6月16日,神舟9号飞船在酒泉发射成功,顺利进入预定轨道。神舟9号肩负着中国首次载人空间交会对接的重大任务,代表着中国正一步一个脚印地实现自己的太空 梦。在国内媒体纷纷将焦点对准“神九”的同时,印度媒体也密切关注着此次发射。 出征太空的中国首位女航天员刘洋,成为印媒最为关注的焦点,激发了中国人的一股“民族自豪感”。正是由于刘的存在,这次太空任务也吸引了中国国民更多关注,再一次在世人面前展现了中国人的智慧和勇气。

原文标题:China puts its first woman astronaut into space

JIUQUAN (CHINA): China put its first woman into orbit on Saturday, one of three astronauts to attempt a critical space docking in the latest challenge for the country's ambitious space programme.

A Long March rocket blasted off in the early evening from the remote Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in the northwestern Gobi Desert, carrying with it the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft and the three astronauts, including 33-year-old female fighter pilot Liu Yang.

This is China's fourth manned space mission since 2003 when astronaut Yang Liwei became the country's first person in orbit, and comes as the United States has curtailed manned launches over budget concerns and changing priorities.




The launch was carried live on state television, and until moments before blast-off, a camera showed the three astronauts in the cabin occasionally waving. A red placard with the Chinese symbol for good fortune hung behind them.

Within days, the astronauts will try to dock with the orbiting Tiangong (Heavenly Palace) 1 module launched last September, part of a 13-day mission crucial to China's ambition to put a space station in orbit around 2020.

"I believe that we can achieve this goal, because we already have the basic technological capability," Zhou Jianping, the chief designer of China's manned space engineering project, told reporters before the launch.




A successful manned docking mission for China would be the latest show of the country's growing capabilities in space, to match its expanding military and diplomatic clout.

Still, Beijing is playing catch up with the United States and Russia, which, along with other countries, jointly operate the International Space Station some 240 miles (390 km) above Earth.

Rendezvous and docking techniques such as those which China is only testing now were mastered by the United States and the former Soviet Union decades ago, and the 10.5 metre-long Tiangong 1 is a trial module, not a full-fledged space station.




Linking with the unmanned module will be an important hurdle in China's efforts to acquire the technological and logistical skills needed to run a full space lab that can house astronauts for long stretches.

Fears of a space arms race with the United States and other powers mounted after China blew up one of its own weather satellites with a ground-based missile in January 2007, though China has insisted its programme is peaceful.

"China's manned space programme has never been for military purposes. It is mainly to research how mankind can go into space, use space peacefully," He Yu, the general commander of China's manned spacecraft project, said before the launch.




The United States will not test a new rocket to take people into space until 2017, and Russia has said manned missions are no longer a priority.

But NASA has begun investing in US firms to provide commercial spaceflight services and is spending about $3 billion a year on a new rocket and capsule to send astronauts to the moon, asteroids and eventually to Mars.

Chinese scientists have talked of the possibility of sending a man to the moon after 2020, the final step in a three-stage moon plan, which includes the deployment of a moon rover in 2013 and the retrieval of lunar soil and stone samples around 2017.

China's space programme has come a long way since late leader Mao Zedong, founder of communist China in 1949, lamented that the country could not even launch a potato into space.






Mirror (Earth near moon) 1 hr ago
No comment from out of billion.you guys must be feeling down D:
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十亿人没有做出什么评论。你们这些家伙肯定感到失落 D:

