原文标题:China warns US against 'muddying waters' in South China Sea


BEIJING: It was no time to "make waves" in the disputed South China Sea and dance behind a "Pied Piper", China's official news agency warned today, after US said it would shift the bulk of its naval fleet to the Pacific Ocean by 2020.

"It is advisable for some to refrain from muddying the waters and fishing therein and for some others to desist from dancing behind a Pied Piper whose magic tone, as tempting as it is, might lead its followers astray," said Xinhua in a commentary, referring to the sea, which is part of the Pacific and the subject of overlapping territorial claims.



China claims the South China Sea in full, and it is also claimed in whole or part by Taiwan, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The much-hyped China threat to the freedom of navigation in South China Sea is a pure invention, Xinhua said.

"China has seen its political, economic and military strengths growing markedly,fabricating new claims is not in its blood," said the agency.




It was Beijing's "genuine wish" to turn the South China Sea "into a sea of peace, friendship and cooperation," added Xinhua, in the commentary titled 'Not to make waves in South China Sea'.

In a major re-posturing, US today announced it will shift the bulk of its naval fleet including as many as six aircraft carriers to the Pacific by 2020 as part of new strategic focus on Asia.

The decision to deploy more warships to the Pacific Ocean, defence secretary Leon Panetta said, was part of a "steady, deliberate" effort to bolster the US role in the area, deemed vital to American interest recently by President Barack Obama.





Pratul Birla (Kolkata)
History book written in the US in 2040 will read something like this ....... When China was building a strong nation , India had no clue , its ministers were making money , the govt machinery was looting money and people were only busy displaying their acquired wealth by importing foreign goods, building palatial houses and not paying taxes . The nation was sleeping to the threat of China and in 2019 when China attacked India , it had no answer. The war got over in three days.......
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Rathore (Delhi) 17 hrs ago
When ever Hindu decreased India decided. We lost Afghanistan and Burma from British India as Hindu were few there. 1947 we Lost Pakistan and Bangladesh due to less Hindu. In Kashmir, Kerala and north east problem only due to less Hindu. We will divide again if Hindu decreased in any part of India. Save Hindu save India. because without Hindu there will be no India.
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t (bangalore) 21 hrs ago
US and India should together fight with china. So it can be beaten easily. China is growing no doubt but their ego is on cloud.
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rajivechaurasia (HARIDWAR)
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Bholu (Delhi) 18 hrs ago
China and Islamic terrorism are the two threats the world has to deal with in 21st century.
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VSGR (Bangalore)
China is really becoming very aggressive in its sphere of influence. It is definitely a worrying sign
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Saikat Roy (Dubai)
Any sea out side country line - any one can explore. This is not china's fathers property.
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Arjan (India) 15 hrs ago
So whats China going to do, china simply cannot afford to disrupt exports to the US which account for 35% of its GDP currently, while Europe and other world economies slow down including Chinas, its threats are simply hot air. Besides China needs to change its policy of belligerence with its neighbors. China has border disputes with all its neighbors with annexation of areas with Mongolia, and of course Tibet, disputes with Japan, Phillipines, Vietnam and lets not forget India, all these nations can have an impact on China with economic consequences if not militarily, China will have to settle all these disputes if it wishes to regain any respect and cordial relationships with these countries.
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Amit Chaudhary (Gurgaon, Haryana)
No country has a right to claim or warn others over international waters.... if US is wrong, China is also not right....
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make modi PM (bangalore) 19 hrs ago
our future PM modi can help relieving tension between china and india on oil share in south china. Modi has already made good friendship with china and i think it will benefit lot if he become our PM
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Chandrika (Chennai)
China is trying to play aggression here when it has no reason to. Beyond Chinese Waters, any neighbouring country can explore oil or gas. America too has no right to place their fleet in strategic regions that would create security problems to other Nations. Both these Nations think they rule the world and are threats to world peace.
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sudheer (Hyd)
indian policy is good, straight forward and clear but very slow in action. its good that india always tries to solve issues unlike others who creating problems.
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Noname (France) 18 hrs ago
One must never forget the lesson from Indo china 1962 history. Already pakis are so vulnerable and Chinese are inside POK (Indian territory) , now Indian government should really increase defense budget and make India strong enough to have their own stand in case of any conflict with china. I believe Chinese understand & respect only muscle power. Instead of getting cot in cross fire we should prepare ourselves and can have a balance relationship with china after solving border & Indian global economic disputes amicably.
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Syed Hafiz (KSA)
Only China has the guts to threaten United States, the rest including India and Pakistan have no other alternatives than to succumb to Amerca's pressure!
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原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

