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China Pursues Systems To Keep US Forces at Bay



TAIPEI — Though everything in China’s military is classified secret, including lunch menus at base canteens, Western analysts have been able to peel away some of the secrecy of several programs geared at defeating a US military campaign in the South China Sea or a Taiwan scenario.

Anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD) has become a focal point for China’s military since 1996, when the US sent two aircraft carrier groups as a show of support for Taiwan during Chinese missile tests designed to intimidate voters. The deployment of the aircraft carriers enraged Beijing, leading to efforts to deter US military operations that challenge China in the future.

The most obvious A2/AD program under development is the DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM), which has entered the initial operational capability stage.




The missile is unique in that no other country has successfully developed a conventional ballistic missile capable of hitting a ship. There is a debate within the Western analytical community about whether this missile is capable of performing this task without the proper targeting satellites and electronic countermeasures.

US Navy officials have said they are working on ways of defeating the DF-21D along the kill chain. One possible solution is a plan to replace the AN/SLQ-32 electronic warfare system, which is aboard nearly every US Navy warship, with a prototype system dubbed SLQ-59. Analysts are unsure whether the SLQ-59 is intended as a counter to China’s ASBM and anti-ship cruise missile threats, or is simply part of the US Navy’s Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP), possibly the SLQ-32 Block 3T (Transportable EW Module).

In a document dated Jan. 11, the US Pacific Command made an “unusual and compelling urgency” request for 24 prototype SLQ-59s. The document stated that this is a “priority effort due to a newly discovered threat and the need to provide a protective capability to naval ships and their crews in a critically short timeframe.”


美国海军官员说,他们正在研究沿着绞杀链如何击败DF-21D。一个可行的解决方案是用被称为SLQ-59的原型系统,取代几乎所有美海军军舰上都装备的AN/SLQ-32电子战系统。分析家不能确定(换装)SLQ-59的意图是否是专门为了应对中国反舰弹道导弹和反舰巡航导弹的威胁,或者可能只是美国海军正常的电子战改进计划(SEWIP)——SLQ-32 BLOCK 3T(机动电子战模块)的一部分而已。


“Based on the law of averages, truth to be found somewhere in the middle, no doubt,” said Bob Nugent, vice president of advisory services at AMI International. Nugent said he tends to lean toward the SLQ-59 being part of the SEWIP, “but there may be some specific threat devices that need a gap filler.”

China also has been developing anti-satellite missiles and lasers designed to damage or destroy US satellites. According to Michael Raska, a research fellow at the Singapore-based Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, China is working on the Shenguang (“Divine Light”) laser project for inertial confinement fusion, which aims to use high-powered lasers to produce a sustained nuclear fusion reaction.
Raska said the program — officially designated as an alternative energy project — could have two military applications: improving China’s next-generation thermonuclear weapons and advancing its directed-energy laser weapon programs.




China’s A2/AD strategy is intended to force the US military to operate farther from the mainland and make it difficult for US strike missions to knock out China’s military eyes and ears.

China’s massive complex of advanced underground facilities is part of the effort to impede the US from destroying command-and-control nodes during a war. Any attempt by the US to use its stealthy F-22 fighter jets and B-2 bombers to cripple underground facilities would face China’s ongoing attempts to defeat stealth technology.

This includes stealth technology acquired by espionage, such as B-2 secrets provided by former Northrop Grumman engineer Noshir Gowadia and others. Gowadia, whom the US convicted in 2010, provided China with the lock-on range for infrared-guided missiles against the B-2 and information that allowed China to develop a low-signature cruise missile exhaust system.




There also are other indications China is developing radar capabilities that will allow it to identify and shoot down stealth aircraft. This includes the development of meter-wave, passive over-the-horizon radar and infrared countermeasures in cooperation with the Ukraine-based Lviv Radiotechnical Science and Research Institute and the Iskra Scientific and Production Complex, said Vasiliy Kashin, a China military specialist at the Moscow-based Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.

China also has acquired Kolchuga passive sensor electronic warfare systems and mobile 3-D 36D6-M1 airspace surveillance radars from Ukraine, he said.
China’s new YLC-20 two-station passive surveillance radar is possibly a copy of the Czech VERA-E system. There also are indications China plans to procure the 400-kilometer-range Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile system, which for the first time would give China complete air defense coverage of Taiwan. China uses the indigenously developed HQ-9 and Russian-built S-300 land-based mobile systems.