Mehr (New Delhi)
Hindu-Chini Bhai Bhai.......
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bala srinivasan (saginaw.mi.USA) 1 hr ago
No doubt this is a fantastic demonstration of CHINA's global stature which should be given due respect&recognition.However as its asian southern neighbor INDIA needs to think &act swiftly&effectively without alarm but objectively to the consequences&repurcussions of CHINA's space conquest.
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Prof Ramesh (Gurgaon)
First Asian country to send a woman astronaut to space.
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ranjit (Angul)
Commendable achievement by the Communist Country! But India should not compete CHINA, rather should be absorbed exploring the strength of the nation using other viable resources.
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thinktank (mumbai)
Apart from sending spy satellites and indulging in cyber hacking on a large scale, the latest step of sending a female astronaut in the space clearly shows the rate at which China is establishing its supremacy in the space. Though applauding this step, India must be cautious of China's increasing space-dominance.
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John (Madras) 1 hr ago
Well done China, you are everything we are not. India please continue masturbating.
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Karthik Balu (Tumkur)
Every Chinese would be proud of his country, China is one of the best in achieving technological marvels.. They have proved it yet again, Success of a country depends on the government, China's taxing policy is the main reason behind its success.... Congrats China!
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Anthony (Melbourne) 1 hr ago
Another example of China thinking ahead 50 years while the US struggles to pay for its past and cannot afford to remain in space and India realises that China is ahead in all respects while India is burdened with its caste system and corruption and the gap separating India and China widens every day since Independence when India had a head start and was ahead in many respects.
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Soma Visal (Chennai)
China flies higher than India is for sure.
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Singh (Punjab) replies to Soma Visal 1 min ago
You are talking only about India, i will say whole world. Their leadership is deicated to the nation to the bone. No wonder they are rising on all fronts.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Rajkumar Murugan (Sivakasi)
Great. Hats off to China.
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Ravichandran Rajamannar (Blore)
I am a patriotic Indian and understand democracy and communism in theory but our Indian experience seems to be opposite. Is it because of our politicians quality or chinese politburo guys are good dictators. We may not know all dirty secrets of China due to gag on its citizens and media BUT I still envy China's progress.
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vishwanath patel (varanasi)
China has advanced in every field. Al around development of China shows the system is working well there. Leadership is good. The nation is first in the eyes of the Chinese. They must be feeling proud for being a chinese. Here in India when a party asks,'garv se kaho ham Hindu hain' then one who loves the country is worried. When a sizable portion of Muslims still does not seem to be perfectly with nationhool of this country, then one is worried. When we Indians are only Indians then none can stop us going ahead..
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sandygenie (Bangalore)
First space station will also be a 'Made in china ' product.
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kapoor (Delhi)
The whole world should collaborate in this kind of thing. Otherwise, separately, every space-faring country will need to waste resources learning stuff that the USA and Russia are already expert in doing. USA should take the lead and invite China, Russia, EU, South Korea, Japan and India to join them in reviving the defunct NASA. Yes, India too. We are actually the master of small launches. We are the most cost-effective. Women should definitely be in the forefront of space exploration. They are smaller and lighter and their intuition for correct decisions is stronger.
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anil sharma (mumbai)
great irony at one end china is sending woman to space on the other end country like saudi are not allowing women to even drive their car
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Delhi Wala (Delhi) 40 mins ago
They send a woman into space, and here we have Mamatas, Mayawatis, Jayas, Rabris and Sonias dragging this country into dark ages.
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Shek Gh (Mumbai)
This seems to be good effort to demonstrate china's technological advancement. But raises doubt that, what China seeks to prove by sending manned space crafts, is it it wants to compete against USA or something else..!!!
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blessings ashis (New Delhi)
China's Success inspires us to work harder and make India a better place to live.
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原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Sandeep Gupta (Gurgaon)
China is marching towards to become the super power , where as Indian politicains are dragging us back
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Ravichandran Rajamannar (Blore)
I happened to meet a Top Chinese Manager who invited iron ore exporters to a 5-Star Hotel in Bhubaneswar 2 years back. He said he cannot understand 5 star hotel and slums next to each other and China's infra is way better. My Indian friends didnot like this blunt comment. I said I agree with him totally but current patriotism of Chinese will last only as long as Chinese juggernaut grows at good pace while Indians will always remain patriotic. Do you agree with my view?
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shishir (Noida)
it should be inspiration for indian scientists and continue the healthy competition.


