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三泰虎2月4日译文,据报道,据香港保护组织WildLifeRisk,中国浙江是世界最大濒危鲨鱼屠宰场。鲨鱼被用来制作保健品、面霜和唇膏。“这家工厂公开运作,据称每年屠殺600多头鲸鲨,生产用于保健品的鲨鱼肝油。” WildlifeRisk在一份关于浙江蒲岐工厂的声明中说道。这家NGO组织呼吁中国监管机构履行国际协议,禁止此类非法活动,避免物种的灭绝。

译文来源;三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com
外文标题:China’s home to world’s largest slaughter house for whale sharks


BEIJING: China’s Zhejiang province is home to the world’s largest slaughter house for endangered whale sharks, according to Hong Kong-based conservation group Wildlife Risk.

They are used for making health supplements, face creams and lipsticks. “The factory, which operates openly, is reportedly slaughtering over 600 whale sharks annually to produce shark oil for health supplements,” Wildlife Risk said in a statement about the unit in Pu Qi area of Zhejiang.

The NGO called on China’s regulatory authorities to enforce the international agreements on this illegal activity to prevent extinction of the species.


鲨鱼被用来制作保健品、面霜和唇膏。“这家工厂公开运作,据称每年屠殺600多头鲸鲨,生产用于保健品的鲨鱼肝油。” WildlifeRisk在一份关于浙江蒲岐工厂的声明中说道。


China is a signatory to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which prohibits sale of products from endangered species.

“We went to Pu Qi three times in the last three years, and on each occasion the scale of the slaughter was truly staggering,” the statement said.

The group said it has spent four years researching whale shark slaughtering and obtained undercover footage and audio recordings showing whale sharks are being caught off the coast of South China Sea.




“It is even more incredible that this carnage is all for the sake of non-essential lifestyle props such as lipsticks, face creams, health supplements and shark fin soup,” the group said.

It asked the government to hold individuals accountable for their violation of international protection laws and demand transparency for consumers to make informed decisions about the products they buy.




译文来源;三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/chinas-home-to-worlds-largest-slaughter-house-for-whale-sharks.html

Ali Ghias (MARS)
The ecology of nature is being destroyed,by slaughtering such fantastic species.The Chinese are really worse than barbarians.


utkarsh kumar (Unknown)
too disappointing news. chinese go to hell. do not you that there is also a thing and word called “biodiversity”?
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MadeInIndia (India) replies to utkarsh kumar
That’s right, but what about dowry death, women’s rights, the rights to basic such every day food – not just election time..? Clean our sh!t before we criticize other!
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utkarsh kumar replies to MadeInIndia
its true!!!!! but we criticize our govt. and policies too. but for this reason only, should we remain silent over such other activities, even if they are not happening in india. i think that would not be good approach, after all we all will have to pay for misdeeds of human beings, whether these are done by Indians or Chinese or anyone else


MadeInIndia replies to utkarsh kumar
Criticize the the people that committed atorcities is one thing, condemning the whole Chinese race to hell is another…would you agree?


utkarsh kumar replies to MadeInIndia
the “Chinese” was only targeted to those people and not to the whole chinese race. are you ok now?
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manish kumar (Unknown)


majeedaka2012 ()
Not surprised with the news. Many things happens in China, and the outside world has no idea about it.


Kallol Sinha (Calcutta, India)
China always encourage in wildlife hunting.
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vishal (Location) replies to Kallol Sinha
“China always encourage in wildlife hunting”? How do you know that? Or you just talk out of your a*se by default? Then by your logic – India always encourage r*pe, corruption and racist killings…does this sounds like something you can relate to? Absolute mor0n!



Abhijit Hemant (Location)
Shame on China. Where are the Animal Rights activists ? Are they asleep ?
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Aryabhata (Kusumapura)
There was also an incident sometimes back when chinese tourists posted their photos on weibo, eating engendered animals in illegally occupied Paracel Islands.
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Whale should no become extinct! We need to save this unique creation of God.


manish kumar (Unknown)
whale shark killing should be stopped.


web presence (Pune)
Cruelty of the lowest order.


  1. 尼玛的三鬼!!帮你的基友“日本鬼”转移视线也别抹黑我中国啊,别跟我说你们三鬼不知道神马是海豚湾!画个圈圈诅咒三鬼在户外便便的人永远不低于百分之50。

    • 鲨鱼和鲸是不同的。。。海豚属于鲸的一种,而非鲨鱼。不知道三哥怎么连这个也分不清

    • 我刚刚看了一段视频。一个19岁藏南青年因长的像中国人而在印度南部被打死。藏南部分人抗议说我们是印度人。不能因长的像中国人而歧视我们。看后心情很不好。

      • 有什么奇怪的。。。贱民天天死。。。人要不能左右命运就被命运左右。。。我只能说他在不应该的时间出现在了不应该的地方。。。 😐

  2. Aryabhata (Kusumapura)
    There was also an incident sometimes back when chinese tourists posted their photos on weibo, eating engendered animals in illegally occupied Paracel Islands.
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  3. 如果是大白鲨,大青鲨什么的就多杀点。。。省的游泳的时候担心(心理作用,实际上那几种鲨鱼中国海域没有。)。。。至于鲸鲨吗。。。虽然是最大的鱼,但人家是吃浮游生物的。。。而且600的数量不算过份,一天都没2条。。。 😎
    咱们周边都是中小型鲨鱼。。。2米左右的。。。 😎
    我不认为600条鱼还要拿出来说事。。。可见三哥很闲在。。。 🙄

