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三泰虎博客10月9日译文,一名29岁的中国游客6日晚上在恰恩多利姆遭三名酒醉的游客调戏。周一,这三名国内游客被逮捕并关押候审5天。卡兰古特警方表示,当地时间晚上11:45分,两位中国游客当时沿着其居住的度假酒店附近的海滩散步,三名国内游客——Musthad Sheikh、Arjun Kumar 和 Durgesh Sindha和他们一起攀谈起来,后来对这名女子做出了下流动作。男友在混战中受伤,女子据称被恣意抚摸。两口子立即报了警,附近的民众紧急赶来救援并抓住了三人。后来,三人被移交给警方。

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外文标题:Chinese woman molested by domestic tourists at Candolim

CALANGUTE: A 29-year-old Chinese tourist was allegedly molested by three inebriated tourists late Sunday night at Candolim. The three domestic tourists were arrested and remanded to five days police custody on Monday.


Calangute police said that the Chinese tourist was taking a stroll along with her boyfriend at around 11.45pm on the beach road close to the resort they were staying at when the three domestic tourists– Musthad Sheikh, Arjun Kumar and Durgesh Sindha– started a conversation with them and later make lewd advances towards the woman. In the melee the boyfriend was injured and the woman was also allegedly touched inappropriately.

卡兰古特警方表示,当地时间晚上11:45分,两位中国游客当时沿着其居住的度假酒店附近的海滩散步,三名国内游客——Musthad Sheikh、Arjun Kumar 和 Durgesh Sindha和他们一起攀谈起来,后来对这名女子做出了下流动作。男友在混战中受伤,女子据称被恣意抚摸。

The couple immediately raised an alarm, following which members of the public who were in the area rushed to their assistance and nabbed the trio. The three were later handed over to the police. The Chinese tourist lodged a complaint with the Calangute police at around 2am on Monday, following which the three were arrested and charged under Sections 354, 323 read with 34 of the IPC.


The domestic tourists have been remanded to five days police custody, said PSI Sushant Gawas who is the investigating officer.

负责调查的官员Sushant Gawas表示,这些国内游客被关押候审5天。


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citizen (India)

Such incidents will have a forbearing effect on inward tourism as foreigners may be afraid of .
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roti.kapda.aur.makan (lokhandwala)
No one will want to come to India.
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nearmsp (USA)
I generally advise anyone I meet to avoid Somalia, Egypt and South Asia. I am aware of some upmarket private tourists enclaves in Goa are only restricted to non Indians due to this very reason. Like Australian aborigines, most Indians get drunk and lose control of their senses and misbehave.
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ahmad baba (Unknown)
All the 3 suspects are Migrants in goa
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zuzu (India)
The police should squeeze their ball$ for their next 5 days.
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COLORFULBANDHA (Milkyway Galaxy)
fast and furious punishment to these rowdies!
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Balan (Mumbai)
Castrate the bast**rds
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nihits (Location)
There is a lot of sexual frustration in indian people due to unavailability of consensual sex.. and so rape is the route they take..
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Nishant Singh (Delhi)
wow so now police under congress rule will arrest indians for crime against chinese….. what a sham!….. how good r we then from birtishers….. they molested chinese not indians.. so lets cool down and let those 3 men free….. god knows why indians bend backwards to please foreigners by stabbing there own
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Abhinav Chauhan (Delhi)
Common guys ,stop giving a bad name to your country! These guys should be punished and sensitized so that they do not repeat such acts.
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cuncolkar (Mumbai)
One side government is opening up visa restriction for tourist to come to India and improve our economy, other side we have this nuisance. Indians should realize that they are our guest and we need to respect them so that they come again and again and spend their monies in India.
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Claudius Walter (Unknown)
Happy that this incident was reported and the culprits arrested. There are hundreds of tourists who face similar fate but they do not file complaints. Indian tourists are the worst of the lot when they are among foreigners. In Venice recently, i was with my friend and an Indian speaking Punjabi was taking a picture of his daughter from across a street, several tourists were waiting for this guy to finish. This guy went on taking pictures with different poses. His relative saw that the crowd was really getting large and many were impatiently waiting, and he told this guy to hurry up. This guy just told his relative to shut up in Punjabi and said, “Ruknedo sallon ko hum kaunsa yehaan waapas ane wale hai”.
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高兴地看到这起事件被报道,罪犯遭逮捕。有数以百计的游客面临类似的命运,但他们并未投诉。在外国人群体中,印度游客是最糟糕的。最近我和朋友去了威尼斯,一名操着旁遮普语的印度人在街道对面给女儿拍照,几名游客等着他们拍完。可是这个家伙不停地换着姿势拍啊拍。他亲戚看到人群越聚越多,许多人在不耐烦地等待,便叫他快点。然而,这个家伙用旁遮普语对他亲戚说,“Ruknedo sallon ko hum kaunsa yehaan waapas ane wale hai”

Neha Viper (Location) replies to Claudius Walter
Agree with you, Indian tourists are the most inconsiderate & ill-mannered…& of course ill dressed too…they talk loudly in restaurants disturbing others,ill behave with the waiters , break queues ,throw wrappers everywhere, ogle at girls & generally do not follow any etiquette.
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Alex ()
my friends ask me they gonna travel to India, i said them better don’t, so they listen to me, they cancel their plan.. ahh i feel happy they are not travelling now, i will make sure no foreigners travel to India
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Rajkrishnan (Chennai)
if you want to thirst your sexual feelings, why harassing women outside .. go and do … at brothel house…lots are there at Goa…
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P.K. (mumbai)
What India’s image go to word wide?LAW must be tough to deal with this type of acts, after all it is matter of nation’s pride.
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Jay K (Unknown)
Take a holiday does not mean – ‘gunda gardi’. What are these guys going to tell their friends / family upon return? Shameful and disgusting act.
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度假并不意味着“gunda gardi”。这些人回国后会对家人和朋友怎么说?令人可耻和恶心的行为。

