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原文标题:China far ahead of India in science: Manmohan Singh



WASHINGTON: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who vowed last month to more than double India’s R&D spending to $8 billion a year by 2017, has expressed concern over countries like China overtaking India in the field of science.

“Over the past few decades, India’s relative position in the world of science had been declining, and we have been overtaken by countries like China,” Singh declared in an interview with America’s top “Science” magazine.

“China is in many ways far ahead of India,” he is quoted as saying in the February 24 issue of Science which carries a special package of news focusing on the state of “Science in India,” and how it has evolved over the past few decades.

Manmohan Singh had expressed similar concern at the Indian Science Congress earlier this year.






StealingScience (India)
28 Feb, 2012 09:59 AM
What science you are talking about Manmohanji , STOLEN SCIENCE?



sandeep (USA)
27 Feb, 2012 04:10 AM
China is ahead of India in every field. Why make a news out of “China is ahead of India in a particular field”. Do not compare yourself with China, Bangladesh or Nigeria would be a better choice for comparison.



badegg (US)
27 Feb, 2012 03:08 AM
No long time ago. the same prime minister cliamed many times that India is good at sicence and technology and India has a more innovative economy comparing with China.He made us believe what he said and we were happy about those claims. Why does he changed his sayings suddenly? I just checked WIPO website, the number of Huawei’s patent application in 2011 is more than half of that of India as a nation in the same year. The gap is huge.



Gagan (Mumbai)
26 Feb, 2012 10:19 PM
China is ahead of India not today, but before 10 years. Not in science, but in every field. So, India has no one to compete with… today there is no prospect in increasing funds for research…???


ash (maldives) replies to Gagan
26 Feb, 2012 11:15 PM
look at top universities in the world n u ll see few chinese universities but no indian university in top 100…



badegg (US)
26 Feb, 2012 09:40 PM
US$8 billion until 2017!!! What a joke! That’s way to catch up with China? China’s R&D investment was more than US$130 billion in 2011



Jairam (USA)
26 Feb, 2012 09:02 PM
China is far ahead of India in science, nothing to worry much about it. In less than 10 years time we can be ahead of them. It just needs investment in science and technology. You need to give huge incentive and respect to scientists. We have a huge manpower which is intelligent and smart , you need to make use of them. $8 billion/year is a very small money if you want to develop new technologies. As everybody knows, corruption is a terrible disease in India which is cause of all problems. So dear Sh. Manmohan Singh, please remove corruption ( which was created in Indian politics by Mrs Indra Gandhi) from India, you will be known for generations to come.



Nripinder (Bathinda Punjab )
26 Feb, 2012 08:52 PM
It is good to be honest in one’s assessment of one’s own capabilities. We should indeed all realize that we are far behind China in Scientific and Technical capabilities. While both China and India bought a second hand Aircraft Carrier each from Russia the Chinese retrofitted the same themselves while India is still waiting for the retrofit to be carried out by Russia after having thrice agreed to price increases. Now that we know we have a deficiency what are we going to do about it?



skk46 (Canada)
26 Feb, 2012 08:40 PM
Another $8 billion on its way to Swiss Banks. Will it not be wirthwhile to give income-tax deduction for R&D to private companies?



Tuhada (USA ton)
26 Feb, 2012 08:32 PM
If indo china war starts these leaders will fly away to countries like us and aus leaving behind the citizens of the country to die. Indians themselves don’t think where they are heading to.



26 Feb, 2012 08:26 PM
Manmohan Singh ,China is for ahead in Economic,law and order and checking corruptions. You forget about Science and technology, Indians there in USA, Europe are for ahead in Science and technology as compare to Chinese. It is your mis management which is keeping India inferior to China in Science.



manish (delhi)
Stop glorifying China. India is far ahead of China. Believe in ourselves. strengthen our mindset, otherwise we will face another defeat like 1960s. Chinese govt. could start a war for diverting attention from common masses as they did it earlier. Beware and build India fast and fast. Also we need allies.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com


Nitish (Delft, Netherlands)
Thankyou Mr Manmohan singh, finally you realize this. But do something now or please quit and let other do the same :).



mohan (riyadh)
If we are behind, who is responsible for this situation, who is ruling our country from 60 years



Mr. Manmohan Singh you ought to be ashamed of your failings. The earlier you quit the better.Firstly you have a hand in making this most corrupt country. Our military strength is no match for China. Even in the field of knowledge in particular science we are losing fast to them.Roll your bed to be thrown out next poll.There will be no surprise if you are also tried when the chips are down alongwith Sonia.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com


Wishu (Noida)
Idiots, ruled India for 50 years to take it where we are today. The stupids still think that by just doubling the budget, things are going to improve. Rotten rulers…give more reservations, make it 100%.



Ravi bawakar (Shimla)
We have full faith in you sir and believe in you totally best of luck sir.


Gautam (delhi) replies to Ravi bawakar
You must be the guy who still thinks that Santa leaves stockings full of goodies on Christmas eve.



Prasanna (Bangalore)
This is first truth what I hear from our PM, great lets work on it.



