Subodh Varma在印度时报发表了一篇题为《中国喜欢每个国家,喜欢印度多一点》的文章。著名印度诗人罗宾德拉纳特·泰戈尔曾经说过“世界上最远的距离不是生死距离,而是我站在你面前,你却不知道我爱你”。中国某位官员引述泰戈尔的这句不朽名言,称中国喜欢每个国家,特别是喜欢印度多一点。此外,普通中国人对印度的理解通常是奥斯卡获奖电影《贫民窟的百万富翁》,还有喜欢印度电影舞蹈,对印度人坐在火车车顶旅行感到吃惊等等。

原文标题:China loves everybody, India a little more


BEIJING: "The furthest distance in the world/ Is not between life and death But when I stand in front of you Yet you don't know that I love you."

Reciting these immortal lines from Rabindranath Tagore is the suave and charming You Jianhua. He is the director general of coordination in the international department of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) - a pretty senior position. He is urging the point that China loves everybody, with a hint of emphasis towards India. During a luncheon banquet, he says that he has a Ganesha in his drawing room because he has great respect for India.

This is the kind of reaction India evokes - mostly, among the sophisticated elite. They talk of ancient cultures and shared histories, and of another more recent commonality, high GDP growth rates. "We are both strong, emerging economies" is a constant refrain.

But as you leave the rarified circles and mingle with commoners, more color gets painted in. And, one gets a sense of barely concealed curiosity. "Ah, India! 'Slumdog Millionnaire'!" exclaims Hao Yuenan, a former soldier and currently working in the information office of Sichuan, a province in south central China, right next to Tibet.






Across the vast nation, everybody seems to have seen this Oscar-winning film because it was shown on CCTV, China's official telecaster. Even in a remote village of the Qiang ethnic group, a shopkeeper beams and says something excitedly to the local interpreter. He is saying that he loved 'Slumdog', she translates with a knowing grin.

Knowledge about India is curiously limited to images from television. In several places, people ask whether it is true that Indians normally eat straight with their hands. There is a hint of suspicion that perhaps the TV programme on Indian cuisine and eating habits was not really representative.

In Haimen, Jiangsu province, on the eastern seaboard, Fen Chien who has adopted the Western name Henry for convenience of visiting foreigners, is transparently aghast at the confirmation of this habit. When asked whether he finds it embarrassing, Henry displays quick thinking.

"You eat with your hands because your food must be very delicious, isn't it?" he says.

Another slice of India that most people have enjoyed is Bollywood dances. Not whole films, not actors but the heavy-duty dance numbers, which seem to be aired sometimes on TV shows.



在江苏省海门市,为了方便访问外国人的Fen Chien取了个西方名字亨利。他显然反对确认该习惯。当被问到是否感到尴尬的时候,亨利表现出了敏捷思维。



"I love the energy and the movements," says Xu Zhou, a young university student from Beijing. "And the ...freedom," she adds after struggling for a proper word. %What she probably means is "abandon".

In a gigantic eating house, halfway between Beijing and the Great Wall, 2000 tourists can eat at a time in a vast hall on the first floor (called the second floor in China; their first floor is what we call the ground floor). In the equally big washrooms, piped music is playing. It sounds vaguely familiar. Then it suddenly clicks: it's an instrumental version of SRK's Chaiyya Chaiyya.

In Mianyang city in Sichuan, a local journalist who calls himself Ray raises the population question. "On TV they showed an image of a train with people sitting on the roofs and hanging from the sides," he says. There is no criticism - China after all has a larger population and one never hears any complaint about that. Ray is just worried that why do they have to travel on dangerous rooftops.

But the one running theme - sometimes brazenly stated, sometimes politely implied - is trade relations. China is %a nation obsessed with economic growth. So everything is explored for its economic opportunity.


