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外文标题:Chinese Air Force holds night flying exercises in Tibet


BEIJING: China's Air Force has conducted high-altitude night flying exercises at Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet region that borders India.
Photographs of helicopters participating in the exercises at Lhasa airport, located about 500 km from the Indian border, were issued today by state-run Xinhua news agency.

The Chinese military regularly holds exercises for its troops in the Himalayan region to get them acclimatised to mountain warfare.

Last year, the People's Liberation Army held its "first ground to air military exercise" in the Tibetan plateau. The wargame involved scores of fighter jets, hundreds of battle tanks and a large number of ground troops.




'Unwise to let isolated incidents to affect China-India ties'

Amid reports of frequent incursions by Chinese troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Chinese state media said it was "unwise" to let the "isolated incidents" to affect the "promising" China-India ties.

While the Chinese foreign and defence ministries were yet to respond to queries relating to the fresh reports of incursions in Ladakh sector, a commentary in the state-run Xinhua news agency accused the Indian media of putting out "sensational reports", "harming" the bilateral relations.

"The disputes, a historical hangover, were not created in one day, neither will they be resolved overnight. It is unwise to let isolated incidents along the border to negatively affect the promising China-India relationship," it said.






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Rajesh Parekh (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
Alert.china's intentions are always doubtfull.
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proudfelisleo ()
The Chinese saw a very ineffectual defense minister of India... that is a good enough clue, they can encroach with no inhibitions.
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ShahJagdish ()
Chinese air force exercise at Lahsa is surprising. India has already protested recent intrusion by Chinese troops in Indian territory. The Chinese behavior is very suspecting. India should be alert and retaliate every intrusion in our territory.
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Arup Ghosh (Calcutta)
SITUATION IS BECOMING SERIOUS..........................
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Vijay Tiwari (Darjeeling)
Indian Army should also do the same within Indian territories. Let us assume it as exercise of Mountain Warfare. It is important for India to take a firm stand on LAC infiltration by Chinese.
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kvenkataramam (Hyderabad)
China is now under Nature"s fury of floods and earthquakes recently with huge loss of life and property. Chinese might be preparing to face the disaster ... refer ......Hollywood film .....2012 .
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Sharath S H (Bangalore)
Is china Showing the strength


Tomorrow Never Dies (Germany)
India is like a fly, stuck in china's woven web!
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Tomorrow Never Dies (Germany)
Soon Chinese might invade India... which may bring down many crimes!
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komatineni (India)
preparation.. that's what we lack. I am not suggesting we should fight with them but we need to be prepared. Be it China or some one else..
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Hemal Gandhi (NJ)
in all my comments for such articles against China, I have to say only one thing: Avoid buying Chinese products.. India cannot beat China either in military, airforce or navy.. only way is to defeat them in economy and they will be defeated in all sectors.. don't buy things from your enemy so that they can buy weapons to kill you with that money.. don't be stupid
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Tiger (New Delhi) replies to Hemal Gandhi
Probably it is a global problem but the reality is that the Chinese have captured the market for consumer goods. The only way to defeat this is by attracting FDI and encourage companies to move manufacturing from China to India. But as one knows our politicians are too short sighted to think strategically until someone comes and bites off their back side!!!
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P.S.VijayakumarPillai (Hyderabad)
China is a Permanent threat to India.
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kabir Singh (milan)
india is a cursed land
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joey ()
China is the biggest threat to India than Pakistan. They are powerful in both defense system and Economically. Comparing every thing with Pakistan won't make us great. Pak is a falling economy. We should build our economy to beat China. Hope India will become super power very soon. We need good leaders!
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Himwant (South Asia)
It is definitely unwise to let "isolated incidents" to effect Indo-China ties. As an elder brother China should should show goodwill gestures to win the trust of India.

毫无疑问, 让“个别事件”影响印中关系是不明智的。作为老大哥,为了赢得印度的信任,中国应当摆出善意姿态。

lumdheeng ()
What difference will night flying at high altitude make for Chinese air force, they will not be able to see the blackies in the dark down below even with the best device they have. An advantage blessed by nature to Black Indians.
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Sameet Pattnaik (Dhule)
WOOO we got scared!!


This is the beginning. Next they will practice shelling exercise, later firing practice and roam into India in guise of tourists and take control. Our Govt. is a fool.
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