原文标题:China flexes military muscle with J-31 stealth jet



Dinesh Prabhakar
While the J-31 and J-20 will add to China's offensive as well as defensive capability, "it will take many, many years" for them to enter service with the air force, Roggeveen said." does that means no need to worry on account of these two fighter jets, for the time being!


sanjeev (blr)
Definitely chinese made engines will make loud noise then stop working once it reached high in the sky :)

中国造的发动机噪音很大,一旦飞上高空就会熄火 :)

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Virendra Singh (Noida, India)
So???... India need to afraid from china Or China scaring India Or China is showing it's military vim?


ykdhanuka (Bangalore)
We have to accept that our government agencies are not very much capable of developing next gen military tech or just to match that of world's best. We should promote our private industries to compete and develop the weapons tech , be it in land warfare or fighter jets. If we have to sustain with growing muscle of china.


Sirius Sam (Kolkata)
An excellent achievement by the Chinese, kudos to them. When our country's scientists are busy planning for making more improvements on their LCA. I think Chinese are rt. now real superpowers in Asia.

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An Indian (NCR) replies to Happyhero
As usual Chinese toy with black body paint.


MAN111 (Sohar)
It will not work mid way as Chinese Technology does not have guarantee. Short lived.


M Shafiullah (Trivandrum)
Another sign of their growing military power

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rahulnauriyal8 (noida)
investing all their money on defence sector!!!!! where did poor people go................


TheIndian (India)
Oh come on.. it is made in China. LOL
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Jo Ashem (earth)
m nt worried coz... its made in china

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Jo Ashem (earth)
Neighbours!! need not worry... The Fact remains... J-31 are "MADE IN CHINA"..


deb (Kolkata)
Like any 'made in china' stuff.. this one will also be a ' use & throw' item....


chirag_gupt (Pune)
Chinese aircraft details...Excellent ability to avoid detection by radars..too bad it makes too much noise so can be detected even at far distance


CDRNET1965 (Chennai)
India will have to acquire more advanced fighter jets to come closer to Chinese.


Ghayas Khan (Hyd)
They succeeded in obtaining technology by planting their loyalists in the Aircraft manufacturing and research centres of US thats how they have achieved this knowhow. We should get similar technology at hook or crook from US
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vinay sharma (Goa)
After 2nd world war state of affairs of China was much worse than that of India.Today China is a global power building their own weapons whereas India still imports all of its military equipment.All becos of disconcerned governance for which all blame goes to filthy CONgress party.
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colranbir lamba (PTA)
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Upendranadhan (Mumbai)
China was developing their stealth fighter for more than 6 years. IAF is one of the best 5 Air Forces in the world, in term of quality of personnel and its machines. India should also think introducing stealth fighters by outright purchase.
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Ahmad (Pakistan)
China is the symbol of peace in this region unlike India always bullying neighbors be it Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Pakistan.
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Homer (Bangalore)
After all its MADE IN CHINA! So no worries
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Logical Critic (India) replies to Homer
'Made in Chain for Rest of the world' is different from 'Made in china for Chinese'. They are really better in R&D than us. Our vision is very short and straight. "Be better than neighboring pak and call ourselves as developed. Never see rest of the world."
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Anand (Delhi)
Island question with Japan will tell the China's truth. Waith for some time.


smooth jedi (Muscat)
I never considered that China's advancement in Arms race is directed towards Asian Countries. But it is aimed towards US and Europeans. China feel threaten not from Asian countries but from US and Europeans. The expert who gave their views here maybe part of US arms lobby. They are trying to make a point here to rest Asian countries including India that go and purchase US Fighter planes to counter China.


Satendra Kumar Sharma (Greater Noida , India)
If China attacks on India, I'll also fight against China and this time I'm sure that India will win the war.
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Raj1611 (Bangalore)
Made in China! Cannot trust the quality. Chances high might break down during crucial time.
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Dinesh (USA)
As per NOSTRADAMUS Prediction, time is nearing for China to take beat from Russia / US together !!!
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SCL Premi (India)
It is a VERY VERY BIG PLUS for CHINA! It is difficult to restrain oneself from saying WoW to China!