在北京和长城中间有一个巨大的饭厅。2000名游客可以一次性在一楼的大厅用餐(在中国说二楼。他们的一楼就是我们所说的底楼)。在同样大的洗手间里,播放着喇叭音乐。听起来有种模糊的熟悉感。突然明白了:是Chaiyya Chaiyya的器乐版。



In the Tianfu Software Park of Chengdu, Sichuan province's capital, officials delicately talk about making efforts to catch up with India's outsourcing industry.

Sometimes, the approach is direct, as in Haimen. Fen Chien is on the municipality's Board of Commerce. So he is just doing his job when he asks whether there is any market for carbon brushes in India. "There are many manufacturers of high quality carbon brushes here. They are looking for overseas markets," he says expectantly. He also offers bed textiles, of which the suburb of Dieshiquiao is an international hub with an annual turnover of over about $8 billion.

On an off-chance he also recommends that Indian investors can find Haimen very profitable.


有时,就像在海门一样,方法是直接的。Fen Chien在市商务局工作。所以他问碳刷在印度是否有市场只是他的工作范围。他很期待地说:“这里有许多优质碳刷生产商。他们在寻找海外市场。”他还介绍了床上用品。叠石桥郊区是个年产值大约80亿美元的床上用品国际中心。



narroweyes (ahmedabad) 1 day ago
Now they are are talking about "Hindi-Chini" bhai bhai....but hey no gay love please !!
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Ramalingam Raghupati (hyderabad) replies to narroweyes
haha, nice joke... Surely, India can't afford to be tricked again.


dimpu (china) 1 day ago
after reading this,do any one think that china showing love on india ??? if they r showing such love that means they gonna play some political game with india...they killed all buddist tibit made it as han tibit...even in our indian newspapper or in newyorktimes...i never seen a diplomatic news about china...
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Vishnu.L (Bangalore)
Yeah, Chin loves everybody and eats every thing - even the crawles. Go love pak and Taliban and have them for dinner.
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Subodh Varma (delhi) replies to Vishnu.L
Some day we have to start thinking about rising up from this narrow xenophobic view and start looking at all humans from all nations with love and understanding. That doesn't mean that we become weak or stupid - in fact that is the sign of greatness.
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Rohit (Mumbai) replies to Subodh Varma 1 day ago
you still think about teaming up with chinese people ? I guess we never learn from our mistakes afterall !
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Andy (Hong Kong) replies to Subodh Varma 1 day ago
Very wise words - though some day should be replace by yesterday.
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free men (Rajasthan) 1 day ago
"You Jianhua has a Ganesha in his drawing room because he has great respect for India."........ A chines communist ruling Party can't buy India people's heart. because, India is the world largest and meaningful democracy, one big different between INDIA an CHINA are in India government and people are transparent like glass we can see other side also. but in China big wall between government and people.............. .. so what Do you think????????????
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原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Kaml (US) replies to free men 10 hrs ago
Really really? Do you really believe what you wrote here? Ha ha ha you made my day. Thanks.
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free men replies to Kaml 2 hrs ago
Not only me, whole world know Big different between Indian democracy and chines Communist government.........! You can see India and China basic humanright.....................


free men (Rajasthan) 1 day ago
China love India because of Ganesha drawing.................? What about Indian businessman in China...................... China's communist love only money and never respect human basic value....................................???????????
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free meb (Rajasthan) 1 day ago
Dear Indian brother and Sister,............................................. Chines communist government says that Religion is a POISON. Don't believe what they are saying..................
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myalmightygod (India)
Sorry, but we don't like you chinkis.
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Cameron (UK) replies to myalmightygod 10 hrs ago
What's the smell? Internet can hide your identity but God knows who you are. You'll reap what you sow eventually!
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myalmightygod replies to Cameron
That smell is of your wrong doings. Also, we have been betrayed by china.


