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What if a war would break out tomorrow between the United States of American and China. No allies involved just the two. Let's pressume that both countries are wise enough not to use nuclear weapons who would win?

People's Republic of China?



Historically, sea power overcomes land power.

China is a continental power. The US is a maritime power.



The USA would win because our Navy and technology are superior. An invasion on either side would be very costly though, I think.



Neither side could, or would try to, sustain any "invasion." Wars of the second half of the 20th century are illustrative. The two rivals would play out much of their conflict (over their vital interests) in other geographical locations, and by proxy as far as possible...Vietnam; Afghanistan.

The US and the USSR did that for forty-five years and never fought each other.



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General Michael Collins(爱尔兰)
Proxy war might be more likely but direct conflict is not impossible ... like in the Korean War, for example.


In 1950, China was the proxy of the USSR.


Honestly, despite the fact that were are militarily and technologically superior, I believe that China would win as we no longer seem to have the will to do what it takes for victory.


There's a lot of truth to this, but the outcome of the war would have a lot to do with reasons for it to happen. Before entering WWII, the US didn't have much of a warrior culture, but Japan woke a sleeping giant. If China attacked us, we'd win, but if we attacked China we'd lose.


korea war had proved that, both had not won, both had not lost. so , why not sit down and drink tea(or coffee)? let us to talk about bussiness.


Charlie Bravo(美国)
Obviously that is the superior option overall. I believe the OP was simply a hypothetical question. Those with wisdom on both sides would naturally desire diplomacy and peace.


Hopefully the US would never fall into the trap of getting in a land war in China.

This we could never win.


The definition (or the understanding) of "victory" is not what it was before the Cold War. Ask a professional military person what military success is now and it will not be dictating terms in the enemy's capital. More often it is identifying your most vital interests; deciding how much the cost is worth to address them, and holding you nose when you don't get all you wanted.

The US is not a warrior culture. Mass armies (in most societies) have been replaced by highly trained professional-technical military forces. The nature of most contemporary "war-fighting" has made that necessary.

When you look at the military face of China (and also of North Korea) it seems both are throwbacks to obsolescent military models - mass armies tooled for WW II. Neither has fought a modern war in 60 years.

The PLA navy, in personnel, is about the same as the USN, but 60-70% of it is shore based naval infantry and land based naval air, not forward deployed. You see a lot of pictures of Chinese sailors marching with rifles. Not very modern naval capability.





it depends on the theater of war, if its taking place on Chinese soil, I would have to say China would win, however, if its a mainly naval contest, the US would destroy China. But as stated, its just China v the US, i would say the US can win if it lasts only a year or two, however if it drags on and on, the US would be doomed because we just dont have the resources of men that China does.


Charlie Bravo(美国)
The best bet the US would have wouldn't be to engage the Chinese on their own soil in piecemeal battles, but to blockade them, and starve them of energy and every other necessity that they could be starved of. I suspect the "String of Pearls" including Gwadar would have to be at the very least blockaded if not destroyed outright, and every sea-lane leading to China would be have to be severed. That's the very reason I believe that China is so focused on aquiring naval force projection in the form of blue water naval assets such as carriers. Effective use of the US Navy would be cruical to a US victory, and one can pretty much guarantee that if total war erupted with China the US would boost naval production and capability to a staggering level.


A war with no allies probably helps the U.S. more than it hurts it, since it would relieve the American military from having to worry about the safety of Japan, and especially Taiwan, which means the USN is free to operate without being tied down.

Then you're talking USN versus PLAN, and I don't think the PLAN is quite their yet in being able to challenge the USN, though it is certainly making rapid strides. That's about all that war would be though. There is no chance that either United States or the PRC would be able to sustain land operations against each other.

I suppose the U.S. could deploy B-1 and B-2 bombers against China, though that would undoubtedly be risky, and it probably could toss some submarine based cruise missiles at the Chinese mainland.




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Charlie Bravo(美国)
I still see a ground assault on the Chinese mainland as an exercise in futility. Better to starve the dragon and force it to capitulate than to fight it head on and lose.


I was not trying to speak about invading China as that is nigh on suicidal, i was only speaking in relation to what they were saying. We (being the US) have enough air and sea power to starve China into submission. However, the most difficult part will be trying to cover China's boreder with Russia. If we cannot do something about that border, the US will not be able to fully cut off the Chinese.


Yeah, personally if this went done, Russia would almost have to join in on one side or the other. Without knowing how other countries in the region stand, its nigh on impossible to predict what will happen. All we can do is present possible scenerios but as others have stated the best option is to blockade China. The invasion idea is almost identical to the invasion of Japan, only on a much larger scale land wise. The prediction for losses of that possible campaign were half a mi;llion or a million, i am not netirely sure on that. Those losses would probably be in the tens of millions if we invaded China.


But the US is ahead of just about everyone when it comes to quality and quantity of naval assests. Britian is probably the closest when it comes to carrier tech, the Russians have decent subs but are behind when it comes to carriers.


We could maintain a campaign of dropping bombs and cruise missiles down on targets in mainland China.

Can they do that to us?

My main concern would be China hacking our military computers.




China could not get a single warship anywhere near the US without being sunk by our submarine force or other Navy assets. Not to mention our long range bombers.


China has no attack aircraft that could reach the US mainland. They could only attack our overseas interests.

In the meantime we would be bombing mainland China.



You obviously have no understanding of this warfare scenario. China's own air force is not a paper tiger. If the US sends fighters and bombers over to mainland China it would be a bloodbath. The US would eventually lose because of the sheer number of Chinese fighters and missiles.


The US has more fighters and bombers than China does.


But how many of them can be deployed? The United States have to deploy them from carriers and island bases. China can deploy all 2,500 of their aircraft from their own soil. America can't deploy all 5,500 aircrafts.


The US can launch bombers form deep inside the US mainland that can fly all the way to China, and bomb targets deep inside China, and then fly back to the US.

This includes the B1 Bomber, the B52 Bomber and the B2 Stealth Bomber.



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Ever heard of something called radar?


Have you heard of the US HARM missile?


You do realize that the US would fire cruise missiles from over a thousand miles away, and they are deadly accurate. And drones have no blood to spill.

These would target not only military, but also leadership persons houses or headquarters and bunkers.

Stealth US aircraft, with our sophisticated jamming devices could also penetrate deep into China and go after strategic targets.

In the meantime China could not send any military aircraft against the US mainland.





the chinese numbers will only come into play if we invade China which i HIGHLY doubt will ever happen. the only way i see us fighting the chinese army is if they invaded russia (very unlikely) or if they attacked Taiwan. Otherwise it will strictly be a naval and sea fight which the US will win....unless we run out of missiles to shoot down all those crappy chinese airplanes.


and yes china has a lot of surface to air missiles but without radar they are as good as useless, they are just decorations without radar to guide them. without the thousands of SAM's the chinese have they probably would get annihilated by the US air Force and Navy. Because the US has better airplanes, better technology, and better air tactics than the Chinese.


Warfare isn't as naive as you think it is. Radars are the most protected assets when it comes to aerial combat. China will not be stupid enough to leave radars unguarded.


Maybe you didn't read about the US HARM missile. If China turns on their radar the HARM missile will track its signal and destroy it.


Im not trying say that the PLAAF sucks, they are just not on the same level as the US Navy and Air Force. Airplanes are easy to replace, pilots are not.


hmmmm.. this war would problably be a draw like when china fight US in Korean War....Although if it was purely China vs USA no other countries....maybe china would have some trouble without more advanced technologies from russia?


besides why would we want to go to war with China, then we wont have low wal mart prices =(


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