homer (uk) 16 hrs ago
Bo Yang Chinese writer says.”When Chinese are weak they become slaves. When they are strong they become arrogant”. That is the history of the Chinese.
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anku6 (New Delhi)
Wow! China warns and USA Shivers? Did China think that every country in its neighborhood is like the country grabbed by it, TIBET?............ What is funny about China is that even after threatening its neighbors, it says they have "genuine wish" to turn the South China Sea "into a sea of peace, friendship and cooperation,"
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AsianunitedSimon (Uk) 17 hrs ago
America just made another costly mistake which bind Russia and China closer as a united front as a result. My prediction is the US will have another rethink and it's small alliances in Asia will pay the price of making the wrong bets. It is always the small people who suffers..
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Royal Prerogative (India)
China is one country which has territorial disputes with nearly all the Countries it borders. Moreover, being aggressive and possessing one of the two Primary and Powerful Armed Forces in Asia, seeks to project itself as the Superpower of Asia and in the long term the World. So, if the USA seeks to check China's clout, it should be welcomed by Asian countries, so as to ensure a multipolar Asia, which is in the interest of the world.
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Truth (Global) replies to Abdul Majid
Don't blame USA. Blame the stupid chinese policy of picking up fight with every neighbouring country. USA just sees an opportunitiy to intervene. China needs to work towards improving its relations with its neighbours.
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Vijay (Hyderabad)
China is always trying to bulldoze itself, it wants nearly every country or its part to be a part of china, when will this stop, it wants arunachal, leh laddakh , its already taken Tibet, it wants south china sea, surprisingly, it does not want part of Pakistan ?????
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Farooq Sameem (Moratuwa,Sri Lanka.) 20 hrs ago
China has quiet rightly warned America against muddying the placid waters of South China sea,which is of immense geopolitical strategic value to China.South China sea belongs to China,South Korea,Taiwan and Vietnam .Managing it for the benefit of its stakeholders is their duty.The American interference in South East Asia need to be resisted.The US plan to transfer bulk of its fleet including six aircraft carriers to the Pacific region is a resentful move.that endangers the balance of power in the. region.America is concerned about the growing economic and military power of China as it is likely to challenge the American supremacy here and its influence over the countries in the region..China is a rapidly rising power in the world and its rise is welcomed by the Third World countries as it is bound to bring about the most needed balance of power in the International arena with China as a counter weight for the US..
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Thinker (China) replies to t 20 hrs ago
India should stand on her own feet instead of looking for a new master!
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S.Singh (London) 12 hrs ago
US is the biggest market for Chinese goods and if US shuts this lifeline then Chinese economy would go into tail spin and its economy will be pushed back atleast 30 years back. Chinese would have to live on rats and cockroaches. Yes, US gets credit from China but US will go along with China as long as its moves are not against the US interests around the globe. Also, it US stops paying interest on credit it took from China, there is nothing (zilch) China can do. The Chinese economy will come to a stand still. US is still super power milltarily with high tech defense capabilities which may take another 50 years for China to achive. The US can shutdown entire South China sea and there is nothing zilch) China can do. China is just a huge paper tiger with no real power militarily or economically the mighty USA. Bloody Hell!!
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Rajendran (Doha)
US will not interfere in Chinese issues as they know that Chinese can destabilize US economy in no time... Most of the credit of US is from China.. They cant oppose & suppress China like they did to small countries..
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summet (shanghai) replies to Pratul Birla 17 hrs ago
just superb, believe me, I am in China past 10 years. What you have said now will happen.
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Abdul Majid (srinager kashmir)
let the America go to hell,why are they poking there nose everywhere, South China sea is asubject between India and China to discuss and decide. Why Barak Obema wants to deploy six war ships to south china by 2020. Does it mean they want to threaten India and China, Both ndia and China should evolve strategies to desist America to send his war ships in this region.
