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原文标题:China did not expect India to give up so easily in 1962



NAGPUR: China did not expect India to give in so easily in the 1962 war, so much so that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) overran Indian posts and reached deep into Tezpur in the plains of Assam, said Colonel (retd) Abhay Patwardhan. He was delivering a lecture as part of a series organized at the Dharampeth College of Arts.

Even fifty years after the war, scars of the debacle remain fresh and the ex-serviceman came up with some rare declassified documents related to the war. Addressing a small audience of mainly senior citizens, Colonel Patwardhan showed a letter citing an admission by then Chinese Premier Chou En-lai to a veteran journalist. Chou En-lai had gone on record saying Chinese leaders were surprised at the feeble resistance of the Indian Army.

Patwardhan, now a defence analyst, also showed a telegram shot off to US President John F Kennedy by Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, in which the latter pleaded for more help from the superpower. As the PLA was over running post after post, Nehru sent the frantic cable depicting the situation and asked for jet fighters and transport planes to stem the Chinese tide.




Nehru’s telegram mentions India was grateful for the help it earlier received from the US. He says that Bomdila, the headquarters of North Easter Frontier Agency (NEFA), was already surrounded by the Chinese and Indian forces amounting to two divisions (18 infantry battalions) were fighting a grim battle. Nehru had expressed uncertainty about how many of them would be able to find their way back safely to the Corps headquarters in Tezpur. Nehru added for emphasis that the Chinese forces were heading toward Leh and there was nothing to stop them after that.

Patwardhan brought memories of the war alive with his presentation to an audience that might have only heard radio broadcasts as teenagers as that time. A 1971 war veteran himself, Patwardhan was 15 years old at the time. He also showed a picture depicting an Indian jawan cooking in a makeshift kitchen, showing how the Army was low on rations besides other equipment.




AM (Del)
09 Jan, 2012 03:58 AM
Another example of what congress and spineless politicians have been doing to India for decades….. Time to bring in some major changes


Vinod Dawda (Aligarh)
09 Jan, 2012 04:23 AM
The spineless response to Chinese by the Indian leadership which was essentially naive Nehru at the time set the trend for the future with Pakistan being used as a proxy by the Chinese. There was no need to use its own forces against such a feeble force. This ensured that Pakistan can get hormonal every now and then and India will give some shrill response. How right they have been so far. We can look at a grim future with totally clueless political leadership for some time.


sree (kochi) replies to AM
09 Jan, 2012 02:00 PM
yup.. we could try anna hazare as a single powerful leader for india. His penchant for violence might scare the chinese to leave tib%t and xinjiang.



Valentine Anthony (Baguio City, Philippines)
09 Jan, 2012 05:07 AM
Is it surprising that India gave up “so easily”? For this it is a big NO! But it is nothing to do with non-alignment and Indian democracy. India simply lacked the socio-economic-political mettle in 1961.


toga101 (hahahaha)
lol “urrr… we didn’t expect the gandus to raise their hand like that, I thought he’s tossing a grenade so I shot him” or “we are running out of food because we captured too many gandus”


GlobeSon (Sydney) replies to Valentine Anthony
13 Jan, 2012 07:26 AM
It actually has to do with all that… Nehru was a idealist and felt there would be no aggression against non-aggressive, non-aligned democratic India. He did not see the chinese has a dagger in the other hand while they extended one hand for friendship. He was too naive to be a PM and paraded around the world as a leader of the democratic movement that was sweeping across the world.


Valentine Anthony replies to GlobeSon
13 Jan, 2012 08:12 AM
Thank you for your comment, which is correct on Nehru. The onus was on him as the first PM of India. Is it his “Tryst with destiny….”, the eloquent speech on the eve of India’s independence?


09 Jan, 2012 08:05 AM


Raj (India)
09 Jan, 2012 09:04 AM
The next Chinese attack would not be of the same fashion as before where human waves attacked posts but would rather be a massive missile and artillery barrage on forward posts followed by lightning ground strikes all across the front. This is the scenario the Chinese have practiced so far in their war games and it is prudent to realize that this probably what they plan to use in any future engagement with Indian forces. It is bizarre to claim that Indian response was “weak” or “meager” by the Chinese because, compared to the forces thrown at the Indian border by the Chinese, the Indian side was quite small in size and moreover poorly equipped. Most of the forward posts that were over run had used all their ammunition and had to finally resort to bayonets!


