Welldone China
by Rajiv N

In India we use the same infrastructure given to us by the British. Thanks to them we atleast travel in trains. Sadly our politicians have squandered tax payers money and have done nothing worthwhile. Now they talk of reservation. Will they build new railway trains & railway network for them too.


China is way ahead .....

China is way ahead of others....Great nation.



It is impossible to attain such projects in India as long as we do not recognise the talent and only go by reservation which starts from Parliament to every corner of the country


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If direct cash scheme implemented then
by Ashok Mishra

The Government will have not fund to provide basic things like Road repairing, water supply, train cleaning, improvement of villages and cities. All fund directly goes to Swis Bank. So take care in coming election.


what about our mumbai metro ?
by sunil nair

no body knows what will happen to mumbai metro.

already broke so many deadlines.
(also lots of people died under cement slabs of this project silently without making any big noice).
it's a record breaking dealeyed project under our corrupt administration.)




Congratulations China!!!
by M Parshuram

Wonderful feat.... you people keep achieving the highest standards that inspire the whole world!



by wellfrog

let us go there and study how they have improved WE LEARN THINGS FROM OUR NEIGHBOURS NOTHING WRONG IN LEARNING


by French Cuisine
By capitalism unabated. China is more capitalist at present out of any country in the whole world, more than America, more than Europe. Go to China and you can set up your factory within a month, in US it takes a few months, in India a few years. India is still drowning under a flood of rules and regulations. Only the Gujrat story is a bit different, the rest of India is socialist inc.


by Radha Mohan
Why years? if you pay money you can start business in India in 15 days. That way we are the fastest.So why not legalise corruption and grow faster.? Think out of the box man.. think.


by x y

WE must not have High speed train till the last Indian is provided with roti,kapda,makhan.Jain Hindi.


Re: India
by abc_xyz abc_xyz
its not Jain Hindi..its Jai HIND.

不是“Jain Hindi”,是“Jai HIND”。

Re: India
by Sandeep Ghosh
Unless you have high speed train,you won't have roti kapda aur makhan


Re: India
by M Parshuram
Every high speed train in India will bring more roti, kapda and makaan to the people.


china high speed train
by Akhilpada Sarkar

disciplined, hardworking law abiding workers.
no inkilab zindabad.no bandh there



Re: china high speed train
by sidha bol
yes. else will be hanged immediately


Re: Re: china high speed train
by michael kay
Better be killed in hell than to be rot in heaven.


by abc_xyz abc_xyz

Chinese growth isn't uniform. Their metros are world-class, but some of their interior villages are worse than what you can imagine. Their SoftSleeper coaches are better than our 1st AC coaches, but their Hardsitter coaches are worse than our Unreserved compartments. Their beauracrats, CEO's, Business magnets, polticians earn more than our counterparts, whereas their poor people are poorer than many lower-class indians. Their kind of governance prohibits common citizens to talk against atrocities, whereas we have that freedom here. Never try to ape China in everything. They are born and brought up to hate other country men, while we dont do it. They aren't a role model to anyone.


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Re: china
by Chenny Youp
have u been to china, have u visited any chinese villages? r u living in ur dream land or just make u feel better to imagine the normal chinese is more miserable than indian? ask anyone around u who has been to china what about normal chinese life and the inland villages, how they compare the chinese lowest hardsit coach with indian 2nd class coach...


Re: Re: china
by abc_xyz abc_xyz
You think I talk rubbish without being there?


Re: Re: china
by Om Shanti

CY,I agree with you.I am an Indian in China and travelled China extensively in last 10 years..


Re: china
by dhaval
well said .....ours is the country who teach love and humanity....


Re: Re: china
and corruption...


Re: Re: Re: china
by Sachin jadhav
And hatred against other religion


Re: china
by Ashish Singh
as your name suggest you are still learning abc....; i am sure you have never been to China, the so called percentage of population BPL is only 3%, these figures are not given by Chinese,but by UNO. i frequently go to China for business purposes as it is the manufacturing hub of the world, and also have seen their tourist places of natural beauty which all are in rural areas, i can vouch that their so called poverty is on a much lower scale than that of India.Moreover their railway hard seats are equivalent to our AC 3 tier. Therefore you are requested to stop writing these rubbish things thereby exposing your ignorance, and deter from reading british & american news items which are hot beds of false propaganda.


Re: Re: china
by sidha bol
u chini agent please go and live in china and don't spread trash news.


Re: Re: Re: china
by Om Shanti
Any body telling fact,becomes agent ? What a FrogInTheWell !


Re: china
by wellfrog
you cannot compare indian development with china . India will take another 100 years to reach chinas today development
no one other than passengers enters the station decipline - all workers are avilable in the train and clean it frequently - their road are broad and wide - no congestion even in old beijing - they take regular efforts to improve - our national highways are built recently which should have been done 100 years before and still no traffic rules in the highways - truck stops where ever the driver likes and occupies both the lanes always - they are patriotic they do not hate other country

They have friendly with Pak, Srilanka and they dont want war even with India . They want to concentrate only on their own development and business - Only the indian usa slave wants to create trouble wit them especially the indian meadia fabricating the chineese news and USA wants india china war at any cost - so that they can stop the development of Asian nations
Their political system is for the huge population - see their olymbics medals - they were not in olymbics few years before boycotted by the 3/4th of the world still they managed to come first or second though asians are physically weak when comparative to africans and Europeans see their dedication - can inda win 100 golds even after 1000 years in olymbics with their Pseudo freedom of speech and democracy - i dont think so. but we will fight with our neibours and go down by another 1000 years WE HAVE ERUL NADU



Re: Re: china
by sidha bol
Another chini agent. We are fine in India if u don't like please go to china and stay there


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Re: Re: Re: china
by wellfrog
you are not able to digest the truth and you will remain only as a agent for some people . you will not learn things and realise our mistakes to improve


Re: Re: Re: Re: china
by sidha bol
Please stop saying trash. I have visited many countries including china so don't think everybody is a f00l like you. Hope you know the meaning of patriot also.


Re: china
by sidha bol
@abc_xyz abc_xyz well said and very much correct


Re: Re: china
by abc_xyz abc_xyz
Thanks Sidha Bol. Beware of Chamchas and Slaves like wellfrog( name fits well haha) and Ashish Singh

谢谢,Sidha Bol,小心 wellfrog(名字取得好,哈哈)和 Ashish Singh 等奴隶。

Well Disciplined
by chunjaru

This shows how a country can progress well if its people are disciplined. In India everyone has their own wishes and blame each other even if they do it themselves. Controlled Democracy has been a boon for the chinese for the last 2 decades and they have learnt from their past mistakes of suppressing people. If the people's movement in Tibet recedes, China will develop it as the best accessible and beautiful place on Earth.


Fact is that
by Manoj Khurana
Is there Reservation on caste basis in CHINA???????????????


Re: Fact is that
by Steven Komakula
In China, minorities and people from poor areas needs lower scores to get into colleges.


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