原文标题:China is not an enemy, just a competitor: Lt Gen Bikram Singh

印度陆军参谋长比克拉姆(Bikram Singh):中国不是敌人,只是竞争对手

KOLKATA: Lt Gen Bikram Singh, GOC-in-C, Eastern Command, who takes over as Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) on Thursday, feels that relations with China have improved and one shouldn't send across a wrong message by talking too much about India's preparations military-wise.

"Minor incidents do occur. Patrols from their sides move to what is their perception about the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Our patrols also move to what is our perception of the LAC. These are tactical issues at best and should not be taken to a strategic level. In today's world, China is not an enemy. China is a competitor," the CoAS designate said in Kolkata before leaving for Delhi. The general also spoke about his priorities.



"My first priority as CoAS will be to ensure operational readiness of the Army to enable it to fulfil its Constitutional obligations and assigned roles effectively. Secondly, I will address the hollowness and ensure that the modernization process proceeds as per stipulated timelines. Thirdly, I will strengthen the Army's work culture and the core values, namely, duty, honour, loyalty, integrity, respect and selfless service," he said.

Singh, who will be the 25th general to lead the world's second largest Army, will also focus on effective human resource management to ensure high standards of motivation and morale among all ranks. The former eastern Army commander is also keen to enhance co-ordination with the other services.



"All commanders must endeavour to create a climate during their command tenures that hinges on our cherished core values, professional ethos and is conducive to growth and cohesion. Everything, including the military, needs to move forward if we want to develop India into a regional leader," the general said.

Singh was commissioned into the Sikh Light Infantry on March 31, 1972. In the Indian Military Academy (IMA), he held the appointment of battalion cadet adjutant. At the IMA, he was awarded the J&K Rifles gold medal for 'tactics and leadership' and the Shriganesh Trophy. Better known as 'Bikki' to his friends, he was awarded the 'Commando Dagger' and the 'Best in Tactics' trophy during his young officer's course at Infantry School. It was during his tenure as instructor at the Commando Wing of the Infantry School in Belgaum that he met Surjeet Kaur and married her. She is better known as Bubbles with the Army-circle.



"Till the Kargil War, the Army used to be a closeted organization and interactions with the media were not entertained. It was after the Kargil War that the perception changed. Even as CoAS, I will ensure that people get to know about what is happening in the Army," Lt Gen Singh, who was assigned to brief the media during the Kargil War, said.

As a brigadier, Singh attended the US Army War College in Pennsylvania. He served in two assignments with the United Nations in Central America and as the deputy force commander and GOC of Eastern Division in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Colleagues remember him as a 'soldier's soldier' for spending time with his troops on the ground.

What was it that prompted the general to join the Army? "I was a student at the Punjab Public School in Nabha during the 1962 and 1965 Wars. We would dig trenches and take shelter when the air raid signals were sounded. This was when I decided to join the Army. I was very good at Zoology and Biology and my teachers felt that I would become a doctor. If I were to be born again, I would join the Indian Army," he said.





pawan (gwalior)
7 hrs ago (11:17 PM)
i m fully agree with general's comment bt we can't forget that it is china who attacked 20/10/1962, and now again he is talking about Arunachal Pradesh that the AP is their part in past so they claim the arunachal pradesh, China did not give the visa to the indian citizen which belong to Arunachal Pradesh and thereafter if we said the he is not our enemy then i only said "OPEN YOUR EYES GENERAL SAHAB"


ami (surat)
7 hrs ago (11:17 PM)
than why they are crossing LOC every day? to say hi to you? dont run away from problem..


Sardar Singh (Varanasi)
7 hrs ago (11:16 PM)
I BELIEVE THAT IT IS EASY TO LOVE AND DIFFICULT TO HATE! This is a competetive world and every Nation has to be agressive in development in every sector.


Prithviraj Kumar (Bangalore)
But It is also a close friend of an Enemy.


Pyb (Doon)
7 hrs ago (11:15 PM)
The other day i was chatting on ownskin where i met this chinese guy who asked my asl..i gave the details stating that m an indian..he said, i hate you..i asked y? he said i hate indians..i further asked what makes you hate indians?? he said, "go and ask your PM"..what is it guys?? i was perplexed at this?? Y this chini hates MMS?? Isn't Congress more China friendly?? or there is something else??


(三泰虎注:ownskin应该是类似QQ的聊天软件。asl是age、sex、location..就是你的年龄、性别和你现在所在的位置.. 是时下老美流行的口号)

MS (blr)
7 hrs ago (11:15 PM)
So this guy has decided not to fight from day one. China was Neheru's friend before 62.


