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印度网友评论印度女外交官在美受辱事件。 39岁的科巴拉加德是印度驻纽约的政治、经济、商业以及女性事务副总领事,12日送孩子去学校的途中被捕,她被控为一名印度女子申请签证编造虚假证明,最高可判10年徒刑。她带这名印度人进入美国给她家做保姆,支付其低于最低工资的薪资。科巴拉加德在纽约被当众戴上手铐,后遭受脱衣搜身,还被短 暂地与吸毒者关在同一间牢房。

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外文标题:John Kerry calls Shivshankar Menon to express regret about Devyani’s treatment; defends US laws


印度媒体漫画《Welcome to USA》

印度媒体漫画《Welcome to USA》




“我得承认,我很多次差点崩溃,被戴上手铐、脱衣贴身搜查、擦摸(的羞辱),这些用于普通犯罪分子和吸毒者的手段,全都用在了我身上,尽管我一再提 出外交豁免。”科巴拉加德这封电子邮件的内容18日在印度媒体上迅速传播,再次加剧各方对美国的愤怒,她称自己被拘禁期间获得力量重获镇定,仍有尊严地想 到,“我必须自信和自豪地代表我的所有同仁和我的国家。”

39岁的科巴拉加德是印度驻纽约的政治、经济、商业以及女性事务副总领事,12日送孩子去学校的途中被捕,她被控为一名印度女子申请签证编造虚 假证明,最高可判10年徒刑。她带这名印度人进入美国给她家做保姆,支付其低于最低工资的薪资。科巴拉加德在纽约被当众戴上手铐,后遭受脱衣搜身,还被短 暂地与吸毒者关在同一间牢房。《印度新闻与分析日报》18日称,科巴拉加德遭遇的搜查主要是检查嫌疑人是否携带毒品、金钱、珠宝和武器,包括耳朵、嘴巴、 生殖器等都在检查范围之内。《新印度快报》当天刊登社论说,越来越多令人震惊的细节披露出来,显然美国当局不只是公然违反国际公约,而且故意羞辱科巴拉加 德代表的国家。

“美国领事人员及其家人被要求归还外交身份证;要求提交受雇于领事馆的印度人的具体情况、他们的银行账号和永久账号数字,以及受雇于美国大使馆 学校的教师的姓名和薪资;进口关税豁免,包括进口酒类许可,被取消。”《印度快报》18日列出印度政府采取的一系列报复措施。《印度斯坦时报》称,印度在 同美国的外交战中摘下了手套。17日,两辆卡车、一辆推土机和数名警察出现在美国驻新德里的使馆外,移走水泥墩,印度警察说“水泥墩影响了道路交通”。加 拿大《多伦多星报》认为这是给美国的“一记耳光”。

“给美国一个强力警告。他们的人民应该也被脱光衣服,让他们道歉。”印度社会党领导人亚达夫18日称,印度应针锋相对报复美国。印度人民党领导 人辛哈当天称,“是时候我们发现违反印度法律的外交官了,他们也应该被戴上手铐,被送到警察局。”当天,印度议会上院一致谴责美国公开逮捕并虐待科巴拉加 德。外长库尔希德声称将不惜一切代价将科巴拉加德从美国带回来,恢复她的声誉,“这是我的责任”,他声称如果完不成这个任务将再不踏进议会。印度《经济时报》说,库尔希德是向整个国家做出保证。

印度亚洲通讯社说,消息灵通人士透露,印度扬言对美国外交官采取更多行动,直至华盛顿对虐待科巴拉加德做出“无条件道歉”。上周五,印 度已召见美国驻印大使强烈抗议。周一,印度国家安全顾问梅农以及下院发言人库马尔拒绝会见美国国会代表团,梅农称美国行为“野蛮”,侮辱了整个印度。17 日,印度国大党副主席拉胡尔和印度人民党总理候选人莫迪也拒见这个美国代表团。