  4. 这两天刚看到印度有女的连小孩一起被老公烧死,这些傻逼居然在装圣母,谴责中国杀鲨鱼?别看这些傻逼装逼这么high,三猪们绝对比任何人狠毒,强奸就算了,还要将受害者活活折磨死

  5. [email protected] on said:



  6. 吃鲨鱼是不太好,但是13亿人一年就杀600只,日本一亿人杀多少鲸鱼怎么不说?印度人不算算人均吗?600只鲨鱼中国每人能分一口肉吗?印度人喝牛尿,不尊重妇女怎么不说呢?

      • 恐怕您没机会了 印度有世界上最多的牛 而中国有最多的猪 记得好像是第二名到第十几名的总和 而且印度人喜欢喝新鲜的 直接接尿 说包治百病

          • 很多人都知道啊 最初因为 中国需要非洲的能源资源和市场 签证卡的不严 不过现在尼日利亚人来中国已经很不容易了 中国政府开始谨慎了

    • 日本捕鲸一年1000多头,前段时间还弄坏了保护组织的船–没有征兆的偷袭!小白大改以前的风格?对三哥的还能指望什么?不过鱼翅和吃其他鱼的骨胶没多大区别。我们也得大改舌尖上的诱惑。对危险周边海域的可剐。 😳

  7. 很烦这些猪学了它爹的口气骂中国血汗工厂,质量差,环境差,也不撒泡尿照照自己。

    • 其实这些都是香港狗为了找优越感而说的,大陆杀一些鲨鱼香港人就唧唧歪歪,日本每年杀那么多鲸鱼,他们不说。真是奴才嘴脸!印度人也只是跟风而已。

  8. SB媒体小日本才是捕京最多的国家,印度这垃圾媒体就是不报道,不是不小日本娘们都送到你们家里了。

  9. “鲸不能灭绝!”文盲也敢上网来评论?连鲸与鲨 都没分清楚!不愧是愚蠢自大的印度啊三。

  10. 三哥不不杀野生动物,只烧死家养的两脚畜生。。。比如嫁妆不足的妻子,生女孩的妻子。。。等等。。。

    • 我宁肯吧他们归入脑残或流氓也不把他们归入野生动物,把人类的垃圾归到人家那里这不好。。。野生动物多少还是要保护的。。。 😎

    • 杀鸡和杀鲨鱼在道德角度有本质区别吗。。。别听那帮2B忽悠。。。都是吃饱了撑的脑残找的事,好体现自己所谓崇高的道德。。。 👿

  11. 黑鬼又放屁,鲨鱼就是用来杀的,杀绝了最好!海里的鱼原本就不够吃,还用得着鲨鱼来帮忙?

    保留的鲨鱼应该都关进水族馆,野外活鲨都应杀绝,这样人类才安全。 :mrgreen:

    • 不能这么说,我记得看过介绍鲨鱼的节目,鲨鱼在食物链里是很重要的一环,存在即合理,大鱼吃小鱼小鱼吃虾米虾米吃泥沙。。。如果鲨鱼死光了,食物链会乱套的,最终会导致人类爱吃的某些鱼也大量减少的,还有一些高级贝类虾类也会减少的,我忘了是怎么个道理,反正当时看的时候觉得节目说的很合理 :mrgreen:

      • 嗯,估计跟狼图腾里说的大概一个意思。如果草原上木有了狼,那黄羊旱獭之类的数量就会泛滥,导致生态环境失衡。草原遭到损害糟蹋,开始荒漠化,然后自己圈养的小绵羊也活不了了

        • 有人这个食物链最顶端的盯着呢。。。什么玩意儿能多到人吃了还富裕。。。 😯
          况且,鲸鲨吃浮游生物,大白鲨吃企鹅海豹。。。咱们怕企鹅海豹污染南极还是浮游生物太多污染大海(说实话:现在海里的东西也未必干净,你怎么知道那鲨鱼去没去福岛遛弯,而且很多都是汞超标。地铁里不是也贴着海报吗,说海豹肉含汞超标)。。。 😯
          说到底就是。。。鸡好养,养鲨鱼太麻烦了。。。就这么简单。。。 :mrgreen:

  12. 动物保护组织,都是打着何护的招牌,干反华的勾当。不能允许他们以香港为基地,在内地搞间谍活动。 😳 👿

      • 证据?不好意思没有,