Manu Mohan (kochi)
China is a real model for the developing countries...corruption is almost nonexistent even though it is easier to do that than in India...nobody can question the government........really awesome. a real model for our bloody politicians.
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shailesh singh (Delhi)
do they don't have any politician who can drag their legs in backwards???? how they are growing very fast???


pgangadharan pulingat (kanhangad)
An ambitious technological space expedition of our nearest neighbouring country.


mrxexon (USA)
Space programs are expensive. They are beyond the ability of countries with populations that still know hunger.There was a lot of complaints about ours in the 60's and 70's. But looking back, it is a source of national pride and one of our finest eras as a nation. I hope China will eventually become a part of the international space community so that we may all go into space together as a single voice. Because there is something inside of all that needs to explore our surroundings.
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Rohan Suley (Mumbai)
Simply Amazing , Though Its Not India and Its China , But Its commendable that a Woman is put into Orbit . China is a inspirational developing country anbd India should also get inspired from the dragon in certain aspects
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ashis (kolkata) 1 hr ago
Congratulations to those who live on the other side of the Himalayas. China was a world leader is innovative technology. We shall be happy to see if she regains the status again. Wish safe return of all the astronauts including the cute young lady. The only objection remains with the naming of the craft - Long March. Long March was a disaster to both the marchers and the humankind.
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Sabyasachi Kar (Cotonou, Benin)
India is not far behind. China being under dictatorship, easy to implement Govt policies. In India you can not build a road, thousand people will obstruct due to land etc. Every developmental project will be opposed by opposition parties. China, even control their currency exchange rate in a way that is unknown to democratic India. But the growth and achievement of China is due to strong commitment of the Govt/Party and no soft attitude towards people/workers.
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indian citizen (Mumbai) 1 hr ago
Well done People's Republic of China and congratulations for sending your first woman astronaut into space. We in India look at your achievements with a lot of pride and wish we too could do the same. We Indians ought to take inspiration from the PRC rather than criticize them at every opportunity. Wish you all the best in future.
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原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

anku6 (New Delhi)
Congrats China! Exactly 10 years from now, under the PM'ship of Mr.Modi, India will launch its own Rocket/Orbiter and the second Indian in space. The first was Rakesh Sharma who went on Russian rocket.
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Steven (Plano, TX) replies to anku6 29 mins ago
Modi will first launch rocket attack on minorities before he takes India into orbit. I really do not believe India will survive Modi's premiership. It will disintegrate into smaller more manageable and prosperous countries.
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Muniyandi Thevar (Kakinada, AP) replies to anku6 52 mins ago
In 10 years of Modi's rule, you might be either dead or leave India as Asylum Seeker in China. Nothing else goog can come from Modi. Poor Fella. Feed yourself and your family properly. Let's first try to put female safely on Indian roads first and then think about Space.
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Huntsman (Planet Earth)
Highly commendable accomplishment. We Indians should take few lessons from the Chinese for their focus, dedication and efforts in developing technologies and resources. Politics is all together a different issue for discussion. Congrats China!
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Marco Hsiao (Asia)
Congratulation! Asia is moving to strong and prosperity; in the future India and China both will be brilliant.
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Thou Lee (Singapore) 23 mins ago
India-China cooperation is needed to bring more balance in the world. The perception in China is that India is conspiring with USA to thwart China's progress. India should show good intentions and resolve territorial and water disputes with China. Arunanchal Pradesh and Ladakh should be settled amicably. Only beneficiary of India-China conflict is USA and bankrupt Europe.
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Om (Zhoushan) 19 mins ago
Congrats, Great China........you are a truly developed country....
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Proud to be Indian (reddit) 17 mins ago
The atheists of China are putting women into space. While the Hindus-Muslims-Christians-Sikhs Indians are busy raeping, harassing and burning women.
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hrishidesai (Mumbai)
Whatever said and done, how much ever I hate China for it's anti-India stance I yet feel its a very good feat by them.


