原文标题:China dismisses Japan plan to buy disputed islands


BEIJING: China's foreign ministry said it would continue to take "necessary measures" to safeguard its sovereignty over a number of disputed islands in the East China Sea after Japan said it was considering a plan to "buy" them from private landowners.

The uninhabited islands, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, have long been the centre of maritime territorial disputes between China and its neighbours, all of which cite historical and other claims over fishing areas and potentially rich gas deposits.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said on Saturday that the government was considering buying the islands, situated in potentially gas rich territory claimed by both Japan and China, in a move likely to anger Beijing.




"No one will ever be permitted to buy and sell China's sacred territory," Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said in a statement issued late on Saturday on the ministry's website, www.mfa.gov.cn.

"China will continue to take necessary measures to firmly uphold its sovereignty over the Diaoyu island and its affiliated islands,"

Liu reiterated the islands had been part of Chinese territory since ancient times and China's sovereignty over them was grounded in an indisputable historical and legal basis.



Earlier this year, Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara proposed using public funds to buy the islands from private owners, prompting Beijing to denounce the plan as illegal and reassert its sovereignty.

Diplomatic ties between Beijing and Tokyo hit a low point in 2010 after Japan's arrest of a Chinese fishing boat captain.

In 2008, Beijing and Tokyo agreed in principle to jointly develop gas fields near the islands, but progress has been slow and Japan has accused China of drilling for gas in violation of the deal.





pcs18 (India)
is China a sea & land mafia???
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chellum (australia) replies to pcs18 1 day ago
What mqakes you think or feel that the islands belong to Japan? The fact that they way to buy land and make a claim should should raise questions.However the word 'China' seems to send shivers down your spine and obfuscate your thinking.
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Prabhakar Rao (Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ind) replies to chellum
Hey Chinky, Do not deceive yourself by thinking writing Australia would make you Australian............ Why is that Chinese hide their chinese identity? ..........You won't understand how a capitalist economy works. Sovereignty and ownership of land are two different aspects........Japan has sovereignty over the islands but its owned by private people. Just like our houses in a capitalist society is owned by private individuals....... But Govt can demolish the house because they have sovereignty over the land.
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Mr Liu drp (Sdyney-Tianjin) replies to Prabhakar Rao 1 day ago
Oh Chinky?? Care to let us know who taught you manners when you were growing up?? Or you can look up the word "education" in your dictionary...Oh wait you can't afford one xD Sorry about my tone but I'm allergic to people with no respect, calling others names when they are no better themselves.
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Ramu (chicago-mumbai) replies to Mr Liu drp 1 day ago
Mr. Liu, i want to know what manner do you guys grow up with? Utterly uneducated society without will or understanding, a weak puppet in the hands of scheming morons and thugs, venal courtiers, lying diplomats, fanatical confessors... huh! What more can i say about your growing up in such society? You are just one of those schizophrenic liar!
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longlake (dragonland) replies to Ramu 1 day ago
Indians still pee and poop on the side of street, using fingers to wipe a55 h0le, what manner is that? that is all your education, you india is the gutter of the world.
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Ramu replies to longlake 1 day ago
Yeah, Absolutely. I am proud of saying Indians pee and poo as you said. But that in no way means what you said! Don't you know communist Chinese devour anything and everything they can grasp on? Monkeys, Doggies, Snakes, insects and even one's own pee and poops! Read your Uncle Mao Zedong's life for reference. So, think again.... where are you guys now? Bunch of Rascalish troglodyte!
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nobody (world) replies to Ramu 12 hrs ago
according to cnn, 90% of indian today regret to get independent from british colony. according to bbc, 70% of indian today support to return to be colony of british. but british government refuse to colony india again.
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Ramu replies to nobody 11 hrs ago
Hey... funny that you are talking of cnn and bbc. In democracy, there is lot more than cnn and bbc. People have freedom and fundamental rights that no body can deny. There is a rule of law and not dictatorship and anarchy. Have you ever wonder what the Chinese people are thinking??? You won't dare to hear what they want to say. Leave the CNN and the BBC, even AL-JAZEERA and GOOGLE is not spared. GROW UP BUDDY! See the world in a larger picture. You can't just be a COMMUNIST SYCOPHANT.


myalmightygod (India)
Wondering chinese claims, for them everything is theirs.
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&50 cents brigade (Malaysia) 1 day ago
Can we also buy India, looks like Indian cannot even manage their country. Economy is down, rupee is down, toilet drains is down. How about I used rupee to buy India. Otherwise, please invite the British to return and manage the country. Can I?
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John Loi (Kuala Lumpur) replies to 50 cents brigade 1 day ago
to 50 cents brigade, Asshole, the whole world knows how your government practices well endowed state and federal discrimination in education, employment,business permits and other subtle kinds against the Indians and Chinese, and here again you are complaining of other nation. Malaysia is the worst apartheid country. Malays are given priority in everything.
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Sunil (New Delhi) replies to 50 cents brigade 1 day ago
Not to mention the stinky Malay who have forgotten their original faith and culture ... they are now part of the Islamic cult that is at war with the world. Hopefully your evil country will be one that is bombed into stone age.
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Sunil (New Delhi) 1 day ago
If this would have been India .. we would have found any and every reason to give land away! This is the sad story of our country ruled by corrupted Congress Party aided and abated by the people of India. Hence we have Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh .... when will we ever assert ourselves?
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Gir Ish (Bilaspur, Chhatt?sgarh,)
china is doing right to safeguard his land
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Manish Rai (New Delhi, India)
good step from china point of view..
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xrayman (uk)
China is fiercely gaurding their territory and illegally occupying indian territory, where as the indian politicians are busy selling india piece meal or giving it free.
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Mohan (Patiala)
China cannot do much against this move, since Japan is one of their biggest trade partners...Japan buys more from China than China buys from Japan, so the trade power is all in Japan's hand. Also the Japanese military is strong and very advanced, far more so than the huge but backward Chinese military.
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amphibian (earth) replies to Mohan 19 hrs ago
Better check your numbers, you got it wrong. In reality China buys far more than Japan buys from China, China is Japan's biggest market and Japan runs a huge trade surplus with China.
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Madhav (Panchkula) 1 day ago
for once i would like to see india interfere in the matter and support japan like china does all the time with india using pakistan
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dk (Earth) 1 day ago
Just wait for some more time China will claim USA as part of CHINA....
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Ren Martin (Thailand)
One just have to look at a map to see the islands are much closer to China than to Japan. If anything they belong to Taiwan, but since China considers Taiwan being a part of China, it is obvious why China claims ownership of the small islands


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