原文标题:China opens its first subway crossing Asia's longest river


After launching the world's longest high-speed rail line, China on Friday opened its subway line across the mighty Yangtze River to connect the two sides of Wuhan, the most populous city in Central China.

The metro link passes through a 27-km tunnel linking Wuchang and Hanku, two major urban areas in Wuhan city, the capital of Hubei Province, state-run CCTV reported.




The two stations are separated by the Yangtze River, China's longest waterway. According to authorities, trains will only take three minutes to run under the Asia's longest Yangtze River.

The subway line will be Wuhan's first, expected to transport five lakh passengers daily with 26 trains scheduled to run every six minutes.

The train expected to ease pressure on waterways and motorways to cross to the other side of the city.




The 6,300-km Yangtze River, which originates in northwest China's Qinghai province and traverses through 10 provinces and municipalities before flowing into the East China Sea, is a major transport link between west and east China.

Yangtze is the world's third longest river. On Wednesday, China has inaugurated its longest high speed rail link connecting Beijing with Guangzhou covering a distance of 2,298-km.




Solute Chinese workmanship
by madhu p

I had an opportunity to work in Wuchang for 2 years and seen how these guys work in building subway. It is shocking and great to see them building subway in whole Wuhan city within 12 months. While in India they take many years to complete a single phase work. Appreciate Chinese infrastructure work and wish to visit Wuhan again someday.


China's march
by brajeshwar nath

Lets celebrate the achievement of engineers and technicians of China. Its a some feat, awesome to say the least. This country never fails to astonish the whole world with its singlr minded focus on growth, development and above all on being a true leader.Something we should learn from them.


Re: China's march
by amit chaudhury
we're also marching ahead in India to produce the world's largest, greatest, grandest corrupt, inept, spineless, useless system of the world.


just do it !!!!
by lizhongran

just do it
Don't care about the opinions of others
To development of our own



Re: just do it !!!!
by blue wrox
ok..so? dubai is also doing it...tallest tower..tallest restaurant and stuff....

We would also like to have some tallest and largest but then thats not the thing that we want the politicians to achieve...we want better livelihood, opportunities, house, jobs and healthy environment and yes freedom.. :)

我们也许会想要诸如最高最大等之最,但那些并非是我们希望政客去实现的.....我们想要更好的生活、更多机会,想要房子、工作和有益健康的环境,对了,还有自由.... :)

Re: just do it !!!!
by blue wrox
why li...why in rediff? is weibo blocked? or u will be arrested if you speak about ur masters?..:)

李,为什么你要来rediff?微博被封了?还是如果你说主子的不是,就会被逮捕?.... :)

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