Hari Haran (Kollam)
Antony may buy 3 CHANDRAYAN from America by hearing this !
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Manu Mohan (kochi) replies to Hari Haran
r u an Indian or Chinese???? ....India have the potential to do everything that the Chinese do.
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Toga (Gandustan) replies to Manu Mohan
Nope.... not with this kind of social background.


Brown American (USA)
In 2010 China demonstrated technology to shoot down a high orbit satellite. It send down a chill in USA and India. Two countries in the world who strategically and ideologically think that they have to undermine China, stop its progress, do not let it become a super power. And yes of course Japan thinks the same way. Japan has historical enmity towards China, however Japan is a waning economic power. There is growing concern in China that India is siding with USA to stir trouble in Tibet and in Xinjian province. This perception must be corrected. It is very ominous for South Asia. China-India partnership is needed to keep USA in check.
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Donald (Seattle, WA) replies to Brown American 1 hr ago
India is too enamored with "White" USA and Europe. Hindu_Indians enjoyed British rule for 200 years. India also has not forgotten the drubbing they got from China in 1962.
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anup srivastava (Delhi)
Good Job. But make sure your rockets are not like your Chinese toys.
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原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Toga (Gandustan) replies to anup srivastava
Or the indian rocket.


Lalit S. Jamwal (JAMMU) 46 mins ago
This is a political stunt rather than a technological achievement. Both the USSR and USA did this in the 1970s. The Long March 2F rocket (a crude launcher has no cryogenic engines r) launched the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft, a crewed mission to dock with the orbiting Tiangong 1 laboratory module. A critical analysis of this will reveal that this is a publicity stunt (mostly political) rather than a technological feat. It is well known that the backward Chinese bought 1960 and early 70 space hardware from Russia and are using this to prove that they are a great space power. Russians were glad to get rid of their old surplus hardware. Such feats were done by the USSR in the 60s and 70s.

Also since Communist Chinese and the Jews are strong allies the Chinese were next aided by Israeli technicians with software and docking hardware. In reality the Chinese space programme is rather primitive and they have no cryogenic technology. Also the Chinese moon probe Chang'e 2 was a total failure and the Chinese displayed U.S. origin images to justify their claims. In reality the Chinese space program is not only way behind that of Russia and the U.S.A. but also behind the European Union, Japan and India. One must however be careful as the U.S. Jewish based media does much direct or subtle propaganda for the Communist Chinese. China has no nuclear propelled submarines or even a functional aircraft-carrier. Ten of these ancient capsules were obtained by China from the Russians: File:Shenzhou5-3.JPG
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Proud Indian (Chennai) replies to Lalit S. Jamwal 22 mins ago
I thought, Israel is our friend. Why they are helping China?


Facts (Mumbai) replies to Lalit S. Jamwal 26 mins ago
U are stupid
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Dr. Rahul Sharma (Panipat) replies to Lalit S. Jamwal 29 mins ago
Yes only the Jews, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis think this some short of a technological step. It is like buying an old bus and driving it amongst horse-driven carts and thus feeling thrilled.
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Proud Indian (Chennai) replies to Dr. Rahul Sharma 17 mins ago
Why Jews are NOT helping us?. They are enemies of Muslims and hence our true friends.


Gaurav (India)
At last, China has put a woman in space. I guess that was the only place left untouched by a Chinese woman!
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Mahesh Ved (Mumbai)
India Beat China here.Our Kalpana Chawla was the First ASIAN woman to go in to SPACE.


God (Space) replies to Mahesh Ved 2 mins ago
She was sent by America. And she held an American passport. It's not the same. We must give credit where it is due.


pradeep_sundaresan (Dubai)
Congrats Liu Yang! When will a Chinese woman become its first dictator?