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

sree (kochi) replies to JAY
09 Jan, 2012 01:57 PM
because of him india exists. No one expected india to last as a country back then.


GlobeSon (Sydney) replies to sree
13 Jan, 2012 07:22 AM
Credit goes to the democratic fabric of India society and the (largely) tolerant Indians. Else you can see whats happenned to our estranged brother Pakistan that is on the verge of disintegration.


npk (B’lore) replies to sree
09 Jan, 2012 04:34 PM
Politicians hide behind the soldier’s gun…i never respect them…might be in Kochi CONG still rule…but years are numbered for Nehru and his Family…wait and watch


Rajaruban Rajindram (Klang)
As everyone of us knows, China claims Arunachal Pradesh solely because the area is part of southern Tibet. Thus it claim it has historical rights on this area, thus seeking to annexing it into China. If we say this claim is valid, then we should look into other side of story. Tibet, historically and culturally has more links to India, It’s way of life mostly influenced by Buddhist doctrine. Tibet was also northern part of Kushan Empire, which its Capital was Benares, which is in India. To know more of this, try googling Kushan Empire.

Apart from this China never had any historical footprints in Tibet as what it claims now. If China still claims that Arunachal Pradesh is part of China, then India has every rights to claim whole of China as It’s territory. The reason, China is predominantly Buddhists, with heavy Buddhism culture which was heavily influenced by India. Apart from that, China’s prestigious martial art, Shaolin Kung Fu, is originated from southern India, history claims that Indian monk, Bodhidharma, who taught the Chinese to fight, was a prince from Pallava Empire. So why not Indians turn the table now, and assert itself to protect It’s integrity and honour by teaching the Chinese once again in history a valuable lesson. For this I personally feel India should be more bold and strong politically and mentally.

众所周知,中国声称对“阿鲁纳恰尔邦”拥有主权的唯一原因是该地区是藏南的一部分。所以中国声称自己历史上对该地区拥有主权,因此寻求将其并入中国。如果我们说这个声称是有效的,那么我们可以看看历史的另一面。xz历史上和文化上与印度有更多联系。它的生活方式主要受到佛教教义影响。 xz也是贵霜帝国的北部地区,而贵霜帝国的首都是印度的贝拿勒斯。想要详细了解可以谷歌搜索贵霜帝国。




Kunwar (melbourne) replies to Rajaruban Rajindram
09 Jan, 2012 11:06 AM
It may be far fetched to suggest that China itself can be claimed by India on cultural grounds, but some facts generally obscured need be noted. Tibet was not part of the Chinese nation or state in history. The Chinese emperor received some tribute from the Tibetan head of state in acknowledgement of its power and overlordship as a SUZERAIN,asdistinguished from a SOVEREIGN. Tibet had an autonomy as good as independence. Secondly, Tibet itself has been at times part of kingdoms in India e.g., Kashmir. Thirdly, Arunachal area was under British control from India, not under Tibet for over a century — no question of China at all — and under International law such a situation lasting for over fifty years is treated as tenable. Arunachal area, as Nehru had shown in his communication to Chou en Lai, has inseparable cultural and historical bonds with India (see Parashuram Kund etc.) Very reasonably, India could and should ask for the area extending from Lake Mansarovar and along the river Tsangpo(Brahmaputra) which are India,s water lifeline. But a weak entity cannot push for its claims. Diplomacy without military strength is music without instrument.


jyotimukho (visakhapatnam)

India’s Prime Minister was much more surprised than Chinese when they drove us back and enforced a humiliating defeat. Our visionary(?) leader with his matured experience thought that the his order to drive out the Chinese would be an extension of Hyderabad annexation or Goa liberation. So strong was the thrashing that our leaders are always in denial mode when asked about the frequent advancement and provocation by the Chinese.


