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原文标题:China doesn’t pose threat to us, we have strong deterrence: India



CHENNAI: China posed no threat to India despite border dispute but the country was equipping itself well and having a strong deterrence posture so that no adversary took it for granted, minister of state for defence M M Pallam Raju said on Saturday.

“I think it is not a threat. We have a very healthy economic partnership with China, which is our neighbour. Of course, we do have differences on the perception of the border, which again at a very high level meeting of national security advisers we are thrashing these things out,” he said.

Raju was responding to a question from reporters on whether China was a constant threat to India and steps taken to counter it. He saw no reason for a conflict between the two neighbours, Raju said after commissioning Indian Coast Guard ship ICGS Rajtarang here.




“We are having a strong deterrence posture. And we are strengthening it further. So, I am sure there will not be any reason for any conflict to happen. We are trying to be mutually beneficial to each other,”” he said.

However, he said: “As a nation with such a large population and with economic interest worldwide and as a growing economy, I think we have to have those strong deterrence capabilities to make sure that none of our adversaries take us for granted.”

Replying to a question, he said the existing defence procurement system was transparent and open. “The need of the hour and the urgency with which the government is focusing is to give the capabilities that our armed forces need,” he said.




On recurring attacks on Tamil Nadu fishermen allegedly by the Sri Lankan Navy, Raju said India had taken up the issue with Colombo at diplomatic level. “I am sure that the Sri Lankan government is sensitive about our fishermen transgressing into their waters. That is why we are working on it in a very scientific manner to inform our fishing community where to find the richer fish pockets… Solution is we have to give them better information and advice them,” he said. “We will find a mechanism. We are at a diplomatic level making sure that they are not aggressive with our fishermen,” Raju said.

He said after the Mumbai terror strikes, government has been strengthening the Coast Guard and the coastal security system.




Suhel (delhi)
I doubt that….


siddhu (India)
Please don’t underestimate China. Believe a snake but not China. Don’t let time rust our learning from 1962.


That is how our first PM Nehru was grossly mistaken, Hindi-Chini bhai bhai !!! and that unforgettable 1962 Chinese invasion…I still remember it..


Free men (Rajasthan) replies to RAJESH AGRAWAL
18 hrs ago (07:41 PM)
You are right. no more Hindi – chini bhai bhai. Till now no nation got busniess benefit from china. So, i also don’t think that India will get benefit from china.


Prithviraj Kumar (Bangalore)
India seems to be taking China very lightly.


TheTruth (Muscat) replies to Prithviraj Kumar
China wants war with India to prove there supremacy in the region.


Hitesh (Mauritius)
20 hrs ago (05:58 PM)
The best defense for India is to keep modernizing its armed forces and be on its guards by investing in intelligence services.


raj.hula (delhi)
India should not take China lightly. it is far ahead of India in every field and is growing the defense rapidly. it can bounce back at any point of time. to the earlier article that says they have crossed the actual line of control 500 times in a year means some thing the number itself is explaining itself 500 times in 365 days calculate it yourself………..


true (Delhi) replies to raj.hula
15 hrs ago (11:09 PM)
5000 times as reported by blind border guard. Guard also reported Chinese also dug hole to shht.


mybit (India)
20 hrs ago (06:01 PM)
Who is Pallam Raju bluffing? Is he that blind, deaf or dumb? China remains the No. 1 threat to India and the region as a whole.


pandeyshirish (Zurich)
there was a time when we use to believe politician’s word. but now we know what you say has nothign t o do with fact. Just to fool us and get our vote and take all money to your home. The best part is china also believe’s your word and not attacking 🙂

我们曾经有段时间习惯相信政客的话。不过我们现在知道他们说的话与事实沾不上边。只是来愚弄我们,获取我们的选票,然后把所有资金带回家。最好就是中国也相信你的话而且不攻击我们 🙂

Ramesh Sargam (Bangalore, India)
‘Pallam’ in Tamil means deep hole on the earth. Mr Pallam, do not take China so lightly. They will push you deep down the hole from the Himalayas in no moment. Be careful with China all the time.


Bholu (Delhi)
20 hrs ago (06:19 PM)
Before you the fake Nehru also thought the same way and got the shock of his life though the shameless did not resign even after humiliating the country so badly. The present dispensation is no less short sightedness and shameless. Mr minister don’t buy weapons for earning commissions but buy for keeping the country war prepared.


Chola (Mumbai)
20 hrs ago (06:23 PM)
When P Raju was making this statement the journalists would not have noticed that he was pi$$ing in his pants. Bloody bluffer, when will they ever speak the truth.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Husain (Qatar)
20 hrs ago (06:23 PM)
I highly doubt the statement if I consider the facts & figures. However our army is full of courage & patriotism but that doesn’t make you win a war!!!