FACTS (Mumbai)
No matter what China achieves, some Indians only have one answer: "India is a FREE country & a democracy, we can say whatever we want" --- which is great news to the rest of the world, as long as Indians can not do whatever they want, who cares if they can say whatever they want or not!


Luk (Boston) replies to FACTS 1 hr ago
Actually have two common answers: the first one is what you mentioned - India is a Free country, the second answer is whatever China achieved, that must come from copy or steal That kind of attitude is a really problem for Indian


Prof. Bhabhani Nagchoudhury (Delhi) replies to Luk 40 mins ago
Military powers in order: Russia, USA, India, China-Israel (combined), Britain, France, etc.


Dr. G.S. Pandey (Gorakhpur) replies to FACTS 1 hr ago
Chinese may not be Aryans (we are) but they are not stupid. If they evolve into a democracy they will develop otherwise they are doomed. Most Chinese are running out of Mainland China and working in the West on odd jobs or even collecting cans, or doing the oldest profession in the West. Yes the Jews are backing them. The space launch is doing something which should have been done in the 1970s at this technological level. Surely European Union, Japan and India are ahead of China they decided not to take a primitive path in space.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

FACTS replies to Dr. G.S. Pandey 1 hr ago
Surely European Union, Japan and India ===> should be "EU, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, ... Africa, Pakistan and India"


Yagnesh C. Trivedi, Ph. D. (Jacksonville, Florida) 2 hrs ago
In 1986, a close friend of mine at Polytechnic Institute of New York University(named Polytechnic University at that time), Brooklyn, New York, Chi-Ren Liu, who was from Taiwan, had commented that 21st century belongs to Asia. I see his words coming true in 21st century with the rise of China and India as leaders in technology, sports, economy and all other fields. This news confirms the trend that Asia is leading the world in 21st century, which Asia did for thousands of years in the past and lost the edge to Europe and America in the last few centuries. Good news for the people of Asia. Congratulations to all Asians for this achievement in advances in science and technology.
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Madan Lal Dua (Ambala) 2 hrs ago
The year is 1970 in China, this is what USSR did in 1970. India, European Union and Japan are much ahead of the Chinese in space. Old USSR capsules and locking mechanism etc from Israeli-Jewish technicians did the propaganda job for Chinese. No technological advancement.
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Kei (NY) replies to Madan Lal Dua 1 hr ago
LOL....China is in 1970 and just sent her first woman to space. India is in 2012, but still haven't been able to do so, Madman...
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Proudindian (Bangalore) replies to Madan Lal Dua 1 hr ago
Yes, India is ahead of China. Indians are the people behind the US space programme, the innovations are all Indian. US scientists are now coming to India to train under Indians. Russian and Jewish spies are everywhere in India trying to steal Indian technology. Indian ingenuity is all hidden and Indians never boast. The world will know the truth one day when shinig India show all.
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chandu (pune) 2 hrs ago
I am sure some day even india will also place an indian in space using its own spacecraft. but for that indans have to come out of foolish astrology and admire and appreciate astronomy.


Indian (Delhi) replies to chandu 1 hr ago
India can use transcendental levitation and go into space. This is pollution free, cost free and all Indian technology. Up up and away India. We are better than the Chinese who steal everything from India.
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原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Rocky Bayya (New Delhi, India")
great news for chinese women when is INDIA sending its first space woman


Diva (Mumbai) replies to Rocky Bayya 56 mins ago
India only send her women to bollywood.


