原文标题:China leaves 1962 military triumph's shadow behind


BEIJING: It's not denial, and it's not amnesia, but the Chinese never gloat over the country's military triumph in the 1962 war with India. No one talks about the conflict here; there's no section of a museum, no memorials in China to display a sense of national bravado, and nothing like Tokyo's Yasukuni shrine.

The Yasukuni shrine continues to embarrass the Chinese, who see in Japan's obsession for "war heroes" a glorification of "war criminals" involved in rape and massacre of innocent citizens after the southern city of Nanjing fell into the hands of the Japanese army in 1937. There has been no such attempt in China to embarrass India over the 1962 conflict.



"China never wanted to humiliate India. It has been wrongly understood in India," said Janaki Ballabh, who came to Beijing as a copy editor with the Foreign Languages Press in 1956. "My Chinese friends feel sad that the two countries had to go to war. The war has not changed the love and respect that ordinary Chinese have for India," Ballabh said. Government experts sound almost apologetic about the war success and tend to explain it in ways that is hardly ever discussed in India. This is evident in several articles in Chinese journals through the past decades, including a recent one in the Global Times last June.

1956年来到北京作为外文出版社编辑的Janaki Ballabh称,中国从未想羞辱印度,印度方面一直做出错误理解。“我的中国朋友对两国交战感到伤心,但这场战争并没有改变普通中国人对印度的热爱和尊敬。”



Francis (NRI)
China is in the verge of economical turmoil and need more surplus trades from Asian alies, therefore have to convince Indians that Mao Zedong was experimenting a war with an inefficient Indian PM. If they are sincere China should openly declare Arunachal as an Indian territory


Siloo Kapadia (Singapore) replies to Francis
It is exactly this reason that China, like USA, is looking for a war to take their people's minds off of the problems at home. Compared to India China is doing quite well, but inside they have a lot of problems. I have been there more than a few times. And I expect USA to go to war with Iran in the very near future as well REGARDLESS OF WHO WINS THE ELECTION. Remember, you read it here first.


hell freezes over (INDIA) replies to Francis
and return Aksai Chin


Aru (Pune) replies to Francis
Its time you have an Indian name and think like a sensible Indian. Don't sit overseas and give idiotic advices.


Dave (Mumbai) replies to Aru
Aru Bhau: What is idiotic advice? Francis is telling the truth. If 1962 was a one time deal then why China still occupies COK and claims Arunachal?? Why has it consistently armed and abetted Porkistan, including providing them with Nukes and Missiles? Does it look like friendly gestures to you? Makes sense? Attack the argument, not the person dude.


Proud_Indian (Brisbane) replies to Dave
Absolutely True Dave and Francis. I see that there are a lot of Chinese pigs on this site who are voting against a lot of pro-india comments. These Chinese can never be Trusted. Just wait for Romney to get elected and the music shall start.

绝对正确,Dave 和 Francis。我发现本站有许多中国猪投票反对那些支持印度的言论。这些中国人永远不值得信任。就等罗姆尼当选吧,好戏就要开始了。

Sandeep (Canada)
This is time to look east. The 2 countries hold almost 1 /3rd of world population with ever growing middle class.If we some how manage to strike a balance and manage to take trade to next level its gonna benefit both of the economies.


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arda92 (Germany)
Let me ask you one question. Do you want a 5000 year old neighbour who kicked you once or a white guy who came all over the sea to rule over you as your ally ?


David Bofinger (Sydney, Australia) replies to arda92
What matters isn't the past but the future, and in the future it's China that's the most worrying. The west has lost interest in expanding its political control through conquest. Even when it goes to war it tries to leave again as fast as it can. But China still wants to expand and sees India as a long-term threat, hence the alliances with Pakistan, Burma, etc..


Raj (UK) replies to David Bofinger
Do you really believe China want to take care another 1 billions mouths?


Amit (Mumbai)
The past is past and we can move on to a future of better relations with our neighbors..specially the ones that have good intentions. And if China really wants to be honest friends with India then they can also give back the land that they took away from India in that war. Together both the countries can achieve a lot.


S L Saini Chandigarh (Lowell, Massachusetts)
If this true than India also should show maturity and stop all sort of Pak bashing not even through bollywood. Time will come when Pak will have to think over for changing its attitude towards India.


k.madhukar (bangalore)
If you trust our Congress Party, you might as well trust China.Both say one thing and do something else.


Hetal (Mumbai)
Chinese army and air force constantly intrude into Indian side in Sikkim, Ladakh, and Arunachal to show India who is the Boss. India will make a mistake if it ignores these intrusions and call them friends. India must constantly build defenses to deter China. Peace only comes to the powerful.