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vicky (hyderabad) replies to deepa 20 hrs ago
Our problems are genuine. China is imperialistic, Pak is the terrorist, Bangladesh has mafia, smugglers and land grabbers near our borders, Burma & Myanmar are the same and trained ULFA against us for Chinese, Sri Lanka kills tamils and tamil fisherman in our watres and is gifting naval bases to China(read against India). China on the other hand claims whole South China Sea till the shores of other countries like Vietnam, Phillipines,Malaysia etc. We are exploring Oil in Vietnamese waters, while China is building Roads, Rail, Pipelines, and Underground tunnels in Pakistan occupied Kashmir
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deepa (Chennai) replies to Abrakadabra 20 hrs ago
We have also problems with the neighbours. We are not in good terms with China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Burma, Myanmar and also Nepal
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Abrakadabra (Timbaktu)
China needs to ponder if its stand is alright, why so many countries bordering it have problems with it!
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RAJ (USA) 22 hrs ago
China should mind well that they can act authoratively, arrogantly with surrounding Asian countries but not with USA. Once upon a time Japan tried to lecture USA about their economic policy and got the taste of USA's silent indirect reaction by which Japan economy went down. Now China will taste the same kind of reaction from USA, if they underestimate USA power.USA decides which country they want to bring up and which country they want to bring down depends upon their relationship and reaction from other countries. India should learn something out of it and have a good relationship with USA for their self-interest, atleast at this juncnture. If Romney wins Presidential election, China will face more problems from USA.
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JB ( ) replies to RAJ
Those days are gone when a handful of Countries were rich and US could do what it felt was right. Japan is still the most significant economic power and if you take the ratio and proportions Japan is way ahead of USA. Don't bring up the ultra ethical Japan into this dirty politics of the US.
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altaf (mumbai) 1 day ago
Why does the americans need to get their warships to asia? If iran had done the same military action was inevitable, is the so called international community sleeping?
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Deepak (Mumbai) 1 day ago
1962 was more than 50 years back. India needs to come out its inferiority complex and look at future. If we go on war, China has more to lose than us. So they will never wanna go for a full fledge war.
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原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Proud Indian
When we want to deal with Pakistan and China, we unconsciously run to our colonial masters and scream for "help, help" to Christian nations as though they are waiting to do free service for us. Then we brag that we kicked out the British from India while desperately waiting in long que for British and American passports and willing to quit Bharat Mata any time. Then we curse about Muslim invaders but next day stand in long que for jobs in front of Sultans and Badshas of Arabia. End of the day, either Allah or Jesus has to feed us. Indians don't want to live in India but India lives in every Indian:)
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Rajguru (delhi)
China is behaving much the same manner ,Hitler was threatening Germany's neibhours. Are not the world moving closer to WW-3 ?
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ravi (Mumbai) 1 day ago
China is damaging its own image by showing over agression, giving other countries like India, Japan, Vietnam etc the reason to increase their military might. China should be contempt with what they have and protect their interests. But being too much greedy is always devastating. Also damaging relations with neighbouring countries will eventually not good for China, if China thinks that they can 'dictate' neighbours by means of their military and economic might. China's economy is driven by exports and if China try to do something fishy in so called disputed China Sea, they rest countries will ban China's ship routes from other sea routes.
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rsesq (USA)
So expanding out from the South China sea, we must now take permission from China to put ships into the entire of the pacific ocean??? It is foolishness for china to even suggest such a thing. If the world switches manufacturing to India, Brazil, or other nations, china will not have enough funds to launch a row boat much less attempt to dictate to the US and the rest of the world.
