a city like this in 50 years?

Youtube yourslef: “bird’s eye view chongqing”




Wake up guys
by Guru Prasad (View MyPage) on Jan 24, 2012 11:34 AM

Comparing India with China is like the BIG cat closing its eyes and saying the world is dark. Wake up guys…we are in no way close to China on any parameters. Can you compare Mumbai with Shangai (as reported in some media ). Mumbai is filled with filthyness, Chaos and self centered people. So do not even compare for next 100 years.



Simple facts
by shiva (View MyPage) on Jan 24, 2012 11:15 AM

China’s GDP is $5 trillion and growing at 8%. Ours is one third of that and growing at 6%. Do the sums. It just does niot make any sense to compare us with China. We can never catch up!



India can not be a developed country just like china.
by ram singh (View MyPage) on Jan 24, 2012 10:49 AM | Hide replies

India can not be a developed country just like china because of it’s diversity.
2. racism
3. Casteism
4. regionalism



Real difference
by Sandeep Ghosh (View MyPage) on Jan 24, 2012 09:38 AM | Hide replies

I have been to China and Singapore for many years. So seen the Chinese race very closely. Their loyalty to nation and faith toward rulers is unquestionable. They are hardworking and don’t hesitate to pick up lowly job. In our office we have women who clean our desk and make tea. Her husband is big businessman and she drives a big car.

They have blended their ancient culture with modern ethics quite wonderfully. For us culture means just making women wear Sari. You would see Chinese traditional medicine shop and men/women practicing tai-ji in every street. How many ayurvedic shops we have. If we don’t have faith on our government and our culture and make it modernize then no prospect of Indian race.





Our advantage is our free society…
by Tamil Arasan (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 10:35 PM | Hide replies

China is a controlled economy without any freedom, yes they are doing great but this has come with a huge stimulant program from the government, on the other hand India’s growth story is due to private entrepreneurship, which is lacking in China.
During the cold war era, Russia was matching with America in each and every filed with a state controlled economy, but later the private entrepreneurship such us Google, Apple, Microsoft and others pulled America to greater heights and that was possible because America was a free society like India.

Even in China they are astonished to see how India was able to achieve 7 to 9 percent growth year after year with out any major stimulant program from Indian government, but on the other hand the Chines government have pumped billions of dollars to achieve 8 to 10 percent growth in the past five years…

So Rediff don’t be so negative to give such article where you ridicule India, China is good in it’s own way and we are good in our own way, and we are not doing bad either…
But as long us Congress rules India we are never going to be a developed country they are like a cancer eating us within…






Re: Our advantage is our free society…
by Jugal Ahuja (View MyPage) on Jan 24, 2012 10:34 AM
mr arasan,have you been to china,i don’t think,otherwise you would not have commented as above. the non-resident chinese of usa,taiwan,singapore,indonesia,malaysia,philipines,& thailand & the hong kong chinese have invested billions of dollars in china & have set up huge plants in china, & definitely, they have not put their money in chinese govt enterprises, but in their own private industries. so therefore, mr arasan, dont comment on something which you have not seen, or do not know.


Re: Our advantage is our free society…
by Raj Gupta (View MyPage) on Jan 24, 2012 12:45 AM
India is not progressing fast enough because tere are too many people like you who live at the bottom of a well and never have a chance to see what the real world is. Private economy takes more than 70% share of China’s ecomomy and China has a lot of rich businessmen even China’s private economy has only about 30 year history.



never compare china and india!
by charan raj (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 09:59 PM | Hide replies

china has lack of innovative , china just copy and perform. but india has its unique innovative. see the china and india history. for example do we trust china products , china is duplicate in every aspects ask every country of china and its products, where as india is original! proud to be indian!


Re: never compare china and india!
by Jugal Ahuja (View MyPage) on Jan 24, 2012 10:45 AM
charanji, china’s economy is $7 trillion (second only to usa in the world)as per latest figures by world trade bodies.you mean to say that they have attained this position by selling duplicate things. walmart,carrefour the two biggest supermart store chains of the world have on their racks materials & consumable things 70% made in china.the duplicate & poor quality story that is going around is because our great honest traders purchase the cheapest variety @ throw away prices from china & sell here for earning maximum profit. that is why walmart,carrefour must set up shop here so that the truth about chinese materials quality comes out into the open.