N Prakash (India)
Don’t spare the culprits, they are spoiling our India’s name so tourist will not prefer to visit India!
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Emperor ()
May be they were taking revenge for being fooled by purchasing china made smart phones!!!
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tim (china)
my Chinese friends ,Why did you go to India,I admired your courage and Be careful next time
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Jaswinder Singh ()
These people are a shame on nation…..they don’t deserve beaches, they deserve to rot behind bars
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Johnson (Location) replies to Jaswinder Singh
Exactly. If they can do this to a single Chinese just imagine how this local tourists would react when they see all this beautiful Russian babes on the beach.
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Johnson (Location)
What a shame. This domestic tourists give the Goan people a bad name. They think they can come to Goa and do the same things they do in Delhi and Haryana after eating Chowmein. They should be given a good thrashing and locked up for a year atleast so they don’t harass others on the beach
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Sudhir (Bangalore)
These people just behave like street dogs. I still remember an incident from a couple of years ago when I was in Goa. I befriended an Israeli female in disco in Calangute and after we came out, she wanted to stroll on the beach. We were walking along the beach when I observed a group of guys walking behind us. At that time I didn’t give it much thought, but gradually discovered that these m0r0ns were actually following us. when we sat down, they would stand behind us at a distance and when we got up and stated walking, they would continue to follow us. Though I didn’t hear them make any lewd comments, it was disgusting and their behavior exactly like street dogs. That crazy female wanted to spend some more time on the beach but I somehow convinced her otherwise and took her back to her hotel. Who knows what might have happened that day if we were to still be loitering on the beach for some more time! The point is, if they are so desperate to get laid, there are several avenues to do so without causing a nuisance to others.
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Veerendra Kumar Nethi (Bangalore)
These goons are spoiling India’s image.
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agneldsilva14 (Location)
These kind filthy sick mentality people bring shame not only Goa’s image but the entire countries.
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Harsha Is My GF (Shanghai)
Glad to see most of India friends firmly support the chinese couple! highly appriciate this point ! I am Chinese, male, Black Belt…but really a bit afraid to have the business trip to Delhi and Mumbai in the coming Nov . my colleague- a British lady and a Chinese lady will join this trip, they are quite nervous and also me myself, i have to protect them if anything terrible happened, I don’t want to be put on headline by the newspaper one month later …glod bless!! (even i don’t respect you that much ordinarily, lol)
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  1. 唉唉唉 印度太危险了 而且印度没什么好旅游的 ! 印度人就是一群恒河水喝的十几亿人都是傻逼而已 一个强奸大国能有什么水平? 还有人脑袋被门夹了才去印度 😯

    • 我也纳闷,十一真没地方去了?非得去强奸斯坦,还得在晚上12点左右还不回酒店,亲身体验一下什么叫刺激?如果真被强奸成了,我倒是还真想说声活该呢!

    • 胡说,人家就是奔这个去的。。。刺激啊。。。 国内太安了,2货觉得世界都其他地方比中国还安全。。。遛海滩都有危险,外面真乱啊:mrgreen:

    • 去强奸之国倒还好,关键是都晚上11点了还在外面逛,不是自寻死路么?

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    • 可惜现在的印度已经不是佛法流转之地了。哪来的正道~往哪看都是邪道哦~古印度估计有20万人修成正果,中国半之。现在的印度只能摇头了。

  4. 话说三藏西天路上多劫难!说成九九八十一难,没好意思说出真相呢,佛祖超乎想象呢!
    另外有没有保险公司提供强奸险呢?! 奥,对了,赔负比太高一定会破产的!


  5. 他们不知道印度的约成定俗才出事的,在印度女性只要和陌生男性搭话或有眼神交流,就是主动发出或接受性暗示,不管你身边有没有男性伴侣。怪不得会引起别人误会,下次学乖了,不要和陌生人说话或有眼神接触 :mrgreen:

  6. 我都怀疑那些在马蜂窝印度版块留言的女博主们是不是水军?居然还个个得到了幸福?是性福,才对吧?

  7. 高兴地看到大多数印度朋友坚定支持中国情侣!非常欣赏这一点!我是中国男人…..说真的,有点害怕在即将到来的11月份去德里和孟买商务旅行,我的同事——一位英国女士和一位中国女士——将一同前往,她们非常紧张,我也是。不过不管发生任何事情,我必须保护她们。我不想一个月后上报纸的头条…..上帝保佑!


    • 不知道为什么明明女同胞爱欺负,我应当义愤填膺才对,但是为什么心底里冒出一种窃喜的感觉呢?我知道我错了 😛

    • 最后这段翻译还漏了一点,这个男的说:我是中国男人,跆拳道黑带……上帝保佑。

      武功在身,怕什么 :mrgreen:

  8. 很多中国人连印度在哪里都不知道,我同学在我提到印度时,还问我印度在非洲吗?这种问题。你觉得普通的中国人,能知道印度治安的情况?得了吧你。

  9. 还是文明古国呢?还是民主大国呢?在中国,奴隶制度的后期,就把”万恶淫为首”做为法律了.印度以强奸妇女为荣.他们都是从石头缝里蹦出来的?