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外文标题:China to ease one-child policy: Xinhua


BEIJING: China will relax its one-child policy, state media said on Friday, in a major policy shift announced days after the conclusion of a meeting of top Communist Party leaders.


The change to the family planning law will let couples have two children if one of them is an only child, state news agency Xinhua reported, citing a "key decision" made by leaders at this week's gathering, known as the Third Plenum.



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pawan22778 ()
had to if the nation had to sustain


Rory Breaker (Neverland)
When you want to take over the world, you need a large army. Lots of soldiers, rifles in hand, that's what makes a good occupying force ~ just sayin'


Firozali A.Mulla (Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzan)
I think it is a fab idea THE economy of the China will grow up more now


tejinder (Location)
If anything, India should learn and emulate "one child policy" from China. The way India's population is increasing, India will be number one in population and number one in the number of "hungry people"
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sushil (Lucknow)
India don't care that is why here 3,4,5,........piglets/puppies are allowed precisely on religion/cast basis?


George Chungath Cheru (I N D I A)
Let them make as much they wants


v.aggarwal578 (INDIA)


Sukhdarshan Sehgal (Unknown)
some chance for india to still remain no 2 lol


True Indian (blore) replies to Sukhdarshan Sehgal
No Chinese families nowwont prefer more than 2 kids so their population will stabilize at this number. But how about us..?? Its rising and rising...


Neeraj Lohan (Faridabad)
"The change to the family planning law will let couples have two children if one of them is an only child" --- what does that mean??:- a) one of the parents is the only child??? . anyways happy that wight on earth and pressure on nature is going to increase...


True Indian (blore) replies to Neeraj Lohan
If one of the spouse is only thee child to their parents then that couple can have 2 kids. I hope u understood..


roy (Location) replies to Neeraj Lohan
it means if anyone in a couple which has no siblings, then this couple can have 2 child.


Praful Deshmukh (bathinda)
India should adopt one child policy at least for 5 years to maintain our population.
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True Indian (blore) replies to Praful Deshmukh
we need atleast 20-30 years to considerably bring down the population
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True Indian (blore)
India shud learn from them... We dont have senses to see and adopt what china has implemented proven and working system.. They put the Child policyy and when population came under control with significant human development index they are going back. But now Chinas population wont rise they know it. Coz once Human development index grows up families prefer to choose 2-3 kids which will stabilize the population. We need to raise the girls marriage age irrespective of religion and implement 1- child policy. Hope modi will do that




pad23au (Location)
The truth is one child policy has created huge demographic imbalances in China as both grandparents (paternal and maternal) became depended on one child to look after them due to this China saw huge increase in old people and decreasing level of working age people,precisely for this reason China has lifting the restrictions.China's development can be attributed to their dynamic leadership which were ruthless in carrying further reforms at the same time India having large pool of young population and skills suffering due to opportunistic and corrupt leaders.
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Firozali A.Mulla (Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzan)
My hat is off to China. Once a severe critic of socialism and government control, I have watched China grow from a third world basket case in the 1960s to the 2nd wealthiest country on earth. And China's forced one child policy is largely responsible for the "China Miracle" While forced family planning seems severe and out of place in our culture, it has done what China's leadership intended it to do. China was once a poor nation where even a bicycle was a luxury. Estimates are that over 100 Million of people died of starvation in the numerous great famines between the 1800 and 1960. Millions of Chinese left the country seeking a better life elsewhere. The"One Child policy" is one of the biggest factors in catapulting China from a third world country to the 2nd wealthiest country on earth in terms of GDP. With parents concentrating all their resources and efforts on fewer children, those children have had a better chance at a better education, more opportunities, and increased wealth through inheritance. In the 1960s China had a population of 667 million to India's 450 million. Today that figure is 1.35 billion to India's 1.23 billion. In fact, ten years the population of India will actually surpass China By 2050 the population of The US is projected to increase by 16%. India's on the other hand will increase by a whopping 24%. But China's population is projected to increase by only 3.9% from it's current rate The One Child Policy has had some unintended consequences It has created an imbalance of male to female...and in future China will have to solve the problem of and aging population with too few younger people. But, like the US, labor shortages can be solved by adjusting immigration policy. Which is A far better choice than having too many mouths to feed.
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