Even if US bombing missions can escape China’s improving surface-to-air missile capabilities, the US still must locate and destroy the underground facilities that reportedly make up hundreds of miles of tunnels throughout China.

China’s underground facility program is “by its very nature inherently strategic and secretive,” said Ian Easton, a researcher at the Project 2049 Institute. To make those facilities survivable, China has invested a “tremendous level” of resources to “adapt an ancient defense method to a modern battlefield,” he said.







由乌克兰国营托帕兹公司研制,于1987年投入批量生产,可以发现、跟踪并确定来自地面、水面和空中目标。该雷达是一种被动无线电侦察自动系统,可以侦察纵深600公里宽150公里范围内的情况,能够发现800公里以内的空中目标,是目前世界上同类系统中捕捉目标最远的装置。如果由一辆指挥车同时控制三部“铠甲”雷达,利用三角测量法,整套系统的探测距离将可延伸至1000公里。“铠甲”不但可发现利用“隐形”技术制造的飞机(如美国的F-117A和B-2 ),且还可确定目标的准确位置。“铠甲”本身并不发出电波,而是被动接收来自目标的无线电辐射


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S K Mittal(孟加拉)
God damn china.


Himanshu Pandey(印度)
I have no problem if china walled and manned each inch of its sea border.. just free the tibbat and east turkemenistan and get away from our borders.


S K Mittal(孟加拉)回复Himanshu Pandey(印度)
u r forgetting south china sea.


Himanshu Pandey(印度)回复S K Mittal(孟加拉)
nope I am not we will do whatever necessary there after china leave these 2 nations on our border free.



S K Mittal(孟加拉)回复Himanshu Pandey(印度)
but ur navy will take another 10 yr to become capable of doing that


Himanshu Pandey(印度)回复S K Mittal(孟加拉)
try not using SMS lingo here.. and yes it will take that much time and thats why we are not talking war with china as we do with pakistan


S K Mittal(孟加拉)回复Himanshu Pandey(印度)
thats why i'm saying you are forgetting SC sea. because you can't sweep of china of your own. if you want to normalise your relation wid china then china must have to leave south china sea also.


Himanshu Pandey(印度)回复S K Mittal(孟加拉)
it can't leave it as it is next door it china but yes it should stop claiming whole of it... 2nd thing I don't want a normal relation with china.. all I want is the historical buffer between India and china an see people of these 2 nations free from chinise yoke.

another thing which I want is getting rid of chinise products from India... for every nation on earth china is a enemy because it doesn't know how to live in its own border and I don't want a normal relation with any nations which creates colony.




S K Mittal(孟加拉)回复Himanshu Pandey(印度)

I also hate made in china thing.
secondly if china leave these 2 colony then wat is the problem in keeping normal relation with them


Himanshu Pandey(印度)回复S K Mittal(孟加拉)


S K Mittal(孟加拉)回复Himanshu Pandey(印度)
Once china leave tibbet and turkmenistan. They will niether able to support naxaliets nor pak


Chinese have the capability to defend themselves well.


S K Mittal(孟加拉)
I want to see china vs US


Layman(印度)回复S K Mittal(孟加拉)
That is never gonna happen. China has inherited US debt in large folds, and they want their debt to be washed out. And their economy is going to crushed it that happens and as well as whole world economies will suffer.


S K Mittal(孟加拉)回复Layman(印度)
there is no tax in taking dreams
as only US can defeat china and that is only in imagination.
as war is not possible in between these 2 gaints in reality


Layman(印度)回复S K Mittal(孟加拉)
I couldnt understand ? Sorry... You mean to say that US can Trash only in dreams


S K Mittal(孟加拉)回复Layman(印度)
no problem
i mean only us can defeat china even in my imaginations
may be i have not rightly stated it


Layman(印度)回复S K Mittal(孟加拉)
First issue would be is Chinese ready to engage US in a active confrontations ? I think not.


S K Mittal(孟加拉)回复Layman(印度)
that is why i'm saying there war can only happen in my imaginations
as a war between these gaints will be harmful for their intrests which are associated wid each other


Layman(印度)回复S K Mittal(孟加拉)
Thx for explanations, I took your quote in different prospective...


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