7 hrs ago (11:12 PM)
China is as Ancient as India is, besides China is a country of enterprising people, they believe in development and prosperity unlike the suicidal mentality of Pak. We should resolve the minor border issues and look at the prospects of joining hands with an equally Ancient Culture like China and stop considering the Invadors from the Western Border as the Most Favoured Nation


Amit (Delhi)
General seems right in his viewpoint. We need to compete with the Chinese , not fight.


Amit Thackrey (Mumbai)
I urge china to please for god sake invade us and liberate us from the tyrant rule of India. This spineless Bikram singh looks like another Manmohan Singh . We are fed up with continuous infiltration of Bhayyas from every corner. They are breeding like mosquitoes and coacroaches and have made entire Mumbai as their sulabh sauchalay. As long as we are in india we will be continuously exploited financially and brain washed to be indian. It is better for us to speak Chinese then language of bhayyas. Mi Maharashtracha Maharashtra Maza!!!


Singh (Chicago) replies to Amit Thackrey
7 hrs ago (11:14 PM)
Hehehe Porki, why don't you urge Pakistan to attack us.


I wish China could also treat and behave in the same way as Gen Vikram Singh thinks !!!!!!


ar.utkarsh (Noida)

Lt. Gen Singh can you please clarify whether your comments are personal or in capacity of Chief of Army Staff because then you should be having strong evidence to prove your point. I as a citizen demand those evidences.


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manumaster.manu (Mumbai)

He knows our strength is only to fight poor countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc. So we have to say China is our competitor and not enemy- A diplomatic answer for our poor army and poor country



We will be in a better position if china is an ally rather than a competitor.


ashu lifeisbeautiful (mumbai) replies to vikramsahu

China is Pakistan's ally and has been for decades. And it will be our ally if we give up Arunachal Pradesh.


EBM (The USA) replies to ashu lifeisbeautiful
11 hrs ago (11:59 PM)

If we will give Arunachal Pradesh; China will conquer Kanyakumari. India full of Idiots!



IndiBloke (India) replies to vikramsahu
12 hrs ago (10:59 PM)

china can't be anybody's ally, it only knows to gobble and gobble and gobble..a dragon from heart!!


12 hrs ago (10:38 PM)
We are living in the world of "Hunger Games". We should overpower the competitor.


Jago India (Planet earth )
12 hrs ago (10:40 PM)
Lt Gen Bikram Singh China is not an enemy, just a competitor: sorry it is not acceptable. your statement may be an administration compulsion and you might have been forced to say so . Please note that competitor does not invade in your territory and does not help setting terror camps in POK the existence of which is proved beyond doubt. I can give thousand of examples when China has stabbed at the back of our country and our spineless leadership has done nothing other than meek and poor hee hee


Brown American (USA)
12 hrs ago (10:43 PM)
I do not see China as an enemy, however, it will turn into an enemy if the issues of Arunanchal Pradesh, Ladakh and River Brahmaputra are not resolved amicable. If China builds a Dam on River TsangPao, it will be direct assault on India. China is building heavily in Pakistan Kashmir and will link Gawadar Port to Western China.There is credible evidence that China supports Maoists


Abhinav (India)
12 hrs ago (10:45 PM)
The general is right. He appears to be a brilliant diplomat! The time has changed since Nehru, and while we need to be cautious regarding our dealings with China, India needs to excercise stick-and-carrot diplomacy with China. General Singh is the right pick for the top job.


IndiBloke (India)
12 hrs ago (10:52 PM)
I hope this coming soon general is not another puppet of congress..he talks nice but there are plethora of good orators in congress as well who only know talking and not deliver..i would like to believe his arrival will make a difference.. about china, its surely not our enemy coz states don't do trade running to billions with its enemy..but china surely is a potent and lethal competetor who can soon turn the events unfavourable.. my earnest hopes are that china's Pak oriented policy will one day boomarang with Ugihur militants infiltrating the regions of china and playing havoc there, then only china will come to realize what India is going through, through pak sponsored terrorism.. Jai Hind!!


12 hrs ago (10:56 PM)


Saeed (India) replies to AKBAR KASSAM
12 hrs ago (11:25 PM)
Since when making money become the only criteria to determine who is an enemy or friend? The American education makes you dumber (:- Maybe you should come back to India for re-education!