Indian (India)
India should go friendly with China. If not, we would suffer in 3rd w0rld waar..


B.N.Gururaj (Bangalore)
The humiliation of October 1962 still rankles India. It was the result of pacifism of Pandit Nehru, bickering between Defence Minister Krishna Menon and Finance Minister Morarji Desai, which resulted in neglectiing India's defences. In 1962, India's defence budget was a measly 350 crores! Nevertheless, even if China does not gloat over this victory, the fact remains that 1962 was not merely a heavy punch, but resulted in grabbing Indian territory measuring about 98000 sq kilometers both in Ladakh and NEFA (Arunachal Pradesh). China is no dove. It is a quiet eagle.


Anupam (Hazira)
The joke of the millenium. If that is true, why thousands of intrusion of chinese army in an year in our boundaries, why arial intrusion in our air space, why not giving visa to ex army men who served in J&K, why not accept theta Arunachal is my country's integral part, and million dollar Questin, why not giving the land which China grabbed from my beloved nation, So china is behaving like land grabber, land mafia, global cop, and a criminal gone berserk


PS! (Bharat)
It is the Indians who need to be more mature in their relationships with China. China is sending a message by not marking that event. If anything, India needs to protect itself from its pathetic leadership that is creating enemies everywhere - internally and externally. The second threat that India has is from the Communists who hare actually traitors - they have distorted our history, they sided with China during the war and will side with anyone who espouses communist propaganda, they strongly object to the development and enhancement of our unique culture and are against genuine liberty while pretending to be 'secular'. Such hypocrites must be exposed - but the media, academia and polity is infected with that virus.


Osup Dai (Pasighat Arunachal)
we can't believed China,if it is true they should consider Arunachal Pradesh as integral parts of India.I belong to Arunachal,when we applied visa to China,they refused saying that Arunachal is in China.


Indian (India) replies to Bahu Virupaksha
I agree with you sir and we salute you people for showing patriotism towards our motherland. Thank you


Rajesh Khanna (lake Mansoravar)
We Indians will show the Han Chinese a lot of love if they can kindly return Aksai Chin, Mount Kailash and lakes Mansoravar back to India. In fact we are even willing to go to bed with the Han Chinese if they return Tibet to the Dalai Lama, also if they return Xinjiang to the Uighur people and if they return Inner Mongolia back to Mongolia. In fact we will party all night with the Han Chinese if they give up their claim to the entire South China sea. Lastly we Indians are even willing to marry the Chinese if they stop supplying Pakistan with all the military hardware used against us Indians.


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robust (Delhi)
Is this to be taken seriously ? Then why is China claiming a large part of Indian territory and giving stapled visas of the people of Sikkim ?


Jeet 尼泊尔) replies to S L Saini Chandigarh
Because Sikkim was never a part of India in History and was Part of Nepal and later have their own independent country.See the history.


sunil (delhi)
Must be the writer is communist ... else China really want to leaves 1962 memories then why china is helping Pakistan against India ... and why asking for Nagaland ... recently may be with 2 weeks i have seen a news ... in which it was stated that china has build roads and bridges near to the NE border area .... so it ls clear China is nothing like written in this article ...


harsha (India)
NEVER EVER TRUST THE CHINESE. Whatever they do has a strategic goal in sight. Their decisions are based on reaching the goal. Sweet talking on the face and stabbing in the back in strategy china has used all along. The main aim of china in 1962 was to occupy Aksai Chin, so that they can build a road to Tibet. Therefore, while their army withdrew from Arunachal, it never withdrew from Aksai Chin. Let us not be deluded by the goody goody talk. Just two weeks earlier, china has done an airforce excercise on the Indo-Tibet border with live ammunition. All along the border with India they have missile bases, with nuclear warheads. By trusting chinese we are just making a fool of ourselves. Bigger fools than us are the pakis who will be gobbled by the chinese one day.


ravindrasharma0951 (patna)
I agree and i am always writing that China and India are civilizational friends and J L Nehru has tested the fruit of his foolishness but it is high time for China to make settlement of her external problems- 1 give some sort of autonomy to Tibatians acceptable to people of both sides and 2 to maintain permanent peace with India, accept the Mac Mohan line as a boundry between the India and China. It will be in China's intrest because she is aspiring to be a world power and if it is to be translated into reality then the peaceful boundries is the first and formost condition for China.




girish c k (Bangalore)
We in India have already forgotten the 1962 humiliation. There are umpteen number of Chinese items in Indian market, including Ganesh statuettes, toys, sanitary items, tiles, cloths, furnishing items, cutlery, and even cigarettes and garlic! From war, China has moved to economic sabotage. Subversion of the Indian mind has already begun.


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