BEIJING: China is working on a draft for a law on international seabed exploration that would enable it to explore mineral and other deep sea resources in the Indian Ocean and other seas far from its shores, official sources said.


The move is likely to worry New Delhi that keeps a close watch on China's strategic moves in the Indian Ocean with the help of countries like Sri Lanka. Colombo recently supported increased Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean saying China needed to protect its sea trade routes.


The proposed law is part of China's efforts to build itself as a maritime power. The country recently launched its first aircraft carrier.


The standing committee of the Chinese parliament, the National People's Congress, said in a report last week that the absence of a domestic law puts China at a disadvantage in the exploration of international seabed areas.


A law is also required for the country to play a greater role within relevant international organizations, it said.




SP (India) replies to Mamidi Suresh
Dont be stupid, ever heard of Russia-China alliance? Your comment make us indians look weak and stupid, what big brother US and Russia? We indians are equal compared to americans,russians and chinese. We are not lesser human


Brown American (USA)
A war? How bout a nuclear war, destruction in the world, and soon all monetary funds will be depleted. Stop promoting war and violence, make your own war, indian


Shiv Satchit (London, UK)

Why should India take orders from China, when its clearly the more superior nation. China should be calling us big sister, because it was the indian Bodhidharma who spreaded our indian culture and religion to the chinese. Go google about it.


Morgan (Australia) replies to Muthu
Sigh.... To be honest, I have heard talk like this for almost 20 years now. Patriotism I have often said is a fine thing, to love ones country and wish to improve it should be applauded. Denying a nations faults, being willfully blind to it's failing is not patriotism, but stupidity, and does not favor to the nation. You cannot seek to improve and change for the better if you do not first acknowledge there is room for improvement. Truth of the matter is, anyone who has been to India can tell you that in India right now, there is a lot of room for improvement


Morgan (Australia)
Which book? The IMF and World Bank seems to disagree with your assessment on India's economic strength. India's military is ranked at number 3 at best, and more often closer to number 5 by military analysts world over. If India is as you say, so rich and powerful, why are so many Indians living in poverty? Why does India have more malnourished children than the whole of Africa? Why do Indians live on average only until 65 years of age? If what you say is true, then it can only be a combination of gross incompetence by government and the most terrible greed imaginable (which does nothing for India as a nation or the Indian people), or your lying.


Muthu (Bangalore)
Well said, China has long been a rival of the glorious indian civilization. Throughout the Indian-Paki war, China and USA has always been supporting our enemy pakistan, to keep us indians weak. But fear not my friend, for the indians are rising, alot of countries investing in our economy, we are becoming super once again. We indians have been a global supwer power since King Ashoka's times, we will reclaim that title. India pride all the way.


Muthu (Bangalore) replies to Shiv Satchit
Shut up, you have betrayed old glorious India in search of riches in the land that used to treat our people as slaves. India has nuclear weapons, we are amongst the top 3 military power in the world. 1)Russia, 2)United States, 3)India,. Pakistan is nothing, but a failed state can be crushed easily. Right now China may be a little bit richer , but if United States join in in India's side we will win. You sir is a disgrace to India.

(接上面,貌似印度史就是受虐史╮(╯▽╰)╭) 闭嘴,你背叛了我们古老辉煌的印度,去追求那个把我们人民当奴隶的王国。印度有核武器,我们是世界上军事实力前三的国家。1)俄罗斯,2)美国,3)印度(MD没天朝就算了,老美居然才第二),巴基斯坦毛都算不上,但是失败的国家会被轻易地粉碎,马上中国可能成为小富的国家,但如果美国加入我们印度这边,我们将赢。你对印度来说是个耻辱。

aps3000 (Canada)
India should focus on supplying toilets to its population first.And getting its important infrastructure in place instead of worrying about sea resources that had been lying in their own background for decades and they did nothing to exploit it.Look on the bright side-any future goods made from discovered resources by China -will be bit cheaper to buy for the whole world !


Morgan (Australia) replies to KC and Jojo
2050 according to some reports; 2030 was when the Indian GDP growth rate was to overtake the Chinese GDP growth rate in percentage terms, published by the US government's National Intelligence Council, (I personally expect it to happen sooner than that)


SP (India) replies to Indian
have some faith in our leaders, although our growth may not be as impressive as China's but it is still 1 of the fasteest growing in the world. We are the second fastest among the BRICS, have some pride in being indian. We were once slaves to the British and the Arabs. But that dont mean we going to be slaves to the Chinese.


Dongfeng (India) replies to King Asoka
Hehe, good idea! How about US, Russia, Japan, China and all the UN powers declare war againt each other except Inida. Inidans will stay at home enjoying butter chicken, switching TV channels between cricket games and war news and waiting for the end of the war and declare India as the one and only super power on earth and Jaihind. US is powerful but not stupid. Daydreamer


bmcowl (planet earth)
Yet a step closer to the encirclement of India for good.
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