K.Parameshwar (Mysore)
The best solution is for India to become a province of China. To start with let us gift Arunachal Pradesh and then inform them that the rest of India too is a part of arunachal pradesh.Old adage,if you cant beat them join them.



abc (USA)
26 Feb, 2012 12:41 PM
I think china is ahead in infrastructure, not science.



jeet (space)
26 Feb, 2012 01:03 PM
Indian’s are far less patriotic in general. They go to America, do their research and studies and only comeback to India if the incentives are a lot bigger. Chinese on the other hand study in US, then run back to China to apply their “US learned” knowledge and set up companies and what not



vasu (chennai)
26 Feb, 2012 11:38 AM
We are training our students to either fly out after graduation and develop science and technology for western countries our send them to write lines and lines of codes for soft ware companies. You as PM please introspect yourself being a doctorate what you have done to as PM in the, last 8 years to ensure core research being encouraged.



indian (india)
26 Feb, 2012 11:59 AM
he expect to overtake china in R&D by spending 8 billion dolllar a yearr…lolz ..and he is a world renowned economist



Vijay (India)
Look i am a professor at reputated engineering college ,the main problem lies in the mental setup of our students , almost 50 percent of students reached the college either by reservation ,bribe or nepotism and its is this particular group of students who never know the value of hard work and innovation ,all they do is watch stupid bollywood movies( you can imagine about the IQ of a grown up person who belive Dabang ,Bodygaurd are the greatest movie in the history of mankind) ,spend whole day on silly cricket games while they know that they will eventually going to get a government job so why work so hard….while the best of our brains are leaving and few are engaged in private enterprises which eventually work for microsoft,seimens etc so no hope for our government funded science projects as only clowns of our society are employed there


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com


KC (Bangalore)

I think our current PM behaves more like a news reporter than the administrative head of the country. We always see comments coming from him in every 15 days which are like “India is behind China”, “Indian Poverty level is increasing”, “Law and order in India is deteriorating” and so on and so on. We hardly see any remedy or corrective action recommended by him. He just factually states the fact as it is existing. Possibly he is under the impression that nobody reads newspaper or switches on TV or everybody is blissfully ignorant about what’s happening around till he points it out to the nation, that too very late.



king (London)
Cricket is the only word India can boast about against China…oops I forgot, china doesn’t play boring game like cricket!



Pratap (Qatar)
Under your leadership and till 2014, Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka, Bangladesh and Somalia will also be ahead of us in everything.



Hari (India)
Dear readers thanks for your concerns. I do want to share my experience in India. I came back to India after I spent 12 yrs in US. I can certainly say “brain drain is better than a brain in drain”. I work for one of the most so called respected organization in India. Everybody was my friend until I started producing results, and started publication. Once my publications started coming out, my experiments were sabotaged, all kinds of non co-operation, breaking instruments at night, putting power off the freezers. India is a corrupted country, corruption is in vain, within the gene. It can never progress….alas! this country is fit for slavery…can never lead…



sudeep (uae)
You are right, China in recent years has moved very fast in many fields like sports, science, agriculture, research—etc. We need to learn from China, as 30 years back Chinese status was comparable with that of Indian. The major difference is the management and discipline in governance. A corrupt man can be hanged in 3 months after a court decision – as against in India, where party politics, minority card, social status card, multiple foreign forces all impact decision making.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

  1. 但是,最近我们的南方系胜利了,贫富差距还会进一步扩大的,然后又会有人告诉我们这是发展必须付出的代价,巴拉巴拉。。。。。。

  2. 支持一下楼主,感谢你的辛勤劳动!其实楼主翻译的文章在天涯上被转载,人气很旺的,我也是寻脚步到这的。。。。。。

    • 欢迎,欢迎。其实我是没什么时间去推广三泰虎博客。可能是热心朋友帮忙转的。三泰虎确实需要这方面的支持。thanks

      • 我去。。。我是想让你把翻译评论反过来,你倒把文章评论掉了个个儿。。。

    • 是中国人网上P话是多,但是那只是一种发泄,他们要工作要谋生要建设国家,所以请允许他们在网上适当发泄,这有利于社会治安。

  3. K.Parameshwar (Mysore)
    The best solution is for India to become a province of China. To start with let us gift Arunachal Pradesh and then inform them that the rest of India too is a part of arunachal pradesh.Old adage,if you cant beat them join them.


  4. “在过去的几十年里,印度在世界科学领域的相对位置在下降。我们被中国那样的国家超过。”

  5. 对于印度来说,最好的出路是成为中国的一个省。首先,把“阿鲁纳恰尔邦”送给他们。然后告诉他们,印度其余地区也是“阿鲁纳恰尔邦”的一部分。有句老话,不能打败他们,就加入他们吧。


    • 你真的确定希望和一大堆弱智无知愚蠢自大的翔色物体称兄道弟?为了防止中华民族勤劳的传统被破坏,为了维护世界的和平,请不要再提什么让印度加入中国的话了,简直比战略核武器还吓人啊。

    • 他们要真这么给,咱们还未必敢全要。。。多养活10几亿三哥,习总头发几天就全白了。。。。。。。。

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