Indians should be happy for where we are,
by Sonderaj (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 09:15 PM

as long as we keep moving forward. Why should we be compared with other people??

It is called
by shiva (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 08:46 PM


India overtaking China is “wishful thinking”. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com


India & China how to play with figures
by Nirjet Jenam (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 08:30 PM

All these figures of India overtaking China in 18 & 15 years are based on the assumptions that China growth rate will be either zero or negative. which is unlikely.
However if India achieves constast growth rate of 10% and China slows down to modest 2-3% then only India will be able catch up with China in roughly 50 years. However both scenarios looks unlikely.
Author is only playing with figures without telling the facts.



But what takes the cake is
by piri (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 07:24 PM

the fact that in China, just about 5 % of the population is poor enough to defecate in the open while in India, a full 64 % of the population still have to poo in the open (figures from the ‘World Sanitation Congress’ report of 2009)!!



China has 84,000km of expressway at the end of 2011
by Raj Gupta (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 07:15 PM

that’s a lot more than 30,000km mentioned here




China’s GDP was US$7.4 trillion in 2011
by Raj Gupta (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 06:50 PM

China’s GDP was about 47.2 trillion RMB. and 1US$1 = 6.3 China RMB. So China’s GDP was more than US$ 7.4 trillion



by Saba Pathy (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 05:29 PM | Hide replies

China stands first there too. My friends visited China and they fell sick due to too much pollution. They say it just drains energy



Difference b/w Indians and Chinese..
by Abhinith Marvanthe (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 04:46 PM | Hide replies

Loosers never agree that they are loosers, and Winners never argue that they are Winners.Simple difference makes lot of sense in development.



we are 50 years
by mabel faria (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 04:31 PM

behind China and with our corrupt Governent the gap will only become more…..just look at China’s infrastructure it is amazing….we don’t even have proper roads in place.



by Ravi (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 04:22 PM

Mainly leaders are corrupt in this country and democracy is not getting very much good for the progress of the country and contrymen.



India needs to hurry up
by Gurumurthy Nageswaran (View MyPage) on Jan 23, 2012 04:19 PM | Hide replies

Very insightful article. It is disturbing to note that two countries with almost the same size 3 decades back are so different now with one galloping sky high and the other crawling.

India should stop bragging about it being the second fastest growing economy. It should find ways to surpass china. It looks like the country’s priorities are lop sided. People should be more vigilant to compel politiicans to act or quit.



原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

        • 只要美分党还能质疑和发掘出一些腐败(真实的事件才行,而不要谣言)等事件,那么他们就必须要存在,不能因为爱国而忽略了这方面

          • 真正的美分是网特,他们可不是为了监督政府工作的,他们只是想尽一切黑敌国,为自己国家利益服务而已,网络上不过是一大堆给忽悠跟风的小屁孩和底层怨天尤人的,盲目极端爱国要不得,但毫无爱国之心,甚至是恨国,反社会报复社会心理的更不得,逢中必反,逢陆必反,但反过来,却逢美必赞,逢日必颂,那样的不还是种幼稚非黑即白心态吗?

  1. 希望三泰虎管理者能看到,非常欣赏这个类型的网站,但我觉得不够完美,我希望三泰虎网站不仅仅局限于印度和龙象之争,我觉得管理者应该邀请几个周边国家语言翻译的,扩展成中国周边国家,比如日本,韩国,巴铁,俄罗斯等等。这样,我相信更能吸引很多网友来共同关注。

    • 谢谢你提出的意见。三泰虎是个博客。如果按你的建议的话,那我一个人肯定不够的。况且我也不会日语什么的。


      • 我知道一个人的力量肯定是有限的,所以才希望你去联系和邀请这方面感兴趣且有共同爱好的其他语翻译者,网络是无穷的,应该能找到共同爱好者的。

        • 您好,我是您的忠实读者,对您翻译的文章个人感觉非常到位,有些翻译甚至可以说完美。我也觉得您既然可以这么完美的翻译英文,您就可以另外开辟一个欧美专栏,翻译一引起欧美针对中国的文章。只是可能您的工作量又要加大了,呵呵。。。。