来自极端民族主义组织湿婆神军党的示威者 18日在新德里发起反美游行,高喊“打倒奥巴马”的口号。示威者巴哈尔说,“美国虐待我们外交官的方式是错误的,他们脱光了她的衣服,羞辱一名印度妇女、 一名印度代表,我们无法容忍。”印度《商业标准报》称,人民党、议会、资深记者、前外交官在一场争论中能站在一边,这并不常见,但印度女外交官事件让这种 不可能变成了可能。《印度时报》18日在头版刊文称,“脱衣搜查发现了印度的脊梁”。



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Darth Ra (US)
She needs to be punished for violating the US laws but she did not deserve to be humiliated like an animal. I hope that she sues the USMC, gets some of these over-zealous marshalls fired, and gets millions for the inhumane treatment, you know, after she receives her due punishement, if the courts find her guilty.
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Narasimhamurty Varanasi (Roanoke, Virginia)
Great achievement by the 1.2 billion people of India. Indians are second to none.


Sudhanshu Shukla (USA)
Regret doesn’t have any value, US need to apologize. Indian VIPs have been targeted repeatedly by US and India should have taken tough stand in past incidents as well.


nilesh (HINDUSTAN)
America is full of racism and they call themselves guardian of humanity what a irony. ..
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Sam (delhi)
Sue them for $500 million for shoving arms, hands inside the female deplomat’s privet parts– — Whch is by the way illigal.
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Arajulu ()
USA should honour Vienna conventions for Diplomats.
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parveen sabharwal (new delhi)
Now if the entire country has come forward for the defence of the diplomat, it becomes her duty to come clean on the issue. In case there are violation of laws , she should understand that the country’s image suffers for such petty personal favours and no body has the right to damage it , howsoever important he or she may be.
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sriganesh (Location)
She could have been deported back to India instead of all these Bollywood / Hollywood stunt shows.


nilesh (HINDUSTAN)
I luv CHINA at least it has the guts to fight with America. ..
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rk ny (Location) replies to nilesh
but paki..they treat u like slaves too…!!
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nilesh (HINDUSTAN)
What America decides is right and other nations are wrong. America is killing innocent people along with terrorist is right ….. iran and afghan war by america is mere statergy to get OIL ….
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Srinivasan Tirunelveli (Texas, US)
In all the hue and cry that the Indian Government is raising, we are forgetting the basic breach of law this highly educated diplomat did. In the greed of few dollars from the maid’s pay, this diplomat has put the whole India into shame. When she claimed to be paying the minimum wage to the maid for her service, why should she pay less than that when she clearly knows that it is illegal?? May be, she should have been kept separately in a jail and not with other criminals or smugglers, but she clearly failed to follow the law, knowing well about the consequences. She has to be prosecuted, if they have a valid case.
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observer (USA)
USA should close all it’s consulate and embassy in India, shut down all American companies in India. similarly kick all the Indians out of US soil. Sounds like this is what Indians want.
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roti.kapda.aur.makan (lokhandwala) replies to observer
India should detain all US diplomats and check what they are doing to their household Staff. All US Diplomats should be treated like we treat indian criminals. If they have done nothing wrong then set them free and call the High Commision of US to Indian Gov offices and say we REG


Sundip M (USA)
The US has shown consistently the same pattern of abusing Indian celebrities, Indian diplomats in the US and then offering apologies. What good is it to mistreat Indians in the US and then offer an apology repeatedly. It is a sign of utmost disrespect for India and Indians. The apology from the US is just a mere strategy to calm India down since they need India for the huge market, need India for its low cost labor and need India to serve as counter weight to China. India should not listen to this apology. India should treat all American citizens and dignitaries very harshly in India if they violate Indian laws in any way. Also, India should award huge billion dollar contracts to US competitors. An apology is not enough. India should also forge closer ties with other friendly nations instead of the US which is clearly disrespectful and unfriendly. India should also strengthen its defense since weak nations get bullied.
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美国又在表演先侮辱印度名人和外交官然后道歉的把戏了。先虐待印度人然后表示抱歉有何意义。这是对印度和印度人的大不敬。美国表示道歉是一战略之举,目的是安抚印度,以获得印度庞大市场,低廉的劳动力以及让印度充当制衡中国的筹码。印度不应接受这一道歉,如果在印美国公民和政要违反法律,印度也该同样严肃对待。此外, 印度应该把巨额合同交给美国的竞争对手。道歉还不够,印度应当与其他国家建立更紧密的关系,同时加强自身国防,毕竟弱国是会被欺负的。