Johnson (Chennai)
09 Jan, 2012 10:44 AM
Indian Army could not had done any better- with no equipment ,no rations not even snow clothing. Armed forces were neglected then and we paid a price. The situation is the same now….
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Raj (KL)
09 Jan, 2012 01:58 PM
Whatever the reasons they can give for the armed forces retreat, but its a shame for them to call themselves a soldier. A true soldier/warrior will stand and fight no matter how big the enemy is. Thats the true ethics of a soldier. Not running away and silly giving excuses. its a honor to die in the battlefield rather dying in late life with humilation and running away from ones duty.
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Indian (India)
09 Jan, 2012 04:49 PM
Nehru completely lacked military understanding. His flawed policy of Non Alignment led China to invade Indian in midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis between US and USSR. If Nehru was vigilant, Tibet would never have been occupied by China after British left India. Nehru also messed up Kashmir issue taking it to UN, against Sardar Patel’s advice. This emboldened China further. Nehru’s tenure as PM was unprecedented and lasted 15 years. Subhash Chandra Bose easily could have become the PM, but Nehru did not allow it to happen. It is not a coincidence that Nehru copied Stalins five year plans model of development.


R Kumar (London)
09 Jan, 2012 10:26 PM
China does not have the need to attack. It knows that it can achieve the same results by bribing Indians to do the job for them!


  1. 很奇怪的一点,关于这场战争,中国几乎是一笔带过,甚至很多人根本不知道1962年的中印战争,我记得高中历史书上似乎没有关于这场战争的叙述,而印度这边却一直耿耿于怀,是什么原因导致两边如此大的差距呢

    • 因为中国赢了 但是什么战利品也没有得到。连缴获的武器都和俘虏一起还给印度了。所以不好意思提。

    • 提什么提,中印友好一家亲,就像我国下面那个长条形的社会主义国家一样,还有东北角那个国家,政治关系决定很多东西是不能提的。

      • 那个长条形感觉良好,总认为是他一己之力干掉米国,没有中苏冒死相救,早就消失在空气中,中国的忙帮得太彻底了.中国该学大不列点,无论离开哪里不管以后重返不重返,客观上都该让双方可能留下一条线线.

    • 赢大的太容易了。

      • 日本的历史教科书也是写明当时日本是侵华的,右翼教材会美化点,写成进入中国,日本人没怎么提,主要是过去快70年了,太久了,经历过那年代的几乎死光了,绝大部分日本人认为这么遥远的战争,跟现在的他们没什么关系,而且大多数人根本不关心政治历史问题,只顾吃喝玩乐,沉迷娱乐。中国是以抗日战争,作为爱国教育,都说抗日战争的胜利是中华民族一个重要转折点,有什么好不服气的,不服气的是日本才对,你到那些日本论坛,看看日本愤愤的言论,就知道他们是多么怀念旧日本海军的荣光啊,总是说着各种办法再来次世界大战,打败美国中国,怎么慢慢殖民征服世界,然后各种感叹可惜怎样怎样

    • sree (kochi) replies to AM
      09 Jan, 2012 02:00 PM
      yup.. we could try anna hazare as a single powerful leader for india. His penchant for violence might scare the chinese to leave tibet and xinjiang.



    • 真正抹不去啊,就象圆明园抢劫的野火一样,永远燃烧在中国人的心中.

  2. 我发现,所有垃圾国家,都有一个通病,就是喜欢活在历史当中,一次一次的宣誓悔不当初,并期望下一次会交好运。有点像我们的清王朝晚期。

      • 小日本穿着二战军装,在大街上示威游行也让人恍忽!