Pradeep Nair (Chennai)
By looks it is like F22 Raptor. Chinese will never comeup with their own designs, They are very good in copying. Hope it wont be a big threat to indian Air Force. We have the strongest fleet of Sukhoi 30 to defend them.
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Sanju Halasur (Kalyan, India)
make manmohan singh the prime minister of china it wont have muscle to flex..
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GI Joe (Del)
Rise of the dragon


Suresh Singhal (India)
China is not at all contented with the 'Regional Power' tag. They aspire to be the absolute Super Power. Of course it is worrying for many including India.


Anantha S (Bangalore)
The more china flexes its muscle, the more its neighbors will ally with US or at least form a coalition themselves


XFactor (India)
By the time it enters service, Russia & India will already have this kind of aircraft. India will have atleast 100 of those. So Chinese need to beware of India... Not the otherway


Vivek Bagul (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
China likely to be super power in 2015


Rahul (India)
If China wears TIger's Skin they can never be Tiger , will remain Jackal. They are scarred of Democracy, Its a nighmare for China. 1962 , they won (Bcos of Nehru and 303 Guns) by-chance these is no-chance now. 5th Gen Stealth India-Russia is Coming which will be more potent. China can keep this Junk toys or sell it to Pakistan. Ths it.


ningthoujam ango (pondicherry)
China emerged as superpower in Asia. No one stop china's raising as regional n world power like USA. Even it might b a big threat to USA n other power. In this crucial situation India is more headache due to weakness to compete with china in every field. One day china ll attack to India like 1962. lets see wht happen?


ravi (mumbai) replies to ningthoujam ango
if china is a superpower, why it is not able to take on Vietnam, even Taiwan


shambu Panwalla (Abbotabad) replies to ravi
Because the are scared of their father USA.


Sidd (Delhi)
India's and Russia's jointly developed Sukoi Pak-fa is good enough to tackle Chinese made stealth aircrafts


parkash kumar (ambala)
With so much corruption we can only dream for such things.


Orgho (Kolkata)
Forget about Chinese stealth fighter jets or weaponry, china is 30-40 years ahead of India in terms of technology and development. Lets focus only on Bolywood and Cricket.


Vivek (Pune)
It will take another 10 years for china to make a potent stealth fighter like F-22 raptor(there is no stealth fighter which can match raptor).by the time US will deploy far more advanced aircraft.


ravishbharti (Noida)
No need to panic .. Some of its parts must be duplicate, it wont fly too far...


Ramesh Sargam (Bangalore, India)
Was this 'jet' made in China? If yes, then no need to worry.


Vivek Bagul (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
India must worry! chinese have already copied Sukoi and now this new generation stealth!


Ali ShahanShah (Gurgaon)
I am sure India will come out with something better to match this development of the Stealth fighter


maitra.gautam (Kolkata)
It is better to accept the fact that China would be a military superpower in some foreseeable future because it is committed to that end. If it can achieve the status of economic super power in a short time, it could do so in military realms. Hard days ahead for India.


Ramesh Sargam (Bangalore, India)
58% of Indians defecate in the open. Jai Hind.


Pradosh (India)
The Chinese have developed Shenyang J-31 and looking forward to induct it soon but after 30 long years, our much awaited 'Tejas' is still in development phase. I would like to hear what our defense minister has to say about it.


Sunil Kokrady (India)
In the era of Stealth technology, India is buying Rafael which will be sitting ducks for latest warbirds.


akshaykks (London)
Lets not worry about China. India has bigger enemies within.


jatt_neo (india)
sonia and rahul has eaten the country with stealth that not even chunese can match that


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arambam (mumbai)
Its made in China folks. The jet has taken its flight once now it cannot fly again. Chinese items are for one time use. Don't worry


freebirdi (london)
INDIANS HAVENT MADE ANYTHING THAT CAN TAKE OFF & LAND SAFELY. BUT WE WANT TO GO to the moon. in case of a china war - we will be calling uncle - SAM


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