        • 你这个有点站着说话不腰疼,楼主是有正规工作的人,每天能够抽出时间来让我们了解印度已经很不错了,他真要这样做了还工作不啊,另外谢谢楼主的分享。

      • 网站确实做的不错。如果有需要,我可以帮助。包括服务器,网站程序,找人翻译发布等等,必要时提供经济帮助。

  2. 印度的国家管理确实太松散了,种姓制度、宗教矛盾和伪民主使印度几乎陷入了一种无政府状态。一个国家,政府过于强势很危险,参见现在的朝鲜和当年的我们,政府过于弱势又很无奈,比如现在的印度。

      • 这种松散的无政府主义是印度的传统吧,只要看看印度的开国伟人,再看看中国的,就知道印度没有那种血与火的铁腕治国的传统。

  3. 现在能顺利访问了,博主一个人确实辛苦,希望三泰虎能发展成中国人了解南亚的第一窗口。

  4. 看了博主的译文,感觉丫印度人真冷静,懂的反省的民族是可怕的。

  5. 两个年轻人创业,李彦宏仅用5年时间就成为了亿万富豪,另一个看到了,说:“嗯,我和李彦宏的差距也就只有5年,5年哦,亲!”

    • 你的回复很精辟啊。中国5年的成就,印度能在5年内取得吗?以目前的情况来看,我不相信。

  6. 楼主,真心很给力,很专注,很辛苦,真的挺不容易的,真心谢谢了,加油。还有,我也真的想看看巴铁的。

  7. 关注三泰虎很久了,一直以为是个网站,没想到原来是个博客,对楼主表示敬意。

  8. 其实印度很可怕,可怕在于,他们能发现自己的不足之处,看看越南网民的评论,都是充斥着谩骂和酸葡萄对中国,而越南之类包括韩国在内的国家倒是不用太担心,日本是个例外,所以看了很多周边国家的评论最后结论是印度最可怕,谩骂没关系,但是发现自己的不足之处就非常可怕,所以我们要小心印度的发展,文章里有一个评论不错,印度没有太多的经济刺激,但是10年里一直7%gdp,这就有点让人担心,好在他们自己有很多很多的自身问题,所以我们国人要正确的看待自身问题,并且解决好自己问题,我个人观点是不愿意周边一些白眼狼国家和我们国家共同富裕,都富裕了,剩下的只有领土问题了,一家独大,其他刚好吃饱,我觉得是最好,我可能有点政治家的阴暗面,但是为了自己的祖国好,为了子孙后代好,阴暗就阴暗一点,我认了。

    • 印度人没什么可怕的, 败于中国人是他们的天命, 就算了解了, 也不会有变化的. 说穿了是人种问题.

    • 和周边国家搞好关系是必要的, 至少在表面上要体面. 美国等西方国家就是喜欢亚洲国家互相摩擦消耗, 中国人如果还是想着一家独大, 只会遭到更多国家的嫉恨, 开放国门, 削弱政府的权利, 中国才能融入世界主流.

    • 知道又怎么样。。。没有行动等于无知。。。一个连人民温饱都没解决的国家。。。有航母又能怎样。。。

    • 说真的,南亚人一点都不可怕。

  9. 😛 印度变得冷静对我们不利啊,三泰虎可以尝试在印度也建立一个类似的网站 让印度人知道中国人对她们的看法

    • 别了吧。。。把自己的事情做好。。。少给别人指路。。。我们不想当世界人民的灯塔,全人类的希望。。。

  10. 😯 这个Red啥的网站,不好,

    • 嗯,这可以算的上是“骄人之兵”的阳谋了。

  11. 在这里看到的印度人大多很清醒,这是印度的希望。不过,我倒是很愿意看到他们认为自己国家世界第一,生活在梦里,这样,看着更好玩。

  12. 发展中的国家都会存在很多问题,中国和印度有25亿人口,俩国要发展了,人民安居乐业,就是对人类最大的贡献。

    • 全错。。要民主首先要选民素质,要理性分析判断的智慧和要牺牲个人服从大局的精神。在中国富裕不等于素质和智慧。。。不是吗。。。所以中国不能民选。。。

  13. 印度这个国家太难管理,公说公理,婆说婆理,各个邦又政策不同,邦主又看不长远。印度总理权力小,推动不了社会,经济快速进步!

    • 我就喜欢外国人、三哥他们觉得我们落后,貌似清政府原来也是这么看外国人的,后来被扁了~