  3. 佛教关现在的印度人P事···真会贴金

  4. 三哥被殖民了数百年,没想到因祸得福,不仅继承了帝国主义者的思维,还幸运的继承了殖民者的土地。




  5. 我一直强调,印度人的骨子里太有野心了。中国人的野心最远也就到尼布楚条约的外东北,中亚、东南亚这些历史区域现在没人会想。印度不是,他的野心不仅是西藏,只要和印度文化有交集的地方,都想染指。假如印度真有一天崛起,一定要打压分化,不然中国就是第一个目标。

  6. 本来对印度没有太坏的印象,但看到有些印度愤愤如此恶毒无耻还是非常生气,希望印度愤愤们知道:到现在藏南的交通还非常落后,而且那时候中国又有什么先进武器?又能够把什么重武器运到中印边境?中国军队缴获了印军大量的新武器,都是当时西方国家给印度的大量军援,什么印军装备差,士兵缺吃少穿全是无稽之谈,那是光顾了逃命了,其他顾不上了,什么中国突然袭击更是放屁,你事先侵占别人的国家领土,驱赶别人的士兵哨所,就想不到别人会反击吗?除了你是个猪!说什么中国以兄弟友好欺骗,更是不要脸,难道友好了你就可以侵占人家的领土吗?因为友好了你欺负人家就不能反抗吗?当今的达赖就是中国政府册封的,不是你印度政府册封的,这说明当今的西藏隶属于中国而不是你印度!你进兵西藏就是侵略中国,难道你们随便欺负别人,别人不能反抗才算友好吗?现在还梦呓什么当初如果如何如何……真令人恶心!不知这些印度愤愤如果知道当初他们的军队是被装备条件远不如他们的中国英雄打惨的,不知他们会不会吐血!或许他们没血可吐!

    • 所以佛教成为中国的鼎盛教之一,大概也是泰国的

  7. 印度人不知道对曾经的宗主国英国怎么看?三泰虎是否可以留意一下?

  8. 已经懒的回应了。关于62年战争,我已经说的太多了。而西藏问题,印度在历史上,几乎就没有统一过,我们中华民族是长时间的统一并传承的。印度人,怎么那么缺少历史知识。竟然还有印度人拿西藏历史说西藏是印度的。见鬼。

  9. (版主能否把这一段翻译给印度网民)





      林彪在得知这支部队先行入境后,下死命令要不惜一切代价“把这支部队给我从地球上抹掉”。“以雪百年国耻”。战前动员也以八国联军在中国的种种罪行激励战士,使得我军将士对印军恨之入骨,总攻命令一下,我军犹如勐虎下山,势如破竹,风卷残云一样打的印军毫无还手能力。仅用了一个营的部队像当年在朝鲜战场上美军的银川登陆一样,将印军的三个集团军牢牢地封在了事先准备的口袋里。在不足三天的时间里就将这个王牌军连同其他入境的印军全部乾净的消灭了,无一幸免。   此一战,印军部队的斗志几乎丧失贻尽,我军长驱直入。印军四散溃逃。战后世界军事家称之谓:“小刀切黄油的战争”。

      • 在“战略网”的“军林秘史”里边,很长,我只摘录了很少部分。好像作者比较了解内情。

  10. ……英印的扩张政策和旧中国“有边无防”,造成中印边界的领土争端。中国和印度两国都是世界上的文明古国,在两千多年的时间里两国基本没有发生过战争。令人遗憾的是,中印两个民族在分别取得民族独立后,双方的边界问题却长期未能解决,并在后来引发了武装冲突。中印之间的边界问题,实质上是英帝国主义侵略所遗留的问题,中印两国的武装冲突在很大程度上是英国侵略所造成的“后遗症”。当年中国军民扞卫自己边疆的那场作战,实际上也成为近代历史上反对外来侵略斗争的一种继续。


  11. 也没啥好提的,对中国来说无非就是打了一场阵地战,几乎没有啥战术可谈,在中国近代的经典战争史中简直就不算啥。别看印度陆军人数一百多万,武器装备也凑合,但战斗意志实在太差,拿解放军和他们比,是在侮辱解放军。

    • 印军很多是参加过第二次世界大战的,算得上是老兵了,真正糟糕的是他们的指挥水平,政治领袖糟糕,纯粹政治白痴,军官更加是傲慢无知,以前是英国军官指挥,他们自己指挥是完全不行,不懂战略战术,又反复无常,完全瞎指挥,指挥官一给俘虏,就投降了,白白浪费那么多好装备啊

  12. 中国不败而败,印度不胜而胜.当时已经占领的达拉克现在仍然在印度手里.这是我们不想在教科书里提起的原因.