什么时候赚钱变成了衡量敌人或者朋友的唯一标准了?美国教育让你变成了傻瓜(:- 。也许你应该回印度接受再教育!

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dilmen (Dubai)
General, you said it rightly. If I were to be born again, I will be joining the services to serve the nation. Keep the spirit high and let Indian Army the best in the world. Dileep Menon, Dubai

将军,你说得对。要是能再活一次,我将参军报国。保持高昂斗志,让印度军队成为世界最棒的军队——Dileep Menon ,迪拜

Amit Thackrey (Mumbai)
12 hrs ago (10:59 PM)
Good joke V.K. Singh, it was nice to see this competition in 1962 war when most of our soldiers were running like headless chickens in the battle field showing their back. Keep up the running competition among soldiers. hehehe.lol.


12 hrs ago (11:06 PM)
Good diplomatic talking Singh saab, but there is a very thin line separating a competitor from an enemy...competitors play by the rule and enemies just don't. By this definition clearly Pak is an enemy, right...? Now, if China offers unconditional support to your enemy and specifically against you, then do they become a competitor or an enemy...? You decide...


Kaml (US) replies to RKN
12 hrs ago (11:20 PM)
You have very interesting logic. Are you educated in India or the US? Just curious


Dany (Mumbai)
12 hrs ago (11:07 PM)
Pandit Nehru was saying same thing long time back. Then what happen, we all know it.


Singh (Punjab)
12 hrs ago (11:10 PM)
General makes very smart statement, will turn no stone turned to make India ready and competent to face china. In diplomatic language you don't say that china is our enemy, no one knows China than Ge. Bikram, that China is an enemy. General Bikram will leave a legacy and will be remembered as star Chief of the army staffs., it is only time that is going to prove.


Our Daily (USA)
With the Western world in severe decline and China becoming an undisputed Super Power, India has no other option except to make peace with China. However, if India is really serious about this, then it must expel Dalai Lama and extradite him to China.


Manish (Manali)
12 hrs ago (11:23 PM)
I hope that is a diplomatic statement and he doesnt seriously believe it. Today China is the most aggresively hegemonistic country in this region and India should build up its defences to protect itself from China. China is claiming islands owned by the Phillipines and Japan. It is also claiming Indian terrtory. There is therefore no room for complacency


ashu lifeisbeautiful (mumbai)

Was the Gen. thinking about London Olympics... Only God can save India now. GOD rut..


Vidya Bulchandani (Pune, Maharashtra)
11 hrs ago (11:38 PM)
It was before, I was born, but I will never forget, what my Grandad told me about the famous saying...'Hindu Cheene Bhai Bhai' propagated by Nehruji. This time around, we should be more careful. The original Silk Route, was the Biggest Trade Route and will surely be again, but we must surely be Alert!


Laxman Manchigiah (Colleyville texas)
11 hrs ago (11:43 PM)
Good news indeed. New CoAS Bikram Singh's approach seems to be right for India and China, don't forget, we have very long boundries and both countries have a rich culture and traditions and our relationship is over several thousands of Years, we have to live peacefuly and allow the development of countries and can we change a NEIGHBOR ? no, so, why not bury the HATREAD and SHOWER LOVE, Govt. has to give FREE HAND to him to achieve this goal. God bless him and protect him


sant2020 (delhi)
11 hrs ago (11:51 PM)
So, we have a sleeping general ....


nikitiwari75 (UP)

OK, let the momentum of competition going and see what happens. You can't trust too much on such country who attacked you before and also a friend of other bad neighbor.


11 hrs ago (11:57 PM)
China is certainly not a competitor; long way back they have surpassed India in every single aspect. Pakistan is the only competitor India has (check Per Capita Income).


bmbx70 (India) replies to EBM
11 hrs ago (12:08 AM)
Sad but true. Back in like 1978, China surpassed India. Now, China is more than 10 times India. We can't be a competitor to China - neither in economy nor in defense; and with all this corruption, I see the gap widening further. Unless we get rid of these corrupt politicians, no good can happen.


