原文标题:China discourages fasting for Uighur Muslims



Raj (India) 5 hrs ago
Chinese Take National security seriously unlike India...................... They do not bring in Muslims from other countries to form vote bank like congress.............. Indians should learn from Chinese....................
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Ananth Sagar (India)
Good decision by China. When Saudi can force non-muslims to starve during ramadan , China has every right to discourage fasting. In saudi muslims sleep during day and non muslim starve and work during day
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Atif Siddiqui (Saudi Arabia) replies to Ananth Sagar 2 days ago
Hello , I am a muslim in Saudi , fasting and working in office. And let me tell you the ban is on eating and drinking "PUBLICALLY". Sitting in India, please don't comment on things you don't know.
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sdt (tgu) 2 days ago
Wonder why Pakistan is not protesting China for oppression of minorities? They are very vocal when it comes to Kashmir and Gujarat.
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Counter Jihadist (Bangalore) 1 day ago
China is doing the right thing. We should adopt similar policies at least in Kashmir. Islam is evil. Ban Islam.
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Peace (world) 1 day ago
I always sort of h@ted china as a potential enemy country of India, but seems like India can probably ally with China and learn a lot from china on how to tackle satanic islamic menace.
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jack jimmerman (bhubaneswar) 1 day ago
good action by china muslim should be treated in that manner..insects...only eating and having sex with 4 wives creating population problem for every country...
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muslim (india) 2 days ago
This is not fair....
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pdasnrb (Dubai)
This proves that there is still zero tolerance of religion & religious activities in China!
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Vincent (Kochi) 2 days ago
So what its their country ,whats wrong in that ..even saudis throw the religious books like bible in dustbin if they find such thing in custom and their is a ban on building of any church ,temple or any non-islamic place of worship.Its time all non-islamic nation should follow such measures.
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M Khaleeq (London)
Pakistan should protest to the Chinese Government against discouraging Chinese Muslims for Fasting during the month of Ramadan. No country does that in the world.
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pari_temp (India) replies to M Khaleeq
Pakistan should recall all its terrorist army spread all over world and send them to help chinese muslims
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vijay Jain (Nasik) replies to M Khaleeq
Forget protest, Pakistanis won't utter a word against China.
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Ananth Sagar (India)
In saudi eating publically is banned as per law, But Mutawee barge into offices and arrest Non-muslims who have snacks and water in their table draws.Eating in private or public is not allowed. Iam saying this by personal experiance . I worked in Saudi for 2 years.
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KRVN (Adoor)
Good decision, probably China realised the threat in Xinjiang region for the separatist activities and terrorism..Now good time for China to leave your friend Porkistan, as they are the back-stabbers
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mansoor ali (muscat - oman) 2 days ago
this could be another burma, the chinese goverment has no right to do so
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sushil (lucknow)
Any body thinks why china is No.! in sports?
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(somewhere) replies to sushil
because no muslims in chinese team, ha ha ha ha ha
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Dinesh Prabhakar (delhi)
In Muslim countries even if non Muslims do not observe fast, they are brutally punished and killed, China is doing a right thing on the contrary they should also give exemplary punishments to Muslims for observing fasts during Ramadan, in this case they are not worried about its friendship with Pakistan!
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S.K (mumbai) 1 day ago
I have traveled in many places in China and I can speak the local dialect and have found that Chinese are the least tolerant towards islam. In fact the Chinese find muslims so disgusting that I have to tell them that muslims are also humans and deserve to believe in what they believe as long as they don't target anyone else.
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Humble Human (Land of Peace) replies to S.K 1 day ago
Now the situation has changed. They whole heartedly welcome Muslims and are interested to know more about Islam.
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Bear (Australia) replies to S.K
You show any sympathi to Muslims, you will get knife in the back in return.
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(somewhere) replies to Syed
when chinese are supposed to follow saudi laws in saudi arabia, why cant muslims follow chinese laws in china? saudi me humanity kidhar jaata tumhara?


Strongman (Beggisthan) replies to Syed
All Muslims are ignorant. They are like frogs in a well. They won't accept outside world.
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Peace (world) 1 day ago
It has become the necessity for the survival of the human race to come up with some powerful vaccine to wipe out islamic rodent race. Nobody is born a terrorist, Islam creates them.
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rkshl657 (Mumbai)
You muslis don't 've any Idea how much we Indians resent and are nauseous about Islam. The moment we get a hint from a favourable governmet like the one in Gujrat we will cleanse our state of muslis and their dirty mosques.


Raj (India)
Q: Why China is Such a powerful country? ........................A: 'China does not have Vote banking Congress'
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Amit (Mumbai) replies to Raj 24 mins ago
china does not have voting at all. So no voting bank. why dont you migrate there.


Sid Pune (Pune)
As you sow so shall you reap !!! Some countries are stopping people from eating and some from fasting. It depends who has power and majority. Its both ways .
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Mark Cherian (Kochi)
China has given a very clear message to its muslim citizens - "Be like the rest of us or perish". It will not tolerate some citizens trying to look different from the others, staying in ghettos and dirtying the place. It will also not tolerate them having more than 1 kid.
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Insaan (world) 11 hrs ago
I think jumping in an argument like this will be the biggest mistake but everyone should have the right to practice their religion .. and may Allah bless all humanity!!


Chinaman (World) replies to Insaan 11 hrs ago
Yeah. Please ask islamic countries to follow this principle strictly. Countries like Pakistan!
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Wadhwani (India) 1 day ago
REAL FASTING is based on SELF-CONTROL which means sticking to the Fast while being amidst people eating and drinking. If someone force others not to eat or drink in front of you, it only confirms his/her lacking self-control and forcibly subjecting others to accept your ideas, whether or not they like it.
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Ahmed (INDIA)
All those commenters writing hate on islam....please note that, having upto 4 wives in Islam is an option but most muslims today dont have more than more than 1 wife. This is often misused by Hindus like Dharmendr and Hema Malini and who is today a proud MP of BJP...
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