bivashik (shanghai) 1 day ago
The furthest distance in the world Is not between life and death But when i stand in front of you Yet you don't know that I love you These "immortal" lines are definitely not from Tagore as far as I can remember. I could be wrong though. Subodhji can u confirm from which poem, novel these verses are from?
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Cum Suk Ma Cok (India) 1 day ago
Stop claiming Arunachal Pradesh as your own, return Aksai Chin, Free Tibet and Taiwan, give freedom and human rights to your own people, stop being friendly with a**holes like pakistan and north korea.....then we can consider a relationship...
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jeffirish63 (US) replies to Cum Suk Ma Cok
16 hrs ago
Free Sikkim! Free Kashmir! Free Assam! These, together with many other regions, are bully occupied by Indian intruders! The whole world are wishing people from there fight for their freedom! Freedom!
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arda92 (German) replies to Cum Suk Ma Cok
Stop worship every white guy in your country, stop kill people in your country because they do not have your religon, stop discriminate people because they are not your caste, and India will probaly develope better.
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jeffirish63 (US) replies to arda92
You should go to China to see things personally, and then you will come back to swallow your words.
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Ramalingam Raghupati (hyderabad) replies to jeffirish63
Mr. Ching chong, Do you want every people to go to China and get kidnapped or tortured or procecuted under a false allegation? This is not funny at all! I can imagine what will happen to people of the free world like us inside China. So, please stop this dubious and logic. Though your malice is concealed by deception, but your wickedness will be exposed in the public time and again.


arda92 (Germany) replies to Ramalingam Raghupati
First of all, stop using those racist words that the white animals has taught you. Because they have worse words for you. It is funny that Indian who suffered more under racism than any other country is using it today. Maybe they are indeed ******s, like the British once told me.
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sanjay (delhi) replies to arda92 20 hrs ago
Your post seems to make the .001% look like 101%....extemely lopsided generalization. Crimes happen, alluding to the same example. 1 rape/6mins in the USA does not imply every american is a rapist
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arda92 replies to sanjay
I can remember that in Ayodhya at least 2000 people died in the riots, and this is only one of the many riots in the recent history of India.
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Wakeup (Canada) replies to arda92 21 hrs ago
India is not the one saying anything here; China is trying to make a point that they have love for India. What's the relevance of your comment here???? Get some coffee; you seem lost.
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arda92 replies to Wakeup
17 hrs ago
In China the people still know about Hindi China bhai bhai, despite the conflict in the past. But do you guys still know that ?
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arda92 (German)
Very nice report, but to be honest chinese people does not have much intrest in India. They know more about the american culture and european culture. And on the other side, the Indian news are bashing China everyday, because in their mind China is a dark, evil empire where people get killed because they visit facebook. Some people, especially white people does not want the two major ancient power to become friends in the future. That will hurt european intrest......
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myalmightygod (India) replies to arda92
i agree to you, both India and China have ancient culture, both want to become super, one is slowly but definetly progressive and other rapdily. But the major differnce is India has democracy, while china does not have. Once china has the democracy, the picture might change.
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Thinker (China) replies to arda92 10 hrs ago
Hope more Indians can visit China so that they can understand Chinese based on their own experiences instead of regurgitating old information from 30 years ago. Try to look for positive things! There are negative aspects in every culture. Indians should learn to be more positive about the world.
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Ramalingam Raghupati (hyderabad) replies to arda92
So you too loves, right? haha.... and here is a popular saying by Oscar wilde that perfectly fits the Chinese mentality. “When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving one's self, and one always ends by deceiving others. That is what world calls a romance.” Bless those hateful Chinese.
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arda92 replies to Ramalingam Raghupati
You really want to talk about hate ? The chinese news never shows so much hateful things about india.
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myalmightygod (India) replies to arda92
Unlike india, chinese news media is not ruled by the democracy and freedom of speech
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Kaml (US) 9 hrs ago

Indians who read ToI show very interesting qualities. Hope they are not representative of Indians. Otherwise, India has no hope! Absolutely no hope! Don't know where this inferiority complex comes from. It seems all they know is to bash/complain about everything and everyone. Sigh...
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free men (Rajasthan8) 2 hrs ago
Mr. You Jianhua when he was in class six he wrote this line "China loves everybody, India a little more." this is not a political statement. just a child article..............................................................