Someone (Somewhere)
11 hrs ago (12:00 AM)
Do not know if his statement was diplomatic but to me he appears to be a family man and love his life like any ordinary Indian. He should remember that he should be ready to die for the country's sovereignty. With China's encroachment all over northern India, he should not pamper with such words but deliver a stern message.
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Inderjit Ahuja (Delhi)
11 hrs ago (12:00 AM)
How is China not an enemy? China occupies 1/3rd of J&K and calls it Aksai Chin. China provides arms to pak terrorists. China violates border in Uttarakhand & Arunachal. China claims Arunachal to be hers. .... How is China not an enemy?!!
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Singh (Punjab) replies to Inderjit Ahuja
10 hrs ago (01:00 AM)
General knows that too, how about faking friendship to the enemy and getting prepared for the war. He is a General, not an ordinary soldier.
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Agnel Pereira (Goa)
India and China must have a good relationship inorder not to have a border disputes and other tactical issues. Both countries should treat each other as friends and not enemy.


mikemaj (USA)
Remember 1962 war? Chinese were dancing in the Indian Territory? Nehru and Krishna Menon were sleeping? Same thing will happen if India does not think China as an Enemy. Chinese cannot be trusted and should not be trusted. Here in USA, despite of having great trade relationship, US is considering China as a Threat and preparing for it all the time.


narenbumb (Murshatpur)
11 hrs ago (12:09 AM)
The General has generalized his job ! It's better to embrace an enemy (when you are not prepared) than to get slaughtered in a skirmish.


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K.Chatterjee (Delhi)
10 hrs ago (12:31 AM)
Is he an army man? This is an alibi of a coward who has risen to the top post more by sycophancy than valour. And from world history, we all know a sycophant switches side when the assault begins.
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Singh (Punjab) replies to K.Chatterjee
10 hrs ago (12:51 AM)
You must be a fool, have you ever been in the army, even in the NCC or your father? Have you ever picked up a gun, that you are talking about a four star general like this? First read everything about General's academic career as well what he did ever since he was in and after IMA Dehradun. Do you think that he does not know that China is a number one enemy, what difference it would have caused if he would have said so. Now a days, diplomacy counts. He will do everything to prepare India for China or any other future wars and defend Mother India with is heart and soul.
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Vidya Bulchandani (Pune, Maharashtra)
10 hrs ago (12:34 AM)
Operational Readiness has to be our Only Priority!


deelip (goa)
10 hrs ago (12:34 AM)
next he will say Pakistan is not our enemy but a petty competitor.
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DHRUV (mumbai)
10 hrs ago (12:35 AM)
either he is too smart or too dumb and ignorant of history with China (i cant forgive China for the deceit of Hindi Chine Bhai Bhai...) or 3rd option...he is paid in RMB...
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Apurba Paul (Bangalore)
If we say "Just competitor" for china, surely then we are taking china too lightly.


Das (Bangalore)
15 hrs ago (01:08 AM)
He is like our MMS, He has read china wrongly. The ground realities are different. China is far ahead of India both in economy and military hardware. There can be no competition. He can console himself by uttering this statement. Politicians are far more corrupt and lazy in India. China has shown aggressive designs by breaking a boundary wall in Tawang. The Chinese have made their intentions clear. We do hope the incumbent general would not be living in fools paradise just like the UPA govt. All the best wishes to him .
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JK (Delhi)
15 hrs ago (01:09 AM)
THIS IS SHAMEFUL AND SHOCKING. The enemy is occupying our territories since 1962, and wants Arunachal Pradesh too. And our Army Chief says China is not an enemy!! He should talk like a soldier and not like a politician. For a soldier both Pakistan and China are enemies. Politicians of course have to speak in a political language. It is not for a General to say such things. He should concentrate on the defence of the land.
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V. K. Krishna Menon (Kerala)
15 hrs ago (01:11 AM)
China is our 'friendly' enemy. In 1962, we invited them to visit our country. Since thier population is too high, we told them to come and live in Arunachal Pradesh, Tebet etc.. Alongwith Pakistan, they are helping us to battle cross border terrorism. Sir, very good observation and nice statement. You made a good beginning and I got a flash message that China is sending a special 'Garland' to you on the day of your take over.
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vicky (Wellington NZ) replies to V. K. Krishna Menon
11 hrs ago (04:56 AM)
That was thanks to you VKK!You were the Defence minister of India, then.



