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外文标题:Climate change may lead India to war: UN report

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NEW DELHI: Asia is facing the brunt of climate change and will see severe stress on water resources and food-grain production in the future, increasing the risk of armed conflict among India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China, the latest report of a UN panel has warned.

UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in its report assessing impacts of climate change on human health, settlements and natural resources released on Monday, carried a dire warning. "The worst is yet to come," it said, if no measures are taken to curb the ill-effects of global warming.

India, like other developing economies, may lose up to 1.7% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) if the annual mean temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius compared to pre-industrialization level, hitting the poor the most.




The report also predicts an increase in extreme weather events such as last year's flash floods in Uttarakhand and cyclone Phailin in Odisha if steps are not taken to control the rise in temperature.

"Nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change," R K Pachauri, IPCC chairman said while making the report public in Yokohama, Japan.

The report says rise in temperatures would also affect 'beach tourism' in many countries. India surprisingly stands out as the most vulnerable among 51 countries where beach tourism is an important sector.


“地球上的任何人都无法远离气候变化的影响,”政服间气候变化专门委员会主席R K Pachauri在日本横滨公布报告时指出。



Ravindra Singh Bohra (Unknown)
folks there is no question that climate change is effecting too much , but war with that still unreal


dev ()
population density is the menace and root cause


Ajmad Ali (Kala Shah Kako near Lahore)
Any war between India and Pakistan would lead to Atomic War and subsequently to a radio active rain. There would be more than 1000 other repercussions of radio activity. Everything would convert into poison. This is what the white Masters of India want. The climate change may hardly lead India to any war. The UN is misleading the world. The white races the promoters of the most artificial hunger and wars in the world. They consume 80 per cent resources. They world is under the control of white races since 1945. There has beeb no war in Europe since 1945, but more than 160 wars in Asia, Africa and South American. Think: why it is so? INDIA: PLEASE DO NOT PLAY IN THE HANDS OF CRIMINAL NATIONS.





dev ()
China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will be among the most affected countries in Asia


Soma Visal (Bhoolog)
Why discouraging Asian Nations, especially China and India?



Try to plant trees .........this can only save us.......this is the century old phenomenon.....many civilization end due to climate changes


Yo (Location)
sad to hear this but worst is that we are not taking any steps to prevent it...


Asad Khan (Mumbai)
Now this is the thing we shouldn't dare to ignore because we've already lost a lot of humans in the 'Uttrakhand disaster'.


Ajit Sawant (Mumbai) replies to Asad Khan
Natural calamities takes place everywhere. Even this year US faced severest winter. That does not means that concerned Govt.'s should not take preventive measures. What ever happened in Uttarakhand was unfortunate and State Govt. was responsible for the same as it could have stopped people from going to Kedarnathji. Even I lost six of my relatives there.


Ajit Sawant (Mumbai)
Nobody likes war and it is very costly. Vested interests are spreading unwarranted panic amongst the people.


V.K. (Location)
natural calamities can only effect the crops and financial position connected with cases but not war


V.K. (Location)
other countries like US, London and UK are experiencing bad climate conditions than India, have they been effected


Loves India (India)
Bakwas report...........Why no effect of climate change on America, UK and Europe............All such terms coined by West for their comfort...


Ajit Sawant (Mumbai) replies to Loves India
Exactly. Such reports are published to create panic amongst the people and to protect the interests of their masters i.e. Western countries.


With populations exploding and resources depleting fast across the globe coupled with the consumer society, there is little hope human habitation will last long on earth.


BC Menon (Alappuzha)
These while elephant experts have a nature of threatening public by their stupid research reports. some times.
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DEV Indian (india)
CONgress will say, these climatic changes are because of Gujarat Riots...


abhishek gupta (india)
is it pointing that our GDP has came down due to global warming!!!


Akshay (Nasik)
Modi will be killed USA ARMY just like Saddam .....Day is coming soon
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Arun Pasricha (Unknown) replies to Akshay
Shame on you. You can never be an INDIAN.
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ConversionIsCrime (New York)
why is it silent on China's dam construction on rivers that flow to India ? This point cannot be ignored. Tibet needs to be free and free from control of China - for India's water security.
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V for Vendetta (Unknown)
Do you think we will take whatever BS is given by UN? Guys if you are not aware please read on who forms the United Nations, their agenda. New World Order is the ultimate objective.


jigneshnaidoo (Location)
Modi will stop climate change when he becomes PM.


It's not just only the government but every individual has to contribute to fight against global warming


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