  13. 中印本可以做很好的朋友,既无世仇也无宗教冲突,一切都是未定边界惹的祸,1962的边界自卫战算是一个误会吧。

  14. 1、印度人那佛教对中国和西藏的影响来断定西藏更应该属于印度,因为佛教起源印度。那么,是否,现在的大多数西方国家应该属于基督教起源的以色列?
    2、西藏在唐朝开始就 属于中国,中央政府在西藏设立了管辖机构。不过,那时候,印度,连个国家都还不是。

  15. 如果没有英国,印度能否统一都是个问题。纠正一下,没来过中国就不要编,中国最大的宗教是马克思毛泽东主义。

  16. 吵是没用的,最好是打,西方从其他国掠夺这么多财富去,他们活的太和平与潇洒了,世界欠中国太多债了,所以世界永远和平不了,只有发展本国,增加实力,下次战争会更有趣哦,我们世代的子孙要奴役他们的子孙,亲们 😈 😀

  17. 按你的意思我们应当把这段历史删除掉?真你妈比的汉奸啊。耿你妈啊。这个能和中印战争相比吗。中国屠杀过印度30万人吗。等你妈让小日本强奸死看你还这样说吧。日奴

    • 30万?二战期间中国一共伤亡三千多万,上面那些汉奸就是以为自己不死,其他人死了无所谓,哪怕是自己国家的。

  18. 性质完全不一样 日本造成了中国多大的伤亡 日本对中国平民屠杀 日本在中国掠夺的资源
    我们只是想教训下印度 日本是想灭亡中国 我们有强奸三嫂吗 我有们731部队吗 我们有在印度开采资源吗 三哥这种性格 就是没有被蹂躏过 不长记性的主

  19. 真正的西藏从属于中央集权是在元朝,唐朝时期只是和内地和亲,到了元朝时期,才真的归属于中国,到了明朝,也是归属于中央的,清朝也是。。。西藏是中国的领土应该从元朝开始算。。。

  20. 1962中印战争,主帅是时任中华人民共和国国防部长的林彪。张国华主要是前线攻击的指挥。对印反击战是建国以来对外的所有作战中最漂亮的一仗。




      林彪在得知这支部队先行入境后,下死命令要不惜一切代价“把这支部队给我从地球上抹掉”。“以雪百年国耻”。战前动员也以八国联军在中国的种种罪行激励战士,使得我军将士对印军恨之入骨,总攻命令一下,我军犹如勐虎下山,势如破竹,风卷残云一样打的印军毫无还手能力。仅用了一个营的部队像当年在朝鲜战场上美军的银川登陆一样,将印军的三个集团军牢牢地封在了事先准备的口袋里。在不足三天的时间里就将这个王牌军连同其他入境的印军全部乾净的消灭了,无一幸免。   此一战,印军部队的斗志几乎丧失贻尽,我军长驱直入。印军四散溃逃。战后世界军事家称之谓:“小刀切黄油的战争”。

      由于交战地点是在崇山峻岭之间,双方的后勤补给都很困难。作战部队的给养都不能保障。加之部队推进速度太快。接受俘虏根本就是不可能的问题。故我军几乎不接受俘虏;这也就是在国际上称此次战役为屠杀性战役的原因,也是我国不愿意提及此次作战的根本原因。   战后,林彪在回到中央时汇报说:此战:其一,三十年内印军不敢再挑衅。其二,我军无一人被俘。



  21. 因为TG认为打三哥没有什么难度,屠幼没意思……解放军自己认为越南猴子都比三哥难对付

  22. 全篇扯淡

    • 其次,当时最大的主官是罗瑞卿,也不是林彪。PLA当年的战报资料网络上多的是,不多看看直接转的这什么鬼东西

  23. PLA还真就是边防+民兵,精锐满打满算一个团有剩

  24. 那时候中国不是正规王牌队,是边防军而已,事实上,阿三和当时的PLA不是一个等级上的,如果说中美战争才是残酷的话,中印那个只能叫过家家。