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外文标题:China mulls days to remember defeat of Japan, Nanjing Massacre


BEIJING: China is considering designating formal national days of remembrance to commemorate Japan’s defeat in World War II and the Nanjing Massacre, state media reported Tuesday, amid bitter disputes over territory and history.

The National People’s Congress (NPC) is mulling making September 3 “Victory Day of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression”, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing the legislature.

Lawmakers are also considering designating December 13 as a “national memorial day to commemorate those killed by Japanese aggressors during the Nanjing Massacre in the 1930s”, Xinhua reported.



In both cases, a “draft decision” will be debated during a bi-monthly session of the NPC Standing Committee from Tuesday until Thursday, Xinhua added.

The rubber-stamp parliament is scheduled to meet next month in full session, but the standing committee has the authority to approve decisions on its own.

The NPC’s website did not immediately carry information on the proposal, which comes amid a serious worsening in relations between China and Japan.

At the end of World War II Japan’s then emperor Hirohito ordered his country to surrender on August 15, 1945, days after the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.






译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/china-mulls-days-to-remember-defeat-of-japan.html

Sado Chink (Arunachal )
So immature the sad chinks!


Gregorius Lignatur (Omnilandia)
I am surprised that China does not have days of remembrance for the things that happened in that awful war. Unless every day is a day of remembrance.


badegg (US)
It is very reasonable for China to do this. China has been trying to forgive Japs and waived all war compensation for Japs’s crimes in China during the ww2 in the past. But that good gesture was considered as weakness by Japs. China hasn’t done this until today full proves that China was not using nationalism against Japs before. Now that Japs is challenging the world order and China has to change the attitute accordingly.


Terry Willson (Mackay Queensland)
Great idea China. Continue to insult Japan and you will end up with a major military power with a nuclear deterrent capability, at your front door.


Kamov (Location)
China’s Nationalism to be based on hatred of Japan…..


gt12563 (Location)
Dragon has become crazy to do any thing which can hurt J and J should make his own missiles and nuclear bombs for deterrence.


chetan (Location)
5th september in pakistan is celebrated as yaum-e-difa or defence day to mark its VICTORY over india in the 1965 war
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Rk NY (Unknown)
..china ..a country that considers dalai lama threat and n.korea, a friend??!….they have no respect in the region..!


modi.maderchod (Location) replies to Rk NY
come on the computer you are using to comment is made in CHINA….


dr-lal (mumbai)
Japan surrendered not because of China but because of Atom bomb used by USA. Now things have changed, US is with Japan,
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Brown ()
China should also remember the day Chinese Military defeated Indian forces in 1962. That day should be declared the National Day of remembrance s well. USA can not tolerate China rise as a ‘super power’. USA is using Japan, India and Vietnam to destabilize China and occupy Chinese Territory. S.Korea, The Philippines and Australia are smart they are keeping out of it.
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Kamov (Location) replies to Brown
China won’t remember that after 1967 humiliation by India….


California (California)
According to Gallup Polls (largest in the west), America’s #1 enemy according to citizens is China!


Satender Kumar (Unknown)
Next war…b/w Japan and….. fascist Chin
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Venkat Shukla (Delhi)
AAP lacks responsibility and are not willing to learn governance efficiently


ATHEIST (GWL) replies to Venkat Shukla
WTF! today I found a complete idiot in u shukla


Indian (New Delhi)
what about a national remembrance day for the people killed by Mao?


  1. 二个纳粹国说我们法西斯,小日本和印度二战都是法西斯,很少有人知道印度曾经有一支部队为希特勒服务,

      • 1962中国快打到新德里了 三哥说自己赢也没人信 1967只算是个边界冲突 三哥当然要声称自己获胜好挽回点面子给自己国民看 其实你想1962到1967才隔了5年 三哥战斗力一下子就提升那么多?显然不可能

        • 跪了…“1962年中国快打到新德里”这种话别说了 😕 这跟1953年快打到华盛顿没啥区别。虽说我朝舆论管制比较冗繁,但也不至于传扬这种丧失基本逻辑的话吧 🙁

          • 这你就不懂了把,西段那边一突破,后面就一马平川了,就跟满清过入关,直逼京城一个效果,即使现在离新德里也才500公里啊。 😈

          • 当年那场战争,解放军攻打一座山头,才交火半小时就没弹药补给了。万里重山形成的地理障碍,哪里有什么一马平川,望而兴叹还差不多。主战场在东线,优势兵力才打到布拉马普北岸的提斯浦尔,就已经是强弩之末了。

  2. 什么样的教育产生什么样的国民!在任何角落里都是这样的呀!洗脑这种活是个政府都会作呀!! 🙁

      • 日本想拥核 没戏!有能力做 但做不到,
        凭福岛核泄漏理由 就可对日本进行核安全检查。而一旦发现日本搞核武器证据 恐怕连美国佬也兜不住。
        那些被西方指责制造核武的 将理直气壮的拥核,核不扩散被摧毁 世界就乱套了。
        如果日本偷偷背地制造核武 美国佬脱不了监管失察的责任,中俄必定不依不饶,结果就是小本子挖坑害美国佬。

      • 借口,这个太容易了,但是找个借口就能实施,真就不是随便就可行的。
        如果日本能实现拥核 甚至都不屑凭什么借口,随便找个 做就是了。
        但是,拥核之前有太多做不到 不可行,如敢冒天下之大不韪,其后续连锁反应小本子无法抵消。
        所以,小本子能不能拥核不在能力 更与中国无关,是时机是否可行,能否抵挡拥核后来自各方的反制。

        • 阿三那点智商哪能理解得了没理奸和整个西方都不会允许脚盆重返军国主义道路的?另外预想一个人口严重老化,中位数年龄4~50岁,人口在负增长的国家雄起本身就不符实际