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Awake or fall (India) 18 hrs ago
China, India, and other Asian countries need to be wary of Christianity, the political tool which is used by west to spread their empires. I think continent wide rule should be made to check Christian population. We all shout about Muslim population but the actual conspiracy is to hide their numbers by shouting loudly about Muslims. Believe me there are more Christians in India than shown in census reports. Ever heard of the term crypto-Christian?
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Siloo Kapadia (Singapore)
For USA, China is tomorrow's Al Qaida and Iraq. Today's Al Qaida is yesterday's Japan. Yesterday's Japan was the Arabs of the 1970s. The Arabs of the 1970s were the communists of the 1960s. The communists of the 1960s were the Nazis of before that. And so on... USA needs an enemy. Any enemy. After China? It will definitely be India! Even now they are blowing the alarm sirens. Not to worry. It is all mostly hype for their own people, many of who know the American empire is sinking and are making for the exits.
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mrxexon (USA)
China doesn't have much of a navy. Yet. Our presence there is taking advantage of this weakness. The only thing it's going to accomplish is another arms race as China will respond by building ships. Which they can do far cheaper than we can. We bankrupted the Soviet Union over this kind of thing. China may repay us with the same method.
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Amit Bhattacharjie (Dubai, UAE)
Tell me please, is there oil in the South China Sea, except in the region where Brunei is? May be this must be the reason Mr. Panetta. And China is the only power today which can stand up and voice its views, even set up a certain kind of block.
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rancho (delhi) 1 day ago
we have military edge over china,we have missiles,so no need to worry
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Ninad Varadkar (Bahrain)
China's talks at world meeting and actions and talks from within China nerevr seem to match..........
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Mohan (India) 1 day ago
China,correct yourself first before lecturing...
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Prabhakar Rao (Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ind)
Chinkies are trying to annoy the mighty USA. They will loose everything they built in the last 3 decades. This happens when arrogance rules them. USA has strategically encircled the China now.
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John (Goa)
China should learn from "Battle of Troy". China doesn't have good relations with its neighbors.
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Gaurav (India)
Both powers flexing their muscles! Let's see who gets the upper hand finally!
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原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Bal (Dra) 1 day ago
What is the proof that the South China Sea belongs to China???? Hope it is not a piece of paper that showed some lines traced by a Chinese sailor. Well if there was no oil, it would not be a part of China. Well still their fishing vessels enter the sea boundry of some the small nation around the SCS, drag the fish out from there as well. Its the fault of the Chinese who act like DADA'S in the region and then cry when they see someone strong coming to help these nations. In fact China has no friends in this world. Their Arrogance will fail them. Their aim is to be a supersuper power on the cost of others. They see the other Asians inferior to them. For the exception of Japan Who wakked them in world war 2. Their aim is to sell their products to keep spinning their factories so as to keep their people occupied. For that they dont care to whom they sell it can be also their greatest enemy in their mind.
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Rohit Ahluwalia (Australia)
China has no right to claim the South China Sea. It should be used by the whole world and should be kept free of any ones control
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Ramani Krishnamurthy (vadodara)
At the present situation,China is most powerful country and could dictate terms not only to India but also to US and rest of the world. No one will dare to go war with China,and when threatened no one take it lightly including US. But quite ironically,the Chinese domination will come to end through natural calamities, only to become a weak nation,sooner or later.
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Dharmendra Gupta (Mumbai)
USA has nothing to worry, the barking chinese dogs can only bark at USA but cannot bite
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slumbai2012 (delhi)
USA is nothing,india will be superpower in 2015.


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