Pradeep Nair (Ghana, Accra)
14 hrs ago (01:14 AM)
Best Wishes Singh Saab, You have very hard task ahead. One request is please dont end up like other Generals in Media contravarcies and Big Scandals.
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ahk (india)
14 hrs ago (01:32 AM)
carbon dioxide is the true enemy of all living creatures in this world and particularly for india ,as it is a tropical country . so be cautious of carbon dioxide , not china ,pakistan or iran ...............................
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&nbpriti (pune)
14 hrs ago (01:55 AM)
Dont know much about this new chief of our mighty indian Army .... But His attitude is more like a politician /bureaucrat than Army Man/patriot. good night friends . Tomorrow Bharat Bandha ... wish u all happy holiday toi readers..
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homer (uk)
14 hrs ago (02:01 AM)
Another Moron promoted by the PM. Is Pakistan our enemy? I guess not, since he’s married to one. If China is not our enemy stop wasting Indian hard earned money on defence.
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JC Patel (USA)
14 hrs ago (02:10 AM)
Do not suck it up to China. Whole world knows that China is India's enemy number one. These statements are made out of weakness. No choice but to say this. If China decides to invade India, it can capture the whole country in 30 days.
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Samajhdar (Canada)
13 hrs ago (02:14 AM)
General Sahib - Jai Hind. You feel that relations with China have improved. Since when, the responsibility for external relations has been transferred to army from foreign ministry? Are you in a habit of making decisions based on your feelings not the facts and figures? You also said that one shouldn't send across a wrong message by talking too much about India's preparations military-wise. Why not? China always talks about it, Pakistan also talks about it. It is not in our control what message they will get by knowing India's war preparedness. It is up to them to read whatever they want to read into it. Strong fence makes good neighbourly relationship possible.
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Brown American (USA)
13 hrs ago (02:35 AM)
Reading comments of Hindu_Indians, they do not trust General Bikram. Poor Sikhs are defending him in this debate. Sikhs have always sacrificed to protect Hindu's, yet most Hindu's consider Sikhs as intellectually, socially, culturally inferior. Sikhs have been reduced to third rate citizens of India after the Assassination of Indira Gandhi and Indian Military attack on Harminder Sahib.
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【三泰虎注:Harmandir Sahib也叫the Golden Temple,是锡克教徒的圣地,位于印度边境城市阿姆利则市 (Amritsar) 中心,是印度锡克教 (Sikhism) 的最大一个寺庙,也是锡克教的总部和行政文化中心】

Brown Indian (Not hiding in the USA) replies to Brown American
13 hrs ago (03:00 AM)
You are most probably Muslim and want to create dissent where there is none. The only poor person who I see intellectually lacking is you! You certainly have my pity for this thinking, hoping you grow up soon.
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Brown American (USA) replies to Brown Indian
13 hrs ago (03:09 AM)
A typical Hindu_extremist response. When cornered, either call them Pakistani or a Muslim. What is your issue? Don't you have brains to counter an argument? Don't you have brains to shut up if you do not know what are you talking about? Why are you such an imbecile?
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JD (India)
13 hrs ago (02:57 AM)
Wish General Singh best of luck as the top commander of India. I agree that he could not possibly say that China is India's enemy # 1 without causing problems all around, China is just too powerful for such flippant comment by the top general. However I wish Gen. Singh would just kept mum or referred to his civilian master AK Antony to define China as friend or foe.
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Guest (Canada)
12 hrs ago (04:10 AM)
If at all some one will harm India seriously it will be China and not the beggar state of Pakistan. Hope this General and Indian politicians stop living in this self denial mode of fool's paradise like Chacha Jee.

如果有人会严重伤害印度,那么就是中国,不会是乞丐国家巴基斯坦。希望这位将军和印度政客停止像Chacha Jee那样做自我否定的黄粱美梦。

Proud Indian (Chennai)
11 hrs ago (05:10 AM)
COA says China is NOT an enemy and Buddha is laughing:)
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Proud Indian (Chennai)
10 hrs ago (05:19 AM)
wow. Our COA had surrendered even before the battle has started:)


mini (india)
10 hrs ago (06:04 AM)
Right China is not an enemy. The Army is going to order for a pair of nike shoes for each of its men so that they can beat their rivals in glorious retreat.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

ash (uk)
10 hrs ago (06:08 AM)
china is not an enemy ?? is this man been bribed by china ?? is this why VKS didnt wnt him to take post ? if china is not enemy than why is china occupying indian territory ?......... THIS GUY SHOULD noT BE PROMOTED
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romell (hyderabad)
7 hrs ago (09:03 AM)
Congrats General Biks for showing us the art of surrendering without fighting. No doubt the Indian Army under your leadership in Congo turned out to be a gang of looters and thieves. I join in the billion prayers to the lord almighty to Save the Indian Army !!!
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prasanna (Pune)
2 hrs ago (01:51 PM)
Is he planning an attack on china by praising the enemy first. the same way wht the chinese did to us in 1962 with their Hindi Chini bhai bhai.....


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