原文标题:Hu says China should become 'maritime power'


Manohar AM (Hyderabad)
With all the wealth China can become a world power in all fields, but they are neglecting the core issue. People cannot be fed on patriotism forever. Their welfare requires immediate attention, for which the leadership must delay their global power ambitions. Same applies to India too.
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vsr_b1a (India)
All great civilizations rise and fall, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Byzantium, British, Now USA, China has accelerated its growth but everything that goes up does not remain there forever. Change is the only thing that is constant
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KC and Jojo (United States) replies to Happyhero
China doesn't deserve #2 status, let alone #1. Everything comes and goes but the USA has no reason to go. And China has no reason to rise. Sorry.
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drbc (blr) replies to KC and Jojo
China will dominate this century.They need to be careful of using the next 4 years to build partnership with Asia & aim for economic prosperity.india should now forge good friendship with china.
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tjdeep2007 (hindustan)
hans have proven time to time they can do anything.. we should also pick the pace now...
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Samuel (Bangalore)
China's practical thinking is also the right way for India to apply in that India has the Indian Ocean at India's doorstep so in effect India should be a powerful maritime power also like China or even Japan not to mention the USA.
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KK Singh (New Delhi)
China has wherewithal to talk and plan such activity. They have not only worked hard but also used their resources, patriotism to reach this level. China has totalatarian society but even USA is forced to have huge business with it, despite of repeated calls that China's Human Right records are poor. Money and power speaks.
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robust (Delhi)
If China is not a maritime power already it will become one soon because of its problems with its neighbours and maritime problems .
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ashis (kolkata)
This is most logical. In order to become a superpower, a country has to be a great maritime power first. Hu choose the speech on the day he is confirmed that Romney is defeated.
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Let Me Die (New delhi)
Maritime power divide into three region. 1. North Atlantaic 2. North pacific and 3. Indian ocean. North Atlantic is always safe and powerful bcoz the presence of NATO and his Allies with great mutual understanding. North Atlantic region is hold by U.S.A and his Allies Japan,South Korea and Australia with good mutual understanding not great(Russia giving him great rivalry here and he survive. ). Indian Ocean is fully controlled by India bcoz of geographical condition favour India .Now China are penetrating in all the ocean but geographical condition not favour him. In his own region Japan And S.Korea always give him pain. More Important is Guam Island where U.S.A presence is more worry for him. In sychelles he starting to build Navy presence is little bit worry for India. Let see how China cope all of these problem.
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idolworshipper1 (India)
As long as you prepare for war, you avoid a real war.
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Johnson (Singapore)
Well if China was a free country the progress and development would have been that much more faster, quicker and the people would have been more open to new ideas from the outside world. In the present situation the chinese are more like controlled zombies and robots being controlled from Beijing
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Mr.mars (uk)
Why is india so backward?Could you explain it.
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GR (Singapore) replies to Morgan
No, if China were as "free" as India for the last 30 years, China would have been in chaos and more backward than the poverty stricken India is today simply because nothing meaningful got done due to endless squabbles among its huge and diverse population. China was slightly poorer than impoverished India in 1990, but 30 years later, its per capita income is now more than 4 times higher than the latter now. Isn't it very clear to all which system of governmance works better for developing countries with huge population?
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过去30年里,如果中国与印度一样“自由”,那么中国会比贫穷的印度更混乱和更落后。人口如此庞大, 如此多样化,相互之间会出现无休止的争吵,导致一事无成。1990年,中国比贫穷的印度更穷一些,但30年后的人均收入比印度高四倍多。哪一种体制适合人口庞大的发展中国家,不是一目了然吗?

Anand (Delhi)
China wants to be Germany of Hitler and that is the reason it will have the same ending as Germany in 1945. If your intentions are bad, you will have to face the same consequences.
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colranbir lamba (PTA)
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mr.lastwish (unknown)
our nation exists on paper..we should be satisfied with this.
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BSMV (Bangalore)
20 years from now, there will again be two super powers - US and China openly fighting for hegemony all over in the would as it was with US and USSR earlier.
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David (USA) replies to colranbir lamba
In you opinion, who will come on top?


BSMV replies to David
That is irrelevant. The point is third world countries will be the battlegrounds in their fight for supremacy, resulting in monumental loss of life and infrastructure.
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Sushil (Lucknow)
China has improved a lot after the demise of Mao but now the people are desperate to get freedom of expression,to choose & live like the people in rest of the world(precisely in western nations)live.This is the reason that the wealthy & educated people are trying hard to migrate to US,Canada & Australia.One child policy is also back firing & it's effect would be felt after 10 years.Chinese ruling communist party is aware of this & that is why the new generation among ccp is trying to be more open & liberal.
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Abhishek Prakash (Pune)
I guess in the next 10years , China will become a major maritime power with the way they are progressing.
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Grace Cheng (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
The Chinese government have put the improvement of peoples's life equality and more openness and harmony of society as the first priority,the maritime and military power issue is the last one.
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Joe1981 (Delhi)
Oh! My! God!... This news had to come one day. To those who know China, I am sure they understand that when the "dragon" says something, it gets done. With the cheap labor & strong institution (& inhuman to certain extent), they can achieve this at a very fast pace. Indians can meanwhile keep waiting for the Admiral Gorshkov a.k.a INS Vikramaditya for next 10 years. How irresponsible of our government and concerned people of not fast pacing our defense & attack mechanisms


SCL Premi (India)
China's territorial disputes with neighbors and its maritime build up will create at least two more nuclear powers in the world besides Pak and India it has already created. But for Chinese belligerence and bragging and its clandestine help to Pak, India would not have chosen the nuclear path.
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SCL Premi
India was in a position to make the bomb anytime after 1978. It just wanted to make China ambivalent. But instead China & Pak thought India missed the buss. China used Pak for threatening India to know if India really had the B. It became sure India did not have it & so armed Pak. B only has the deterrent value. But there is a word called the ROGUE. Rogues do exist.
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PKumar (India)
I want a Govt like China in India. The law and regulation of china is more strictly followed compare to India.
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Vivek (Pune) replies to BSMV
Then you wont get the freedom you are enjoying now and comment on forums.
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Richard Christie (Bangalore)
Already US is much worried about China gaining power. This move may make them more worry
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Obama (Perth)
USA will NEVER be the second -- Obama Any country dares to challenge the doctrine, is the enemy of the world community!
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