Brij Samdani (Manasa)
For last 60 years China has been ruling Tibbet.and Dalai Lama is in exile for 52 years. China has had bad intentions about all her neighboursNot only Dalai Lama but we have to be cautious.


Watalaugh (Agra)
14 May, 2012 03:30 AM
The Chinese must be the most stupid people if they want to poison this old man. But are they that stupid ? How can the world be fooled by such disingenuous pranks to gain sympathy ? Are the self-imposed exiles running out of ideas ? No poison is needed to knock off the DL, time itself will do it and its running out and the Chinese do not control time.


rsesq (USA)
Generally I hold this man in high regard but I think here he is beginning to slip off the edge


Iunderstand (UK) replies to rsesq
14 May, 2012 07:54 PM
Don't be disappointed, everyone make mistakes.


Subramaniam (Malaysia)
14 May, 2012 05:46 AM
Dont worry Your Holy Highness, the whole world is behind you in. If they kill you they will pay for it dearly. They will pay for their bad Karma. Since they are not educated in religious matters and they do not comprehend what is Karma lets forgive them.


Semivalue (Batucaves) replies to Subramaniam
14 May, 2012 08:06 PM
What have you done wrong in your previous life that you now are living in Malaysia suffering like a dog waiting for crumbs from the muslim Malays. Karma must have been real bad and you are now paying for it, black boy.


shubo (India) replies to Subramaniam
extremely disagree, once the whole world is behind Dalai Lama, but now all this is a political gimmick


SAURABH (Mumbai, India) replies to shubo
Its not a political gimmick, China has become too powerful politically and economically for The Dalai Lama to have influence on fiendly nations to take measures to secure Tibetans, we need to hold our patience well for its on us, whom they (the Tibetans) trust and are friends and if we cant stand by them, we cant stand for ourselves and our values of human rights, we have to wait for our time to come.


shubhadeep chattopadhyay replies to SAURABH
no way.....how can we stand for something happening in china, when we are not standing against wrong's in INDIA. AND ONE MORE THING, INDIA IS NOT A BATTLE GROUND FOR DALAI LAMA TO FIGHT CHINA. who so ever think so is against india and indians happiness and well being.


John (Perth)
14 May, 2012 08:29 AM
Dalai Lama don't tell lies.


No questions of lies or truth? Dalai Lama has only stated the facts about the information he received.


Free men (Rajasthan) replies to John
14 May, 2012 10:57 AM
What do u know about Dalai lama.? if you don't know then read Biography of Dalai lama, "Don't be a chines Parrot, Copying chines goverment words"


Watafool (UP) replies to Free men
14 May, 2012 07:58 PM
Do you understand inglish ? He said DL doesn't tell lies, you stupid man.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Indian (Bangalore)
14 May, 2012 09:40 AM
I dont know why Dalai Lama keeps coming up with such statements .. All he is doing is running away from his fellow people living in Tibet and the tibet people staying in India keep creating fiasco at regular intervals.


fact (India) replies to Indian
14 May, 2012 03:27 PM
If he went to Tibet, he would be in a Chinese prison right now.


Rabin Banerjee (Dhangadhi)
China can not afford to take the risk of killing Dalai Lama.for it will act as a boomerang to China


gt (Canada)
14 May, 2012 10:47 AM
The average commenters to this article either dislike the Dalai Lama or dislike the Chinese communist government, and they are entitled to their opinions. However, having said this it must be noted that, the Dalai Lama has never claimed to be a world religious leader other than a “simple monk” and the preaching he does is to his follower only. No one is threatened, cajoled or coerced in any way to attend any of his gatherings. As far as attempt assassination by Chinese agents goes many including latest poisoning threats are in place. Failure to kill the Dalai Lama is not due to ineffectiveness of the Chinese agents, but to the dedication and hard work of the Indian Security service in quietly neutralizing the threats. Thank you India.


tashi (india )
14 May, 2012 01:38 PM
chinese act will get the attention from whole world because the H.H DALAI LAMA is the one and only world leading peace leader,the whole world will suit the chinese government and what a shame action they are taking,long live the DALAI LAMA and free tibet..


Peter Tolmie (Sydney) replies to tashi
I thought President Obama was the one and only world peace leader.. he has a Nobel Prize too (2009) and it only took him 10 months as President of the USA to get it. It took the Dalai Lama over 30 years (1989) to get his one.


jeffirish63 (US) replies to Peter Tolmie
Yep, OBAMA is a genius in peace...


de lama (Bangalore)
Dalai Lama is one of the purest person who preaches human on the earth. His contribution to human kind is awesome. Pig/Dog/cockroach eating military chinese occupiers won't understand this. Long live holiness!!


Wastingpoison (Ladakh)
14 May, 2012 07:50 PM
The Chinese do not consider the DL impt enough to kill him. Bullet worth more.


Peter Tolmie (Sydney) replies to Wastingpoison
hahaha, I asked my (Chinese) wife if the Dalai Lama was worth killing and she replied "why would you bother ? He is not important" Perhaps you are right..lol


Arjan (Mumbai)
If that is the case, then, will the poison in the girls' hair and scarf not affect themselves? If the poison can kill a person who touches the hair/scarf will definitely affect the person who has applied the poison at those places.


satya (Delhi) replies to Arjan
15 May, 2012 11:46 AM
means they just like terrorist. China hire people for suicide killer & give his family a large amount of money..!! Teek hai ji? aur kuch aur b batao jaise ki.. suicide killer kya hai?


Asheesh (Bangalore)
Well, this is very much expected from the back stabbing and stubborn Chinese.. Could very well be true..


ashok singh (delhi)
chinese aren't stupid enough to make a martyr out of him.


Amit Sudan (Delhi)
Sh. Dalai Lama is an strategic assets for India...we should resolve our territorial dispute with China on top priority to ensure the peace in the region. The two big giants of asia should not wait for another 50 years to resolve their disputes....


Desi Indian (India)
We love u ur Holiness....... God be with you...........


Amen (Stpetersgate) replies to Desi Indian
22 hrs ago (07:01 PM)


Proud Indian (Chennai)
15 May, 2012 10:52 AM
If China wants, they can make a chow mien of Dalai Lama :)

如果中国想那么做,那么他们就可以来一盘光头炒面 :)

Ramesh Raghuvanshi (Pune [Maaharastra] India)
15 May, 2012 12:06 PM
If China want to killed Dalai Lama they can very easily kill him when he was in Tibet on the contrary China helped him to escaped from Tibet safely..Dalai Lama is frustrated not getting support to his movement from people of Tibet and International communities so speaking buffoon way.I advise him please retired now you are more than77 year old enough is enough


Ashoke Halder (Kolkata)
15 May, 2012 12:21 PM
How an incarnation of God could be poisoned by the human beings? Are communists capable of performing more miracles than the God himself?


jeffirish63 (US)
This makes me laugh, ahahaha. Lama is telling us two things. First, he is afaid of death though he claimed himself as a religion leader and will go to the heaven after dying. Second, he loves touching women...














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