IndoCanadian (India) 21 hrs ago
I really hope that was an honest statement from Jianhua, because India has only seen deceit from its neighbouring coutries so far. And I don't think the Indians have anymore tolerance left. On the other hand, if he indeed is being truthful, God bless him. I wish India and China can emerge and one day live in harmony like US & Canada.
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jeffirish63 (US) replies to IndoCanadian
China and India are both great countries. Both suffered from colonial before establishing an independent country. Now the difference is, China is trying to develop through their own way, while India is being used by western super power to fight against China. After China goes down, India will be their next target. You should know that the western countries fight against China is not because China is communism (actually nowadays China is more like capitalism), but because they believe China's growth will threaten their ability of controlling the entire world. This is just like you are the big guy controlling all the resources, but there is another guy who is becoming stronger, you will certainly believe that guy will threaten your benefits. In the future, India will eventually become a powerful country. The western world will do the same thing to India too. Leon Panetta said in 2011 that the reason why USA moves to Australia is because China and India are becoming stronger, which threaten their dominance of Asia.
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Ramalingam Raghupati (hyderabad) replies to jeffirish63
How is China and India both a great country of this world? Incase of India, I can say that it is the largest free and democratic country in the world. It is the world's only secular country Where every major religious traditions can be found flourishing side by side for centuries. It is the only nation on this planet that is culturally, linguistically, religiously and what not so diverse yet prided on its unity in these diversities. However, incase of China the real story is just the opposite. I am saddened to see how naively you have put China at par with India. Apart from the massive population explosion, I don't see any greater commonality between India and China.

Like Pakistan, China has time and again, proved to be a deceitful neighbour, backstabbing India at the slightest opportunities throughout history. Infact, i see in China as a much more pathetic country than Pakistan in terms of its social fabric. The vast majority of innocent Chinese lives under poverty and are inhumanely tortured and harassed for raising their voicing for freedom and justice. The bunch of communist thugs and hypocrites that runs China forms a mere 10% of the population yet owns 90% of the total wealth. All of this exploitation happens lawfully in China under the garb of communism and Communist party. With millions of Chinese butchered by their fabled Communist leader Mao, and millions still languishing in Chinese Gulags and Secret black jails, China is infact the world's LARGEST PRISON.
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jeffirish63 replies to Ramalingam Raghupati
I have no idea where you got this, or it just came from your imagination. India has lost their culture. More importantly, they have lost their native language. No mention that English is your native language:-) Your saying "every major religious traditions can be found flourishing side by side for centuries" is a joke. A country without their own language can have their own culture, or own way of thinking? Meanwhle your saying "China is the largest prison". What a joke! You know how the world look at India? there is a western jounalist, after visiting India, saying that India is dirty. The word dirty is not just you use hand to eat but more like corruption and that one man can get married with tens of women lawfully. This is the so-called human right you have been always talking about. In China, it is illegal for a man to get married with 2 women, this is a real sense of respecting human right. Also, in India there are many people fighting for freedom while arrested or even killed by government army. Even the Sikkim King is still hoping to recover Sikkim. You see how rude Indian are occupying a free land with a brilliant culture. Free Sikkim!
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原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

arda92 (Germany) replies to Ramalingam Raghupati
Yet, China is the largest exportor of foreign students and today millions of foreigner are visiting China every year. The world is not black and white. Living under a repressive governement did not mean that you will get killed for criticising the government on Internet. Most of the stuff you have written is overdragged. It is like to say that living under a democracy will wipe out corruption. China is repressive and every chinese taxi driver will sing a song about it. They do not get killed. You can not judge about China since it is as much complex as India. You want to tell me India has no problems? Remember Ayodhya? There will be always stubben people like you who never try to understand a coutry. Most of you knowlege is a mix of racism, mass media and prejudice.
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