harish (Hyderabad)
India can’t do much. There are a lot of Indians working in U.S.A. Cutting diplomatic ties with America will make Indians in america suffer. This is what happens when you leave your country to work in America because of a ‘trend’. Many surrender their Indian passports for american citizenships. Traitors in disguise. All of them.
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shantanuorangutan ()
Dear John Kerry Sir, I apologize for our actions as well. Let us forget all this and get together as friends again. It will be great if you can give me a green card as well. I have heard great stories about Indians in the USA like Vinod Khosla, Sabeer Bhatia and many many more. I really admire your country. We are a peace loving country where we follow Gandhi. He said that if someone slaps you one cheek you should ask him to slap your other cheek as well. You have strip searched one diplomat, please feel free to do the same to another one as well. We will not mind. As they say in Delhi, sab chalta hai.
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我同样为我们的行为表示道歉。让我们忘记这一切,再次像朋友一样聚在一起。要是你给我发一张绿卡,那就再好不过了。我听说了许多在美印度人的伟大故事,比如Vinod Khosla和Sabeer Bhatia



Lalit Kumar (Hindu Rashtra)
Retaliate in similar manner. 34% of US diplomats are gays/lesbians/bisexual…lets induct 377 law against them and put these racists behind bars. If we go by our laws, then most of the US people would have to be frisked even in domestic airports.


La_Z Boy (Chicago)
Indian politicians, celebrities and bureaucrats are used to getting a special treatment in India…well here in the US everyone is equal…that’s what I like about it. These people get the same treatment like everyone else…I am loving it…
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Lalit Kumar (Hindu Rashtra)
Why congress NEVER takes tough stand against US, because most of congress politicians have invested their black money in USA, and want to keep their big papa happy even at the cost of ridiculing India’s pride and security. Congress Hatao….DESH BACHAO….Jai Bharat…..
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Hindu (Delhi)
India should become friends with china and oppose everything US does. It will teach them a lesson. They are thinking of teaching India a lesson.
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Suneet Sikka (Longview, Texas)
It is not like being in India that any thing goes. You have to obey the law.


arun kumar (mumbai)
hope india would take the same stance in dealing with china if something similar happens.


shekhar nair (marol/andheri east/mumbai)
india is over reacting,,,it will lose a very good and powerful friend over a minor issue
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Abhinav Chauhan ()
Posturing by the govt. .Why are steps not taken with the Chinese?


Vijayan I (Delhi)
its was really stupid of the Indian govt. to extend so many priviliges including closing the road in front of US embassy for common traffic… at the cost of causing inconvenience to its own citizens …. and look how the US treats our diplomats …..
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Abhay sharma (mumbai) replies to Vijayan I
Very well said. Not a single extra privilege should be provided. Anyway, better later than never.
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Sumit Kumar (Unknown)
Spineless Indian Politicians………..


sanjubm ()
If dog does not bites, should bark at least to scare others….


P.K. (Location)
By stripping an Indian lady, American have seen the spine of India. We hope spine will remain strong irrespective of government in center.
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Komatineni Komatineni (India)
LoL.. as if this is going to affect US at all.. What happens if tomorrow US says, bye bye India. US companies, people can’t invest in India.. ???


Upendranadhan (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
Congratulate India, at least we have taken some strong measures to show our regret to US. We are proud of our citizen first, hurting in any mean should be retaliated at strong fashion.


Sukhminder Sidhu ()
US must know how to treat diplomats of other countries