20 hrs ago (06:27 PM)
hahehahehaheha,Hard to stop laughing,what a bunch of jokers,CHINA brave army cross over 500 times in two years and kick around indians,blow up their camps and make them run around like chickens..hehahehahehah India army is only good for killing innocent minorities like kashmiris,sikhs etc. Indian army cannot even tangle with maoists never mind china. I can easily forcast,next war between pakistan and india,india will be begging for mercy and their will be no mercy for the hijra army…………hehahehahe GAY HIND


Utpal Baruah (Guwahati) replies to SAM THE MAN FROM PAKISTAN
You guys will only talk about the next war with us, but never mention past wars and it results. Who asked for mercy in 71? Who ran to Washington to save face in 1999? Hope you remember history.


Hindustani (Hindustan) replies to SAM THE MAN FROM PAKISTAN
19 hrs ago (06:43 PM)
Just 25000 strong Indian Army men captured alive 94000 of your jihadi hijrah armymen in 1971, when those jihadi hijrahs were running away from battlefield. This shows 1 Indian brave soldier is equal to (or, better than) 4 jihadi hijrahs from Paki Army.


Hallam (Bombau) replies to SAM THE MAN FROM PAKISTAN
19 hrs ago (06:43 PM)
What happened to East Pakistan.



Suj (Saudi) replies to SAM THE MAN FROM PAKISTAN
19 hrs ago (06:39 PM)
U talk like Pakistan is world’s safest place? hahahahaha. At least first make Porkistan a somewhat living place for human beings and after that give your comments.


Shaun Morgan (First World cunt-ry) replies to SAM THE MAN FROM PAKISTAN
Heheha what Americans do with pakistanis is even more funny, what Chinese feed the pakistanis is equally funny, what pakistanis are treated with everywhere is truly funny. LEZBO PAKIS, Next war there won’t be any pakistanis!


maitra.gautam (Kolkata)
Same attitude of self deception and self complacency that had led China to invade in India in 1962. Nothing seem to \have changed half a century later!


viks (india) replies to maitra.gautam
china can throw india in dark age but in scenario of war now india too can push china 100 years back . so china superpower dream will be over and that will prevent any misadventure of dragon now or in near future specially with AGNI V ,PAK FGFA, ABM shield etc in coming years and also due to strong indo-american relation


Rohan (Ahmedabad)
20 hrs ago (06:27 PM)
Your Chacha Nehru said it & look what happened. Take my word – Chinkies are friends of no one.


20 hrs ago (06:30 PM)
In 1961, supremo of Nehru dynasty Nehru accepted and believed in China’s slogan “Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai”. As usal got emotionally involved with this slogan. When China attacked India in 1962, Krishna Menon, then defense minister, as per advise of Nehru declared strongly that India is capable and safe against China. We all know how miserably we lost war to China. Still Indian ruling class is living in same illusion. India will be never safe against terrorist attack of Pakistan and China might. India will be more safe under Modi government if he get PM post in 2014, after the end of Nehru dynasty.


Karthik (Singapore)
19 hrs ago (06:33 PM)
India lost aksai chin just because Nehru underestimated china. One thing in life I have learnt. If you cannot be loved then it’s better to be feared. If china and Pakistan cannot love India, then it’s better for china and Pakistan to fear India. Fear is a great tool to avoid many hassles. Someone like manmohan with no personality gives an impression that India and Indians can be taken for granted. Peace is good but not at the expense of losing freedom and losing land.


Sunil KP (Bhubaneswar)
india will loose badly again if there is a war…


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

mini (india)
19 hrs ago (06:42 PM)
Nowadays wars are usually fought with proxies. Chinese proxies are Pakistan, Maoists, Nepal Maoists, economic prowess, fake industrial products etc. India, unfortunately lacks in proxy till now.


Mahaveer Jain (Indian in Shenzhen)
19 hrs ago (06:43 PM)
India to have better ties with the neighbour China, than rather with cunny USA.


cmaniiyer (bangalore)
As per media report China had crossed our border 500 times in the last two years. what were Antony and his side kick doing? these nuts must first stop licking sonia’s shoes for survival.


aji (sg) replies to cmaniiyer
19 hrs ago (07:28 PM)
why did you all vote to bring this maid to power? to lick her shoes isnt?


anku6 (New Delhi)
If China is not a threat then why did the chinese troops crossover in to India 500 times in the last year? For a Picnic? We are making the same mistake. It was Congress in 1962 and it is Congress now. Don’t feel secure with these corrupt ruling party.


raika45 (peace on earth)
19 hrs ago (07:03 PM)
As long as China is making millions in business from India, why should they want to attack their milch cow?


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    这样造成中国对藏南的失去了 实际控制权了,印度实际控制了一大块地盘。



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    • 还忘了一点,中国也没有全部退回啊,比如阿克钦赛中国还不是占了不少,不过面对还有大片的藏语区被印度站着,真是不爽

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    • 印度的问题是独立至今,一直由西方教育下的半个“印度人”统治印度。之所以说半个,是他们仅仅长了一副印度人的面孔,思想却是纯粹西方式的。

  5. When P Raju was making this statement the journalists would not have noticed that he was pi$$ing in his pants. Bloody bluffer, when will they ever speak the truth.

    这里Bloody 不是血腥的意思 是英式英语里面的语气词
    类似美语里面的 FUCK

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