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Haider Khan (Pakistan)
13 Aug, 2011 08:30 PM
China is nation of great people. China is making rapid progress in every sphere of life. It is now world’s 2nd largest economy. In next 20 years will will surpassed US economy to be the world’s no. 1 economy. China made stunning progress in defence production and now at par with USA, Russian, France, and Great Britain.

China announced to built 4 aircraft carrier till 2014. It will help China to safeguard its interests in Asia-Pacific region. I congratulate scientists and engineers of China to achieve such great mile stone of indigenously building aircraft carrier. Long live China Pakistan friendship.



Raveen Beemsingh (Mumbai)
11 Aug, 2011 05:21 PM
Is it the Dragon’s dance wielding the Jade claw, or Shiva’s tandav wielding his trishul, time is to tell, but both is a run to ruins, but what needs to be done should be done.


who2tell (USA)
11 Aug, 2011 09:53 AM
It is only a trainer; most probably it will spend time with cadets on it, and on humanitarian rescue missions. When the civil unrest hit Libya a couple of months ago, China had to hire Greek ships to evacuate Chinese workers in that country, with only one single ship available dispatched to that area. India sent 3 bigger war ships instead.

The Chinese military is different from her foreign counterparts in that it has the tradition to be used in civilian rescue missions such as in earth quake, flood, forest fire etc. Indeed, these operations are one of the missions of the Chinese military. When natural disaster happens, Chinese people can alway count on the PLA (people’s liberation army). When they see the army, people know for each slim chance there will be a full-out effort. This trainer/rescue ship will be very helpful for PLA’s missions.



Ankur (Planet Earth)
11 Aug, 2011 04:00 AM
i am Indian but still i would say POWERFUL RULES THE WORLD. so China is getting sophisticated and disciplined in every sector, so Indian be ready for passive Chinese rule. Guys making strong negative comments against won’t change the reality.


Prof. Debrata Palchoudhury (CANADA)
11 Aug, 2011 02:40 AM
This is just the junk which the Chinese bought from Ukraine. This junk has now been made into an aircraft carrier with Israeli help. China and Israel are great allies. China also claims she has nuclear propelled submarines but she in reality has none. India amongst others has the most lethal nuclear submarine on our planet the AKULA-2. We must thank our Russian brothers for this.


Jimi (USA) replies to Prof. Debrata Palchoudhury
11 Aug, 2011 09:58 AM
Dude, you think with a prof. title you would make people take your comment more seriously than it is actually worth? Inferior-complex at work?


schrodinger (USA) replies to Prof. Debrata Palchoudhury
11 Aug, 2011 03:31 AM
Maybe you don’t know the ‘reality’…The truth is china does have nuclear submarines. And there are two generations of them. First generation is 091″Han” nuclear attack sub and 092″Xia” nuclear ICBM sub. The second generation is 093″Shan” and 094″Jin”.


Jeff Gulati (Guwahati)
10 Aug, 2011 11:44 PM
Dear China, please also test whether your new carrier sinks like Titanic. Call it the Titanic Sink Test.


man (uk) replies to Jeff Gulati
11 Aug, 2011 02:01 AM
don’t worry, dear! if it sinks, it will let at least three indian carriers sink first!!!


paramjit (INDIA)
10 Aug, 2011 10:14 PM


Ben (Islamabad)
10 Aug, 2011 08:03 PM
China has added a precious gem to its String of Pearls; its first aircraft carrier which has just been launched for maiden sea trials. Although aircraft carriers have been in service in many naval forces for decades, the launch of China’s first aircraft carrier drew worldwide attention. China’s plans to enter the blue waters on-board a carrier were known to the world since long but it never admitted that it was indeed building a carrier.

Pakistan’s deep sea port of Gwadar was suspected to be a dispersal base for the carrier after an irresponsible remark by defense minister about China’s plans to develop a naval base near the port. Although China distanced itself from these remarks, it however confirmed only last month that it was refitting the old, unfinished Soviet carrier hull bought from Ukraine’s government. The world suspects that it was also building two of its own carriers because if Beijing is serious about having a viable carrier strike group, it will need three carriers along with support ships and aircrafts for the carrier group.



Indi (india) replies to Ben
10 Aug, 2011 09:47 PM
shut up porki


JK (India) replies to Ben
10 Aug, 2011 09:47 PM
China is good at “reverse engineering” they take/steal prototypes from Russia or even US and reproduce it.


justy (bangalore) replies to JK
12 Aug, 2011 10:42 AM
reverse engg.. oh copy paste..


zhou (beijing) replies to JK
10 Aug, 2011 10:53 PM
How can China reverse engineer a carrier since it doesn’t actually own a russian or us carrier?


Mike1624 (US) replies to zhou
11 Aug, 2011 02:05 AM
The Varyag and Kiev are both Soviet built carriers in PRC.


zhou (beijing) replies to Mike1624
11 Aug, 2011 04:59 AM
The Kiev is technically a cruiser, a cold war relic with little implications for 21st century warfare. The Veryag is an empty hull, how on earth can you reverse engineer based on an empty hull?


Doctor (Pakistan) replies to zhou
11 Aug, 2011 12:17 AM
Indians are afraid of China Knocked out in Sino-Indian war 1962 =)


hind (kerala) replies to Doctor
11 Aug, 2011 11:20 AM
yes china knocked out us it;s truth … but we kicked 4 times on Paki’s butt don’t forget you …PORKI


Kiran (Mumbai)
10 Aug, 2011 07:42 PM
Thanks for stemming Arms Race in the continent China. Because of this now India will also have to increase investment significantly in naval warfare. Instead of feeding the poor and the hungry we will be spending on weapons. In cases of arms race like this, more often than not a democratic country emerges victorious. So there is hope for us.


Enlighten (Mumbai) replies to Kiran
10 Aug, 2011 09:15 PM
“more often than not a democratic country emerges victorious” — how many examples do you have to show other than USSR ? Even USSR countries are all way better than India today in terms of technology or living standard. the western countries and India are not the same, they are on the two far end of the spectrum.


Indian (India)
10 Aug, 2011 07:20 PM
Why can’t China or India build their own carrier? This is really bad to always retrofit an old Russian carrier anyway….Always second hand….That too after so much of payment and hurdles….


girish kumar (hyderabad)
10 Aug, 2011 06:05 PM
it was something inevitable, vis-a-vis china, as it is a major power, and just can’t do without one to maintain its superiority and balance of power in the Asian sub continent.


goa (dhanbad)
10 Aug, 2011 05:13 PM
first tib%t, 2.will b taiwan, 3.nepal burma simultaneously (bcos it will b a very easy task 4 them), 4.Senkaku Islands, 5.Spratly and Paracel Islands 6.string of pearls stationing of commie navy so u c its a long list. there4 d carrier a basic requirement 4 them (power projection). they will make mor of these ships in future. & u all know what is d basic requirement of our netas & babus ($$$$$$$ & various types of favours from west). our rmy & ar-fors (with support from Indian gov & NATO countries) must immidiately design some contingency plan regarding nepal & burma otherwise those 2 nations will also bcame 2nd & 3rd tib%t, & our navy is already working against string of pearls bcos they r smarter than d other 2 fors. my point is WHEN INDIA WILL AWAKE????? (i hav not taken in2 account- aksai chin, AP, sikkim) no plem plz…………


  1. 以色列现在的国力和科技实力面对中国真的是小朋友,以色列的造船技术几时走到中国前面去了?我估计就是连印度都不如

    • 据我所知,以色列是一个科技和经济都很发达的国家,我国的很多军事技术就是他们帮助下完成的(非常感谢三泰虎的辛勤劳动)

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