Kei (NY) 3 hrs ago
I love to see how Indians react to Chinese achievements, jealousy and denial!!! Appreciate it, at least they are doing it if not you.
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Anil Gupta (Vadodara) replies to Kei 3 hrs ago
At least India is a FREE country & a democracy - we can say what we want.China has invented NOTHING. What can you buy in NY that Chinese have invented? Zilch. Just copies of other peoples things. You do as your politicians dictate ; like brainless zombies. That's why you have escaped to NY - If China was so good why did you leave? Go back today.
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Truth (EARTH) 3 hrs ago
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Proud Indian (Chennai) replies to Truth 3 hrs ago
We invented zero:)
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我们发明了“0” :)

Fakemathematician (Italy) replies to Proud Indian 53 mins ago
......and you have zero.


zero (zero) replies to Proud Indian 1 hr ago
Zero was invented independently by Babylonians and Mayans before India.
Agree (2)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)


Jahangir (India) 4 hrs ago
300 million Indians are relieving themselves in open air as there are no toilets in rural India or toilets built only on paper. Instead of wasting taxpayers money on these useless space missions,the money should be used for building toilets and providing drinking water with strict monitoring.
Agree (11)Disagree (1)Recommend (3)


Tarkeshwar Singh (USA) replies to Jahangir 3 hrs ago
This is one of the biggest shame that the government has not rushed to build toilets in rural India yet. Hon'ble Ramesh should act on it immediately by building toilets for every family in rural areas of the country. This will prevent sicknesses originating from feces in open field and save lots of hospital costs and less suffering by people.
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政服没有急着在印度农村修建厕所是其中一个最大的耻辱。Honble Ramesh应该立即行动,为农村地区的每个家庭修建厕所。这样可以避免田野里的粪便引起的疾病,可以节省大量的医院成本,人们的损失就更小。

Analis-t (Italy)
so can we expect to watch a chinese p*rn shot in zero gravity??
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mooslime (reddit) 5 hrs ago
India should send Sonia, Mamata, Mayawati and Jayalalitha to space. It's OK if they never return.
Agree (8)Disagree (1)Recommend (2)Offensive


FACTS (Mumbau) replies to mooslime 5 hrs ago
why not just bury them to avoid space junk
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badegg (US) 1 hr ago
I think this is a fake event fabricated by Chinese gov as usual. It is too good to be true for a country that is lagging behind India in economy, technology and education. Especially China doesn't have a modern and democratic political system as India.
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arda92 (Germany)
Amazing how many people do not want to believe that this news was true. See, you can be anything online, but you choose to be ignorant idiots. All those China bashing is actually 15% caring about human rights in China and 85% "Hate China because of nonsense rivalry and nationlism". How about go to your next university and educating yourself.
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Gurjit Singh (Moon) 6 mins ago
This is just elementary work. Indians will land on the Moon by 2016 with our PSLV-c19 super rocket. Chinese won't get there for 30 years.


Patrick Soans (Mumbai) 21 mins ago
China is far behind us. Our astronaut Rakesh Sharma had gone to space many years ago. We have been doing space research sitting on the ground for thousands of years and discovered the planets, stars, constellations, blackholes etc. much before people elsewhere started wearing clothes.
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Sean (Singapore) 1 hr ago
Coming to India's GIANT Leap: Latest news reports from across India have indicated that Indians have taken their biggest leap in hygiene as a couple of them are starting to use toilet paper instead of rubbing their black hands directly on their faeces. Congratulations India., In a couple hundred years, we may start considering u people as humans and maybe even shake ur hands. JAI HO !! lol
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ashish (China ) 1 hr ago
India will be a superpower soon,i'm sure.


hashim (Sultante of Oman)
Where is India stands ? We should not be hurt to read this news..we can do that also need good planning.


PC (The reality)
Now its the turn of India to follow China.


vijayaraghavans mb (cochin)
Wish you a happy and prosperous space journey. I bless you from cyber space.
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Nirma (New Delhi) 5 hrs ago
Congratulations China, Congratulations Yang. Keep it up. You inspire us. Congratulations to everyone who made this a success.
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pdasnrb (Dubai)
We must learn from China the way they came from behind & became a global power! India can only boast about its democracy!
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PC (The reality) replies to pdasnrb
Only democracy will prevail. Look at USSR the all important player. Time will give the reply.
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