印度人评论中国市场供应钓鱼岛海域捕捞的鱼。就像一个猎人炫耀自己的战利品一样,中国当局在上海市场供应4000公斤在钓鱼岛海域捕捉的新鲜鱼类。很多人通过购买海鲜来表达他们的爱国主义,这是被允许的范畴 ——这种方式代替了前段时间因为中日两国各发表声明争夺钓鱼岛主权时,引发的中国国内砸日本车的骚动。这些鱼在东京政服的一片抗议声中、由中国海警的武装船只护航运送回国。


BEIJING: Like a hunter showing off his trophy, Chinese authorities have unloaded 4,000kg of "Diaoyu islands' fresh fish" on the Shanghai market.


This has allowed several people to express their patriotism by buying seafood — instead of smashing Japan-made cars, something which was seen during the recent agitation about the group of disputed islands claimed by both countries.

很多人通过购买海鲜来表达他们的爱国主义,这属于被允许的范畴 ——这种方式代替了前段时间因为中日两国各发表声明争夺钓鱼岛主权时,引发的中国国内砸日本车的骚动。

The fish arrived in boats escorted by armed vessels of the Chinese coast guard, amid loud protests by the government in Tokyo.


China has turned its claim over the Japan-controlled islands into a sentimental issue by encouraging marches across the country — and now the sale of Diaoyu fish in its most prosperous city.

对中国来说,通过鼓励全国各地的保钓游行已改变中国的主张,这些日本控制的岛屿已成为一个感情用事的问题 —— 现在这些钓鱼岛的鱼已在其最繁荣的城市销售。

Along with a bounty of tuna, cuttlefish and mackerel came another curiously named fish netted around the Diaoyu islands: the rubber fish, also called the green horse-faced puffer. Many saw it as part of the government's attempt to provide citizens a heady mix of nostalgia and patriotism since the rubber fish used to be a favourite dish in Shanghai in the 1950s.


Children and grandchildren from families who fished around the Diaoyu islands decades ago also joined the fishing missions.


These families have now given up their traditional occupation because of the attractions of rising prosperity in Xiangshan in the highly industrialized Zhejiang province.


The fish sale sparked animated discussions on the Chinese internet, with some questioning if such acts really amounted to patriotism. Are those who buy New Zealand fish or Japanese cars less patriotic, asked some users of Weibo.




KC and Jojo (United States)

Just spray the Chinese fishing boats with raw sewage. Then they wont' want the fish. Or will they? ;)

只要往中国渔船上喷污水。这样他们就不再想要那些鱼了。或者,他们还是要? ;)

Fisherman (DiaoyuIsland) replies to KC and Jojo
Chinese don't have enough raw sewage , can we send the jumbo planes to import some from your smallest city. Your big cities would have to find other big-time buyers from UK and US who are used to your smell.


KC and Jojo (United States) 层主
Well we wouldn't use your sewage. It would be too hard to gather anyway, running down the street and all. And using someone else's would be more insulting. It would probably be safer than that toxic waste you eat in China. Hey this has more protein (and more plastic chemicals) Yum!


50 cents brigade (Malaysia) replies to KC and Jojo (点评)

He is no troll. He boasted on his comments he wants to beat up some Chinese. When challenge, he backs down. Now he wants to harass some poor chinese by deflating some car tires. He is just a cross dresser. He's wearing a skirt. Everyone knows what is right ang wrong. He does't know that he is being brainwash by American Propaganda.


KC and Jojo (United States) 层主
Not poor Chinese, or American Chinese. Just mainlander spies deserve to be harassed for trying to come here to sabotage us.


EndOfTheLastEra (HellOnEarth)(此人的一大爱好就是喷中国啊,每个帖子里都能看到他)

smog fish... parrot planes...Freedom For Tibet..chinese communists playing crooked political games...

烟雾鱼(注:该词不知道怎么理解不过本身这人就是个脑残,正常人理解脑残也没什么意义)……xz 自由……中国TG就爱在政治上玩歪把戏……

Sanjyot Suhas (India) replies to EndOfTheLastEra
India the supreme power watching ... ... ... watching....


SAM THE MAN (Mummabai) replies to EndOfTheLastEra 2 hrs ago
India belongs to Pakistan.


Brown American (USA)

Another unwanted provocation from the Chinese. They must cool down and settle the matter amicably with Japan. And instead focus on their borders with Pakistan where their terrorists are infiltrating Chinese land of Xingjiang and creating troubles for them. Make a Xingjiang biryani or something like that and rile the Pakis instead.


Samir (foreign)
Senkakus should be made UNO territory. It should be common to the whole world.


Aazoba Yuzuki (Bay Area CA)——(海湾地区)

Israel should bomb china now!


matkakulfi (mumbai——孟买)

wtf are Diaoyu islands indian newspapers must mention to them as senkakus' islands


exhalted.moon (delhi)——(德里)

japan will win, no matter what


Is there going to be a Red Dawn? (The World)

Get ready for China now is the answer. Dont sleep. Dont put it off. The evidence leads to the belief that China has a hidden army. Mao spoke of 200 million soldiers when he was alive. Maybe they still build to this size? If they have been, then there is much equipment stored. You name it, they will have built it and stored it. We work on the premise that the hidden army is a real army and not myth. The boldness of China to behave as she does, like a wild animal at times, supports our belief that they have 'something' hidden that needs to be exposed. The nations working together can defeat Chinas ambitions. Together as friends. Maybe the nations need a summit regarding the wild animal?


Rajeev Asokan (Bangalore, India)

Japan will win, Japanese have the guts to oppose China.


50 cents brigade (Malaysia——马来西亚) 4 hrs ago(此人应该是华人,从他名字可见,50cents 哈哈)

Without the Japanese help, India will still be a British colony. There are a lot of British colony being free up by the Japanese. Indian owes the Japanese their freedom because it weakens the British hold when they soundly defeated them. Indians must learn to recognize Japan contribution to India independence.


KC and Jojo (United States) replies to 50 cents brigade

I guess their next step would be to assist India from Chinese transgressions, then.


50 cents brigade replies to KC and Jojo
In actual fact, the Japs need to help the native americans to get back their land from the european migrants. Just like they help the Indians and Malaysian against the british.


Ram (India and US) replies to 50 cents brigade ——此人也像中国人
according to your logic, hitler helped India too, by weakening british empire. And while we are at it, lets expel Japan from Hokkaido which is Ainu land, lets expel all 500 million chinese from south china since it belonged to austronesian people, and lets expel all the arabs from north africa, lets expel all turks from turkey which belongs to ancient troy and hittites, and lets expel all the Indo-Aryans from North India. your testicles should be crushed, you are a monster.


K P Pandey (Ghaziabad)
China has to lose in the long run. Japan will fight back. World community is with Japan.
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KillBill (in your pocket )
One must not forget that Japan being a small country bought bigger countries to their knees during the Second World War. The power of a nation doesn't lie in how big or small it but the capacity and determination of its people and its armed forces. If you want a few examples look to Israel.
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myalmightygod (India)
Unnecessary provocation


manishbhardwaj2001 Bhardwaj (USA)
Diaoyo my foot They are senkakus ad are part of Japan.
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