          • 福岛核泄漏 这个比中国崛起更可怕 更迫在眉睫,凭三年来看,福娃带来的后续危害根本解决不了。
            核泄漏带来的灾难随时间 结果不敢想象,如果不能让倭孽们有安全去向,或许若干年后岛上半数歪鼻斜眼鬼怪游荡也未可知哟。
            试想,如你是倭中一员你不为后代健康安全考虑么?相信将来必会看到倭岛核灾难突发 倭孽们四散奔逃的一天。
            但那时或许没人愿意接受(灾难发生经济也完蛋 倭孽们成穷鬼),与其将来陷万劫不复 不如现在奋力搏出。

          • 唉,脚盆的国运大势已去,以后还不如做个大号的不丹更合适。回到江户时代那样,还能过上几百年平淡的日子

  3. 三哥为本本说话是因为有共同利益诉求。。。 😎
    说到底美国才是我们唯一应该盯住的目标。。。搞定美国(这基本是挑战整个国际秩序,但真能帮美国挡子弹的也没几个)。。。其他国家立马下跪求称臣。。。所以为达此目的不应分散注意力。。。 😎 :mrgreen: 😯 👿

    • 为他们的泯猪政府设立纪念日。。。个帮也会要求帮的纪念日。。。接着是县城和村的。。。每到纪念日就放假狂欢。。。三哥天天放假过节。。。幸福哦。。。 :mrgreen:

  4. 印度是亲日仇中的,所以大家不必为此反应感到惊讶。咱们努力发展好自己才是最重要的,咱们只是以牙还牙给日本,倒是日本方面,很想看看它们的反应。 😈

    • 印度人还总标榜自己善良,
      但真善良者 怎会站在法西斯 凶残刽子手一方藐视受害者?
      所以,俺以为印度人其内心非真善良,实崇拜强盗野蛮凶残,被西方殖民太长 骨子里已不折不扣的与西方无差别,但外表的装相演戏欺骗之能 更不逊其过去的西方主子。

      • 俺们印度人很善良的。1962年眯眯眼中国像个胆小鬼一样从克鲁纳恰尔撤退时,所有当地11万黄皮女性,有多达近7万人没有被强奸 😯 的

  5. Terry Willson (Mackay Queensland)
    Great idea China. Continue to insult Japan and you will end up with a major military power with a nuclear deterrent capability, at your front door.

    吗的,阿三就是绝壁傻吊啊,看来是被英国奴役习惯了,从骨子里认准自己是没有灵魂的 👿 奴才

    • 没看清楚就开骂,你战斗力也太,那人是澳大利亚人。汗

    • 没看清楚就开骂,那人是澳大利亚人。汗


  6. “伤心的中国佬太不成熟了!”—— 如果多数印度人这般认知,那么将来谁去屠杀印度人 则尔等无需顾忌 放开了杀就是,反正印度瘪三们随着时间会淡忘 不会记仇。
    印度人的嘴 简直太廉价无耻了,想怎说 就怎说,这特么也可称受过教育嗒?

    • 首先62年冲突是阿三自己挑衅的结果不说;其次我鳖也没杀伤平民,也没侵占额外领土。阿三现在这幅心态,只能说明不是丫们智商有问题就是洗脑很成功了

      • 以印度的教育普及来看,能上网者会英文的受教育水平该不低,现信息发达 想知道真相该不是难事。
        印度媒体洗脑或许作用很大,但俺嚼的 更是印度瘪三们内心龌龊无良作祟 拒绝求真务实,为维护自己可悲又可怜的自尊心,不惜罔顾事实 是非曲直 人类良知,竟不惜站在凶残刽子手一方抛弃大是大非藐视受害者。
        只是其既无法西斯能力 又无法西斯胆量,肮脏龌龊 胆小如鼠之心 也就只擅长趁火打劫,做下贱无耻勾当。

        • 可能阿三那种种姓制度很打程度上扭曲了所有阿三的是非观和心理,只认得实力吧。所以小白说得对,只要把三锅打趴虐怕了,丫的自然就挤出一副二逼奴才笑脸来了

    • 脑残程度不一样。。。对事物的反应自然不一样。。。不能以咱们的标准要求三哥。。。这不科学。。。我认为只要三哥比猴子做的好我们就应该满意不是吗。。。三哥能这么发帖我很是欣慰呢。。。 😎 :mrgreen:

      • 俺嚼的,任何事都要有个度,要有个底线。
        虽相互博弈厮杀的残酷,但人类良知底线 要适合时代。
        根据印度瘪三们 在中日相争引出二战的立场言论表现来看,证明印度瘪三们的内心与日本同等的丑恶。
        印度瘪三们凭十多亿之众 自称大国以为强,就狂妄的不顾人类道义良知 站刽子手一方藐视受害者,天亦不容,人类文明不容,必淘汰这等丑恶垃圾群体。

        • 日本是邪恶。。。三哥是无知。。。不一样。。。三哥就没见识过什么叫战争和屠杀。。。所以才有62的耿耿于怀。。。 😐
          日本终究被远征军挡在缅甸。。。当年即使放水,日本到印度也是强弩之末。。。就像南美人民对二战并无太大感受。。。 😐
          智慧并邪恶。。。不等于。。。脑残并自以为是。。。三哥是蠢不是邪恶(只是蠢到你有点接受不了而已)。。。 :mrgreen:

  7. 我们无法理解屎坑国家民众思维
    真的很难理解 只有第二条评论还可以 其他无法理解
    无法是正常人的思维理解方式 从印度屎坑嘴里出来的话就是不一样
    真的很难理解这些屎坑印度人 😥